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The Brady Bunch (1969 - 1974)

The Brady Bunch (1969 - 1974)





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A widower with three sons marries a widow with three daughters. It's a sitcom family for the ages, with plenty of warmth and fuzziness (and constant fighting for the bathroom). The series debuted in 1969, but in many ways was a throwback to the '50s. It originally ran for five seasons on ABC, has remained popular in syndication and inspired theatrical (and TV) movies and a number of spin-offs. The series was created by Sherwood Schwartz, who also conceived `Gilligan's Island.'

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1973, ABC, 22 episodes

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1972, ABC, 23 episodes

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1971, ABC, 23 episodes

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1970, ABC, 24 episodes

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1969, ABC, 25 episodes


Robert Reed
as Mike Brady
Florence Henderson
as Carol Brady
Ann B. Davis
as Alice Nelson
Maureen McCormick
as Marcia Brady
Eve Plumb
as Jan Brady
Susan Olsen
as Cindy Brady
Barry Williams
as Greg Brady
Christopher Knight
as Peter Brady
Mike Lookinland
as Bobby Brady
Allan Melvin
as Sam Franklin
Jim Backus
as Zaccariah
Jack Collins
as Mr. Phillips
John Wheeler
as Postman
Marcia Wallace
as Saleswoman
Snag Werris
as Repairman
Hal Smith
as Santa
Don Drysdale
as Don Drysdale
Vincent Price
as Professor Whitehead
Marjorie Stapp
as Mrs. Engstrom
Desi Arnaz Jr.
as Desi Arnaz Jr.
Don Drysdale
as Himself
Marie Denn
as Mrs. Johnson
Lois Newman
as Miss Goodwin
Burt Mustin
as Collins
Ken Berry
as Jim Kelly
Ceil Cabot
as Mrs. Hinton
Dick Winslow
as Winters
Joe Namath
as Joe Namath
Oliver McGowan
as Hamilton Samuels
Richard Simmons
as Delafield
Deacon Jones
as Deacon Jones
Ken Sansom
as Jacobson
Eric Shea
as Tommy
Sara Seegar
as Miss Bailey
Jay Novello
as Martinelli
Allen Joseph
as Minister
James A. McDivitt
as Brig. Gen. James A. McDivitt
Wes Parker
as Wes Parker
Pitt Herbert
as Driscoll
Barbara Morrison
as Drama Coach
Ruth Anson
as Miss Perry
Nora Maynard
as Elaine Swann
Gwen Van Dam
as Teacher
Imogene Coca
as Aunt Jenny
Dorothy Shay
as Mrs. Mathews
Fred Pinkard
as Mr. Stokey
Gigi Perreau
as Math Teacher
Martin Ashe
as Mr. Dickens
Billy Corcoran
as Harvey Klinger
Ken Jones
as Interviewer
E.G. Marshall
as J.P. Randolph
Jay Silverheels
as Chief Dan Eagle
Claudio Martinez
as Woodside Boy
Bill Mullikin
as Lance Pierce
Howard Culver
as Mr. Crawford
Lennie Bremen
as Exterminator
Art Lewis
as Felder
Randy Case
as Harold
Gary Rist
as Warren Mulaney
Brooke Bundy
as Kathy Kelly
Herbert Anderson
as Dr. Cameron
Steve Dunne
as Mark Millard
Kathy O'Dare
as Michelle
Tracy Reed
as Miss Sherry Marlowe
Abbe Lane
as Beebe Gallini
Carl Albert
as Little Boy
Jonathan Hole
as Thackery
Paul Winchell
as Director
Don Reid
as Dr. Vogel
Lee Corrigan
as Cameraman
Paul Sorenson
as Mr. Hinton
Leon Lontoc
as Mayoral Representative
Marion Ross
as Dr. Porter
Hoke Howell
as Gast Station Attendant
Stuart Getz
as Charley
Joe Ross
as Duane Cartwright
William Wellman Jr.
as The Astronaut
Larry McCormick
as TV Announcer
Suzanne Roth
as Suzanne
Vicki Shreck
as Woodside Girl
Bob Golden
as Mr. Fields
Bobby Riha
as Harvey
Gordon Jump
as Collins
Edward Knight
as Monty Marshall
Molly Dodd
as Saleslady
Julie Cobb
as Senior Girl
Craig Hundley
as Tommy Johnson
Fran Ryan
as Mrs. Hunsaker
Bob Peoples
as Mr. Peterson
Joseph Mell
as Druggist
Jerry Jones
as Policeman
Gordon Devol
as Jesse James
Dani Nolan
as Mrs. Spencer
Dave Morick
as Earl Hopkins
Peggy Doyle
as Teacher
Pat Patterson
as Collection Man
Nancy Gillette
as Pom-Pom Girl
William Benedict
as News Vendor
Joe Conley
as Deliveryman
Bonnie Ludeka
as Daughter
Susan Joyce
as Jennifer
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Series Details

TV Network: ABC
Premiere Date: Sep 26, 1969
Genre: Comedy
Executive Producer: Sherwood Schwartz
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