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That's So Raven (2003 - 2007)

That's So Raven (2003 - 2007)






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The 'Cosby Show' alum stars as a teen who gets glimpses of---and then tries to alter---the future in a winning series that employs a good deal of physical comedy.

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2006, Disney Channel, 22 episodes

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2004, Disney Channel, 34 episodes

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2003, Disney Channel, 23 episodes

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2003, Disney Channel, 21 episodes


as Raven Baxter
Rondell Sheridan
as Victor Baxter
Ernie Sabella
as Mr. Petracelli
Orlando Brown
as Eddie Thomas
Anneliese van der Pol
as Chelsea Daniels
Wesley Mann
as Mr. Lawler
Lil' J
as Devon
Anne-Marie Johnson
as Donna Cabonna
Frankie Ryan
as William
Rose Abdoo
as Ms. Rodriguez
Dan Mott
as The Juicer
Amy Hill
as Mrs. DePaulo
Judyann Elder
as Nana Loretta
Tom Virtue
as Dr. Horn
James Avery
as Presto Jones
Cyndi Lauper
as Miss Petuto
Lauri Johnson
as Madame Blecch
Alyson Stoner
as Ally Parker
Paula Abdul
as TV Host
Raviv Ullman
as Jake Haskell
Nick Meany
as Repile Rick
Jenifer Lewis
as Vivian Baxter
Macy Gray
as Rhonda
Mindy Sterling
as Judge Foodie
Mary Gross
as Miss Patterson
Della Reese
as Rhonnie Wilcox
Susan Lucci
as Ms. Romano
Shelley Buckner
as Gourmet Girl
Kelli McCarthy
as Cook-off Host
Tim Reid
as Sheriff Jackson
Jasmine Guy
as Pistache
Jody Howard
as Kelly Bryant
Kathy Najimy
as Lora Stelladora
Gabby Soleil
as Little Raven
Colin Kim
as Jordan
Brian George
as Dr. Sleevemore
Robert Isaac
as Bodyguard
Dylan Sprouse
as Zack Martin
Dana Davis
as Jasmine
Shon Little
as Heimlich
Ashlee Ford
as Little Chelsea
Drew Sidora
as Chantel
Ashley Rose Orr
as Francesca
Ben Ziff
as Danny Warren
Jaishon Fisher
as Little Eddie
Clinton Jackson
as Mr. Halloway
Alexander V. Bass
as Arvin Barrington
Cole Sprouse
as Cody Martin
Dani Goldman
as Chrissette
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Series Details

TV Network: Disney Channel
Premiere Date: Jan 17, 2003
Genre: Comedy
Executive Producers: Sean McNamara, Dennis Rinsler, David Brookwell, Marc Warren, Michael Poryes
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