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Trapper John, M.D. (1979 - 1986)

Trapper John, M.D. (1979 - 1986)





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`Trapper' John McIntyre is chief of surgery at a San Francisco hospital, mentoring (and, occasionally, knocking heads with) his maverick colleague, Dr. Gonzo Gates, in this popular medical drama very loosely spun off from `M*A*S*H,' which was set some 30 years earlier.

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1985, CBS, 19 episodes

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1984, CBS, 23 episodes

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1983, CBS, 22 episodes

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1982, CBS, 22 episodes

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1981, CBS, 25 episodes

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1980, CBS, 18 episodes

Critics Consensus: A M*A*S*H spinoff that bears virtually no resemblance to that beloved sitcom, Trapper John, M.D. is a dramatic comedy that's neither compelling nor clever.

1979, CBS, 22 episodes


Pernell Roberts
as Dr. `Trapper' John McIntyre
Gregory Harrison
as Dr. G. Alonzo `Gonzo' Gates
Mary McCarty
as Nurse Clara `Starch' Willoughby
Christopher Norris
as Nurse Gloria `Ripples' Brancusi
Charles Siebert
as Dr. Stanley Riverside II
Brian Stokes Mitchell
as Dr. Justin `Jackpot' Jackson
Marion Kodama Yue
as Nurse Shapiro
Simon Scott
as Arnold Slocum
Madge Sinclair
as Nurse Ernestine Shoop
Richard Schaal
as Dr. Sandler
Michael Tucci
as Dr. Charlie Nichols
Bebe Kelly
as Nurse Clover
Sarah Cunningham
as Nurse Andrews
Robin Ignico
as Andrea Branscusi
Marcia Rodd
as E.J. Riverside
Timothy Busfield
as Dr. John `J.T.' McIntyre
Janis Paige
as Catherine Hackett
Lorna Luft
as Nurse Libby Kegler
Andrea Marcovicci
as Fran Brennan
Beau Gravitte
as Andy Pagano
John Amos
as Hackett
Kim Darby
as Cassie
Oliver Clark
as Pomeroy
Tony Roberts
as Jerry Kulyn
Joanna Cassidy
as Dr. Carson Whitaker
Edward Winter
as Dr. Hanely
Jack Gilford
as Ziegler
Jenny O'Hara
as Christina Kulyn
Hoyt Axton
as Jack Dearborne
Lisa Nelson
as Woodruff
Robert Vaughn
as T.K. Sheldon
Beulah Quo
as Bah Tuan
Nita Talbot
as Mrs. Englehart
Cliff Gorman
as Brad Wylie
Kenneth Mars
as Dr. French
Stanley Brock
as Alan Kaylins
Silvana Gallardo
as Mrs. Rivera
Lilia Skala
as Mrs. Gelenko
Pamela Dunlap
as Kathleen
Paul Mantee
as MacGregor
Celeste Holm
as Claudia
Ronnie Schell
as Dr. Haas
Brooke Bundy
as Dr. Kemp
Barney Martin
as Herbert Mitchell
Mary Wickes
as Miranda
Barbara Cason
as Dorothy Pitt
Dennis Cole
as Esterhaus
Wendy Phillips
as Laura Johnson
Stephen Young
as Tom Bowman
Larry Storch
as Getzloff
Leonard Frey
as Derrick Peters
Bibi Besch
as Sharon Vance
Sharon Acker
as Senator Taylor
Greg Monaghan
as Alex Windom
Shûko Akune
as Maritza Agaya
Wendy Brainard
as Gabrielle
Don Stroud
as Nesbitt
Mark Carlton
as Yakut Suslov
Hunter von Leer
as Lepkowitz
Calvin Jung
as Jeffrey
Barbara Barrie
as Dr. Kate Hanley
Zohra Lampert
as Esther Cole
Lynne Moody
as Karen Morgan
Gail Strickland
as Dr. Curtis
Cassie Yates
as Laura Brand
Jill Whelan
as Natalie
Richard Alfieri
as Dr. Falsey
Joan Sweeny
as Margaret/Peggy
Henry Gibson
as Dr. Brownell
John Rubinstein
as Hank Palmer
Vera Miles
as Liz Waleska
Marya Small
as Barbara
Ray Wise
as Dr. Spelner
Fred Willard
as J.J. Laird
Byron Stewart
as Ellis Tate
Shecky Green
as Mickey the Mouth
Roddy McDowall
as Rev. Barnaby Box
James Coco
as Jennings
Joanna Miles
as Dr. Franklin
Jesse White
as Mulligan
Scott Jacoby
as Matthew
John Short
as Reimer
Pat Carroll
as Aunt Mo
Ed Nelson
as Albert Ryker
Maggie Cooper
as Kathy King
Dana Elcar
as Howard
Wydell W. Hughes
as Parade Official
Daryl Anderson
as Marty Collins
Gwen Verdon
as Mrs. Taylor
Paul Sand
as Phillip Devonshire
Devon Ericson
as Jan Brown
Danny Colby
as Tommy Mulgrew
Mark Kamiyama
as Lee Park
Charlie Dell
as Patient
David Groh
as Donnelly
Lois Nettleton
as Janet Weems
Vincent Price
as Baxter Garwood
Alex Henteloff
as Seth Brewer
Donna Pescow
as Linda D'Amico
Richard Deacon
as Fred Zisk
Nancy Kwan
as Dr. Miyoshiro
Priscilla Lopez
as Helen Kistle
Janet MacLachlan
as Lindsay Merrick
Signe Hasso
as Martine Le Vasseur
Monte Markham
as Beaumont
David Spielberg
as Hollander
Imogene Coca
as Veronica
Jean Marsh
as Claire
Bettye Ackerman
as Mrs. Bayard
Robert Alda
as Derrick Peters Sr.
James Karen
as Krewitt
J.A. Preston
as Ernie Walker
Richard Brose
as `Chesty' Quell
David Hedison
as Miles Warner
Ann Doran
as Mrs. McAndrew
Dee Wallace
as Valerie
Joseph Cali
as Joey Santori
Danny Goldman
as Otterholm
Ruth Buzzi
as Laura Morley
William Marquez
as Vernon Santos
Babetta George
as Patricia Elliott
Ron Palillo
as Kussman
Ruth Kobart
as Langley
Joanna Barnes
as Theresa Hillyer
Alan Feinstein
as P.K. O'Keefe
Steve Marachuk
as Matt Pettit
Paul Burke
as Dr. Malcolm
Tim O'Connor
as Dr. Edsin
William Daniels
as Dr. Slater
Ramon Bieri
as Sheriff
Stuart Pankin
as August Havermeyer
Jesse Dizon
as Tai Park
Molly Picon
as Sally Needleman
Ned Wilson
as Dr. Thornwood
Steve Nevil
as McCormick
Gloria DelBianco
as Mrs. Angelini
Barney Phillips
as Dr. Baker
Soon-Teck Oh
as Dr. Wang Wu-Shen
Dianne Kay
as Jeanette Murray
Mark Withers
as Addison
Lennie Bremen
as Martinez
Jerry Orbach
as Dr. Beeker
Elizabeth Halliday
as Rosaline Pettit
Cesare Danova
as Jonathan
Lynn Carlin
as Rose Tiegs
Jack Kruschen
as Nicholas Bulgari
Ric Mancini
as Sergeant Hecht
John Matuszak
as Behemoth
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TV Network: CBS
Premiere Date: Sep 23, 1979
Genre: Drama
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