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Ghost Town


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The freedom fighters have reached the western American desert, and Scott, Rand and Annie are scouting ahead. The trio approach a nearby town built inside an impact crater from the war against the Robotech Masters, unaware that they are being watched from afar as they come near. As they drive through the streets, the town seems deserted, but Scott remains cautious. His instincts prove him right, and the rebels are soon surrounded by rifle-bearing locals. Meanwhile, as the others are camouflaging their temporary base camp, Lancer wonders and worries about the mysteries locked inside Marlene's head. As if on cue, she collapses as she experiences another headache, and Lunk reasons that there must be an Invid protoculture farm nearby. Lancer convinces Marlene to guide them to it despite the pain, and as the two drive along the winding dusty roads, they suddenly find themselves facing the laser rifles of two masked riders.


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