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The Partridge Family (1970 - 1974)

The Partridge Family (1970 - 1974)






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A widow and her five children became a chart-topping singing group in this fan favorite, loosely based on the Cowsills, a popular '60s band. The Partridges were something of a music phenomenon in the early 1970s, with several of their songs becoming hits even though only two of the performers, Shirley Jones and her real-life stepson David Cassidy, actually did their own singing. Cassidy became a teen idol and top-selling recording star in his own right.

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1973, ABC, 23 episodes

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1972, ABC, 25 episodes

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1971, ABC, 24 episodes

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1970, ABC, 25 episodes


Shirley Jones
as Shirley Partridge
David Cassidy
as Keith Partridge
Susan Dey
as Laurie Partridge
Danny Bonaduce
as Danny Partridge
Suzanne Crough
as Tracy Partridge
David Madden
as Reuben Kinkaid
Jeremy Gelbwaks
as Christopher Partridge
Dave Madden
as Reuben Kinkaid
Brian Forster
as Christopher Partridge
Ricky Segall
as Ricky Stevens
Alan Bursky
as Alan Kinkaid
Ray Bolger
as Grandpa Fred Renfrew
Gary Dubin
as Punky Lazaar
Alan Oppenheimer
as Wink Burgess
Elaine Giftos
as Bonnie Kleinschmitt
Maxine Stuart
as Mrs. Damion
Laurence Haddon
as Sgt. Sizemore
Arte Johnson
as Nicholas Minski Pushkin
Rosemary DeCamp
as Grandma Amanda Renfrew
Mitzi Hoag
as Sheila Faber
Gino Conforti
as Bellboy #1
Richard Stahl
as Mr. Fenster
Richard Mulligan
as Dr. Jim Lucas
Harry Morgan
as Willie Larkin
Bert Convy
as Dr. Whelander
Jack Collins
as Investor
Jackie Coogan
as Max Pepper
Gerald Hiken
as Dr. Bernie Applebaum
Liam Dunn
as Mr. Neumeyer
Nita Talbot
as Doris Stevens
Cheryl Ladd
as Johanna Houser
James Gregory
as Claude Tubbles
Noam Pitlik
as Rabbi Ben Stern
Jane Actman
as Tina Newcomb
Michael Ontkean
as Lester Braddock
Kay Medford
as Gloria Neugast
Howard Cosell
as TV Reporter
Jay Ripley
as Wendell
Edgar Buchanan
as Judge McElwreath
Charlotte Rae
as Dr. Beecher
Slim Pickens
as Will Fowler
Bert Freed
as George Sharp
Jodie Foster
as Julie Lawrence
Ramon Bieri
as Mr. Grisbee
Holly Near
as Phyllis Goldberg
Farrah Fawcett
as Pretty Girl
Howard Morton
as Jerome Donkin
Dick Clark
as Himself
William Schallert
as Red Woodloe
Harvey Lembeck
as Harry Marino
Robyn Millan
as Dora Kelly
Rob Reiner
as Harry "Snake" Murphy
Michael Burns
as Paul Bruner
Dean Jagger
as Charlie
Tony Ballen
as Sam Greasley
John Banner
as Max Ledbetter
Charles Shull
as E.J. Whacker
Shelley Morrison
as Mrs. Kornegge
Henry Jones
as Mr. Phelps
George Chakiris
as Captain Chuck "Cuddles" Corwin
Marshall Thompson
as Dr. Milstead
Anthony Geary
as Greg Houser
Dana Elcar
as Mr. Felcher
Mary Ann Mobley
as Audrey Parson
William Windom
as Uncle Erwin Tully
John Astin
as Sidney Rose
Margaret Hamilton
as Clara Kincaid
Morey Amsterdam
as Ziggy Shnurr
Nancy Malone
as Cathleen D'Arcy
Laurie Prange
as Maggie Newton
Bernard Fox
as Marty Burnes
Bobby Sherman
as Bobby Conway
Milt Kamen
as Johnny Burnhardt
Season Hubley
as Princess Genny
Nancy Walker
as Mrs. Applebaum
Dick Balduzzi
as Elevator Boy
Martin Speer
as Engineer
Sari Price
as 2nd Wife
Jonathan C. Daly
as Off. Moody
Jim Connell
as Orderly
William Wintersole
as Club Manager
Bryan O'Byrne
as Mr. Koolic
Bob Gibbons
as Hotel Clerk
Yvonne Wilder
as Waitress
Mel Gallagher
as Telephone Man
Barbara Rhoades
as LaVon LaVern
Michael Lembeck
as Marc Baldwin
Art Metrano
as Mike Young
Wes Stern
as Lionel Poindexter
Dave Ketchum
as Mr. Phelps
Hal Buckley
as Ambassador Cecil Turnbow
Robert Simon
as Mr. Bartlett
Kathleen Cody
as Dina Firmly
Herb Edelman
as Coach Darby Willis
Brooke Bundy
as Dory Kimmel
Reva Rose
as Mabel
Josephine Hutchinson
as Amanda May Courtney
Rick Hurst
as Deputy Haynie
Lázaro Pérez
as Pete Navarro
Bert Convy
as Richard Lawrence
Jason Wingreen
as Principal
Ronne Troup
as Donna Stevens
Ruth Gillette
as Mrs. Milstead
Joyce Easton
as Mrs. Stern
John McMartin
as Larry Metcalf
Jack Burns
as Stillman Kelly
Norman Fell
as Mr. Bruner
Dick Yarmy
as Patterson
Herbert Rudley
as L.J. Belson
Angela Clarke
as Myra Fromacher
Barbara Sigel
as Rachel Weston
Maureen Reagan
as Photographer
Richard Pryor
as A.E. Simon
Amber Smale
as Girl #2
as Mary Lou Trimper
Lurene Tuttle
as Bea Sharp
Noah Keen
as Principal Brown
Jim Antonio
as Merl Pearson
Mike Malmbourg
as Adonis #1
John Lawrence
as Desk Sergeant
Monty Margetts
as Mrs. Kleven
Kathryn Reynolds
as Mrs. Bullock
Hal Taggart
as Desk Clerk
Fran Ryan
as 1st Wife
Eileen Ramsey
as Waitress
Richard X. Slattery
as Police Officer
Jeff Donnell
as Mrs. Monahan
Warren Miller
as Musician #1
Dub Taylor
as E.J. Flicker
John Carson
as Tom Baker
Harold Gould
as Walter Yost
Chris Beaumont
as Jerry Bishop
Jack Riley
as Cpl. Wrzesinski
Gerald Michenaud
as Norman Farrell
Ian Wolfe
as Grandfather
Donna Lynn
as 10 Year Old Girl
Laurie Main
as Frederick LaForte
Marilyn Child
as Mrs. Gibson
Ivor Francis
as Prof. Boone
Lark Geib
as Renee Stern
Renee Tetro
as Young Girl
Ned Glass
as Det. Harry Klein
Carl Byrd
as Reporter
Danny Goldman
as The Director
Ben Frank
as Convict
John Dennis
as Police Officer
Ivan Bonar
as Leroy Lowenfield
Jared Martin
as Recording Engineer
Kip King
as Musician #2
Bob Kramer
as Wally Benton
Florida Friebus
as Mrs.Hendleman
Matilda Calnan
as Mrs. Pierson
John Bernard
as Valentine
Rick Gates
as Mike Weedback
Harry Hickox
as Sheriff
Naomi Stevens
as Mrs. Weinstock
Judson Pratt
as Cab Driver
Stuart Wagstaff
as Headwaiter
Felton Perry
as Airport Clerk
Lindsay Workman
as Hotel Manager
Ivor Barry
as Mr. Hensley
Richard Bull
as Thompson
Stuart Nisbet
as Patrolman
Renie Riano
as Mrs. Reinbolt
Lee Casey
as Tommy
Ysabel MacCloskey
as Mrs. Argyle
Judy Farrell
as Mrs. Carlysle
Ted Scott
as Eye Doctor
Dort Clark
as 1st Husband
Jack Lukes
as Driver
Sheldon Lee
as Photographer
Sid McCoy
as Mr. Young
John Qualen
as Old Man
Susan Foster
as Girl #1
Ann Jillian
as Girl #2
Bill Quinn
as Minister
Henry Hunter
as Minister
Jeff Burton
as Workman
Bobby Griffin
as Adonis #2
Sue Linden
as Model #2
Bill Ewing
as Guy #3
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Series Details

TV Network: ABC
Premiere Date: Sep 25, 1970
Genre: Comedy
Executive Producers: Bob Claver, Paul Junger Witt
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