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The Midnight Sun


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Scott Bernard and his resistance fighters are crossing a mountain range as they draw ever nearer to Reflex Point. Meanwhile, the Invid humanoid Sera grapples with the strange feelings she experienced when she saw Lancer during the last confrontation between the resistance fighters and the Invid. Although the strange thoughts she feels trouble her, she does not let it stand in the way of her new mission: to destroy the rebels as they try to navigate the snowy mountains. When the Invid draw near, Marlene experiences another one of her headaches, and the group gets on edge -- wondering if they are about to be attacked, and if there will ever be a cure for Marlene's mysterious ailment. They have little time to wonder, however, when Sera and her scout troopers launch their surprise attack. In the ensuing firestorm, an avalanche buys the rebels some time -- but also buries their fighters and sends the rebels scattered into the night.


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