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The Walking Dead (2010 - )





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The story of the years that follow after a zombie apocalypse, following a group of survivors led by a former police officer, who travel in search of a safe and secure home. As the world overrun by the dead takes its toll on the survivors, their interpersonal conflicts present a greater danger to their continuing survival than the walkers that roam the country.

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2020, AMC, 1 episodes

Season premieres on Aug 22, 2021
Critics Consensus: A few changes in front of and behind the camera allow TWD create space for compelling new stories and some seriously scary new adversaries.

2019, AMC, 22 episodes

Critics Consensus: Nine seasons in, The Walking Dead feels more alive than ever, with heightened tension and a refreshed pace that rejuvenates this long-running franchise.

2018, AMC, 16 episodes

Critics Consensus: The Walking Dead's eighth season energizes its characters with some much-needed angst and action, though it's still occasionally choppy and lacking forward-moving plot progression.

2017, AMC, 16 episodes

Critics Consensus: Increased character depth and effective world-building helps The Walking Dead overcome a tiresome reliance on excessive, gratuitous violence.

2016, AMC, 16 episodes

Critics Consensus: Six seasons in, The Walking Dead is still finding ways to top itself, despite slow patches that do little to advance the plot.

2015, AMC, 16 episodes

Critics Consensus: Thanks to a liberal dose of propulsive, bloody action and enough compelling character moments to reward longtime fans, The Walking Dead's fifth season continues to deliver top-notch entertainment.

2014, AMC, 16 episodes

Critics Consensus: Consistently thrilling, with solid character development and enough gore to please grindhouse fans, this season of The Walking Dead continues to demonstrate why it's one of the best horror shows on television.

2013, AMC, 16 episodes


Andrew Lincoln
as Rick Grimes
Norman Reedus
as Daryl Dixon
Steven Yeun
as Glenn Rhee
Chandler Riggs
as Carl Grimes
Danai Gurira
as Michonne
Melissa McBride
as Carol Peletier
Lauren Cohan
as Maggie Greene
Jim Coleman
as Lam Kendal
Michael Cudlitz
as Abraham Ford
Linds Edwards
as Leon Basser
Larry Gilliard Jr.
as Bob Stookey
Alanna Masterson
as Tara Chambler
Christian Serratos
as Rosita Espinosa
Josh McDermitt
as Eugene Porter
Seth Gilliam
as Gabriel Stokes
Emily Kinney
as Beth Greene
Scott Wilson
as Hershel Greene
Paola Lázaro
as Juanita Sanchez
David Morrissey
as The Governor
Michael Rooker
as Merle Dixon
Lennie James
as Morgan Jones
Alexandra Breckenridge
as Jessie Anderson
Austin Nichols
as Spencer Monroe
Avi Nash
as Strange Traveler
Khary Payton
as Ezekiel
Merritt Wever
as Dr. Denise Cloyd
Mark Behar
as Walker
Sunkrish Bala
as Dr. Caleb Subramanian
Michael Zegen
as Randall Culver
Audrey Marie Anderson
as Lilly Chambler
Ricky Wayne
as Officer O'Donnell
Meyrick Murphy
as Meghan Chambler
Christine Woods
as Officer Dawn Lerner
Denny Ainsworth
as Woodbury Resident
R. Keith Harris
as Dr. Carson
Benedict Samuel
as Alpha Wolf
Teri Wyble
as Officer Shepherd
Kirk Acevedo
as Mitch Dolgen
Amber Chaney
as Hershel's Walker Wife
Cailey Fleming
as Judith Grimes
Cassidy Balkcom
as Hilltop Member
Christopher Weite
as Nursing Home Walker/Horde Walker
Victor McCay
as Ryan Samuels
Jesse C. Boyd
as Blond Wolf
Kevin Patrick Murphy
as Male Survivor
Tom Payne
as Paul 'Jesus' Rovia
John Kaler
as Savior War Party Member
Enver Gjokaj
as Pete Dolgen
Danny Vinson
as David Chambler
Travis Love
as Shumpert
Alyssa Riley Burrell
as Survivor Girl
Marisol Correa
as Oceanside Sentry Female
Frances Cobb
as Woodbury Citizen
Van Marten
as Savior
Michael Harding
as Older Man
Fred Cruz
as Walker
Randy Gonzalez
as Camp Survivor
James Harvley
as Camp Survivor
Cullen Moss
as Michael
Joel Rogers
as Camp Survivor
Jonathan Hart
as Prison Walker
Rico Ball
as Franco
Kyle Clements
as McGinley
Elyse Dufour
as Frankie
Karl Makinen
as Richard
Brad Ashten
as POW #3 Edwyn
Barry W. Jerald Jr.
as Tunnel Walker
Catherine Jerald
as Tunnel Walker
Stefan Rollins
as Rifle Whisperer
Steven Sean Garland
as Older Savior
Derek Roberts
as Escaped POW #4
Owen Harn
as Crazed Man
Chris Gann
as 40's Man
Jon Eyez
as Potter
Bethany Anne Lind
as Young Woman
Zach Ball
as Savior
Aaron Farb
as Norris
Paola Lázaro
as Juanita 'Princess' Sanchez
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