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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (2008 - 2009)

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (2008 - 2009)





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At the end of "Terminator 2: Judgment Day," Sarah Connor vanquished the Terminator sent from the future to kill her 15-year-old son, John. Sarah and John now find themselves alone in a very dangerous, complicated world.

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Critics Consensus: The Sarah Connor Chronicles more readily embraces its serialized pulpiness in this sophomore season and is all the better for it, finding a punchy rapport between its trio of heroes and further fleshing out its robotic antagonists.


Critics Consensus: Lena Headey brings the requisite grit to ground this fight for the future, even though The Sarah Connor Chronicles' budgetary constraints can't hope to match the pyrotechnic polish of the Terminator franchise's cinematic outings.



Lena Headey
as Sarah Connor
Thomas Dekker
as John Connor
Richard T. Jones
as James Ellison
Summer Glau
as Cameron
Jonathan Jackson
as Kyle Reese
Dean Winters
as Charley Dixon
Sonya Walger
as Michelle Dixon
Brian Austin Green
as Derek Reese
Shirley Manson
as Catherine Weaver
Aaron Cash
as Terminator
Charlayne Woodard
as Terissa Dyson
Busy Philipps
as Kacy Corbin
Catherine Dent
as Agent Greta Simpson
Brendan P. Hines
as Andy Goode
Keith Pillow
as Mr. Bianchi
Mark Bloom
as FBI Evidence Clerk
Mackenzie Smith
as Savannah Weaver
Owain Yeoman
as Cromartie
Shane Edelman
as Matt Murch
Mark Ivanir
as Dimitri
James Urbaniak
as Cafe manager
Lee Thompson Young
as Agent Stewart
Ned Bellamy
as Ed Winston
Andy Umberger
as Davidson
Dorian Harewood
as Dr. Sherman
Andre Royo
as Sumner
Linda Shing
as Dolores
Neil Hopkins
as Mr. Harris
Sean Smith
as Dr. Lyman
Matthew Angel
as Damien Axelrod
Bruce Davison
as Dr. Silverman
Craig Fairbrass
as Sarkissian
Michael Dempsey
as Detective
Traber Burns
as Chief of Staff
Karina Logue
as Barbara
Erin Fleming
as Goodnow
Greg Eagles
as Crewman #1
Diana Maria Riva
as Dr. Carmen Cabrera
Alex Veadov
as Russian Man
Bailee Madison
as Little Girl
Tony Wilde
as Eric Carlson
Ron Butler
as Social Worker
John DeVito
as Young John
Taira Soo
as Office Manager
Bruce Amato
as Gym coach
Joshua Malina
as Agent Auldridge
Larry Cedar
as Detective Crayton
Sandra Purpuro
as Agent Norgaard
Marcus Chait
as Justin Tuck
Alanna Masterson
as Zoe McCarthy
Dinah Lenney
as Eileen/Park
Chad Brummett
as FBI Agent
Jeffrey Pierce
as Water Delivery Guy
Julie Ann Emery
as Nurse Hobson
Ismail Bashey
as ER Doctor
Linden Goh
as Fuller
Jason Grutter
as Police Officer
Laura Regan
as Dr. Felicia Burnett
Richard Schiff
as Fischer (elder)
Adam Wylie
as Henry Douglas Jr.
Lisa Canning
as News Anchor
Derek Basco
as Worker at Hospital
Jill Remez
as Teacher
Paul Schulze
as Greenway
Adam Busch
as Fischer (younger)
Will Rothhaar
as Martin Bedell
Susan Floyd
as Stella McCarthy
Connor Trinneer
as Sheriff Alvan McKinley
Gary Houston
as Mr. Ferguson
Garvin Funches
as Police Officer
Amro Salama
as Supervisor
Alex Carter
as Ko Samuels
Carlos Sanz
as Minister
Sashen Naicker
as Night Tech
Jamison Jones
as Deputy Harrison
Deborah Martinez
as News Anchor
Chad Lindberg
as Deputy Simmons
Cyd Strittmatter
as Diana Winston
Genia Michaela
as Bank Teller
Tina Casciani
as Working Girl
Beau Billingslea
as General Hobbes
Alison Martin
as Molly Malloy
Noemi Amarilla
as TV Field Reporter
Sanjay Madhav
as Dr. Manny D'Costa
Jim Jansen
as Minister
Zack Ward
as Wells
John Pyper-Ferguson
as George McCarthy
Patrick Faucette
as Administrator
Shawn Prince
as Danny Tyson
Nicole Pettis
as Secretary
Cory Tucker
as Security Stan
Bill Tangradi
as Pool Attendant
Peter Mensah
as General Perry
Cornell Womack
as Dr. Ostrowski
James Gleason
as Phil Dewitt
Clark Koelsch
as Security Guard
Jeanette O'Connor
as Donna Dewitt
Joe Hursley
as Tristan Dewitt
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Series Details

Premiere Date: Jan 13, 2008
Genre: Drama
Executive Producers: Josh Friedman, David Nutter, James Middleton, Mario Kassar, Andrew G. Vajna, Joel B. Michaels, John Wirth
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