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Salvation (2017 - 2018)

Salvation (2017 - 2018)





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An MIT grad student discovers that an asteroid is just six months away from colliding with Earth.

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2018, CBS, 13 episodes

Critics Consensus: Neither remarkably bad nor impressively well-made, Salvation is stereotypical summer television -- a low-stakes diversion that may pass the time well enough for undemanding audiences without ever being particularly memorable along the way.

2017, CBS, 13 episodes


Jennifer Finnigan
as Grace Darrow
Rachel Drance
as Zoe Barrows
Shazi Raja
as Amanda Neel
Erica Luttrell
as Claire Rayburn
Ashley Thomas
as Alonzo Carter
Ian Anthony Dale
as Harris Edwards
Melia Kreiling
as Alycia Vrettou
Dennis Boutsikaris
as Dr. Malcolm Croft
Madison Smith
as Nate Ryland
Tovah Feldshuh
as President Mackenzie
Luke Arnold
as Bass Shepherd
Raven Dauda
as Harris' Secretary
Samantha Ferris
as Director Evelyn Davis
Mark Moses
as Hugh Keating
Andre Dae Kim
as Dylan Edwards
Sasha Roiz
as President Monroe Bennett
John Noble
as Nicholas Tanz
Anjali Jay
as Dr. Rosetta Stendahl
Brian Markinson
as Randall Calhoun
Christian Sloan
as Whitehair
Joan Gregson
as Re/Syst Avatar
James Gilbert
as Mason Dunkirk
Paul de la Rosa
as Gen. Higgins
Manoj Sood
as Dr. Chandra
Veena Sood
as Dr. Kandhari
James Lesure
as Trey Thompson
Derek Webster
as Dr. Garrett Strauss
Tristan Shire
as Agent Burke
Jonathan Silverman
as Roland Cavanaugh
Mike Li
as Aide
Autumn Reeser
as Theresa/Tess
Hiro Kanagawa
as Chief Justice
Tara Nicodemo
as Dr. Loretta Rasmussen
Billy Parrott
as Reporter Russ
Paul Grenier
as Secret Service Agent
Vijay Mehta
as Ambassador Gupta
Irene Poole
as Kayta Osinov
Barclay Hope
as General Wallace
Cassius Crieghtney
as Harvard Academic
Dan Quinn
as Medical Tech
Fred Keating
as Dr. Mauer
Zuleikha Robinson
as Catherine Adams
Mark Ivanir
as Minister Toporov
Darien Martin
as FBI Team Leader
Albert Chung
as War Room Tech
Tom Butler
as Speaker Barnes
Arran Henn
as Newscaster
Craig Marshall
as Army General
David Nykl
as Czech Rep
Sheila Tyson
as Another Cabinet Member
James Kall
as Auctioneer
Paul Brian Anderson
as Adm. John Barnes
Catherine Tait
as Bernadette
Michael Brown
as Aide-De-Camp
Roger R. Cross
as General Colter
Nola Auguston
as Janice Keating
Ola Sturik
as American Anchor
Warren Belle
as Military Driver
Willie Garson
as Dr. Carson
Bill Turnbull
as Carnahan
Michael Brown
as Aide-De-Camp
Matt Yanagiya
as Ark Denizen
Yaroslav Poverlo
as Andrey Vasilyev
Chad Bellamy
as Soldier
Logan Tarasoff
as FBI Agent
Chad Bellamy
as Soldier
Jesse LaVercombe
as Corporal Nevins
Pedro Cervantes
as Raul Aguirre
Karen Robinson
as Evelyn Cole
Rory O'Shea
as Newscaster
John Tokatlidis
as Ark Stranger
Noah Dalton Danby
as Interrogator
Pj Lazic
as Shadowy Figure
Trevor Jones
as Ark Denizen #2
Raresh DiMofte
as German Rep
Andrew Baily
as Pundit #2
Pasha Ebrahimi
as FBI Contact
Sharon McFarlane
as Receptionist
Justine Stone
as Secret Service Agent
Karl Campbell
as Mercenary
Justin Stone
as Secret Service Agent
Troy Blundell
as Bodyguard
Jake Raymond
as MIT Student
Yuki Takenaka
as D.O.D Tech
Lexie Huber
as Eloise Turner
Doug MacLeod
as Chief Justice
Kenneth Welsh
as Andrew Bartok
Andrew Moodie
as Wipp Lt.
Sara Sahr
as Floor Manager
Alison Araya
as Dr. Vale
Jesse Griffiths
as Tanz Guard
Patrick Sparling
as Paramilitary #1
Naiah Cummins
as Female Press
Eric Woolfe
as Robert Wallops
Angela Besharah
as News Anchor
Elizabeth Thai
as Floor Producer
Peter Grant
as Young Man
Mary Ashton
as Veronica
Daniel Falk
as New Tech
Nancy Palk
as Presidential Secretary
Vladimir Moskovchenko
as Ivan Petrenko
Eric Breker
as General Digby
Michael Yeung
as Jessie's Husband
Jaymee Mak
as Young Woman
Jordan Andonov
as Russian Anchor
Ben Wilkinson
as Newscaster
Chelsea Gill
as Tech #4
Alessandro Juliani
as Senator Mitch Gitlow
James William Challis
as Security Guard
Reiko Aylesworth
as Rhonda Cheng
Sarah English
as Reporter #3
Mila Kanev
as Old Russian Woman
Michael Boisvert
as Secret Service
Phi Huynh
as Pentagon Police Officer
Paul C. Grenier
as Secret Service #1
Yvetta Fisiher
as Swiss Rep
Shamus Fynes
as Squad Leader
Colin McClean
as Secret Service Agent
Edward Zinoviev
as Russian Ticket Man
Malik McCall
as Security Guard
Will E. McDonald
as U.S. Marshal
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