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High in the Rocky Mountains, the resistance fighters brave a snowstorm as they move their equipment through mountain roads, unwilling to start their fighter planes' protoculture engines for fear of alerting the Invid to their presence. Suddenly, Rand's sensors start reading a major heat source under their feet. Although the others are skeptical, a cave-in proves that Rand's readings are correct -- an entire city lies under the ice, powered by a generator that gets its energy from the Earth's core. However, the Alpha fighter is damaged, forcing the team to stop for repairs -- and to explore the abandoned metropolis and stock up on supplies. When Scott chastises the team for having fun when they should be concentrating on resuming their mission, he's told to loosen up, and Scott remembers when his dead fiancee told him the same thing. When Marlene catches him reminiscing about her namesake, he decides that maybe he should relax for once.


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