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The Jeffersons (1975 - 1985)

The Jeffersons (1975 - 1985)





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The popular 'All in the Family' spin-off about a couple movin' on up from the Bunkers' modest Queens neighborhood to Manhattan's ritzy East Side. Paterfamilias George Jefferson was a bigoted, buffoonish mirror image of Archie Bunker, but had the money (from his dry-cleaning business) to back up his bluster. A ratings winner, 'The Jeffersons' spawned a spin-off, 1981's 'Checking In,' featuring sassy maid Florence (Marla Gibbs). It lasted just four weeks, and Florence returned to her old job.

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1984, CBS, 25 episodes

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1983, CBS, 22 episodes

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1982, CBS, 27 episodes

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1981, CBS, 25 episodes

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1980, CBS, 20 episodes

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1979, CBS, 24 episodes

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1978, CBS, 24 episodes

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1977, CBS, 26 episodes


Sherman Hemsley
as George Jefferson
Isabel Sanford
as Louise Jefferson
Mike Evans
as Lionel Jefferson
Damon Evans
as Lionel Jefferson
Marla Gibbs
as Florence Johnston
Berlinda Tolbert
as Jenny Willis Jefferson
Roxie Roker
as Helen Willis
Franklin Cover
as Tom Willis
Paul Benedict
as Harry Bentley
Zara Cully
as Mother Jefferson
Ned Wertimer
as Ralph Hart
Ernest Harden Jr.
as Marcus Garvey
Jay Hammer
as Allan Willis
Ebonie Smith
as Jessica Jefferson
Danny Wells
as Charlie
Garrett Morris
as Foster Child
Jack Fletcher
as Whittendale
Jason Bernard
as Lloyd Tyndall
Leonard Lightfoot
as Off. Barrett
Stefan Gierasch
as Allan West
Thomas Callaway
as Steve Winslow
Ivor Francis
as Whittendale
Ren Woods
as Rhonda
Logan Ramsey
as Stan Green
Susan Ruttan
as Mrs. Cunningham
Howard Mann
as Togovitch
Johnny Haymer
as Stan Fromin
Edie McClurg
as Audrey Blume
Peter Lawford
as Exhibition Announcer
Howard Morton
as Kingsley
Don Dolan
as Fire Marshal
Sammy Davis Jr.
as Sammy Davis Jr.
Pamela Newman
as Gretchen
Tom Williams
as Big Tony
Kene Holliday
as Officer Kenwood
Earl Montgomery Jr.
as Judge Cronin
Mabel King
as Mother Tobin
Rene Levant
as Rev. Daniels
Reggie Jackson
as Reggie Jackson
Keene Curtis
as Judge Brickell
Yung Sun
as Ling Chow
Peter White
as Graham Gregory
Michael Spinks
as Michael Spinks
Billy Sands
as Mechanic
Victor Kilian
as Uncle Bertram
Bernard Fox
as Andrew Derek
Patrick Collins
as Rabbit with Glasses
Rod Colbin
as Billings
Al Harrington
as Leon Kanekuulo
Steve Nevil
as Steward
Edward Grover
as Phil Taylor
Michael Halsey
as Instructor
Julius Harris
as Rev. Taylor
Louis Gossett Jr.
as Wendell Brown
Renée Jones
as Stephanie Hamilton
Bob Delegall
as Dr. Foster
Grand L. Bush
as George Nylund
David Fresco
as Donlevy
Phyllis Diller
as Phyllis Diller
Bo Kaprall
as Mike Moreno
Gary Coleman
as Raymond
Rodney Kageyama
as Tour Guide
Daniel Frishman
as Louis Alfred Grayson III
Rick Podell
as Theodore
Dick Gjonola
as Announcer
Mina Kolb
as Mrs. Cody
Brian Downing
as Brian Downing
Richard Ward
as Ben Jones
James Karen
as Purcell
Veronica Redd
as Eddie/Edie
as Dora
Russell Johnson
as Mac Steele
William Bryant
as Bill Wilson
Adrian Ricard
as Maid No. 1
John Anderson
as Claymore
Vernon Weddle
as Vincent Carter
Charles Walker
as Policeman Rabbit
Pat Collins
as Killer Rabbit
Bob Gorman
as Bob Simmons
Gino Conforti
as Chuck Furman
Barrie Youngfellow
as Dr. Beamish
Alvah Stanley
as Dr. Tupperman
Ben Frommer
as Fisherman
Pat McGuffin
as Duchess
Joe Frazier
as Joe Frazier
Nick LaTour
as Reverend Perry
Jack Knight
as Fireman
Terry Carter
as Carl Davis
Bob Ari
as Casey
Fay DeWitt
as Fay Blanchard
Emory Bass
as Wentworth
Lynne Moody
as Prostitute
Al White
as Barnes
Bob Duggan
as Police Officer
David Shelley
as Valery Kamikov
Peter Iacangelo
as Police Officer
Myrna White
as Woman #2
Tom Lawrence
as David Curry
George Loros
as Toothpick
as Charo
Tom Lacy
as Hoffman
James Ray
as Woodley
Eve McVeagh
as Mrs. Simpson
Lee Bryant
as Mrs. Perkins
Paul Larson
as Bressler
Ernie Wheelwright
as Bo Morrison
Adam Wade
as Doctor
William H. McDonald
as First Conventioneer
Stan Haze
as Pecos Darryl
Lee Weaver
as Willie
Paul Barselou
as Businessman
Alma Beltran
as Puerto Rican Maid
Sweet Dick Whittington
as Sterling James
Karrie Emerson
as Girl on TV
J.A. Preston
as Rev. Greenwood
Herb Voland
as Fletcher
Josephine Premice
as Louise's Sister
Earl Boen
as Weems
Vivian Bonnell
as Mrs. Mills
Rene Auberjonois
as Inspector Keller
Percy Rodriguez
as Archaeologist
Sara Seegar
as Ms. Pomeroy
Larry McCormick
as Buzz Thatcher
JoJo D'Amore
as Man at Counter
Peggy McCay
as Shirley Schneider
Helen Reddy
as Helen Reddy
Rhoda Gemignani
as Emily Bates
James King
as Youth #1
Teddy Wilson
as Clarence
Ruth Manning
as Mrs. Fox
Peter Turgeon
as Bill Walters
Diana Webster
as Mrs. Prudhomme
Terry McGovern
as Undercover Cop
Luise Heath
as Reporter
Conrad Janis
as Stratton
John Bottoms
as Elliott Kane
Dan Frishman
as Louis Alfred Grayson III
Olive Dunbar
as Mrs. Whittendale
Jack Fletcher
as Mr. Whittendale
Debbie Sledge
as Debbie Satin
Norma Donaldson
as Dale Parker
Priscilla Morrill
as Mrs. Fletcher
Nancy G. Fox
as Miss Hawkins
Sharon Brown
as Teen/Bride Louise
Frank Dent
as Phil Hazeltine
Sheila DeWindt
as Dede Sanderson
Michael Pataki
as Mr. Carlisle
Engelbert Humperdinck
as Engelbert Humperdinck
Dinah Lacy
as Melissa
Don Potter
as Jack Feldman
Brion James
as Dirty Dog
Alex Rodine
as Alfonse
Vanda Barra
as Frances
Rob Stone
as TV Announcer
Ed Cambridge
as Curt Randall
Tom Case
as Bartender
Jay Scorpio
as Gambler #1
R.J. Miller
as Marketing Director
Ray Sharkey
as Robert Phelps
Penelope Willis
as First Nurse
Frances Bay
as Mrs. Wilson
Keone Young
as Maitre d'
Gary Hays
as Delivery Boy #1
Anita Keith
as Elderly Woman
Mary Jackson
as Mrs. Donahue
Edmund Stoiber
as Councilman Perry
Joni Sledge
as Joni Satin
Leon Ames
as Grandpa Willis
Robert Phalen
as Jim Baker
Reid Cruickshanks
as Man at Table
Kip King
as Mr. Mendelson
Robert Lussier
as Howard Brooks
Joseph Bottoms
as Elliot Kane
Mitzi Hoag
as Mrs. Thompson
Alice Cadogan
as Young Newlywed Wife
Paul B. Price
as Cunningham
Ed Call
as Police Officer
Judy Kerr
as Madame
Tim Silva
as Corporate Officer
Steve DeVorkin
as Wilbur the Gnome
David Dukes
as Cal Roberts
Ginny Tyler
as Police Dispatcher
Lindsay Workman
as Man in Elevator
Henry Sutton
as Winters
Rene Jones
as Stephanie
Karen Huie
as Mrs. Wong
Leonard Jackson
as Harold Mills
Clyde J. Barrett
as Real Darryl
John Wesley
as Gambler #2
Conroy Gedeon
as Comstock
Dale Reynolds
as Mr. Reynolds
Michael Wyle
as Pizza Man
Fred Carney
as Mr. Donahue
Henry G. Sanders
as Lester Phillips
Percy Rodrigues
as Dr. Bob Jessup
Marlene Warfield
as Mrs. Owens
Wally Amos
as Man #1
Lee Payne
as Waiter
Don Sparks
as Bill Sargent
Marcy Hanson
as Playmate #1
Peggy Blow
as Miss Anderson
Thomas Wilson Brown
as Radio Announcer
Andy Riley
as Man on Beach
Esmond Chung
as Waiter #2
Andy Jarrell
as Cowboy #2
Gloria Charles
as Masseuse #1
Ernest Thomas
as Ronnie Walker
T.K. Carter
as Richard
Susan Krebs
as Receptionist
Jon Gries
as Frank
Milt Oberman
as Mr. Fox
Larry O. Williams
as Young George Jefferson
Gertrude M. Clement
as Elderly Woman
Georgie Paul
as Maid #3
Stymie Beard
as Small Businessman #1
Pete Schrum
as The Dollar
Elmarie Wendel
as Mrs. Pardela
Fred Pinkard
as Grandpa Douglas
Al Fann
as Funeral Director
Kate Ward
as Woman
James Avery
as Coleman
Arny Freeman
as Prescott
Bill P. Murry
as Delivery Man
Richard Lockmiller
as Stanley Harris
James McIntire
as Cowboy #1
Peter Mitchell
as Small Businessman #2
Michele Drake
as Playmate #3
Susan Plumb
as Employee #2
Marcia del Mar
as Masseuse #2
Bobby Johnson
as Skeeter Jackson
Melodee Spivack
as Employee #3
Joe Alfasa
as Small Businessman #3
Zale Kessler
as Accountant
Bill McIntyre
as Chauffeur
Neal Kaz
as Sultan
Dave Nicolson
as Small Businessman #4
Ruth Lee
as Dorothy
Ron Trice
as Rollo
Michael Yama
as Mr. Lee
Joe Petrullo
as Customer
Gerry Black
as Attendant #1
Michael Prokopuk
as Police Officer
David Pendleton
as Detective
David Moses
as Mr. Brookhouse
Tracee Lyles
as Woman #1
Maureen Shannon
as Mother #1
Dick Whittington
as Newscaster
Sam de Fazio
as Dr. Ortega
Jesse Jacobs
as Photographer
Pucci Jhones
as Woman #3
John Tuell
as Attendant #3
Bill Erwin
as T.J. Wheeler
Deanna Oliver
as Pregnant Woman
as Nurse #3
Gloria Hayes
as Blackjack Dealer
Brad Blaisdell
as Mr. Perry
Rif Hutton
as Roulette Spinner
David Orr
as Trumpeter #1
E.M. Margolese
as Man Picketer #2
Jeff Seymour
as Trumpeter #2
David Roberts
as Man Picketer #3
Dick Davalos
as Red Ryder
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Series Details

TV Network: CBS
Premiere Date: Jan 18, 1975
Genre: Comedy
Executive Producers: Mike Milligan, David W. Duclon, Michael Ross, Jay Moriarty
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