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Strong Medicine (2000 - 2006)

Strong Medicine (2000 - 2006)





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Two headstrong MDs---privileged Dana Stowe and tough Lu Delgado---reluctantly join forces running a women's clinic at Philadelphia's Rittenhouse Hospital. Patricia Richardson scrubbed in for the departing Janine Turner in midseason 2002. Richardson's Dr. Andy Campbell is a retired Army colonel who's every bit as opinionated and self-assured as the headstrong Lu, making for an interesting matchup. Season 6 begins with Rick Schroder joining the cast as Lu's new partner, cocky physician Dylan West.

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2005, LIFETIME-TW, 22 episodes

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2004, LIFETIME-TW, 22 episodes

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2003, LIFETIME-TW, 22 episodes

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2002, LIFETIME-TW, 22 episodes

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2001, LIFETIME-TW, 22 episodes

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2000, LIFETIME-TW, 22 episodes


Rosa Blasi
as Dr. Luisa `Lu' Delgado
Josh Coxx
as Peter Riggs
Jenifer Lewis
as Lana Hawkins
Tamera Mowry-Housley
as Dr. Kayla Thornton
Rick Schroder
as Dr. Dylan West
Chris Marquette
as Marc Delgado
Michelle Horn
as Jesse Campbell
Morgan Flynn
as Lizzie Campbell
Whoopi Goldberg
as Dr. Lydia Emerson
Brian Kerwin
as Les Campbell
Julian Acosta
as Miguel `Mickey' Arenas
Gregory Harrison
as Dr. Rand Kilner
April Grace
as Aneesha
John Griffin
as Paramedic Newton
Racheal Seymour
as Nurse Rachel
Cullen Douglas
as Lab Tech Tom Abrams
Diane Ladd
as Annabelle Lee Stowe
Darby Stanchfield
as Hilary Davis
Jon Hershfield
as Paramedic Gordon
Luna Lauren Vélez
as Dr. Vanessa Burke
Robert Foxworth
as Dr. Ezra Stowe
Dorie Barton
as Abigail Morton
Sandra Nelson
as Kathleen Anderson
Tia Mowry-Hardrict
as Keisha Thornton
Francis Guinan
as Bradley Anderson
Star Jones
as Jemma Ownes
Sally Kirkland
as Stella Riggs
Nicholas Pryor
as Edmond Winston
Kavita Patil
as Dr. Ann Nanji
Juliet Landau
as Lorraine
Tara Buck
as Josie Weaver
Holland Taylor
as Lillian Pynchon
CCH Pounder
as Libby Bell
Alison Shanks
as Maj. Karen Ryan
Julie White
as Caitlin Crawford
Giancarlo Esposito
as James `Junior' Bell
Kent Faulcon
as Melvis MacRane
Sam Trammell
as Kiko Ellsworth
Christine Elise
as Capt. Gloria McKinney
Reggie Lee
as Dr. Nakashima
Angela Oh
as Angelica
D.C. Douglas
as Agent Norton
Diahann Carroll
as Eve Morton
Lynn Whitfield
as Dr. Delia Marshall
Paige Moss
as Anna Campos
Kirk B.R. Woller
as FBI Special Agent Randolph P. Lentz
Laila Ali
as Lyla Lewis
Bellamy Young
as Erin Berman
Randy J. Goodwin
as Dr. Jason Harris
Tequan Richmond
as Shay Williams
Danica McKellar
as Natalie Pascal
Ogy Durham
as Alicia Barton
Renée Victor
as Dr. Elena Gomez
Darin Cooper
as Dr. Mark Lantana
Jennette McCurdy
as Haley Campos
Derrex Brady
as Dr. Adrian Burwell
Keone Young
as Mr. Fong
William Forward
as Dr. Alan Mendel
Iris Bahr
as Ronnie Vongolia
Vanessa Bell Calloway
as Melanie Rhodes
Karen Malina White
as Constance MacRane
Michele Kelly
as Fran Cortese
Fran Drescher
as Irene Slater
Dylan Purcell
as Ephram Steiner
Sara Gilbert
as Charlayne
Nadine Ellis
as Victoria
Mel Harris
as Mrs. Hightower
Purva Bedi
as Yasmin Fayed
Barry Sigismondi
as Det. Stevens
Gianni Russo
as Vincent
Forbes Riley
as Wilma Worth
Lisa Darr
as Susan Jackson
Bug Hall
as Steve Kelley
Katie Rich
as Thelma Durrell
Irene Tsu
as Mrs. Fong
Carl Gilliard
as Principal
David Clennon
as Judge Hackney
Graham Sibley
as Elliot Jansen
Jacqueline Obradors
as Dolores Rivera
Michael Paul Chan
as Dr. Dexter Chen
K.K. Dodds
as Jeri Greer
Charlie Weirauch
as Bertram Jones
Dey Young
as Sylvia
Jay Huguley
as Donald Murray
Anna Khaja
as ER Receptionist
Ellen Bry
as Emily Schmoen
Michelle Krusiec
as Chen-Ling Fong
Dina Nicki Rassias
as Karen Chapman
Don R. McManus
as Monty Hightower
Randy Oglesby
as Henry Bueller
Michele Gregory
as Mindy Pryor
Alex Morris
as Stanton
Bart Johnson
as Jake Matousak
Kimberly Quinn
as Linder Kerrigan
James Frain
as Art Gallery Painter
Jon Spinogatti
as Charlie Rumnock
Vanessa Mizzone
as Charlotte
Darlena Tejeiro
as Yesenia Barrera
Marc D. Wilson
as Jamar Dobins
Sundra Oakley
as Keats Duvray
Blake Robbins
as Morgan Benedicto
Rachel Chagall
as Renee Edwards
Mary Jo Catlett
as Hattie Rosenblatt
Becky Wahlstrom
as Terry Garutso
Rozanda Thomas
as Amber Steele
Jack Stehlin
as Don Schmoen
Dawnn Lewis
as Detective Wright
Mario Aguilar Jr.
as Street Dealer
Toby Smith
as Toinette
Gonzalo Menendez
as Henry Morales
Kimberly Russell
as Veralyn `Vera'
Tonantzin Esparza
as Liliana Estevez
Shi Ne Nielson
as Nurse Seldon
Mike Siegel
as Sherman
Shi Ne Nielson
as Nurse Seldon
Larry Cedar
as Gordon Edwards
James Logan
as Paramedic Smith
William Bumiller
as Sam Shearing
as Vanessa
Ray Abruzzo
as Don Bronson
Noor Shic
as Dr. Vishnu
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Series Details

Premiere Date: Jul 23, 2000
Genre: Drama
Executive Producers: Tammy Ader, Whoopi Goldberg, Robert H. Lieberman
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