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With the warnings from Rand's Flower of Life-induced fever dreams hanging over them, the freedom fighters renew their efforts to reach Reflex Point. When a confrontation with Invid scouts near a bio-colony forces the team to go to ground in a dense forest, Scott uses the respite to come up with an alternate plan for infiltrating the Invid home base: to float their equipment down the river on rafts, undetectable by the Invid's protoculture sensors. Work has barely begun when they find themselves captured by forest dwellers who believe that they have caused their river god to leave. Rather than let themselves be sacrificed to their god, Scott convinces the elders to allow them to appease the god by fixing the runoff valves in a nearby dam, and the villagers are grateful -- but their troubles are far from over, as the Invid decide to continue their pursuit into the forest.


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