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Tarzan (2003 - 2003)

Tarzan (2003 - 2003)




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A Gen-Y spin on the Edgar Rice Burroughs classic had the ape man loose in New York, struggling to adapt to an urban jungle. Golden-haired underwear model Travis Fimmel starred as the long-lost heir to Greystoke Industries who was held captive by his uncle. He eventually escaped and met doe-eyed police detective Jane, setting up the romantic backstory. It never really clicked, with many fans of the mythology finding it disconcerting to have a Tarzan who's prettier than Jane.

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Critics Consensus: Sorely lacking the escapist thrills of previous interations, this Tarzan falls flat with an absurdly self-serious tone and mismatched plotting.

2003, Warner Brothers, 8 episodes


Travis Fimmel
as Tarzan/John Clayton
Mitch Pileggi
as Richard Clayton
Leighton Meester
as Nicki Porter
Lucy Lawless
as Kathleen Clayton
Tim Guinee
as Donald Ingram
Christopher Cordell
as Steven Slazak
Shawn Korson
as Damon Flicker
Alex Bruhanski
as Cop No. 2
Adam Bramble
as Judge Coakley
James Carroll
as Howard Rhinehart
Liz Gordon
as Denise Rhinehart
Doug Abrahams
as Ericsson
Michael Carley
as Allan Bancroft
Colette Stevenson
as Dr. Laurents
John White
as Justin Rhinehart
Adam Cabral
as Jason Bancroft
Diego Chambers
as Kidnapper
Mark Gibson
as Mercenary
Martin Doyle
as Dr. Toll
Ona Grauer
as Alice Clayton
Gary Hudson
as Det. Sands
John Kozak
as Dr. Jaffe
Peter Snider
as Corporate Lawyer
Deejay Jackson
as Cop No. 1
Angelo Tucci
as Isaac Lopez
Laura DeCarteret
as Agent Woods
Roy Anderson
as Greystoke Guard No. 4
Mike Mitchell
as Lab Technician
Tig Fong
as Greystoke Guard
Marcus Muldowan
as Homeless Boy
Samantha Gutstadt
as Kathleen's Assistant
Gavin Buhr
as Greystoke Guard No. 3
Andrew Butcher
as Wilding Boy No. 2
Ty Olsson
as Animal-Control Officer
Lauro Chartrand
as Greystoke Guard No. 1
Merrick Roberts
as Young Tarzan
Sava Drayton
as Detective
Aaron Abrams
as Counter Guy
Mathieu Ledoux
as Wilding Boy No. 3
Dan Zukovic
as Maitre D
Jorge Molina
as Maintenance Man
Frank Welker
as Animal Vocals
Chad Sayn
as Wilding Boy No. 1
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Series Details

TV Network: Warner Brothers
Premiere Date: Oct 5, 2003
Genre: Drama
Executive Producers: P.K. Simonds, Eric Kripke, David Gerber, Laura Ziskin, Molly Newman
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