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Stargate Atlantis (2004 - 2009)

Stargate Atlantis (2004 - 2009)






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A team of explorers journeys to the mythical lost city, which was transported from Antarctica to the Pegasus galaxy by the mysterious Ancients millions of years ago, in this spin off created by 'Stargate SG-1' scribes. The mission uncovers astounding technology---as well as the notorious species known as the Wraith.

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2008, SyFy, 20 episodes

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2007, SyFy, 20 episodes

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2006, SyFy, 20 episodes

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2005, SyFy, 20 episodes

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2004, SyFy, 20 episodes


Robert Picardo
as Richard Woolsey
Rainbow Sun Francks
as Lt. Aiden Ford
Joe Flanigan
as Maj. John Sheppard
David Hewlett
as Dr. Rodney McKay
Paul McGillion
as Dr. Carson Beckett
Rachel Luttrell
as Teyla Emmagan
Jason Momoa
as Ronon Dex
David Nykl
as Dr. Radek Zelenka
Mitch Pileggi
as Col. Steven Caldwell
Claire Rankin
as Dr. Kate Heightmeyer
Robert Davi
as Cmdr. Acastus Kolya
Jewel Staite
as Dr. Jennifer Keller
Connor Trinneer
as Michael Kenmore
Amanda Tapping
as Col. Samantha Carter
Michael Beach
as Col. Abraham Ellis
Torri Higginson
as Dr. Elizabeth Weir
Jaime Ray Newman
as Lt. Laura Cadman
Kavan Smith
as Maj. Evan Lorne
Rainbow Francks
as le lieutenant Aiden Ford
Craig Veroni
as Peter Grodin
Richard Dean Anderson
as Brig. Gen. Jack O'Neill
Kate Hewlett
as Jeannie Miller
Dean Marshall
as Sgt. Bates
Beau Bridges
as General Landry
Ben Cotton
as le docteur Kavanagh
Michael Shanks
as Daniel Jackson
Linda Ko
as Head Nurse
Andee Frizzell
as Wraith Queen
James Lafazanos
as Male Wraith
Brenda James
as Katie Brown
Leonor Varela
as Chaya Sar
Clayton Landey
as Col. Everett
Niall Matter
as Lt. Kemp
Brendan Penny
as Male Wraith
Don S. Davis
as Maj. Gen. Hammond
Ryan Booth
as Lt. Negley
Emma Lahana
as Ava Dixon
Bruce Dawson
as Captain
Alan Ruck
as Dr. Fletcher
Steven Culp
as Henry Wallace
Paul Magel
as le docteur Abrams
Kirby Morrow
as Daedalus Tech
Heather Doerksen
as Apollo Tech
Christina Cox
as Anne Teldy
Robert Patrick
as Col. Sumner
Pascale Hutton
as First Officer
Peter Flemming
as Agent Malcolm Barrett
Bill Dow
as Bill Lee
Crystal Lowe
as Mardola
Sheri Noel
as Lab Assistant
Apollonia Vanova
as Wraith Queen
Leela Savasta
as Alicia Vega
Donna Soares
as Dr. Coleman
Gary Jones
as Chief Mst Sgt. Walter Harriman
Janina Gavankar
as Dusty Mehra
Madison Bell
as Madison
Dave Foley
as Malcolm Tunney
Dan Payne
as Male Wraith
Nicole de Boer
as Alison Porter
Tamlyn Tomita
as Shen Xiaoyi
Zach Selwyn
as Scientist
Colin Cunningham
as Major Davis
Ross Hull
as le docteur Corrigan
Anna Galvin
as Dr. Vanessa Conrad
Phoenix Ly
as Yamato
Alan Scarfe
as le chancelier Druhin
David Orth
as Captain Radner
Boyan Vukelic
as Sgt. Stackhouse
Melia McClure
as Ancient Woman
Dan Shea
as Sgt. Siler
David Milchard
as SGC Technician
Edmond Kato Wong
as Technician
Bro Gilbert
as Scientist #1
Peter Grasso
as Scientist #2
Ona Grauer
as Ayiana
Aaron Dudley
as Male Ancient
Mary Joan Buchanan
as Beckett's Mom
Geoff Redknap
as Old Colonel Sumner
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Series Details

TV Network: SyFy
Premiere Date: Jul 16, 2004
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy
Executive Producers: Robert C. Cooper, Brad Wright, Michael Greenburg, Richard Dean Anderson
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