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Separate Ways


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Scott Bernard's band of freedom fighters are in a funk after leaving the newly married Annie behind at the site of their last victory over the Invid, and their current surroundings -- the remains of a devastated city -- do little to help. During a late-night search for supplies, Rand, Rook and Lunk find themselves under attack by the Invid, under the command of a newer, more dangerous Invid shock trooper. Scott, Lancer and Marlene manage to find their friends, and the six take refuge in an old subway tunnel. The strategy proves to be a bad one, as the Invid collapse a building in an effort to seal them in and bury them alive. In a panic, Lunk snaps and attacks Scott, blaming him for getting them in their current situation. Although they're able to get him under control, a contrite Lunk wonders if he's right for the team. His confession sets off doubts among the rest of team as to whether they should stick together.


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