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The Sentinel (1996 - 1999)

The Sentinel (1996 - 1999)





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A detective who acquired extraordinary sensory abilities during 18 months in a jungle solves crimes using his new skills. Assisting him is an anthropology student who views the cop as a `sentinel,' a modern version of ancient tribesmen who protected their village.

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1999, UPN, 9 episodes

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1997, UPN, 23 episodes

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1996, UPN, 24 episodes

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1996, UPN, 10 episodes


Richard Burgi
as James Ellison
Garett Maggart
as Blair Sandburg
Bruce A. Young
as Simon Banks
Kelly Curtis
as Carolyn Plummer
Anna Galvin
as Megan Connor
Ken Earl
as Taggert
Lisa Akey
as Cassie
Henri Brown
as Det. Brown
Jamie Rose
as Sheila Irwin
Sullivan Walker
as Forrest Watson
Alex Carter
as Alan Archer
Rebecca Rigg
as Margaret
Constance Marie
as Carmen Sanchez
Henry Hayashi
as Kenji Kadama
Katie Stuart
as Gwen Angeloni
James Black
as Antoine Hollins
Tom Mason
as Dan Matson
Leigh Taylor-Young
as Blair's Mother
Geno Silva
as Hector Carasco
Ben Jurand
as Turner
Ryf Van Rij
as Det. Rafe
Christopher M. Brown
as Leron Maxwell
Kimberly Elise
as Candace Blake
Drancy Jackson
as Daryl Banks
Jason Carter
as Bruce McCarthy
Dick O'Neill
as Warren Brackley
Edward Albert
as Singleton
Barry Pepper
as Kurt Hessman
Suki Kaiser
as Trish Angeloni
Glenn Morshower
as K.C. Garner
Ryan De Boer
as Young Jim
James Parks
as Tommy Juno
Henry Brown
as Detective Brown
Jay Brazeau
as Leon Kametian
Lou Myers
as Billy Cates
Stacy Haiduk
as Jim's Girlfriend
Niesha Trout
as Chad Todhunter
Raimund Stamm
as Huge Man
Brian Fitzpatrick
as Jim's Brother
Robert Vaughn
as Vince Deal
Harry Van Gorkum
as Ted McCarthy
Katherine LaNasa
as Monique Brackley
Valerie Pettiford
as Angie Ferris
Jonathan Whittaker
as Fred Angeloni
Don S. Davis
as Wilton Fisker
Perry King
as William
Reno Wilson
as Tyrell Lang
Molly Parker
as Veronica
Ken Pogue
as Mickey O'Toole
Kirk B.R. Woller
as Axel Soles
Yvette Nipar
as Investigator
Anthony Harrison
as Dwight Marshall
Gary Chalk
as Art Sturges
Kirk Acevedo
as Ray Aldo
Greg Rogers
as Don Haas
Eli Gabay
as Rosario
Stefan Arngrim
as Rory Hessman
Michael Peña
as Johnny Macado
Roger Barnes
as Warden Hanlon
Kimberley Kates
as Laura McCarthy
Joe Cortese
as Jack Pendergast
Megan Leitch
as Kimberly Asche
Don MacKay
as Bert Gelson
Alex Diakun
as Tom Gruenditch
Sydney Walsh
as Peggy Anderson
Tom Heaton
as Ernie Lash
Kevin McNulty
as Attorney Boyle
Fawn Reed
as Federal Agent
Montrose Hagins
as Lila LaCroix
Charles Andre
as Randy Eccles
J.A. Preston
as Malcolm Wilkenson
Mark Pellegrino
as Ray Weston
Dennis Christopher
as Psychiatrist
Tim Henry
as Col. Winters
Vincent Irizarry
as Nick Prosky
Tom Cavanagh
as Bill Collins
Lesley Ewen
as Serena Chung
Mia Korf
as Akiko Keno
Michael McGrady
as Dave Becker
Udo Kier
as Zeller/The Iceman
Sherman Augustus
as Earl Gaines
Bill Cross
as Mitch Reeves
Isabella Camil
as Maya Carasco
Michael Andaluz
as Danny Choi
Sam Jenkins
as Isabel Kane
Robert Wisdom
as Lt. Williams
Leon Russom
as Mike Hurley
Sal Landi
as Burt Ungar
Forbes Angus
as Engineer
Rex Smith
as Extortionist
Sandra Ferens
as Elise Abbott
Kelly Hu
as Christine
Roger R. Cross
as Capt. Mathis
Gerard Plunkett
as Adam Latham
Alf Humphreys
as Conductor
Raymond O'Connor
as Charlie Spring
Ever Carradine
as Stevi Collins
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TV Network: UPN
Premiere Date: Mar 20, 1996
Genre: Action & Adventure
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