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The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (1964 - 1968)

The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (1964 - 1968)




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Spyjinks involving two slick agents with the United Network Command for Law Enforcement, which combats an organization called Thrush. Tongue-in-cheek repartee and action sequences employing clever gadgetry lend some zip to the yarns, which also showcase the rugged good looks of Robert Vaughn as debonair Napoleon Solo, and the blond, turtlenecked charm of David McCallum's Ilya Kuryakin.

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1967, NBC, 16 episodes

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1966, NBC, 30 episodes

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1965, NBC, 31 episodes

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1964, NBC, 29 episodes


Robert Vaughn
as Napoleon Solo
David McCallum
as Ilya Kuryakin
Leo G Carroll
as Alexander Waverly
Barbara Ann Moore
as Lisa Rogers
Percy Rodrigues
as President Khufu
Vera Miles
as Mme. DeSala
Jay North
as Bartlett
Ken Renard
as Delgado
Paul Lambert
as Delgrovia
Kim Darby
as Sandy
Alan Caillou
as Morisco
David Sheiner
as Longolius
Claude Akins
as El Supremo
Janet Leigh
as Miss Diketon
Herbert Lom
as Randolph
Jessie Royce Landis
as Mme. Nemirovitch
Barbara Bouchet
as Narcissus
Lee Bergere
as Prince Panat
George Sanders
as Squire G. Emory Partridge
Ann Elder
as Joanna
Maurice Evans
as Swickert
Henry Jones
as Lockridge
Barbara Feldon
as Mandy Stevens
Vito Scotti
as Chikhli
Roger C. Carmel
as Cervantes
Ray Danton
as Carver
Jeanne Cooper
as Mother Fear
Rip Torn
as Mr. Alexander
Jacqueline Beer
as Genevieve
Larry Blyden
as Dennell
Nancy Kovack
as Victoria
Eve Arden
as Professor Lillian Stemmlerq
Frank Marth
as Voegler
Joan Freeman
as Clemency McGill
Anne Francis
as Gervaise
Cesar Romero
as Gervais
Norman Fell
as Mark Slate
Reginald Gardiner
as Prince Frederick
France Nuyen
as Cricket
Tony Bill
as Steven
Eric Holland
as Agent 18
Judi West
as Sandy
Angela Dorian
as Charisma
Gavin MacLeod
as Cleveland
Alan Mowbray
as Blackburn
Ellen Willard
as Priscilla
Kevin Hagen
as Passenger
John Larch
as Killman
Paul Stevens
as King Fazik
Joan Collins
as Bibi/Rosy
Slim Pickens
as Spinner
Lili Darvas
as Mme. Karim
Ludwig Donath
as Von Kronen
John Cliff
as Policeman
Marian Moses
as Mme. Streigau
Ralph Taeger
as Stryker
Joan Blondell
as Mrs. Fingers Stilletto
Paul Lukas
as Stoller
Jeremy Slate
as Melcroft
Ken Murray
as Korbel
Kamala Devi
as Deirdre
Anne Jeffreys
as Calamity
Reta Shaw
as Miss Witherspoon
Kathleen Freeman
as Mrs. Sparks
Gene Raymond
as Col. Allan Morgan
Yvonne Craig
as Cecille
Telly Savalas
as Count Fanzini
Will Kuluva
as Von Etske
Bill Dana
as Marvin Klump
Gil Lamb
as Daddy Jo
Ivan Dixon
as Soumarun
Martin Balsam
as Albert Sullyl
Michaël Evans
as Darius Two
Kurt Russell
as Christopher
Jan Merlin
as Galley
Karen Sharpe
as Heavenly
Eddie Albert
as Brother Love
Harry Davis
as Fazir Handi
Victor Borge
as Willoughby/Rutter
George Tobias
as Parkaginian
Janine Gray
as Angelique
Murray Matheson
as Maharajah
Curd Jürgens
as Von Kesser
Diana Millay
as Ernestine
Elsa Lanchester
as Dr. Dabree
Ned Glass
as Sighn
Lyn Peters
as Miss Lamb
Norma Chase
as Heather
Penny Santon
as Grandmama
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TV Network: NBC
Genre: Action & Adventure
Executive Producer: Norman Felton
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