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The Hughleys (1998 - 2002)

The Hughleys (1998 - 2002)




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A subtly edgy sitcom about a black family that moves into a white neighborhood in the suburbs. Intelligently performed and written, it's based on the life of stand-up comic D.L. Hughley, the series' star, who said the show is about 'somebody achieving the American Dream and not being comfortable in it.' The series moved from ABC to UPN in September 2000.

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2001, ABC, 22 episodes

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2000, ABC, 22 episodes

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1999, ABC, 22 episodes

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1998, ABC, 23 episodes


D.L. Hughley
as Darryl Hughley
Elise Neal
as Yvonne Hughley
Ashley Monique Clark
as Sydney Hughley
Dee Jay Daniels
as Michael Hughley
Eric Allan Kramer
as Dave Rogers
Marietta DePrima
as Sally Rogers
Marla Gibbs
as Hattie Mae Hughley
Ellis Williams
as Darryl's Dad
John Webber
as Walter Wilson
Sherman Hemsley
as James Williams
Freez Luv
as Freddie
Brian Doyle-Murray
as Mr. Gifford
Jake Dinwiddie
as Ralph Porter
Ellis E. Williams
as Henry Hughley
Christopher Moynihan
as Jimmy Lamonte
Vivica A. Fox
as Regina Taylor
Telma Hopkins
as Paulette Williams
Patricia Belcher
as Jessie Mae
Taylor Negron
as Mr. Ballard
Dagney Kerr
as Receptionist
Craig Shoemaker
as Don Porter
Alex Meneses
as Coral Mills
Nick Toth
as Man No. 1
Jerry Lambert
as Principal
Julissa Marquez
as Joanna Lovinger
Lauren Summer
as Felicity
Gerry Becker
as Mr. Bickle
Susan Dalian
as Camille Watson
Gabby Soleil
as Adriana
Ashley Tisdale
as Stephanie
Brian Haley
as Frank Sweeney
Lizzie Murray
as Mrs. Filmore
Ben Stein
as Dr. Mapp
Isaac Hayes
as The Man
Steve Vinovich
as Mr. Littlejohn
Rose Marie
as Edna Winters
Richard Fancy
as Dr. Van Zandt
Stuart Scott
as Himself
Larry Elder
as Himself
Burke Moses
as Nick Rhodes
Master P
as Himself
Reginald VelJohnson
as Reverend Bennett
Mitch Rouse
as Joe Rosenberg
Tyra Banks
as Nicole Matthews
Diana Maria Riva
as Tia Sanchez
Kevin Farrell
as Crusader No. 1
Steven Williams
as Mr. Walker
Gervase Peterson
as Delivery Man
Allan Wasserman
as Casino Manager
Jim Rash
as Census Guy
Fred Willard
as Applegate
Aysia Polk
as Michelle
Regan Burns
as Mr. Franklin
Johnnie Cochran
as Johnnie Cochran
Garrett Morris
as Father Roberts
as Himself
Teck Holmes
as Himself
Kyla Pratt
as Kenyatta
Romeo Miller
as Himself
J.P. Manoux
as Mr. Babbes
Sean Marquette
as Tommy Randall
Abe Zucker
as Zuckerman
Jo Marie Payton
as Satin Fontaine
Debra Jo Rupp
as Karen Clark
Patrica Belcher
as Jessie Mae
Monica Allison
as Shondrella
as Nikki
Laura Hayes
as Bag Lady
De'Vaughn Nixon
as Kevin/Derek
Montrose Hagins
as Aunt Thelma
Greg Baker
as Crazy Larry
Dave Holmes
as Himself
Mother Love
as Jermajesty Morris
Raquel Lee
as Terria
as Eric
Mike Grief
as bartender
Scott Haven
as Jim Randall
Naykia Harris
as April Stokes
Ria Pavia
as Mrs. Milmore
Gregg Binkley
as Mr. Parker
Duke Moosekian
as Mr. Shipple
Kate Asner
as Debbie
Vanita Harbour
as Dr. Pride
Tim Winters
as Sanders
Ed Lover
as Jimmy
Bradley James
as Coyote Man
Ken Weiler
as Mr. Filmore
David Arquette
as Mr. Smith
Michael Girardian
as Officer Barnes
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Series Details

TV Network: ABC
Premiere Date: Sep 22, 1998
Genre: Comedy
Executive Producers: Chris Rock, Michael Rotenberg, David Janollari, Dave Becky, Robert Greenblatt
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