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The Beverly Hillbillies (1962 - 1971)

The Beverly Hillbillies (1962 - 1971)





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CBS hit a ratings gusher with this rustic sitcom about a poor mountaineer turned oil baron who relocated, along with his eccentric clan, to 'the hills of Beverly.' The series frequently topped the Nielsens during its nine-season run. It also spun off the long-running 'Petticoat Junction' (which, in turn, spun off 'Green Acres'), but a 1993 feature film based on the original proved unsuccessful.
Creator: Paul Henning

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1970, CBS, 27 episodes

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1969, CBS, 26 episodes

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1968, CBS, 26 episodes

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1967, CBS, 30 episodes

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1966, CBS, 30 episodes

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1965, CBS, 32 episodes

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1964, CBS, 34 episodes

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1963, CBS, 36 episodes


Buddy Ebsen
as Jed Clampett
Irene Ryan
as Daisy `Granny' Moses
Donna Douglas
as Elly May Clampett
Max Baer Jr.
as Jethro Bodine
Bea Benaderet
as Pearl Bodine
Raymond Bailey
as Milburn Drysdale
Nancy Kulp
as Jane Hathaway
Harriet MacGibbon
as Margaret Drysdale
Frank Wilcox
as John Brewster
Roger Torrey
as Templeton
Elvia Allman
as Elverna Bradshaw
Larry Pennell
as Dash Riprock
Sharon Tate
as Janet Trego
Frank Cady
as Sam Drucker
Milton Frome
as Lawrence Chapman
Lori Saunders
as Bobbie Jo
Alan Reed Sr.
as Sheldon Epps
Judy Jordan
as Chauffeur
Fred Clark
as Clyburn
Bill Baldwin
as Convention Speaker
Percy Helton
as Homer Cratchit
Joi Lansing
as Mrs. Flatt
Ray Kellogg
as Policeman
Peter Whitney
as Lafe Crick
Lyle Talbot
as 2nd Psychiatrist
Edgar Buchanan
as Uncle Joe
as Banzai
Jerry Brutsche
as Rebecca's Father
Momo Yashima
as 1st Girl
Louis Nye
as Sonny Drysdale
Lester Matthews
as Mr. Pendleton
Venita Wolf
as Miss Murphy
Charlie Ruggles
as Lowell Farquhar
Doris Packer
as Mrs. Fenwick
Paul Reed
as Tinsley
William Kendall
as Dumbarton
Herb Vigran
as Handler
Jerry Randall
as Strong Girl
Ernest Clarke
as Giles-Evan
Kathy Kersh
as Marian Billington
Eleanor Audley
as Millicent Schuyler Potts
Meredith MacRae
as Billie Jo
Joyce Nizzari
as Mabel Slocum
Soupy Sales
as Lance Bradford
Mark Goddard
as Salesman
John McGiver
as Justin Addison
Brian Kelly
as 2nd Policeman
Chet Stratton
as Jewelry Salesman
Louise Lorimer
as Dean Frisby
Lennie Bremen
as Truck Driver
Barbara Nichols
as Chickadee
Dick Wesson
as Patient
Eddie Dean
as 1st Policeman
Wally Cox
as Casper Biddle
Sylvia Lewis
as Phyllis
Midge Ware
as Mrs. Scruggs
John Alvin
as Photographer
Walter Woolf King
as George Engel
Keva Page
as Shaky
Ernest Clark
as Giles-Evans
Leon Belasco
as Victor Gregory
Hope Summers
as Mrs. Pringle
John Hoyt
as Hollis
Jerry Rannow
as Stanley
Robert Strauss
as Society Sandy
Jacques Bergerac
as King Alexander
Dave Prowse
as MacGregor
Mel Blanc
as Burten
Robert Easton
as Beauregard
Alan Mowbray
as Montrose
David Frankham
as Naval Lieutenant
Ted Eccles
as Little Boy
Burt Mustin
as Humphrey the Chauffeur
Foster Brooks
as "Fiddlin' Sam"
Susan Hart
as Candy Davis
Marianne Gaba
as Squirrel
Willis Bouchey
as Mr. Willis
Dick O'Shea
as Auto Salesman
Robert Foulk
as Policeman
Norman Leavitt
as Parking Attendant
Seamon Glass
as Julie Andrews
Mike Ross
as Al Ledbetter
Bucklind Beery
as 2nd Mugger
Tom Cound
as Beasley
Patricia Winters
as Ann Gardner
Allison McKay
as Receptionist
Ted Cassidy
as Mr. Ted
Ysabel MacCloskey
as Mrs. Vanderpont
Sebastian Cabot
as Sebastian
Alan Napier
as Chemist
John Considine
as Little Fox
Hayden Rorke
as Chauffeur
Muriel Landers
as Essiebelle
Terry Phillips
as Sound Man
Jack Boyle
as Photographer
Bonnie Boland
as 2nd Student
Brian Peck
as Chauffeur
Gene Lebell
as Referee
Hugh Dempster
as Inspector
Michel Petit
as Armstrong McHugh
Fran Ryan
as Miss Meek
Jim Backus
as Van Ransohoff
Henry Gibson
as Quirt Manly
Gavin Gordon
as Stafford
Edward Andrews
as Ratterman
Miguel Ángel Landa
as El Magnifico
James F. Stone
as Vanderpont
Sharon Farrell
as Kitty Devine
Sumi Haru
as Japanese Girl
Diane Bond
as 3rd Girl
Mady Maguire
as Secretary
Edith Leslie
as Mrs. Mack
Barry Kelly
as Brachner
Bill Baldwin
as Announcer
Benny Rubin
as 1st Indian
Hedda Hopper
as Herself
David Draper
as Himself (Mr. Universe)
Dean Harens
as Attorney
Michael Petit
as Armstrong Dueser McHugh III
Natalie Schafer
as Mme. Renee
Bob Carson
as Manager
Frank Delfino
as 1st Montanero
Connie Sawyer
as Elverna Bradshaw
Dave Draper
as Mr. Universe
Rich Little
as Himself
Ron Hagerty
as Geologist
Mark Tapscott
as Marine Sergeant
Cully Richards
as Bus Driver
Tom D'Andrea
as Sherman Kingsley
Bobby Osborne
as Jeffrey Taylor
Ken Drake
as 1st Psychiatrist
Edward Ashley
as Man on Yacht
Joe Conley
as Sergeant
Fritz Feld
as Waiter
Carolyn Nelson
as Secretary
Lonnie Burr
as Medicine Man
Norma Varden
as Mrs. Van Ransonhoff
Sherry Miles
as Darlene Mattingly
Janine Grandel
as Madame Potvin
Quinn O'Hara
as Weather Girl
Russell Collins
as Dr. Martin
Barbara Morrison
as Mrs. De Longpre
Jerry Maren
as 2nd Montanero
Jan Arvan
as Forbes
Mike Mazurki
as Wrestler
John Cliff
as Policeman
Ron Hagerthy
as Geologist
George Sawaya
as 2nd Indian
Sue Casey
as Roberta Graham
Jeff Davis
as Biff Steel
John Abbott
as Sir Trevor Gielgud Burton-Guiness
Gloria Neil
as Miss Plumpett
Bruce Hyde
as Floorwalker
Shary Marshall
as Stewardess
Brian West
as Dr. Bob Graham
Wally Cassell
as Buzzy Bavasi
Marjorie Bennett
as Mrs. Langwell
Kent Smith
as Cavanaugh
David Bond
as Judge Curtis
Paul Newlan
as Jason Detweiler
Harry Lauter
as Motorcycle Policeman
George Cisar
as Police Sergeant
Bill Quinn
as Tom Kelly
Jack Daly
as Driver
Olan Soule
as Salesman
Billy Curtis
as 3rd Montanero
Phil Arnold
as Maintenance Man
Ben Wrigley
as Footman
Skip Ward
as Walsh Wesson
Don Megowan
as Monster
Virginia Sale
as Chicken Woman
John Baer
as Nelson
Britt Nilsson
as 1st Girl
Don Haggerty
as 1st Policeman
John Gallaudet
as Veterinarian
Barry Kelley
as Brachner
Gail Bonney
as Mrs. Travis
Frank J. Scannell
as Stage Manager
David Prowse
as Emlyn MacGregor
Gloria Marshall
as Stewardess
Donald Foster
as Theodore Switzer
Hal Taggart
as Walter McKeegan
Sally Mills
as 1st Girl
Mark Evans
as Seaman
James Seay
as Detective
Jennifer Lea
as Secretary
George N. Neise
as Auctioneer
Henry Corden
as Charley
Helen Kleeb
as Addison's Secretary
Sue England
as 1st Nurse
Russ Grieve
as Ranger Warkle
Ilona Rodgers
as Sandy MacGregor
Peter Bourne
as Bill Tinsman
Edna Skinner
as Mrs. Wright
Rodney Bell
as 2nd Gate Guard
Jill Jarmyn
as 2nd Nurse
John Orchard
as Customs Inspector
Don Orlando
as Italian Tailor
Nestor Paiva
as Auctioneer
Anna Henry
as 2nd Girl
Adele Claire
as Contestant
Ted Fish
as 2nd Policeman
Diane Farrell
as Page Girl
Ron Stokes
as Sgt. O'Hara
Mark Harris
as Customs Inspector
Chick Allen
as Himself
Gil Perkins
as Pool Man
Fabian Dean
as Knife Thrower
Al Eben
as Truck Driver
Frank Sully
as 2nd Movie
Jimmy Gaines
as Little Boy
Kent Miller
as Tab Strong
Tom Curtis
as Makeup Man
Jo Ann Pflug
as 1st Girl
Al Lanti
as Cabdriver
Eilene Janssen
as 2nd Stewardess
Harry Fleer
as Colonel
June Lockhart
as Dr. Janet Craig
Sean McClory
as Policeman
Larry J. Blake
as Cabdriver
Garrison True
as Radarman
Sheila Fearn
as Young Lady
Anne Newman
as 2nd Girl
Peggy Russell
as Old Woman
Herb Ellis
as Producer
Hank Patterson
as Fred Ziffel
Sydney Arnold
as Retainer
Russ Conway
as Director
Dick Crockett
as Paving Man
Sidney Clute
as Producer
Nai Bonet
as Dancing Girl
Penny Antine
as Birdwatcher
Roy Rogers
as Fire-Eater
Sheila Leighton
as Secretary
Susan Harris
as Harem Girl
Glenn Wilder
as Race Burley
Laura Lamb
as Dancer
Merie Earle
as Rebecca's Mother
Murray Alper
as Studio Driver
Kip King
as Producer
Margo Epper
as Boston Strong Girl's Mother
Marianna Case
as Dancing Girl
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Series Details

TV Network: CBS
Premiere Date: Sep 26, 1962
Genre: Comedy
Executive Producer: Paul Henning
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