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Sons of Anarchy (2008 - 2014)

Sons of Anarchy (2008 - 2014)



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Generation-spanning drama about a Northern California motorcycle club whose members try to protect their hometown from rival gangs while running guns themselves.
Creator: Kurt Sutter

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Critics Consensus: The final season of Sons of Anarchy rides toward the series finale on its grounded characters and clearly defined storylines, without losing any of the show's bone-chilling action.

2014, FX, 13 episodes

Critics Consensus: Sons of Anarchy continues to deliver an energetic blend of bracing action sequences, pitch black humor, and heartless violence.

2013, FX, 13 episodes

Critics Consensus: Still dangerous and proud of it, Sons of Anarchy builds upon its ferocious attitude with impressive finesse.

2012, FX, 13 episodes

Critics Consensus: Sons of Anarchy's fourth season is a smart return to the show's original themes, integrated with buzzworthy new elements.

2011, FX, 14 episodes

Critics Consensus: Sons of Anarchy returns with risk-taking writing, thrusting its characters into fascinating and unexpected turmoil.

2010, FX, 13 episodes

Critics Consensus: Sons of Anarchy continues to intensify the drama with riveting storytelling brought to life by a talented ensemble.

2009, FX, 13 episodes

Critics Consensus: Rough and harsh, Sons of Anarchy features one of television's best ensemble casts.

2008, FX, 13 episodes


Charlie Hunnam
as Jax Teller
Katey Sagal
as Gemma Teller
Mark Boone Jr.
as Bobby, Robert "Bobby" Munson
Dayton Callie
as Wayne Unser
Jimmy Smits
as Nero Padilla
Harold Perrineau
as Damon Pope
Niko Nicotera
as George "Rat Boy" Skogstram
Annabeth Gish
as Sheriff Althea Jarry
Sprague Grayden
as Donna Winston
Tayler Sheridan
as Deputy Chief David Hale
Walton Goggins
as Venus Van Dam
Marilyn Manson
as Ron Tully
Mo McRae
as Tyler Yost
Kenneth Choi
as Henry Lin
Ivo Nandi
as Oscar "El Oso" Ramos
Emilio Rivera
as Marcus Alvarez
Michael Beach
as T.O. Cross
Hayley McFarland
as Brooke Putner
Johnny Lewis
as Half-Sack
Jay Karnes
as Agent Kohn
Ally Walker
as Agent Stahl
Taylor Sheridan
as Deputy Hale
Mitch Pileggi
as Ernest Darby
Adam Arkin
as Ethan Zobelle
Henry Rollins
as AJ Weston
Jeff Kober
as Jacob Hale
Hal Holbrook
as Nate Madoc
Rockmond Dunbar
as Sheriff Eli Roosevelt
Ray McKinnon
as Asst. U.S. Atty. Lincoln Potter
LaMonica Garrett
as Deputy Sheriff Cane
Danny Trejo
as Romero 'Romeo' Parada
Ron Perlman
as Clay Morrow
Nicholas Guest
as John Teller
Chris Reed
as Filthy Phil
McNally Sagal
as Margaret Murphy
Paula Malcomson
as Maureen Ashby
Benito Martinez
as Luis Torres
Patrick St. Esprit
as Elliott Oswald
David Rees Snell
as Agent Grad
Jose Pablo Cantillo
as Hector Salazar
Jamie McShane
as Cameron Hayes
James Cosmo
as Rev. Kellen Ashby
Callard Harris
as Edmund Hayes
Zoe Boyle
as Trinity
Andrew McPhee
as Keith McGee
Tom Arnold
as Georgie Caruso
Robin Weigert
as Ally Lowen
Arie Verveen
as Liam O'Neill
Pamela J. Gray
as Agent Amy Taylor
Dan Hildebrand
as Sean Casey
Marcos De La Cruz
as Agent Estevez
Merle Dandridge
as Rita Roosevelt
Olivia Burnette
as Homeless Woman
Julie Ariola
as Mary Winston
Marcello Thedford
as Lander Jackson
Sonny Barger
as Lenny the Pimp
Bellina Logan
as Fiona Larkin
Darin Heames
as Seamus Ryan
Marya Delver
as Officer Deglee
Keith Szarabajka
as Viktor Putlova
Glenn Plummer
as Sheriff Trammel
Michael Fairman
as Lumpy Feldstein
Donal Logue
as Lee Toric
Jeff Wincott
as Jimmy Cacuzza
Liana Liberato
as Tristen Oswald
Cleo King
as Neeta
Glenn Keogh
as Michael Casey
Senen Reyes
as Santo Rivera
Sen Dog
as Santo Rivera
Ramon De Ocampo
as Deputy Sheriff Martinez
Dimitri Diatchenko
as Head Russian
Lela Cortines
as Ellie Winston
Glen Keough
as Michael Casey
John Abendroth
as Kenny Winston
Tara Summers
as Karen Dunhill
Chris Coy
as Alex Anthony
Billy Brown
as August Marks
Dave Navarro
as Arcadio
Karen Lew
as Nurse
Pablo Espinosa
as Officer Fain
Jeffrey Newman
as Sergio Colletti
Tom Everett Scott
as Jason Rosen
Lorcan O'Toole
as Padraic Telford
Scott Lawrence
as ISU Lieutenant
Zoe Boyle
as Trinity
Rachel Miner
as Dawn Trager
Dinah Lenney
as Sister Miriam
David Marciano
as Chicken Man
Hank Cheyne
as Eduardo Cruz
Matthew Alan
as Mark Petrie
Lilly McDowell
as Katey Petrie
Ray Porter
as Head Red
Cassandra Braden
as Admitting Nurse
Kenneth Choi
as Henry Lin
Michael O'Neill
as Judge Anthony Franklin
Michael O'Neill
as Judge Anthony Franklin
Ken Choi
as Henry Lin
Michael Patrick Larson
as Meeh Men Actor
David Aranovich
as ER Doctor
Tony Perez
as Rev. Kane
Chuck Zito
as Frankie Diamonds
Cae Camille
as Tweker Girl
Joe Rose
as SOA Oregon Leader
Jim Cody Williams
as Uncle Vinky
Josh Latzer
as Bounty Hunter
Burton Perez
as SAMTAZ Member
Peter Onorati
as Leo Pirelli
Jay Thames
as Needles
Caroline Choi
as Young Clerical
Jaye Razor
as Muscle
Diane Gaeta
as Actress
Steve Long
as Long John
Derwin Jordan
as Agent Smith
Joey Anaya
as Elian Perez
Pat Asanti
as Russian
Jon Jon Briones
as Asian Elvis
Eileen Grubba
as Precious Ryan
Tom Virtue
as Doctor
Bobby Reed
as Pastor
James Harvey Ward
as Russell Meineke
James Geralden
as Backup Singer
Jon Gries
as Magoo
Carl McDowell
as Vandross
Robyn Jean Springer
as Crow-Eater Biker Chick
Wandah Kay
as Backup Singer
Rickey Chaney
as Brewster
Brett Wagner
as Johnny Yates
Christopher Goodman
as ATF IAD Officer
Tim De Zarn
as Nate Meineke
Malosi Leonard
as Arty Brand
as Venus Bell
Marisa Quintanilla
as Young Wahewa Woman
Stephen King
as Bachman
Lester Keefe
as Agent Lane
Kurt Caceres
as Renaldo
Jim Veneziano
as Jim, the Mechanic
T. Shaun Russell
as Prison Guard
John Whitaker
as Truck Driver
Retson Ross
as Party Biker Boy
Casey Sander
as Lead Sheriff
Adrian LaTourelle
as Officer Craft
Baldeep Singh
as Agent Wright
Michelle Diaz
as Diana Alvarez
Ralph Nunez
as Latino Teen
Travis Johns
as Lead SANWA Sheriff
Steve Klein
as Manager
Dan Conroy
as Timothy
Judith Hoag
as Karen Oswald
Ian Stanley
as Gen-Pop Guard
Don Hildebrand
as Sean Casey
Pablo Espinoza
as Officer Fain
Nick Hoffa
as Security Guard
Tom Finnegan
as Townsman
David A. Jansen
as Off. Clemens
Brian Rodak
as ATF Agent
Marco Pérez
as Calaveras No. 1
Frank Noon
as Fat Clown
Omio Zader
as Pakistani Clerk
Walter Addison
as Jacob Hale
Tommy Rosales
as Calaveras No. 2
Kiyano La'vin
as Grim Bastard
Steve Kramer
as Leo Kessler
Mike Pfaff
as Orphanage Guard
Victor Newmark
as John Teller
Brandon Bell
as ATF Administrator
Robert Neary
as PSNI Lieutenant
Kelly Lamarr
as Customs Official
Jason McDonald
as SOA Belfast Member No. 1
Kirk Bovill
as PSNI No. 1
Carla Jimenez
as Clinic Admin
Paul Vroom
as White Guy
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Series Details

TV Network: FX
Genre: Drama
Executive Producers: Paris Barclay, Art Linson, John Linson, Kurt Sutter, James D. Parriott
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