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The Fugitive (1963 - 1967)

The Fugitive (1963 - 1967)





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A stark and moody Emmy-winning drama about an innocent man sentenced to die for his wife's murder who eludes the obsessed Lt. Gerard to chase down the one-armed man who's the real killer. Superbly written, performed and paced, the episodes track Richard Kimble through a series of gripping near-captures, often set in a hauntingly realized small-town America where sympathetic strangers (frequently beautiful women) risk themselves to save his life. The final episode drew a then-record audience.

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1966, ABC, 30 episodes

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1965, ABC, 30 episodes

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1964, ABC, 30 episodes

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1963, ABC, 30 episodes


David Janssen
as Dr. Richard Kimble
Barry Morse
as Lt. Philip Gerard
Jacqueline Scott
as Donna Taft
Bill Raisch
as Fred Johnson
Paul Birch
as Captain Carpenter
Harry Townes
as Sgt. Burden
Bruce Dern
as Charley
Lin McCarthy
as Malleson
Telly Savalas
as Polichek
J.D. Cannon
as Sheriff Todd Collison
Dabbs Greer
as Det. Fairfield
Jason Wingreen
as Joe Friar
Edward Asner
as Sheriff
Mickey Rooney
as Charlie Paris
Angie Dickinson
as Norma Sessions
Brian Keith
as Ed Welles
Johnny E. Jensen
as Kenny Carter
Tim O'Connor
as Joe Hallop
Edward Binns
as Angstrom
Bill Zuckert
as Off. Henry Mesta
Eileen Heckart
as Sister Veronica
Robert Doyle
as Bellows
Paul Richards
as Pinkerton
Nick Nicholson
as Watch Commander
Ed Nelson
as Steve
Steve Ihnat
as Hasboro
John Larch
as George
Don Quine
as Sandy
Woodrow Parfrey
as Cleo Potter
Gilbert Roland
as Gus Priamos
Diane Baker
as Jean Carlisle
Barbara Rush
as Marie Gerard
Susan Oliver
as Karen Christian
Bing Russell
as Officer Westphal
Bill Quinn
as Dr. Olney
Garry Walberg
as Mechanic
Sandy Kenyon
as Sheriff Morris
Mary Jackson
as Ellie Parker
Ed Deemer
as Crewman
Kenny Lynch
as Lt. Craig
Val Avery
as Burns
Walter Brooke
as Jesse Platt
Paul Carr
as Ernie
John Milford
as Foreman
as Collison
Suzanne Pleshette
as Ellie Burnett
Janice Rule
as Barbara
Kim Darby
as Sharon
Harlan Warde
as Detective Wallace
Don Ross
as Officer
Sheree North
as Marianne
Herschel Bernardi
as Captain Ames
Nellie Burt
as Mrs. Ferguson
David Macklin
as Roy Briggs
Carlos Romero
as Rodriguez
Lee Grant
as Millie
Ben Piazza
as Blaine
Steven Hill
as Madison
Michael Ansara
as Miguel Anza
Gabriel Dell
as Chester
Vera Miles
as Monica Welles
Pat Crowley
as Emily Norton
Brett Somers
as Miss Edmonds
Robert Duvall
as Leslie Sessions
Greg Morris
as Demarest
Royal Dano
as Preacher
Barbara Dana
as Betty Jo
Laura Devon
as Penelope
Mort Mills
as Ranger Ritter
Claudia Bryar
as Mrs. Sturgis
James Seay
as Fire Chief
Jimmy Stiles
as Jimmy Mayfield
Young Buck
as Mr. Franklin
James B. Sikking
as Leonard Taft
Pat Hingle
as Mike Decker
Milton Selzer
as Cartwright
Lew Brown
as Sgt. Hackett
June Dayton
as Doris Clements
Ted Gehring
as Bar Patron
Paul Comi
as Deputy Sheriff
Madeleine Sherwood
as Mrs. Ammory
Parley Baer
as Burroughs
Ted Knight
as Mooney
Robert Sorrells
as Jud Tormer
Russell Collins
as Calvin Shrader
Lee Philips
as Dr. Brooks
Maxine Stuart
as Mrs. Gaines
Clay Tanner
as Second Officer
Jason Johnson
as Druggist
John Harmon
as Crumers
Ellen Corby
as Mrs. Barlow
William Bramley
as Tim Oates
Frank Marth
as Hornbeck
Kevin O'Neal
as Perry Jackson
Vince Howard
as Policeman
Lane Bradford
as Anderson
James Doohan
as 1st Deputy
Melinda Plowman
as Teenage Girl
Burt Douglas
as Sgt. Lane
Vera Miles
as Monica Welles
Lee Bowman
as Langer
Charles Drake
as Oliver Greer
Ruby Dee
as Laura
Flip Mark
as Kenny
Paul Fix
as Martin
Barry Atwater
as Cleve Logan
Brett Somers
as Miss Edmonds
Bill Mumy
as David
Craig Duncan
as Skipper
Frank Sutton
as Jackson
Don Gordon
as Fallon
Don Eitner
as Intern
Robert Karnes
as Sheriff Ralls
Gene Lyons
as Paul Vale
Diane Brewster
as Helen Kimble
James Noah
as Warren
Barney Phillips
as Cleve Brown
Herb Ellis
as Off. Frank
Stuart Nisbet
as Desk Clerk
Henry Scott
as Harrison
Paul Sorenson
as Radio Operator
Kelly Thordsen
as Sgt. Kelly
John Ward
as Officer at Gate
Bernard Kates
as Lester Rand
Arch Whiting
as Reynolds
Pitt Herbert
as Motel Manager
Michael Abelar
as Attendant
Paul Hahn
as Officer
Bill Erwin
as Bar Patron
Ray Kellogg
as Truck Driver
Byron Morrow
as Leland Hagerman
Jon Lormer
as Pastor
Kathleen O'Malley
as Telegraph Clerk
Hal Riddle
as Dispatcher
Steve Bell
as Bib Street
George Mitchell
as Mr. Sturgis
Dennis Cross
as Bus Driver
Peter Brocco
as Hotel Clerk
Hal Lynch
as Sergeant
Don Mitchell
as Laborer
Robert Keith
as John Kimble
Robert Fortier
as First Officer
John Rodney
as Ratliff
Rayford Barnes
as Deputy Bo Jenkins
Sallie Brophy
as Mrs. Newlin
Valentin de Vargas
as Capt. Gomez
Walter Burke
as Doc Martin
as Dan Digby
Glenda Farrell
as Mrs. Lambert
Peter Coe
as Nicky
Richard Devon
as Police Sergeant
Rex Thompson
as Geoffrey
James Lanphier
as Bartender
Ruta Lee
as Janet
King Calder
as Mr. Lambert
Brian Keith
as Ed Welles
Bert Remsen
as Coast Guard Skipper
Peter Helm
as Johnny
David White
as Banning
Betty Garrett
as Margaret
Russ Conway
as Thornton
Bill Sargent
as Sergeant
James Dunn
as Bragan
Edward Binns
as Josh Kovaks
Dee Pollock
as Thompson
Bill Gunn
as Avery
Ivan Bonar
as Detective
Marc Winters
as Little Boy
Peter Madsen
as Patrolman
Doreen McLean
as Mrs. Hendricks
John Newton
as Teacher
Peter Marko
as Dispatcher
Jim Raymond
as Officer
Sidney Clute
as Bartender
James Johnson
as 2nd Deputy
Harry Ellerbe
as Minister
John Duke
as Bus Driver
John Larkin
as Captain
Virginia Gregg
as Mrs. Ross
Janis Paige
as Hallie Martin
Gene Darfler
as Sheriff
Elisabeth Fraser
as Millie Jackson
Jack Dodson
as Lieutenant
Booth Colman
as Donaldson
Tony Musante
as Billy Karnes
Dan Barton
as Lt. Samson
Paul Picerni
as Sergeant
Chick Hearn
as TV Newscaster
Tuesday Weld
as Mattie Braydon
Dort Clark
as Sgt. Pulaski
Curt Conway
as Mr. Hollister
Peter Haskell
as Bob Sterne
Burt Metcalfe
as Phil Corbin
Larry Blyden
as Sal Mitchell
Joanna Pettet
as Tina Andresen
Miriam Colon
as Mercedes Anza
Rosemary Murphy
as Mrs. Turney
Fred Beir
as Lt. Peterson
Paul Bryar
as Sgt. McKay
Jack Raine
as Charles
Jay Adler
as Tibbets
Alan Baxter
as Detective
Steve Harris
as Halleck
Steve Harris
as Halleck
Pete Duel
as Buzzy
John Kellogg
as Chrisman
Donald Briggs
as Whit Pearson
Jhean Burton
as Waitress
Orville Sherman
as Hotel Clerk
Don Lamond
as TV Emcee
Sy Prescott
as Officer
Connie Sawyer
as Waitress
Guy Wilkerson
as Desk Clerk
Dick Wessel
as Charley
Adrienne Marden
as Mrs. Deebold
Tim McIntire
as Jonesie
Kevin Tate
as Walter Gaines
Angie Dickinson
as Norma Sessions
Wayne Heffley
as Deputy Grub
Fritz Weaver
as Joe Tucker
Liam Sullivan
as Franklyn
Amzie Strickland
as Mrs. Crandall
Skip Ward
as Harris
Jack De Mave
as 2nd Deputy
Ray Teal
as McNary
Tracy Stratford
as Lucy Mayfield
Paul Lambert
as Solomon
Monroe Arnold
as Dr. Motter
Argentina Brunetti
as Mexican Woman
Paul Pepper
as Stage Manager
Barry Russo
as Sergeant
Pepe Callahan
as Calderon
Jerry Paris
as Prestwick
Walter Woolf King
as Judge Parker
Murray Matheson
as Earl Morehead
Adam Williams
as Truck Driver
Mimi Dillard
as Waitress
Robert DoQui
as Sgt. Evers
Marion Ross
as Marian Eckhardt
Kay Riehl
as Landlady
Jon Kowal
as Police Captain
Perry Cook
as Bus Driver
Carl Reindel
as Assistant
Louise Latham
as Betsy Chandler
Paul Langton
as Sheriff
Rachel Ames
as Ann Gerard
Gus Trikonis
as Young Greek
Tom Reese
as Norman
Meg Wyllie
as Mrs. White
John Crawford
as Sergeant
William Hudson
as Detective
Sam Melville
as Runnels
Jeane Wood
as Manager
Peggy Stewart
as Mrs. Franklin
Harry Bartell
as Charles Palmer
Pepe Hern
as Cardinez
Donald Spruance
as Desk Deputy
Renata Vanni
as Mrs. Herrara
Karl Held
as Buddy
Simon Scott
as Martin Pierce
Edwin Max
as Stark
Ian Wolfe
as Dr. Babcock
Gerald Gordon
as Policeman
Gail Kobe
as Ruth Wyatt
Jim Tartan
as Doctor
Donald Barry
as Checker
Alex Gerry
as Dr. Eisen
James Hong
as Edward Hee
Arthur Franz
as Bus Driver
Judee Morton
as Joannie
Garrison True
as Police Sergeant
Joan Allen
as Mrs. Belson
Dallas Mitchell
as Highway Policeman
David McLean
as Sheriff
John Zaremba
as Druggist
Maggie Pierce
as Nurse Stockwell
Burt Mustin
as Charley
Richard Bull
as Mcintire
Rusty Lane
as Frank Reynolds
Ron Stokes
as Bosun's Mate
Mark Allen
as Wrecker
Bob Duggan
as Driver
Walter Gregg
as Boy Friend
Diane Ladd
as Stella
Richard Chambers
as Photographer
Noah Keen
as Dr. Becker
Eddie Firestone
as Taxi Driver
Kevin Burchett
as Allan Oates
Roy Engel
as Lt. Hodges
Maura McGiveney
as Ticket Clerk
Lana Wood
as The Doll
Ed Long
as Bus Driver
John Dennis
as 2nd Deputy
Read Morgan
as Highway Patrolman
Paul Sheriff
as Officer
Greg Benedict
as Policeman
Tina Menard
as Pedro's Wife
Barbara Perry
as Woman in Hall
Eddie Rosson
as Seth's Boy
Stewart Moss
as Judge Tyler
Arthur Malet
as Swanzie
Ronnie Dapo
as Oldest Boy
Chris Alcaide
as Lt. Horvath
David Renard
as Guillermo
William Kendis
as Bartender
Kort Falkenberg
as Ticket Clerk
Gilbert Frye
as Officer
Connie Gilchrist
as Hotel Proprietor
Jonathan Hawke
as Police Lieutenant
David Kent
as Little Jim
Glenn Sipes
as Associate Deputy
Peter Duryea
as Paul Mitchell
Tim Stafford
as Glen Pryor
Bill Hickman
as Truck Driver
Mel Gallagher
as Deputy #1
Elmer Modlin
as Postman
Chuck Courtney
as Detective
Willard Sage
as Rancher
Bryan O'Byrne
as Ticket Agent
Anne Loos
as Miss Jay
E.A. Nicholson
as Roughneck
Natividad Vacio
as Delivery Man
Frank Puglia
as Compadre
Mavis Neal
as Mrs. Gerard
Jimmy Bracken
as Charlie Oates
Helen Kleeb
as Miss Cloud
Robert Hogan
as Sgt. Barrett
Allen Joseph
as Enforcer
E.J. Andre
as Old Man
Pat O'Hara
as Officer #1
Thordis Brandt
as Girlfriend
Ruth Packard
as Woman in Post Office
Ronnie Haran
as Sue Ann
Dorothy Dells
as Switchboard Operator
Ryan Hayes
as Deputy
Ed Holmes
as Fugitive Detail Lieutenant
Diana Bourbon
as Yachting Wife
Jim Hawkins
as Teenage Boy (Carl)
Ed Madden
as Dr. Gary
Russ Bender
as Timekeeper
Don Saroyan
as Officer
Bruce Manning
as Attendant
Jo Helton
as Woman on Street
Barry Brooks
as Cabdriver
Art Lewis
as Spieler
Paul Kent
as Policeman
Maya Van Horn
as German Woman
Tom Gleason
as Detective
Lawrence Parke
as Awning Proprietor
Eddie Garrett
as Townsman
Roy Jenson
as Deputy
Bobs Watson
as Milt Plummer
Robert Gibbons
as Inn Manager
Stephen Coit
as Ticket Seller
Guy Remsen
as 2nd Cop
Sam Gilman
as Ship's Captain
Angela Greene
as Floor Nurse
Pat Patterson
as Intersection Policeman
Harry Hickox
as Charley
Byron Keith
as Foreman
Grandon Rhodes
as Physician
Lillian Adams
as Store Owner
Phil Chambers
as 2nd Carny
James Oliver
as Cab Driver
Pat Riley
as First Deputy
Nancy Jeris
as Policewoman
Peter Canon
as First Policeman
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Series Details

TV Network: ABC
Premiere Date: Sep 17, 1963
Genre: Action & Adventure
Executive Producer: Quinn Martin
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