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Hired Gun


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It's the day after a rainy night in a remote town, and Scott Bernard and his group have arrived to learn something disturbing: A mysterious man known as Dusty Ayres has been hunting down and killing officers, and nobody knows how or why. Scott reluctantly decides to help the locals, though he and some of the others would rather focus on their mission to destroy Reflex Point. While Rook and Rand are out scouting, they find themselves outnumbered in a surprise attack, but are saved when a mysterious figure saves them. Rand makes it plain that he doesn't like the stranger. Rook, however, hears his story about being captured by the Invid and experimented on while his friends watched and didn't help. Rook waves Rand off, but when they return to town they learn that an officer has found a photo of Dusty Ayres -- and it's the same person Rook befriended.


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