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The Flintstones (1960 - 1966)

The Flintstones (1960 - 1966)





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Rock-solid animated sitcom about a Stone Age family in the prehistoric town of Bedrock that played out like a cartoon version of `The Honeymooners.' The series, originally titled `The Flagstones,' was TV's first prime-time cartoon. It later thrived in syndication and spawned many incarnations, including `The Flintstone Kids' (which cast Fred, Wilma, Barney and Betty as 10-year-olds), specials (such as a 1993 one in which Pebbles married Bamm Bamm) and theatrical films (in 1994 and 2000).

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1965, ABC, 26 episodes

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1964, ABC, 26 episodes

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1963, ABC, 26 episodes

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1962, ABC, 28 episodes

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1961, ABC, 32 episodes

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1960, ABC, 28 episodes


Alan Reed Sr.
as Fred Flintstone
Henry Corden
as Fred Flintstone
Jean Vander Pyl
as Wilma Flintstone/Pebbles
Mel Blanc
as Barney Rubble/Dino the Dinosaur
Bea Benaderet
as Betty Rubble
Gerry Johnson
as Betty Rubble
Mel Blanc
as Barney Rubble
Don Messick
as Bamm Bamm
Gerry Johnson
as Betty Rubble
Bea Benaderet
as Betty Rubble
John Stephenson
as Joe Rockhead/Mailman
Hal Smith
as P.A. Announcer/Dan/Boxx/Colonel/Seller/Dinosaur
Howard Morris
as Rodney Whetstone/Dr. Pilldown/Monkey/Turtle
Daws Butler
as Sergeant
Doug Young
as Cop/Laundry Man
Sandra Gould
as Daisy Kilgranite
Allan Melvin
as Bony Hurdle
Jerry Mann
as Announcer/Producer
Frank Nelson
as Mr. Boulder/Rocky Stone
Harvey Korman
as The Great Gazoo
Bill Thompson
as Mr. Slate
Verna Felton
as Pearl Slaghoople
Herschel Bernardi
as Store Detective
Paula Winslowe
as Mrs. Slate/Saleslady
Paul H. Frees
as TV Announcer
Lennie Weinrib
as Jimmy Darrock (talking)
The Beau Brummels
as The Beau Brummelstones
Michael Rye
as Charlie
Nancy Wible
as Gwendolyn
June Foray
as Grandma Dynamite/Peaches/Bank Customer
Bob Hopkins
as Sandstone/Gary Granite
Naomi J. Lewis
as Creepella Gruesome
as Herself
Dick York
as Darrin Stephens
Ed Wynn
as The Great Mesmo
Walker Edmiston
as J. Monague Gypsum
James Darren
as Jimmy Darrock
Bernard Fox
as Eppy Brianstone
Leo DeLyon
as John/Charles/Lucky/Lodge Member/First Man
Tony Curtis
as Stony Curtis
as Ann-Margrock
Mike Road
as Go-Go Ravine/Trainer/Chauffeur
Sam Edwards
as Mailman/Agent/Marv
Mike Rye
as Charlie/Police Announcer
Nancy Russell
as Kid/Bird
Elizabeth Montgomery
as Samantha Stephens
Pattie Chapman
as Nurse/Kid
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Series Details

TV Network: ABC
Premiere Date: Sep 30, 1960
Genre: Animation
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