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Superstore (2015 - 2021)

Superstore (2015 - 2021)





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A quirky family of employees at supersized megastore Cloud 9 tackle the day-to-day grind together. Stalwart employee Amy is trying to hold it all together despite the best efforts of her clueless manager Glenn and his iron-fisted assistant Dina. Rounding out the crew is idealist Jonah, sardonic Garrett, ambitious Mateo and sweet Cheyenne. From bright-eyed newbies and seen-it-all veterans to bumbling seasonal hires and in-it-for-life managers, they're all working to get through another day.
Creator: Justin Spitzer

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Critics Consensus: As funny and poignant as ever, Superstore closes up shop with a superb sixth season that solidifies its place as one of TVs greatest workplace comedies.

2020, NBC, 15 episodes

Critics Consensus: Superstore restocks its shelves with a deft understanding of its ensemble's strengths and some thoughtful social commentary.

2019, NBC, 21 episodes

Critics Consensus: Superstore remains a furtively fearless riot in its comedic approach to heavy, timely issues.

2018, NBC, 24 episodes

Critics Consensus: Superstore graduates from the clearance section of network comedies to stake its claim as one of the most lovable ensembles on television, fleshing out its charming cast while expertly teasing out its central romance.

2017, NBC, 22 episodes

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

2016, NBC, 22 episodes

Critics Consensus: Superstore's talented cast and obvious potential are slightly overshadowed by a tonally jumbled presentation and thin, formulaic writing.

2015, NBC, 12 episodes


Colton Dunn
as Garrett
Kerri Kenney
as Jerusha
Eliza Coupe
as Cynthia
Betsy Sodaro
as Uptight Lady
Cecily Strong
as Missy Jones
Howie Mandel
as Howie Mandel
Rory Scovel
as Dr. Brian Patterson
Josh Fadem
as Photographer
Edwin H. Bravo
as Construction Worker
Jee Young Han
as Kira Moon
Seth Carr
as T'oliver
Brenda Song
as Kristen
Beth Curry
as Corporate Woman
Porter Kelly
as Soccer Mom
Dominic Pace
as Employee
David Salsa
as Dill Ernez
Jackie Loeb
as Passing Customer
Susan Song
as Breastfeeding Woman #2
Tom Yi
as Bobby Suh
George Caleodis
as Odd Customer
Tye Edwards
as Customer
Dennis Hurley
as Cafe Employee
Kat Purgal
as Michelle
Omar Leyva
as Customer
Kenneth Hodges
as Shrimp Customer
Amanda Reed
as Sad Looking Woman
Conor Duffy
as Crowd Person
Rasha Goel
as Reporter
Tellier Killaby
as Gun Toting Mom
Fred Melamed
as Richard
Eden Sher
as Penny
Meagen Fay
as Marilyn
Dave Foley
as Lowell
Nate Shelkey
as Lingering Customer
Punnavith Koy
as Mateo's Abs
Dean Norris
as Howard Fox
Ely Henry
as Dougie
Bashir Salahuddin
as Pastor Craig
Sean Gunn
as Card Shopper
Orson Bean
as Dr. Fogler
Jerry Minor
as Richard
Ana Rey
as Customer
Jim Woods
as Nervous Applicant
Ana Ortiz
as Claudia
Allison Bills
as Frantic Woman
Joe Nunez
as Stuart
Artemis Pebdani
as Nurse Ella
Troy Metcalf
as Blue Collar Customer
Carmella Riley
as Female Customer
Pete Ploszek
as Dr. Sidian
Lidia Porto
as Georgia
Sergio Cilli
as Costumed Coroner
Phil LaMarr
as Erick Evans
Charles Gould
as Cafe Customer
Vivian Kerr
as Mom with Baby
Emily Berry
as Dress Shopper
Katie Wilson
as Entertainment Reporter
Jayne Taini
as Dorothy
Josh Latzer
as Construction Worker
Nicole J. Butler
as Mom Customer
Carl Tart
as Oscar
David Theune
as Bike Customer
Nick Bush
as Secret Shopper
Bob Wiltfong
as Mo Frank
Jeff Witzke
as Customer
Missy Doty
as Angry Mom
Shane Kaufman
as HotNuts Guy
Greg Romero Wilson
as Friendly Customer
Hope Banks
as Female Customer
Barrett James
as Camouflage Shopper
Albert Minero Jr.
as Intense Guy
Erin Matthews
as Rich Woman
Andre Walker
as Real Coroner
Korey Simeone
as Shoe Customer
Seth Morris
as ICE Agent Robson
Clint Culp
as Sadsack Customer
Ervin Ross
as Returns Customer
Barrett James
as Camouflage Shopper
Jodi Carlisle
as Sweet Customer
E.J. Callahan
as Older Man
Eve Sigall
as Elderly Woman
Brian Howe
as Neil Penderson
Amy Halloran
as Shareen
Damon Standifer
as Burly Guy
Hilda Boulware
as Older Woman
Amy Tolksy
as Next Customer
Don Fanelli
as SWAT Team Officer
Seema Lazar
as Attractive Woman
Jimmie Johnson
as Jimmie Johnson
Alex Peavey
as Teenager #1
Stephen Jared
as Another Protestor
Elaine Loh
as Jessie
Lisa Long
as Midwestern Customer
Hardy Awadjie
as Angry Customer #2
Aaron Ikeda
as Male Customer
Aaron Colom
as Young Dad
Nicole Dele
as Female Customer
Wes Martinez
as Cart Customer
Lisa Schurga
as Mom Customer
Lily Sanfelippo
as Teenage Girl Customer
Eliza Shin
as Denise
Hunter Stiebel
as Guy in Vest
Scot Zeller
as Indecisive Man
Lamar Woods
as Demetrius
Jill Basey
as Elderly Lady
Ray Chao
as Employee #3
Lauren Plaxco
as Bridgett
Mike Still
as Impressed Customer
Chase Yi
as Sneakerhead Customer
Hamilton Mitchell
as News Reporter
David Livingston
as Barbershop Quartet #2
Aaron Krebs
as Party MC
Diana Tanaka
as Customer
Spencer Ralston
as Male Customer
Shannon McClung
as Carriage Driver
Annie Karstens
as Female Customer
Christian Pedersen
as Warehouse Employee
Michael John Lane
as Tattooed Guy
Justin Abarca
as Customer #2
Connie Schiro
as Customer 1
Chris Dotson
as Phone Holder Customer
Sandra Rosko
as Convict Bride
Alfred Adderly
as Guy in Line
Erica Duke
as Kelsey
Donielle Nash
as Bloody Nose Woman
Lawrence A. Mandley
as Pharmacy Customer
Stephanie McVay
as Older Woman
Fay Wolf
as Kristy
Jay Linzy
as Customer 2
Sonal Shah
as Preeti
Anthony M. Bertram
as Warehouse Worker #1
Gina Torrecilla
as Female Customer
Monique Gall
as Frazzled Customer
Brendan McNamara
as Cloud 9 Employee
Carin Chea
as Mother
Jack Impellizzeri
as Male Customer
Brenda Ballard
as Computer Customer
John Balma
as Robert
Jesse Wang
as Customer
Carly Nykanen
as Customer
Joanna Strapp
as Nice Customer
Jake Lucas
as Grim Reaper
Naomi Gibson
as Harried Mom
Ivan Leung
as Teenage Customer
Bruce Beatty
as Wendell
Adam Kaiz
as Blazer Customer
David Boller
as Italian Musician
Robert Della Cerra
as Flashlight Customer
Will Hines
as Manager
Ed Taylor
as Fat Bearded Man
Tracy Weisert
as Midwestern Customer
Vianessa Castanos
as Customer at Checkout
Cynthia Rube
as Cosmetics Customer
Kat Palardy
as Female Customer
David Lengel
as TV Customer
Norton Leufven
as Thirteen-Year-Old Kid
Christine Barger
as Busy Customer
Jeffrey Addiss
as Male Customer
Arnie Pantoja
as Dad Customer
Jamila Webb
as Tiffany
Bernardo Cubria
as Dad Shopper
Juli Cuccia
as Woman #1
David L. King
as Man in Line
Victoria Kelleher
as Dress Customer
Peggy Lu
as Aunt Peggy
Kent Avenido
as Lost Customer
Teri Gamble
as Woman #2
Albert Kuo
as Customer
Chuck Raucci
as Smart Car Guy
Tarina Pouncy
as Crying Crestwood Employee
Nancy Lantis
as Boat Propeller Customer
Ozy Reigns
as Minister
Emelia Golfieri
as Bobbie Sue
Ryan Alvarez
as Customer
Carole Gutierrez
as Mother's Day Customer
Andrew Thacher
as Grill Master
Layla Golfieri
as Bobbie Sue
Waymond Lee
as Sandra's Father
Henry Watkins
as Photographer
Dominique Kelley
as Dirty Dancer
Dan Jablons
as Creepy Attendee
Rachel Elizabeth Ames
as Customer/Customer
Jina Song
as Pre-School Teacher
Stacey Arwen Raab
as Jewelry Customer
Renee Percy
as Angry Woman
Chris Farah
as Pregnant Woman
Jim Shipley
as Male Pharmacy Shopper
Marcy Minton
as Wedding Guest
Elliott Mason
as Customer
Jonathan Bray
as ICE Agent #3
Katia Gomez
as Process Server
Leslie Seiler
as Mom Customer
Alison Whitney
as Cloud 9 Employee
Dan Kruse
as Cheyenne's Grandmother
Apollo Garza
as Wedding Guest
Preston Bradley
as Cloud 9 Employee
Kiel Kennedy
as Emergency Worker
as Reporter
Josh Sussman
as Puppet Mike
Maury Morgan
as Home Shopping Host
Doug Hurley
as Customer
Dan Lippert
as Cookie Customer
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