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That's Life (2000 - 2002)

That's Life (2000 - 2002)




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A thirtyish New Jersey bartender enrolls in college after canceling her engagement to a long-time boyfriend. Her friends and family are divided in their support.

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2001, CBS, 13 episodes

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2000, CBS, 19 episodes


Heather Paige Kent
as Lydia DeLucca
Ellen Burstyn
as Dolly DeLucca
Paul Sorvino
as Frank DeLucca
Kevin Dillon
as Paulie DeLucca
Debi Mazar
as Jackie O'Grady
Danielle Harris
as Plum Wilkinson
Titus Welliver
as Dr. Eric Hackett
José Zúñiga
as Ray Orozco
David Cubitt
as J.T. Cole
Patience Cleveland
as Mrs. Messina
Linda Lawson
as Mrs. Paganini
Jamie Luner
as Samantha
Swoosie Kurtz
as Valerie Wilkinson
David Barrera
as Off. Donny Sanchez
Mike McGlone
as Patrick `Mack' MacClay
Scarlett Pomers
as Abigail Leski
Laurel Holloman
as Prof. Karen Matlin
Gregory Jbara
as Jo Jo Regosi
Brooke Winn
as Young Lydia
Kevin Scott Richardson
as Off. Richie Spring
Alexa Nikolas
as Lydia Age 7
Michael Trucco
as Jason Praytor
Dan Cortese
as Professor Jeff Cahill
Jack Blessing
as Councilman Leo Kelley
Mystro Clark
as Off. Fred Johnson
Hugh O'Gorman
as Father Timothy
Brent Sexton
as Off. Jimmy Stovic
Vanna Salviati
as Mrs. Delia
Phalana Tiller
as Miss Rappaport
Nynno Ahli
as Off. Nick Owens
Betty Carvalho
as Mrs. Genovese
Lia Johnson
as Megan Whitman
Erica Yohn
as Aunt Aggie
Paolo Seganti
as Lorenzo DeLucca
Brandon Welker
as Paulie Age 4
Robert Gossett
as Mr. Hensley
Pamela Gordon
as Mrs. Alvatroni
Laura Hayes
as Mrs. Marilynn Bauer
Gavin Fink
as 7-Year-Old Paulie
Sam Jaeger
as Andy Paulson
Mark Rosenthal
as Fred Pond
Doug Savant
as Dillon Cole
Sandra Purpuro
as Gena Palestina
Kyli Santiago
as Student No. 2
Isait De La Fuente
as Student No. 1
Ernie Grunwald
as Edward Fowler
Ken Abraham
as Billy Palestina
Harry Shearer
as Dean of Students
Angela Paton
as Virginia Leski
Alan Blumenfeld
as Councilman Ray Benevides
John Shea
as Mr. Ashley Wilkinson
Amy Aquino
as Bernadette
Jeffrey D. Sams
as Dr. Trevor Collins
Andy Comeau
as Richard
Sharif Atkins
as Steve Savoca
Brooke Burke
as Herself
Peggy Miley
as Mrs. Salimo
Yuria Kim
as Registrar
Cory Hardrict
as Carl Morris
Carol Bruce
as Mrs. Jacobs
Tracy Alison Walsh
as Abigail Leski
Josh Zuckerman
as Eric Feurestein
J. Karen Thomas
as Dr. Janet Reuben
John Mahon
as Leo Lo Presti
Eliza Coyle
as Ms. McNamara
John Capodice
as John Santini
Don Stark
as Alan Derwin
Tina Lifford
as Professor Ahern
Stephen Tobolowsky
as Roger Robinson
Montrose Hagins
as Mrs. Jenkins
Barbara Eve Harris
as Professor Irene Boyd
George Murdock
as Judge Hackman
Albert Hall
as Chief Burdette
Shane Edelman
as Med Tech
Paul Blake
as Student Patient
Mary McDonnell
as Jules O'Grady
Andrea Bendewald
as Dean Pamela Orman
Rocco Olivo
as Father Fiore Renzi
David Noroña
as Dr. Vega
Alex Nikolas
as 6-Year-Old Lydia
Carol Ann Susi
as Mrs. Tessie Dalton
Harry Danner
as Father Paul
Magda Harout
as Carla Caminati
Lynn Wanlass
as Librarian
Joel Brooks
as Mr. Sobel
Michael Mantell
as Radiologist
Melissa Marsala
as Marie Jackson
Courtney Mun
as Courtney
Lisa Passero
as Mrs. Marcucci
Lorinne Vozoff
as Mora Jenkins
Lauren Eckstrom
as 15-Year-Old Lydia
Buddy Garion
as Mr. Pandolfolo
Seth Colton
as Motorist
J.C. Quinn
as Pawnbroker
Jennie Ventriss
as Mrs. Volpi
Dori Mizrahi
as Buck Fox
Nora Meerbaum
as Mrs. Fagan
Jenna Stewart
as Stripper
Kenny Blank
as Student No. 1
Dan Martin
as Demolition Expert
Kim Delgado
as Jets Fan
Jennifer Alpert
as 15-Year-Old Jackie
Krank Kopyc
as Bus Driver
Carol Stanzione
as Mrs. Biscotti
Grace Caroline
as 4-Year-Old Lydia
Aviva Gail
as Tatooed Girl
Joe Bays
as Building Inspector
Andrea Pearson
as Rule Lady
Zachary Quinto
as Sleazy Guy
Charlie Talbert
as Puppet King Lear
Kent Kasper
as Dentist
Brooke Bloom
as Pierced Girl
Kent Kasper
as Dentist
Noelle Evans
as Attractive Mother
Mary Bogue
as Mother of the Bride
Molly Morgan
as Girl in Black
Mary Mara
as Dr. Kate Donahue
Tamir Yardenne
as Photographer
Pamela Rowan
as Mrs. Mariliee Mondano
Tangie Ambrose
as Teresa `Tree'
Dennis Neal
as Construction Guy
Katrina Phillips
as Day Care Worker
Carol Mansell
as Mrs. O'Malley
Perry Moore
as Off. Applebaum
Yaniv Raz
as Lecture Wrangler
Ronald Hunter
as Surly Man
Renée Victor
as Seamstress
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TV Network: CBS
Premiere Date: Oct 1, 2000
Genre: Drama
Full Cast
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