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Shameless (2011 - 2021)

Shameless (2011 - 2021)





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From producers John Wells and Paul Abbott, this outrageous family drama is based on the long-running hit UK series and stars Emmy winner William H. Macy (Fargo) as a working class patriarch of an unconventional Chicago brood of six kids headed by the eldest sibling (Golden Globe nominee Emmy Rossum - Mystic River) who keep the home afloat while their dad is out drinking and carousing.

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Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

2020, Showtime, 12 episodes

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

2019, Showtime, 12 episodes

Critics Consensus: Shameless enters its ninth season on a tight budget of fresh stories left to tell, but still finds some rich new notes of characterization -- all while gracefully bidding adieu to Emmy Rossum.

2018, Showtime, 14 episodes

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

2017, Showtime, 12 episodes

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

2016, Showtime, 12 episodes

Critics Consensus: Shameless' sixth season charts a tragic trajectory for the Gallaghers, leaving viewers in suspense as they hope against hope that this family from the wrong side of the tracks can't find long-lasting stability.

2016, Showtime, 11 episodes

Critics Consensus: Settling into its fifth year with a irascible sense of fun, Shameless hints that the Gallaghers won't become a functional family unit anytime soon - but audiences will adore them all the same.

2015, Showtime, 12 episodes

Critics Consensus: Shameless shows no signs of fatigue as it barrels into its fourth season, with the Gallaghers stirring up new and novel forms of mischief.

2014, Showtime, 12 episodes


William H. Macy
as Frank Gallagher
Emmy Rossum
as Fiona Gallagher
Justin Chatwin
as Steve/Jimmy
Cameron Monaghan
as Ian Gallagher
Emma Kenney
as Debbie Gallagher
Jeremy Allen White
as Lip Gallagher
Ethan Cutkosky
as Carl Gallagher
Kate Lang Johnson
as Tami Tamietti
Joan Cusack
as Sheila Jackson
Zach McGowan
as Jody Silverman
Joel Murray
as Eddie Jackson
Noel Fisher
as Mickey Milkovich
Emma Greenwell
as Mandy Milkovich
Christian Isaiah
as Liam Gallagher
Dennis Cockrum
as Terry Milkovich
Jess Gabor
as Kelly Keefe
Katey Sagal
as Docteur Ingrid Jones
Chloe Webb
as Monica
Jake McDorman
as Mike Pratt
Dan Lauria
as Maurice "Mo" White
Neal Bledsoe
as Max Whitford
Paget Kagy
as Jazmin
Amy Smart
as Jasmine
Wallace Langham
as Dr. Tyson
Nicky Korba
as Little Hank
Taylor Kinney
as Craig Heisner
Elizabeth Sung
as Mrs. Wong
Bradley Whitford
as Abraham Paige
Joy Osmanski
as le docteur Kwan
Eloy Casados
as Roger Running Tree
Caroline Choi
as Sister Frances
Louise Fletcher
as Grammy Gallagher
Courteney Cox
as Jen Wagner
Bob Saget
as Father D'Amico
Abbie Cobb
as Colette
Lori Alan
as Stacy Baer
Lex Medlin
as Dr. Jonathan Rosenbaum
Shannon Lucio
as Alison De Marco
Bunny Levine
as Mrs. McCurdy
Steve Luna
as Cousin Joey
Sharif Atkins
as Peter Naylor
Dan Ahdoot
as Realtor
Don Stark
as Congressman Wayne Ubberman
Anna Khaja
as Docteur Padma Singh
Jesse Saler
as Cousin Sammy
Jackson Davis
as Ed Bragg
Raleigh Cain
as Michelle Hill
Robert Bailey Jr.
as Dr. Noah Wild
Ana Mercedes
as madame Hernandez
Rif Hutton
as General Gene Powell
Joshua Wolf Coleman
as Docteur Emmanuel Garcia
Lucy DeVito
as Yolanda
Maximilian Osinski
as Len Martini
Kate Boyer
as Bethany Pickford-Watson
Jake Davidson
as Jackson Ehrenreich
Alison Rood
as Irene Bragg
Drea Garcia
as Nurse Telma
Yvette Cason
as Mrs. Jackson
Shashawnee Hall
as Captain Bob
Katy Erin
as Loyola
Benton Jennings
as le père Henry
Carl W. Crudup
as le professeur
Lisa Maley
as Makayla
Ashley Wood
as Beverly Martini
Brent Huff
as le major Keefe
Angela Coburn
as le voisin
James Curreri
as Keshisian
Steve Lenz
as Dwight
Greta Sesheta
as Tessie Thompson
Ellen Wroe
as Clancy
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