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Taxi (1978 - 1983)

Taxi (1978 - 1983)





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The classic sitcom set at New York's Sunshine Cab Co. won three straight Emmys as Outstanding Comedy Series and had one of the all-time great ensembles, including Judd Hirsch, Danny DeVito, Andy Kaufman, Marilu Henner, Tony Danza and Jeff Conaway. The episodes (from the producers who had worked on `The Mary Tyler Moore Show,' `Bob Newhart' and other series from MTM Productions) could veer hilariously from the soulful to the sophisticated to the surreal. `Taxi' ran five seasons (and deserved 10).

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Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

1982, NBC, 24 episodes

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1981, NBC, 24 episodes

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1980, NBC, 20 episodes

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1979, NBC, 24 episodes

Critics Consensus: Taxi wrings comedy gold from thwarted dreams, with Judd Hirsch ably grounding an ensemble that threatens to teeter towards just the wrong side of wacky.

1978, NBC, 22 episodes


Judd Hirsch
as Alex Rieger
Jeff Conaway
as Bobby Wheeler
Danny DeVito
as Louie De Palma
Marilu Henner
as Elaine Nardo
Tony Danza
as Tony Banta
Andy Kaufman
as Latka Gravas
Randall Carver
as John Burns
Christopher Lloyd
as `Reverend Jim' Ignatowski
Carol Kane
as Simka Gravas
Melanie Gaffin
as Jennifer Nardo
Ed Weinberger
as Jerry Lowell
Gene Lebell
as Referee
Susan Kellermann
as Latka's Mother
Jack Gilford
as Joe Reiger
Noni White
as Andrea Stewart
Matthew Laurance
as Theatrical Producer
Bob Larkin
as Bar Brawler
Allen Garfield
as Mr. Rutledge
Beverly Ross
as Skydiving Instructor
Lee Delano
as Maitre D'
Jimmy Lennon Sr.
as Ring Announcer
Andrea Marcovicci
as Zena's Friend
Wendell Wright
as Policeman
Lassie the Dog
as "Herself"
Louis Guss
as Maxie Melcher
Sarina C. Grant
as Casting Assistant
Keone Young
as Gambler #1
Joseph Brennan
as Telegram Messenger #1
Max Wright
as Ambrose
Rebecca Holden
as Christina
John Hancock
as Dr. Brandon
Charlie Stavola
as Bartender
Richard Derr
as Buyer #1
Gayle Hunnicutt
as Mrs. Bascome
Ellen Regan
as Suzanne
Murphy Cross
as Louie's Girlfriend
Julia De Vito
as Louie's Mother
Peggy Stewart
as Buyer #2
Barry Nelson
as Dr. Jeffries
Brad Kesten
as Bulldog
Scott Brady
as Taxi Inspector
Barbara Stuart
as Mrs. Brennan
Carlo U. Quinterio
as Carlo Consuelas
Kiva Dawson
as Girl Scout
Bernadette Birkett
as Doris Marie Winslow
Sari Price
as Woman #1
David Young
as Dr. Gordon
Lois De Banzie
as Mrs. Gwinn
Howard Witt
as Officer
Bill Wiley
as George Givens
Jim McKrell
as Carnegie Hall Passenger
Fran Ryan
as Mrs. Weber
William Hootkins
as Liquor Authority Officer
Joe Medalis
as Edith's Lawyer
Rebecca Clemons
as Mrs. Booth
Hilary Carlip
as Telegram Messenger #2
Marc Danza
as Brian Sims
George Wendt
as Exterminator
Alice Hirson
as Housewife
Paul Sand
as Artist
Karen Anders
as Woman #2
Ted Danson
as Vincenzo
Louis Lasser
as Alex's Ex-Wife
Martin Mull
as Chapman
Tom Hanks
as Gordon
Dick Sargent
as Bickers
Donnelly Rhodes
as Tony's Father
John Yates
as Inebriated Pilot
Dana Halsted
as Ms. Lang
Alex Rodine
as Maitre D'
Jill Jaress
as Secretary
Caren Kaye
as Actress
Paula Victor
as Mrs. Hazeltine
Iris Korn
as Edith
Rob Hughes
as Waiter
as Judge
Clint Young
as Security Guard
Tracey Walter
as Panhandler
Jim Davis
as Gramps
Howard Gewirtz
as Dr. Baker
Penny Marshall
as Penny Marshall
John Dennis
as Maintenance Man
Nicholas Hormann
as Businessman
Gela Jacobson
as Receptionist
Armando Muniz
as Benny Foster
John Petlock
as Chairman of the Board
Patch Mackenzie
as Woman on Plane
Tom Ewell
as Dr. Collins
Phil Rubenstein
as Wayne Hubbard
Al Lewis
as Night Watchman
Michael Mann
as Associate
John C. Becher
as Nathan Sherman
Victor Buono
as Caldwell
Stephen Elliott
as Mackenzie
Marcia Wolf
as Client #3
Pierrino Mascarino
as Stanley Tarses
Naomi Stevens
as Aunt Lucia
Thomas Murphy
as Customer #1
Marcia Wallace
as Marcia Wallace
Ian Wolfe
as Old Man
David Knapp
as Moderator
Herb Vigran
as Weldon Manning
Michael Delano
as Don Reavey
Eileen Brennan
as Boss's Wife
John Christy Ewing
as Dr. Frazier
Byron Webster
as Maitre d'
Sam DeFazio
as Louie's Lawyer
Camila Ashland
as Beth Sherman
James Hong
as Oriental Man
Al Ruscio
as Dr. Webster
Charles Bouvier
as Customer #2
Darren Milton
as Choir Boy
John Lehne
as Thomas
Lenny Baker
as Baschi Krepitz
Susan Sullivan
as Nora Sutton
Sabrina C. Grant
as Casting Director
Andrew Winner
as Dr. Gilman
Tom Selleck
as Mike Beldon
Carlos Palomino (II)
as Carlos Navarone
Eric Sevareid
as Eric Sevareid
Rusdi Lane
as Waiter
George Reynolds
as Cabdriver
Tan Adams
as Christa
Dolph Sweet
as Caruthers
Joan Hackett
as Charlotte
Robert Picardo
as Philip Polevoy
Fred Stuthman
as Blind Man
John Harkins
as John Bowman
Wally Amos
as Famous Amos
Dick Yarmy
as Spencer
Taurean Blacque
as Policeman
William Bogert
as Broderick
Jeffrey Tambor
as Congressman
Margaret Ladd
as Miss Stallworth
Warren Munson
as First Customer
James Randolph
as And Richards
Sheila Rogers
as Mrs. Caruthers
Bobby Kosser
as First Producer
Julie Kavner
as Tony's Sister
Nat Bernstein
as Dr. Stokely
Carl Lumbly
as Second Customer
Woody Eney
as Lawrence
Richard Beauchamp
as Puerto Rican
Robert Phalen
as Tom Jeffries
John Eames
as Butler
Herve Villechaize
as Herve Villechaize
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Series Details

TV Network: NBC
Premiere Date: Sep 12, 1978
Genre: Comedy
Executive Producers: James L. Brooks, David Davis, Stan Daniels, Ed Weinberger, Stan Daniels
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