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Devastated by the setback caused by the freedom fighters' destruction of the Genesis Pit, the Invid Regis decides to create a "simulagent" -- a creature spawned from Invid protoplasm with all the characteristics of a human -- to infiltrate Scott Bernard's ranks. Meanwhile, Scott Bernard and his crew are on the verge of arriving at Point K, the area designated by Admiral Rick Hunter as the rendezvous point for more than 6000 soldiers and Veritech fighters craft to establish a staging area for launching an offensive against the Invid. When they arrive, Scott's enthusiasm quickly transforms into dismay: the Invid have turned Point K into a massive graveyard of soldiers and Robotech mecha. Eventually, Rook and Rand decide to search the area for any equipment they can use, while Scott mopes in his depression. They chance upon a devastated village next to the remains of Point K, and while investigating they find a young woman, alone and in shock with no memory. The pair have no way of realizing that she is in fact the Invid simulagent.


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