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St. Elsewhere (1982 - 1988)

St. Elsewhere (1982 - 1988)






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A wildly inventive chronicle of life---and death---at Boston's run-down St. Eligius Hospital carved a distinctive niche with an often surrealistic mix of gritty drama and dark humor. Superbly written and blessed with a fine cast that included future Oscar winners Denzel Washington and, occasionally, Helen Hunt, this most-eccentric medical series was also one of TV's most mature and imaginative hours. High point: the two-part 1986 story `Time Heals,' weaving flashbacks of long-time employees.
Creator: Joshua Brand

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Critics Consensus: St. Elsewhere brings heartfelt closure to its sprawling ensemble before shaking everything up with an existential grace note -- fans of this boundary-pushing drama wouldn't have it any other way.

1987, NBC, 22 episodes

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1986, NBC, 23 episodes

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1985, NBC, 24 episodes

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1984, NBC, 24 episodes

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1983, NBC, 22 episodes

Critics Consensus: St. Elsewhere's similarities to its creative team's previous work are glaring, but an excellent cast and vivid sense of place make this hospital worth checking into.

1982, NBC, 22 episodes


Ed Flanders
as Dr. Donald Westphall
William Daniels
as Dr. Mark Craig
Norman Lloyd
as Dr. Daniel Auschlander
Ed Begley Jr.
as Dr. Victor Ehrlich
David Morse
as Dr. Jack Morrison
Howie Mandel
as Dr. Wayne Fiscus
Christina Pickles
as Nurse Helen Rosenthal
Denzel Washington
as Dr. Phillip Chandler
Eric Laneuville
as Orderly Luther Hawkins
Bonnie Bartlett
as Mrs. Ellen Craig
Jennifer Savidge
as Nurse Lucy Papandrao
David Birney
as Dr. Ben Samuels
Cynthia Sykes
as Dr. Annie Cavanero
Barbara Whinnery
as Dr. Cathy Martin
Terence Knox
as Dr. Peter White
G.W. Bailey
as Dr. Hugh Beale
Kavi Raz
as Dr. V.J. Kochar
Kim Miyori
as Dr. Wendy Armstrong
Ellen Bry
as Nurse Shirley Daniels
Nancy Stafford
as Joan Halloran
Mark Harmon
as Dr. Robert Caldwell
Paul Sand
as Dr. Michael Ridley
Stephen Furst
as Dr. Elliot Axelrod
Sagan Lewis
as Dr. Jaqueline Wade
Byron Stewart
as Orderly Warren Coolidge
Judith Hansen
as Dr. Emily Humes
Brian Tochi
as Dr. Alan Poe
Saundra Sharp
as Nurse Peggy Shotwell
Florence Halop
as Mrs. Hufnagel
Helen Hunt
as Clancy Williams
Alfre Woodard
as Dr. Roxanne Turner
Jane Wyatt
as Mrs. Auschlander
France Nuyen
as Dr. Paulette Kiem
Lillian Adams
as Mrs. Rizzo
Alan Young
as Jay Knox
Jamie Rose
as Dr. Susan Birch
Dan Hedaya
as Joseph Keuhnelian
Piper Laurie
as Fran Singleton
Herbert Edelman
as Clarendon
Dana Short
as Elizabeth
Dorothy Fielding
as Dr. Nancy Paxton
Karen Landry
as Myra White
Edward Herrmann
as Father McCabe
John Hammond
as Michael
Austin Pendleton
as Mr. Entertainment
Lois Foraker
as Masha Peltrovich
Ronny Cox
as John Gideon
Shelly Gibson
as Chaplain Clair McCabe
Kyle Secor
as Brett Johnston
Leah Ayres
as Nurse Polito
Renée Taylor
as Dr. Miller
Joshua Bryant
as Dr. Stevens
Charlotte Rae
as Mary Carnahan
Joseph Running Fox
as Proud Eagle
Jack Dodson
as Judge Farnham
Louis Nye
as Milton Axelrod
Bill Dana
as Jonas Fiscus
Betty White
as Capt. Gloria Neal
William Schallert
as Dr. Stanley
John Kellogg
as Spooner
Kathy Bates
as Polly Miller
Jeff Allin
as Alex Corey
Taliesin Jaffe
as Jimmy Hassett
Philip Sterling
as Dr. Weiss
Zeljko Ivanek
as Dr. Doleson
Lotus Weinstock
as Marley Wright
Matt Frewer
as Sandler
Concetta Tomei
as Elyse Praeger
Keenan Wynn
as Charlie Heller
James Sutorius
as Hendricks
Harold Gould
as Melvin Millstein
Mark Baker
as Buddy Askew
Brian Kerwin
as Terence O'Casey
Bruce Solomon
as David Leff
Jason Bateman
as Tim Moynihan
Joseph Kell
as Mitchell
Ed Lauter
as Stan Morgen
Michael Brandon
as Anthony Gifford
Linda Carlson
as Janet Dalton
J. Michael Flynn
as Dolph Perry
Nicholas Pryor
as Dr. Greene
Jay Boccher
as Benjamin
Andy Romano
as Bob Overland
Alan Feinstein
as Michael Steward
Howard Duff
as Herbie Podell
Robert Symonds
as Dr. Friedman
Richard Kline
as Michael Gold
Paul Verdier
as Lorenz Gadski
Allyn Ann McLerie
as Roxanne Reed
James Stephens
as Daniel Auschlander
Dakin Matthews
as Dr. Todd Sweeney
Ben Piazza
as Dr. Bartlett
Penelope Ann Miller
as Nurse Canyon
Nestor Serrano
as Michael Pierson
Maureen Anderman
as Denise Whitehill
Rudy Ramos
as Bernie
Jessica Salem
as Francine
Priscilla Morrill
as Sister Theresa
Gregory Itzin
as Bing Shalimar
Mitchell Ryan
as George Deaton
Philip Abbott
as Joe Killion
Reid Shelton
as Dr. Barton
Pauly Shore
as Frankie Mudd
Michael Hulsey
as Harold Hubner
Tom Atkins
as Bob Loniker
Anita Gillette
as Maureen Westphall
Julie Cobb
as Joyce Moynihan
Wil Wheaton
as Owen Drimmer
Ray Walston
as Dr. Arrowsmith
Tony Bill
as Brian Whitehill
Ann Hearn
as Andrea
Mark Cassella
as Dudley Bauman
Vic Polizos
as Sgt. Raymondo
Michael Harrington
as Douglas Endicott
Rosalind Chao
as Mary Wilson
Robert Davi
as Patrick
Frank McCarthy
as Father Flynn
Judyann Elder
as Elodie Haber
Melinda Culea
as Julie McPhail
Justin Lord
as Ned Shouw
Barry Jenner
as Dr. Sanders
Arthur Taxier
as Dr. Chegley
Adam Arkin
as Doug Zajk
Akosua Busia
as Deborah Ettings
Ealynn Voss
as Brigitta
Alice Hirson
as Ann Overland
Don DeFore
as Harry Klein
Tom Poston
as Jim Morrison
Jackie Cooper
as David Domedion
Patrick Collins
as Boston Massachusetts
Bibi Osterwald
as Gina Bushnell
Milton Selzer
as Rabbi Tolchin
Lynn Whitfield
as Annie Callan
Carel Struycken
as Frank Lydaczech
Ron Vernan
as Bidwell
Dean Jagger
as Dr. David Domedion
John Astin
as Kevin Hoffer
Neva Patterson
as Marguerite
Sandy McPeak
as Mr. Reinhardt
Joanna Miles
as Julia Belvedere
Jack Bannon
as Steven McAllister
Terence O'Connor
as Mrs. Dowler
Peter Brocco
as Thomas Lazarus
Arthur Malet
as George Peak
Richard Lawson
as The Messiah
Victor Arnold
as Joseph Costa
Bryan Clark
as Dr. Watson
Robert Costanzo
as Broadwater
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Series Details

TV Network: NBC
Premiere Date: Oct 26, 1982
Genre: Drama
Executive Producers: Mark Tinker, Bruce Paltrow
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