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Sliders (1995 - 2000)

Sliders (1995 - 2000)





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A brilliant grad student accidentally opens an interdimensional portal, which sends him and three reluctant companions on a cosmic roller-coaster ride to alternate Earths. This sci-fi actioner, distinctive more for its wry humor than the so-so special effects and sets, survived several cast changes and even a switch of networks.

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1999, FOX, 18 episodes

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1998, FOX, 22 episodes

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1996, FOX, 25 episodes

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1996, FOX, 13 episodes

Critics Consensus: Sliders makes the most of its simple premise with an inventive sense of adventure, a well-rounded cast of characters, and a healthy balance of humor.

1995, FOX, 10 episodes


Jerry O'Connell
as Quinn Mallory
Cleavant Derricks
as Rembrandt `Crying Man' Brown
Sabrina Lloyd
as Wade Wells
Tembe Locke
as Diana Davis
John Rhys-Davies
as Prof. Maximillian Arturo
Kari Wuhrer
as Maggie Becket
Charlie O'Connell
as Colin Mallory
Robert Floyd
as Mallory
Tembi Locke
as Diana Davis
John Walcutt
as Quinn's Father
Jerry Hardin
as Isaac Clark
Julie Adams
as Old Maggie Beckett
Rose Portillo
as Sister Celine
Linda Kaye Henning
as Mrs. Mallory
Hayley DuMond
as Joanne Capshaw
John DeMita
as Dr. Steven Jensen.
Colton James
as Matthews
John D'Aquino
as Randall Simmons
Jay Acovone
as Ben Siegel III
Thorsten Kaye
as Ralph Hackett
Charlie Brill
as Barry Lipschitz
Kurt Knudson
as Sheriff Hardy
Meredith Bishop
as Jenny Anderson
Roy Dotrice
as Archibald Chandler
Brian Cousins
as Korindos/Kaplan
Adrienne Barbeau
as Mother Morehouse
Israel Juarbe
as Gomez Calhoun
Marshall R. Teague
as Gen. Kronus
Marnie McPhail
as Quinn's Mother
Stephen Macht
as Kromanus
Jim Metzler
as Jonathan Griffin
Sandy Martin
as Shirley Montana
Meg Foster
as Col. Margaret Burke
Kelly Connell
as Thomas Beecham
Valarie Pettiford
as Dr. Grace Venable
Ken Jenkins
as Robert Clark
George Gaynes
as Old Quinn Mallory
Eric Pierpoint
as President Jefferson Williams
Tim Quill
as Gareth
Bodhi Elfman
as Trevor Blue
James Sutorius
as Agent Fletcher Lowell
Susan Haskell
as Susanna Morehouse
Karen Austin
as Amanda Starr
Peter Jurasik
as Dr. Geiger
Carl Gabriel Yorke
as The Director
Pepe Serna
as Roberto
Natalie Radford
as Christina Griffin
as Betty
David Dukes
as Thomas Mallory
Robin Riker
as Mrs. Williams
Dwayne Adway
as Dropper Daddy
David Ursin
as Stoned Cabbie
John Kassir
as Arnold Potts
Christian Oliver
as Rick Montana
Kristanna Loken
as Catherine Clark
Bill French
as Technician
Katherine Moffat
as Dr. Helena Malone
Jennifer McComb
as Roxanne Crane
Ben Jones
as Dawson
Michael Sabatino
as Derek Nichols
Carol Huston
as Vanessa
Larry McCormick
as TV Anchor
Steve Rankin
as Kreeshax
Nicholas Worth
as Magistrate
Scott Decker
as Kryoptus
John Vargas
as Chuck Pierson
Connie Sawyer
as Winifred
Tim Thomerson
as MacArthur Mallory
Paul Sand
as Violin Player
Tom Fitzpatrick
as Eyeless Man
Paula Trickey
as Nurse Lauren Perry
Justine Miceli
as Caroline Tatshore
Harrison Young
as Henry Nichols
Martin Eric
as Farmer #2
Laird Mackintosh
as Kromagg Corporal
James Colby
as Bartender
Rob LaBelle
as Mr. XYBO
Clay Wilcox
as Preacher
Chad Todhunter
as Kaldeen/Jules
Burton Gilliam
as Stage Driver
George McDaniel
as Gov. Schick
Michael Manasseri
as Bobby Hawks
Claudette Roche
as Dr. Alice Ruskin
Michael McCraine
as Jane White
Brien Perry
as Soldier
Jimmy Bridges
as Doctor #2
Monte Perlin
as Forklift Operator
Brian Perry
as Soldier One
Jonathan Brent
as Sean Carter
David Kallaway
as Guard One
Richard Fancy
as Sector Control
Paul Richards
as Bartender
Tracie May
as Kromagg Aide
Ted Barba
as Kromagg Guard
Sandahl Bergman
as Lead Female Dancer
Mongo Brownlee
as Quinn's Guard
Armin Shimerman
as Shapeshifting Guard
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Series Details

TV Network: FOX
Premiere Date: Mar 22, 1995
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy
Executive Producers: Leslie Belzberg, David E. Peckinpah, Tracy Torme, Alan Barnette, Jacob Epstein
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