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The High Chaparral (1967 - 1971)

The High Chaparral (1967 - 1971)




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The Cannon family fights to establish a ranch in the Arizona Territory of the 1870s, amid conflicts with kin and the threat of hostile Indians. Forceful family head John is helped by his brother Buck and son Billy, whose mother is killed in the first episode. After her death, John unites the family with the wealthy Montoyas by marrying their daughter Victoria, setting up the series premise of two powerful families dealing with challenges from outside and within.

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1970, NBC, 19 episodes

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1969, NBC, 26 episodes

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1968, NBC, 26 episodes

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1967, NBC, 28 episodes


Leif Erickson
as John Cannon
Linda Cristal
as Victoria Cannon
Henry Darrow
as Manolito
Cameron Mitchell
as Buck Cannon
Mark Slade
as Blue Cannon
Frank Silvera
as Don Sebastian Montoya
Gilbert Roland
as Don Domingo Montoya
Don Collier
as Sam Butler
Robert Viharo
as Johnny Ringo
Marie Gomez
as Perlita
Yaphet Kotto
as Creason
Harold Gould
as Carlyle
Jose De Vega
as Sourdough
Barbara Luna
as Conchita
Tom Tully
as Tirrel
Donald Buka
as Major Ramsey
Nate Esformes
as Francisco
Albert Salmi
as White Horse
Michael Keep
as Natchez
Ted Gehring
as Bleeson
X. Brands
as Nock-Ahdel
Jorge Russek
as Molinero
Barry Sullivan
as Dan Casement
Charles Aidman
as O'Bannion
Howard Caine
as Sanchez
Rick Gates
as Cullen
Ned Romero
as Carlos
Denver Pyle
as General
Dennis Safren
as Saddleblanket
Miriam Colon
as Trinidad
Paul Fix
as Cochise
Alan Bergmann
as Anderson
Tom Reese
as Judson
Joanna Cook Moore
as Charley Converse
Leo Gordon
as Driskill
James Gregory
as Jake Stoner
Jack Lord
as Brookes
Christopher Cary
as Fergus McLeish
Bob Carson
as Allison
Robert Donner
as Pelletier
as Lucien Charot
Garry Walberg
as Bartender
William Conrad
as China Pierce
Frank Gorshin
as Flanagan
Sean McClory
as McIntire
Ron Hayes
as Kilroy
John Vernon
as McLaren
Bert Freed
as Burris
William Vint
as Cleve Parker
John McGiver
as Ebenezer Binns
Rico Alaniz
as Armando
Dan Ades
as Rafael
Maria Gomez
as Perlita
Donna Baccala
as Mercedes
Jim Davis
as Robbins
Wes Bishop
as Carter
E.J. Andre
as Trapper
Bobby Riha
as Benjie
Lou Frizzell
as Patterson
Bo Svenson
as Bennett
Pat Hingle
as Finley Carr
Frank Webb
as Talbot
George Keymas
as Medicine Man
Monte Markham
as Dave Redman
Albert Monte
as Bandido
Kaz Garas
as Lieutenant Allen
Fabrizio Mioni
as Nickanora
Jan Arvan
as Perez
Noah Keen
as Travers
Julio Medina
as Sanchez
Ed Bakey
as Bates
Solomon Sturges
as Bud Pierce
Kermit Murdock
as Seechrist
R.G. Armstrong
as Henderson
Victor Campos
as Teniente
Val DeVargas
as Rodrigo
Walter Barnes
as Bartender
Ken Drake
as Marshall
Tom Toner
as Doctor
Don Keefer
as Telegrapher
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TV Network: NBC
Premiere Date: Sep 10, 1967
Genre: Western
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