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Rules of Engagement (2007 - 2013)

Rules of Engagement (2007 - 2013)





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Comedy that explores relationships through the eyes of two couples and their single male friend. One couple is newly engaged, the other is long married, and the single guy only wants sexual relationships without commitment, so each has a unique perspective on the male-female condition.
Creator: Tom Hertz

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2013, CBS, 13 episodes

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2011, CBS, 15 episodes

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2010, CBS, 24 episodes

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2010, CBS, 13 episodes

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2009, CBS, 13 episodes

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2007, CBS, 15 episodes

Critics Consensus: Rules of Engagement utilizes an old-fashioned, hoary outlook on gender politics, lacking wit or insight.

2007, CBS, 7 episodes


David Spade
as Russell
Sara Rue
as Brenda
Geoffrey Pierson
as Franklin Dunbar
Gloria Le Roy
as Margaret
Greg Bond
as Ballplayer Voice Over
Don Perry
as Henry
Sam Harris
as Jackie
Jennifer Lee
as Barbara
Smith Cho
as Sarah
Mark Saul
as Barry
Marco Assante
as Delivery Man
Chris Titone
as Drunk Guy
Dan Kinsella
as Delivery Man
Brian Dennehy
as Roy Bingham
Tony Hale
as Steve
Jessica Walter
as Constance
Jessica Tuck
as Mrs. Westlin
Gary Kraus
as Camaro Guy
Mircea Monroe
as Danielle
Peggy Lipton
as Adam's Mom
Mike Siegel
as Sales Guy
Cathryn de Prume
as Eileen Entrikan
Jordi Caballero
as Mr. Austin
Emily Foxler
as Stephanie
John DiResta
as Conductor
Josie Davis
as Clarissa
Noah Munck
as Mackenzie
Mim Drew
as Woman
Holly Lynch
as Heather
Marcus Toji
as Maynard
Alan Ruck
as Dr. Greenblatt
Criss Angel
as Himself
Maree Cheatham
as Mrs. Fulford
Angi Greene
as Bartender
Melody Butiu
as Paramedic
Danny Teeson
as TV Host
Glenn Taranto
as Mr. Micelli
Brenda Koo
as Connie
Mark Fite
as Guest
Missy Doty
as Cheryl
David Gautreaux
as Mr. Charles
Doug Simpson
as Maitre d'
Jandres Burgos
as Sleazy Willy
Carla Harvey
as Woman #1
Tyler Spindel
as Mail Guy
Amy Gumenick
as Charlotte
Kayla Shen
as Kid #1
Marc Goldsmith
as Party Guy
Cyndi Martino
as Rental Agent
Matt Levin
as Dealer
Jim Meskimen
as Mr. Wrigley
Terrell Lee
as Bouncer
Ed Begley Jr.
as Reverend Todd
Michael Mantell
as Dr. Bromberg
Lorin McCraley
as Homeless Guy
Jonathan Kehoe
as Male Bartender
Andi Matheny
as Woman #2
Jelynn Rodriguez
as Woman Shopper
Patrick Robert Smith
as Opposing Coach
Dawn Olivieri
as Cheyenne
Jodi Harris
as Mrs. Doyle-Ross
AJ Trauth
as Topher
Eric Normington
as Other Student
Jessica Rey
as Polynesian Waitress
Kurt Long
as Clerk
Lou Felder
as Charlie
Matt Yuan
as Ronald
Ben Hermes
as Gordon
Jillian Murray
as Young Woman
J.R. Nutt
as Poet Guy
Hope Allen
as Barbara
Paul McKinney
as Smart-Looking Guy
Meg Wolf
as Shelia
Jenn Liu
as Lacey
Jenn Liu
as Lacey
Ping Wu
as Ming
Jennifer Roa
as Woman #2
Alex Mapa
as Manager
Brian Hatton
as Captain
Craig Susser
as Maitre D'
Vinny Chibber
as Indian Volunteer
Andrew Thatcher
as Jerry Waldman
Elaine Hendrix
as Stephanie
Lisa K. Wyatt
as Instructor
Dale E. Turner
as TV Delivery Man
Lara Everly
as Veronica
John Yuan
as Donald
Artemis Pebdani
as Waitress #2
Susan Grace
as Old Lady
Jen Eldridge
as Waitress
Penny Nickels
as Scout Leader
Katie Wee
as Waitress
Alex Ball
as Orderly
Darlene Kardon
as Older Woman
Nakia Burrise
as Saleswoman
Sarah Desage
as Babette
Jackie Sandler
as Nurse Linda
Veronnica Avila
as Quinn's Little Sister
Maurice Sherbanee
as Diner Owner
Dana Cuomo
as Heather
Lili Mirojnick
as Female Club Goer
Aalok Mehta
as Cab Driver
Yvette Nicole Brown
as Mrs. Alberts
Jen Lilley
as Barista
Marc Rose
as Bartender
Jerry Rice
as Himself
Nefetari Spencer
as Saleswoman
Erica Hanrahan
as Female Volunteer
Lou Dauber
as Speaker
Kate Gilligan
as Marjorie
David Wurmlinger
as Politician
Rebecca Corry
as Female Fan
Audra Marie
as Jessica
Jill Czarnowski
as Ordinary Girl
Eben Ham
as Edward
Robert Alan Beuth
as City official
Sabin Rich
as Delivery Guy
Erinn Hudson
as Caroline
Valerie Spencer
as Female Computer Voice
Omi Vaidya
as Waiter
Keith Pillow
as Hospital Administrator
Marsha Clark
as Social Worker
KiKi Haynes
as Receptionist
Steven Barr
as P.A. Announcer
Timo Nunez
as Dancer
Nikki Novak
as Antler Girl
Sean Smith
as Sommelier
Kevin Stea
as Dancer
George Ball
as Audrey's Dad
Ward Edmondson
as Diner Patron
Ciel Turich
as Audrey's Neighbor
Bree Turner
as Heather
Jeremy Timmins
as Delivery Guy
Ryan Budds
as Night Club Patron
Ryan Alvarez
as A Capella Singer
Alec Mapa
as Restaurant Manager
Jera Sky
as Traveler
Lynne Alana Delaney
as Appreciative Restaurant Patron
Vinny Chhibber
as Indian Volunteer
Andrew Thacher
as Jerry Waldman
Art Ortiz
as Himself - Softball Player
Eli Jane
as Lacey
Payson Lewis
as A Cappella Singer
Halle Berry
as Molly Woods
Mark Roman
as Loft Party Guest
Bruce Merkle
as A Cappella Singer
Goran Visnjic
as John Woods
Pierce Gagnon
as Ethan Woods
William Morse
as Audrey's Party Guest
Ryan Powers
as A Cappella Singer
Hiroyuki Sanada
as Hideki Yasumoto
Joe Sofranko
as A Cappella Singer
Alex Bennett
as Bartender
Grace Gummer
as Julie Gelineau
Camryn Manheim
as Sam Barton
Brad Beyer
as Harmon Kryger
Annie Wersching
as Femi Dodd
Tyler Hilton
as Charlie Arthurs
Charlie Bewley
as Odin James
Tessa Ferrer
as Katie Sparks
JoBeth Williams
as Leigh Kern
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