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T.J. Hooker (1982 - 1986)

T.J. Hooker (1982 - 1986)




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'Star Trek' icon William Shatner played veteran cop T.J. Hooker, a uniformed patrol officer who provided guidance for younger cops. The series moved from ABC to CBS in the fall of 1985, where the Eye Network ran new episodes for one season and late-night repeats for another.

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1985, CBS, 21 episodes

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1984, CBS, 23 episodes

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1983, CBS, 22 episodes

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1982, CBS, 22 episodes

Critics Consensus: Chock full of clich├ęs and off-putting in its regressive take on crimefighting, T.J. Hooker is a mean-spirited waste of William Shatner's charisma.

1982, CBS, 5 episodes


William Shatner
as Sgt. T.J. Hooker
Adrian Zmed
as Off. Vince Romano
Heather Locklear
as Off. Stacy Sheridan
Richard Herd
as Capt. Dennis Sheridan
Lee Bryant
as Fran Hooker
April Clough
as Vicki Taylor
James Darren
as Off. Jim Corrigan
Marcy Lafferty
as Robbery Witness
Don Murray
as Sen. Grayle
Robert Miano
as Coleman
Jim Brown
as Barnett
Kim Miyori
as Barbara Grayle
George McDaniel
as Pendleton
Gary Frank
as Williams
David Huffman
as Dr. Travers
Paul Burke
as Medavoy
Scott Jaeck
as Manetti
Cliff Potts
as Detective
James Shigeta
as Chow Dok Khan
Randi Brooks
as Jessica
Robin Dearden
as Michele Forrest
Jonathan Goldsmith
as Jewel Thief
Karen Kopins
as Maggie Paine
Julie Cobb
as Martha
Terri Nunn
as Sue Anne
Randolph Powell
as Larry Foster
John Vernon
as Chandler
Vic Polizos
as Steiger
Wyatt Knight
as Warfield
Vic Tayback
as Benedict
Darrell Fetty
as Bobbie Joe
Paul Kent
as Pearl
Ray Wise
as MacKenzie
Ben Slack
as Dr. Adam Garwood
Rebecca Holden
as Lynne Hartman
James Luisi
as Hazzard
Jean Leclerc
as Jake Hendricks
Kristoffer Tabori
as Jeff Turner
George Cheung
as George Po
Tom Atkins
as Phil Parker
Jay Scorpio
as Webster
Stewart Moss
as Hartman
Karl W. Johnson
as The Greek
Tom Schanley
as Falconer
Mark Keyloun
as Martin Novak
Joe Penny
as Dixon
Joe Santos
as Castle
Barbara Luna
as Barbara
Rana Ford
as Laurette
Richard Lenz
as Dr. Segal
Karen Carlson
as Newswoman
Ann-Marie Martin
as Rookie Cop
David Crowley
as Strangler
Michael Bond
as Father Connors
Belinda Montgomery
as Radio Sex Therapist
Henry Darrow
as Kalioki
Sid Haig
as Mountain
Luke Askew
as Thurman
Heather Thomas
as Ex-prostitute
James Pax
as Makio
Eric Server
as Bennett
John Furey
as Charlie
David Caruso
as Jennings
Ed Walsh
as Henry
Penny Johnson Jerald
as Cop's Daughter
Clyde Kusatsu
as Tran Tam
Joel Polis
as Jenkins
Jill Whitlow
as Prostitute
Richard Hatch
as Marshall
J. Robert Bailey
as Phil Kenter
Marc Alaimo
as Downing
Anne Seymour
as Millie Jensen
Tori Spelling
as 10-Year-Old Gypsy
Lauren Tewes
as Cynthia
Gary Epper
as Corley
John McLiam
as Hooker's Dad
David O. Cameron
as Ziggy Polanski
Leo Rossi
as Martel
Ken Letner
as Kennedy
Heather Menzies
as Dr. Kincaid
Ed Bernard
as Willis
Doran Clark
as Carol Bennett
Helen Shaver
as Reporter
Henry Bal
as Alvarez
Ben Hammer
as Dr. Perry
Dey Young
as Linda
Joe Dorsey
as Chief Webster
Robert Hooks
as Lt. Ellis
Sharon Stone
as Hollywood Detective
Kip Niven
as Komack
Elayne Heilveil
as Rosemary Shea
Sydney Walsh
as Marlene
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Series Details

TV Network: CBS
Premiere Date: Mar 13, 1982
Genre: Drama
Executive Producers: Aaron Spelling, Leonard J. Goldberg
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