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Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye (2002 - 2005)

Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye (2002 - 2005)




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The true story of a deaf woman whose lip-reading skills land her a surveillance job with the FBI.

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2004, PAX, 19 episodes

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2003, PAX, 19 episodes

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2002, PAX, 18 episodes


Deanne Bray
as Sue Thomas
Yannick Bisson
as Jack Hudson
Charles W. Gray
as Stan Eldridge
Enuka Okuma
as Lucy Dotson
Marc Gomes
as Dimitrius Gans
Rick Peters
as Bobby Manning
Tara Samuel
as Tara Williams
Ted Atherton
as Myles Leland III
Eugene Clark
as Ted Garrett
as Levi
Sammi Bourgeois
as Amanda Duffman
Polly Shannon
as Darcy D'Angelo
Kate Trotter
as Mrs. Thomas
Andrew Jackson
as Kevin Duffman
Jack Jessop
as Charlie Adams
Joel Sonnenberg
as Joel Finch
Sue Thomas
as Deanne
Gord Rand
as Stanley
Vijay Mehta
as Akmed Al Azir
Christopher Ralph
as Billy Marshall
Steve Boyle
as Kyle Devlin
Bruce Weitz
as Wes Kenner
Jonathan Potts
as Jed Whitaker
Tom Melissis
as Ted Daltry
Dave Nichols
as Mr. Thomas
Robin Ward
as Congressman Minton
Linda Carter
as Libby Dotson
Tony Craig
as Dan Chambers
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Series Details

TV Network: PAX
Premiere Date: Oct 13, 2002
Genre: Drama
Executive Producer: Dave Alan Johnson
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