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Birthday Blues


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It's a beautiful day as the resistance fighters make their way through the mountains, and Annie is especially excited: It's her birthday! But her exuberance turns to gloom when Rook discovers that there's an Invid hive nearby, and Lancer confirms that the Invid appear to be waiting for them. Scott decides to give the hive wide berth and travel at low power so as not to give themselves away. The strategy only buys them a little bit of time, as Invid troopers try to corner them on a winding road. At the end of the battle, Rook spots an abandoned village and Scott has the team stop there to regroup before the Invid come back. While the others prepare a trap for the Invid, Annie and Marlene talk about birthdays: Marlene doesn't remember hers, and Annie laments the fact that hers have always been unhappy, and this one doesn't seem to be shaping up all that well either.


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