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Deep in an Invid protoculture chamber, the Invid Regis selects two of her best shock troopers and transforms them into the shape she has determined to be the ultimate lifeform for the planet Earth. The end result: two Invid that look exactly like male and female humans, who the Regis names Corg and Sera. Although the Regis considers the human form to be the most suitable for surviving on Earth, she is troubled by the fact that her first human-form Invid -- Ariel, who Scott and the other rebels know as Marlene -- has yet to make contact. The Regis dispatches the two to make contact with her and find the cause of her malfunction before the Regis transforms her entire race. Meanwhile, Scott's group has discovered an abandoned base from the Second Robotech War along the coast, and immediately start getting boats prepared to take them across the ocean toward Reflex Point.


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