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The Invisible Man (1959 - 1959)

The Invisible Man (1959 - 1959)




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British sci-fi series about a scientist who develops a potion that renders him invisible. Unfortunately, he doesn't have an antidote to allow him to materialize, so he goes to work as a spy for his country.

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1959, CBS, 13 episodes

No Tomatometer score yet...

1959, CBS, 13 episodes


Tim Turner
as Dr. Peter Brady (uncredited)
Lisa Daniely
as Diane Brady
Deborah Watling
as Sally Brady
Ernest Clark
as Sir Charles Anderson
Bruce Seton
as Col. Grahame
Tim Turner
as Dr. Peter Brady
Ernest Clark
as Sir Charles Anderson
Lloyd Lamble
as Dr. Hanning
Robert Raglan
as D.I. Heath
Helen Cherry
as Barbara Crane
Honor Blackman
as Katherine Holt
Geoffrey Keen
as Dr. Stephens
André Morell
as Gen. Shafari
Dennis Price
as Raphael Constantine
Margaret McCourt
as Linda Norton
Glyn Owen
as Smith
Dermot Walsh
as Joe Green
Betta St John
as Toni Trent
Anthony Bushell
as General Martin
Greta Gynt
as Sonia Vasa
Hazel Court
as Penny Page
Walter Fitzgerald
as Prof. Owens
Lana Morris
as Ellen Summers
Charles W. Gray
as Peter Thal
Louise Allbritton
as Zena Fleming
Michael Goodliffe
as Dr. John Crompton
Griffith Jones
as Lucian Currie
John Rudling
as Dr. Court
Arthur Gomez
as President Domencq
Derek Bond
as John Norton
William Lucas
as George Wilson
Colin Gordon
as Colonel
Edward Judd
as Stephan Vasa
Jack Watling
as Sandy Mason
Nadja Regin
as Princess Taima
Patricia Marmont
as Headmistress
Joanna Dunham
as Pat Stephens
Leigh Madison
as Madeleine
Howard Pays
as Jack Howard
Michael Ripper
as Stableman
Alan Tilvern
as Caletta
Victor Platt
as Insp. Quillan
Robert Brown
as Prof. Howard
John Arnatt
as Lord Peversham
Tony Church
as Prof. Kenig
Ian Wallace
as Dr. Travor
Sarah Lawson
as Jenny Reyden
Gary Raymond
as Prince Jonetta
Faith Brook
as Carol Norton
Philip Friend
as Arthur Holt
Conrad Phillips
as Capt. Barry Finch
Derek Sydney
as Surgeon
Patricia Burke
as Mrs. Willis
Leslie Phillips
as "Cock" Sparrow
Vivian Matalon
as King Rashid
Maureen Pryor
as Janet Norton
Olaf Pooley
as Manager
Ruth Lodge
as Agasha
Noel Coleman
as Phillips
Ian Hendry
as Lt. Daniels
Peter Illing
as Insp. Strang
Julia Lockwood
as Suzy Owens
Jack Melford
as Collins
Joan Hickson
as Mme. Dupont
Richard Clarke
as Capt.Bera
Arnold Diamond
as Prof. Blaine
Douglas Wilmer
as Col. Warren
Irene Handl
as Woman in Elevator
Peter Elliott
as Croupier
Jennifer Wright
as Mrs. Smith
Vincent Holman
as Arthurson
Barry Letts
as Control Officer
Des Roberts
as General
Ewen Solon
as Superintendent
Michael Shepley
as Sir Jasper
Keith Pyott
as Dr. Dumasse
Basil Dignam
as Minister
John Ruddock
as Photographer
Bruno Barnabe
as First Secretary
Ivan Craig
as Ambassador
Denis Shaw
as Club Manager
Rick Warner
as First Officer
Jeannette Sterke
as Sgt. Winter
Morris Sweden
as Airport Clerk
Derrick Sherwin
as Second Officer
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TV Network: CBS
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy
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