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Sanford and Son (1972 - 1977)

Sanford and Son (1972 - 1977)






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L.A. junk dealer Fred Sanford was Norman Lear's black counterpart to Archie Bunker. The gravel-voiced widower hurled outrageous one-liners at his Bible-toting sister-in-law, Esther; cooked up get-rich-quick schemes with buddies Grady (who got his own spin-off series in 1975) and Bubba; and feigned countless `big ones' (heart attacks) to win the sympathy of long-suffering son Lamont. Based on the British series `Steptoe and Son,' the show consistently ranked in the Top 10.

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1976, NBC, 25 episodes

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1975, NBC, 24 episodes

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1974, NBC, 25 episodes

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1973, NBC, 24 episodes

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1972, NBC, 24 episodes

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1972, NBC, 14 episodes


Redd Foxx
as Fred Sanford
Demond Wilson
as Lamont Sanford
Don Bexley
as Bubba Hoover
Noam Pitlik
as Off. Swanhauser
Hal Williams
as Off. `Smitty' Smith
Beah Richards
as Aunt Ethel
Gregory Sierra
as Julio Fuentes
Nathaniel Taylor
as Rollo Larson
LaWanda Page
as Aunt Esther Anderson
Whitman Mayo
as Grady Wilson
Lynn Hamilton
as Donna Harris
Howard Platt
as Off. `Hoppy' Hopkins
Marlene Clark
as Janet Lawson
Raymond Allen
as Woody Anderson
Edward C. Crawford
as Roger Lawson
Arnold Johnson
as George Hutton
Fritzi Burr
as Miss Cogley
Nancy Kulp
as May. Hopkins
Ed McMahon
as Commander
Helen Martin
as 1st Lady
John Hawker
as William
Mary Alice
as Frances Victor
Davis Roberts
as Dr. Caldwell
John Amos
as Luther
Sid McCoy
as 1st Dentist
Wally Taylor
as Barrington
Lillian Randolph
as Aunt Hazel
Ron Glass
as Hucklebuck
David Roberts
as Dr. Caldwell
Frank Nelson
as Salesman
Gabe Dell
as Gunman
Alma Beltran
as Mrs. Fuentes
Danny Wells
as Danny Taylor
Hilda Haynes
as Aunt Minnie
Jack de Leon
as Director
Al Stevenson
as Mr. Logan
Rich Hurst
as Policeman
Liam Dunn
as Benny
Miriam Colon
as Carlotta
Fred D. Scott
as Hastings
Carol Arther
as Ms. Barnes
Jonathan Harris
as Emile Bonnet
Helen Funai
as Miss Sato
Don Ho
as Himself
Herb Voland
as Osborne
Beverly Sanders
as Nora Simpson
Stan Haze
as Jo-Jo Jackson
Tina Andrews
as Elizabeth
Robert Guillaume
as Albert Brock
Carol DeLuise
as Ms. Barnes
Edward Andrews
as Sam Andrews
Basil Hoffman
as Store Owner
James Gregory
as Commander
Maida Severn
as Miss Ecker
Bryan O'Byrne
as Archibald
John Barbour
as Harry Monte
Max Steinberg
as Fred's Counterpart
B.B. King
as Himself
Ray Oliver
as Dr. Poag
Vernon Weddle
as Clifford
Robert DoQui
as Psychologist
Lou Jacobi
as Max Steinberg
Paul Reid Roman
as Bob Williams
Raymond Oliver
as Dr. Poag (hypnotist)
Ned Wertimer
as Cranshaw
Don Rickles
as Announcer
Milton Selzer
as Sam Gittelman
Harvey Jason
as Dr. Stewart
Tom Scott
as Phillips
Cesare Danova
as Cavorting Connoisseur
Larry J. Blake
as Mr. Watkins
Ray Vitte
as Lewis
Keene Curtis
as Dr. Goodman
Marc Copage
as Fredsie
Charles Weldon
as Miss Wallace
Mel Stewart
as Clarence
Esther Sutherland
as Aunt Minnie
Harry Basch
as Dr. Jamison
Elma V. Jackson
as Mrs. Harris
Leo Fuchs
as Goldstein
Graham Brown
as Principal
Darrell Zwerling
as Pediatrician
Elma Jackson
as Mrs. Harris
Adam Wade
as Creedy
Royce Williams
as Aunt Rosetta
Sonny Jim Gaines
as "Big Money Grip" Madlock
Corey John Fischer
as Anthony Marvinowsky
Percy Rodrigues
as Lou Turner
Sandra Kerns
as Stewardess
Carol Speed
as Crystal
William Hansen
as Pawnbroker
Gabriel Dell
as Gangster
Melanie Harris
as Jason's Mother
Jeanie Bell
as Judy Ann
Bernie Hamilton
as Off. Jones
Timmie Rogers
as Smiley Rogers
Mel Carter
as Bank Officer
Sammy Shore
as Bishop Lovelace
Ralph James
as Producer
Lee Weaver
as City Representative
Lauren Jones
as Marlene
Chuck Barris
as Himself
Hal England
as 2nd Dentist
Laurence Haddon
as Ronald Hart
Louis Guss
as Caretaker
Helen Verbit
as 1st Nurse
Ancel Cook
as Stereo Delivery Man
Rosanne Katon
as Laurie Marshall
Albert Popwell
as Dr. Davis
Will Gill Jr.
as Customer #1
Joan Prather
as Tour Guide
Rai Tasco
as Murray
Haywood Nelson
as Haywood Marshall
John Larroquette
as Murray Steinberg
Wolfman Jack
as Himself
Ella Edwards
as Receptionist
Cardella Di Milo
as Lucille Pinkney
Royce Wallace
as Mrs. Gordon
Bill McLean
as TV Repairman
Cardella Di Milo
as Lucille Pinkney
Joan Pringle
as 2nd Nurse
Diane O'Brien Hill
as Woman in Museum
Dap Sugar Willie
as Theater Manager
DeForest Covan
as Uncle Woodrow
Helen Winston
as Lady Customer
Diane Hill
as Woman in Museum
Betty Cole
as Maxine
Philip Ahn
as Chinese Man
Bobby Johnson
as Uncle Edgar
Howard Hesseman
as Prof. Stoneham
Cathy Cooper
as Sister No. 3
Bhetty Waldron
as Fast Fanny
Carol Jean Owens
as Lady in Doctor's Office
Joe Louis
as Himself
Albert Hall
as Bernie Taub
Leo Morrell
as Detective
Adrian Ricard
as Mrs. Small
Raymond O'Keefe
as 2nd Orderly
Richard Balin
as Newscaster
Donald Dean
as Drummer
Julie Payne
as Terestia
Jane Lambert
as Aunt Ethel
Lance Taylor Sr
as President
Richard Ian Cox
as Hippie Kid
Bob Gordon
as Gabriel
Herb Ellis
as Landlord
Rod Colbin
as Coach Bradley
Britt Leach
as Mr. Johnson
Reva Rose
as Mrs. Johnson
Dwan Smith
as Waitress
Peter Leeds
as Suitcase Courier
Roy Stuart
as Martinson
Howard Storm
as Bellboy
Teddy Wilson
as Messenger
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Series Details

TV Network: NBC
Premiere Date: Jan 14, 1972
Genre: Comedy
Executive Producers: Bud Yorkin, Norman Lear
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