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Too Close for Comfort (1980 - 1987)

Too Close for Comfort (1980 - 1987)




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A cartoonist who's an overprotective dad rents an apartment to his two daughters in this popular farce, which ran on ABC until 1983, and then in first-run syndication until star Ted Knight's death in 1986. Based on the British series `Keep It in the Family,' the show was retitled `The Ted Knight Show' near the end of its syndicated run.

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1986, ABC, 22 episodes

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1985, ABC, 21 episodes

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1984, ABC, 23 episodes

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1982, ABC, 22 episodes

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1981, ABC, 22 episodes

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1980, ABC, 19 episodes


Ted Knight
as Henry Rush
Nancy Dussault
as Muriel Rush
Lydia Cornell
as Sara Rush
Hamilton Camp
as Arthur Wainwright
Jim J. Bullock
as Monroe Ficus
Deena Freeman
as April Rush
Audrey Meadows
as Iris Martin
Pat Carroll
as Mrs. Stinson
Selma Diamond
as Mildred Rafkin
Ray Middleton
as Henry's Father
Warren Munson
as Father O'Grady
Charles Lampkin
as Mr. Christmas
Julie Adams
as Muriel's Best Friend
Alexa Kenin
as Prisoner
Peggy Mondo
as Mrs. Obler
Bill Dana
as Derelict
Dave Cameron
as Customer
Bill Cort
as Lester
Robert Mandan
as Henry's Brother
Richard McKenzie
as Bill Wagner
Peggy Pope
as Margaret
Mel Blanc
as Voice of Baby Andrew
Loretta Fury
as Mrs. Petrocelli
Marcia Rodd
as Margaret
Lou Richards
as Franklin
Jed Mills
as Dealer
Joy Garrett
as Mrs. Beckley
Priscilla Pointer
as Grandmother
Dawson Mays
as Lt. Greg Amherst
Lou Wills
as Greenberg
Doug McClure
as Architect
Hank Garrett
as Sergeant
Thu Thuy
as Mrs. Duc
Ashley Wells
as Rita Fisher
Dennis Howard
as Dr. Creighton
Dick Gautier
as Muriel's Musician Friend
Sarina C. Grant
as Unemployment Clerk
James Callahan
as Marvin Rowe
Alan McRae
as Sara's Date
Vanda Barra
as Mrs. Novak
Johnny Dark
as Honest Al
Mark Schiff
as Himself
Michele Charous
as Mrs. Rappaport
Jack Riley
as Bank Robber
Gregg Berger
as Bellhop
Dana Gladstone
as Sgt. Bedrosian
Cliff Norton
as Practical Joker
Marty Brill
as Ed Hugo
Pat Cranshaw
as Older Gentleman
Rick Jason
as Iris's Fiance
Lisabeth Aubrey
as Mrs. Moncrief
Jordan Suffin
as Jackie's Fiance
Joe Silver
as Aaron Harbach
Joe Cali
as Baseball Player
Leah Ayres
as Mrs. Stinson's Niece
Cliff Carnell
as Chauffeur
Jane Dulo
as Mrs. Harbach
Elyse Knight
as Runaway
Rene Levant
as William Johnson
Kate Zentall
as Veronica
Peter Mark Richman
as Oceanographer
Ceil Cabot
as Miss Preston
Jay Gerber
as Prosecutor
Gerald S. O'Loughlin
as Former Chief Petty Officer
Ken Wright
as Officer
Walter Lantz
as Himself
Patricia Stich
as Newsperson
Rose Michton
as Customer
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Series Details

TV Network: ABC
Premiere Date: Nov 11, 1980
Genre: Comedy
Executive Producers: Arne Sultan, Earl Barret, Aaron Ruben
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