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The Defenders (2010 - 2011)

The Defenders (2010 - 2011)





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Two charismatic defense lawyers represent a variety of clients in Las Vegas.

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Critics Consensus: The Defenders takes a shopworn format and turns it fresh with witty dialogue and surprising twists.

2010, CBS, 18 episodes


Jim Belushi
as Nick Morelli
Jerry O'Connell
as Pete Kaczmarek
Tanya Fischer
as Zoey Waters
Teddy Sears
as Ada Cole
Kuno Becker
as Alex Velasco
Monnae Michaell
as Judge Bass
Nealla Gordon
as Judge White
David Ramsey
as ADA Ward
Glynn Turman
as Judge Owens
Natalie Zea
as Meredith
Dan Aykroyd
as Judge Max Hunter
Robert Belushi
as ADA Nicholson
David Noroña
as Andrew Gomez
Mark Rolston
as Johnny Greene
John Ales
as Vinnie
Steven Culp
as Senator Clint Harper
Louis Herthum
as Joe Rodgers
Romeo Miller
as Killa Diz
Julian Acosta
as Judge Miles Reyes
Russell Andrews
as Det. Markowitz
Michael Harney
as Det. Hank Smith
Scott Klace
as Charles Robart
J. August Richards
as ADA Bracken
Ambrit Millhouse
as Court Clerk
Michelle Lombardo
as Darian Sollaway
Marshall Allman
as Jim Rodgers
Kathy Griffin
as Sally Kavalleri
April Grace
as ADA Harper
James Brolin
as Teddy K
Michael Chieffo
as Mr. Christensen
Ron Melendez
as ADA Sneed
Arye Gross
as Bennie
Milena Govich
as ADA Hunt
Erik Palladino
as Ausa Bukant
Judith Hoag
as Courtney
Jessica Tuck
as Susan Harper
Fred Koehler
as Timothy
Andrew Hawkes
as Det. Cervelli
Angelo Tiffe
as Sgt. Sean Sullivan
Alona Tal
as Ashley
Alberto Isaac
as Judge Chang
Callard Harris
as Matt Greene
Chris McGarry
as Alan Faber
Steve Tom
as Tom Harrison
James Curreri
as John Meers
Michele Greene
as Judge Glynn
Nora Dunn
as Amber
David S. Lee
as Jeff Rodgers
Stephen Root
as Judge Taylor
Alyssa Shafer
as Katie Reid
Freda Foh Shen
as Judge Sato
Laura San Giacomo
as Judge Anna Desanti
Michael B. Silver
as Dr. Stewart
Jim O'Brien
as Attorney Briar
Jonathan Goldstein
as Luke Purcell
Andrew Borba
as Dr. Cassidy
Nicolai Dorian
as Brett Jr.
Susan May Pratt
as Laura Reid
Amy Castle
as Amy Dillard
Brian Howe
as Chief of Detectives
Walter Addison
as Judge Cooper
David Barrera
as Det. Fierro
Jonathan Chase
as EMT Jason
Stephen Tobolowsky
as Judge Gelineau
Jeff Austin
as Foreperson
Markus Flanagan
as Agent Solo
Robert Reinis
as Judge Katz
Robyn Cohen
as ADA Quinn
Mary Gross
as Divorcee
William Russ
as EMT Carrick
Tobias Forrest
as Sparky O'Keefe
Ruben Garfias
as Det. Davis
Susan Griffiths
as Marilyn Monroe
Mel Fair
as Reporter
Chuck Kelley
as Judge Graham
Angela Gibbs
as Judge Lowery
Kurt Basa
as Attorney Dent
Caleb Moody
as Sgt. Berry
Will Peters
as Antonio
Janet Song
as Asian Woman
Burl Moseley
as Kurt Faber
Tim Griffin
as Agent Reese
Frank Maharajh
as Criminalist
Andy DiMino
as Dean Martin
Ronny Yu
as Ada Gow
Mackenzie Astin
as Paparazzo
Colin Walker
as Det. Hopkins
Ronny Yu
as Ada Gow
Nicholas Brooks
as Sammy Davis Jr.
Travis Johns
as Pick-Up Guy
Zorianna Kit
as Reporter #1
John F. Schaffer
as Barista Man
Alejandro Furth
as Det. Masters
Asante Jones
as Officer
as Corner Boy
Max Adler
as Robert
R.C. Ormond
as Uniformed Leader
Eli Goodman
as Radcliff
Peter Dobson
as Annie Barlow, Arnie Barlow
Mo McRae
as Rapper
Troy Metcalf
as Doughy Guy
Bobby Reed
as Snippy Server
Todd Felix
as Reporter #2
Dayci Brookshire
as Honey Bean
Darryl Alan Reed
as Groundskeeper
John Walter Davis
as Judge Bachmann
Josh Latzer
as Bailiff
Kevin D'Arcy
as Court Clerk
Andrew Burlinson
as Tom Bukant
Ryan K. Smith
as Uniform, Uniformed Officer
Marcus Folmar
as Storage Unit Manager
Chase Kim
as Ridley
Peter Moret
as Officer Mark Peterson
Delaina Mitchell
as Dr. Morton
Joe Souza
as Wallace Stern
Michael Crider
as Lawyer #1
Marcus Giamatti
as Lawyer #2
Robert Pine
as Judge Bronson
Troy Winbush
as Officer Chuck Collins
Cory Blevins
as ADA Henley
Kelli Dawn Hancock
as Female Officer
Amy Paffrath
as Field Reporter
Ryan Alvarez
as Jeff Philips
Nate Reese
as Deputy
Casey Hendershot
as Corrections Officer
D.T. Matias
as Process Server
Joe Basile
as Patrol Cop
Blake Gibbons
as Mr. Wyatt
Tom Virtue
as Detective
Joel Bryant
as Stander
Merry Simkins
as Trial TV Anchor
Pete Pastore
as Company Rep
Justin Wade
as Jury Foreman
Bo Kane
as Reporter #1
Sheetal Gandhi
as Court Clerk #1
Leith M. Burke
as Donte Neele
Thomas Duong
as Court Clerk #2
Reggie Jordan
as Reporter
Jason Bowers
as Reporter #2
Madeline Walter
as Reporter #3
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Series Details

TV Network: CBS
Premiere Date: Sep 22, 2010
Genre: Drama
Executive Producers: Carol Mendelsohn, Kevin Kennedy, Niels Mueller, Joe Gantz, Harry Gantz, Greg Walker, Davis Guggenheim
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