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True Blood (2008 - 2014)

True Blood (2008 - 2014)





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HBO's hit drama series created by Alan Ball ('Six Feet Under') and based on the best-selling Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris about a perky telepathic waitress (Anna Paquin) in a near-future in which vampires live among us.
Creator: Alan Ball

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Critics Consensus: Despite the promise of an appropriately shocking series finale, True Blood is mostly content to limp along on familiar plot points.

2014, HBO, 11 episodes

Critics Consensus: A major letdown coming off the end of season five, True Blood seems to be running out of steam and isn't aging as elegantly as its eternal vampires.

2013, HBO, 10 episodes

Critics Consensus: Its sheen may have worn off a bit, but True Blood's fifth season piles on the kooky storylines while maintaining its cheeky brand of Southern Gothic drama.

2012, HBO, 12 episodes

Critics Consensus: Thanks to a reliable returning cast, some fresh new faces, and sharp direction, True Blood still manages a deft blend of sexy melodrama, satire, campy fun, and horror.

2011, HBO, 12 episodes

Critics Consensus: True Blood seems to fully understand its appeal, and its third season provides plenty of graphic thrills, steamy romance, and biting satire for its fans.

2010, HBO, 12 episodes

Critics Consensus: True Blood's second season is still mostly content with delivering pulpy escapism. but it's well acted, addictive, and packs a stronger and more focused punch than the first.

2009, HBO, 12 episodes

Critics Consensus: It's unabashedly soapy and it occasionally wavers in its social commentary, but True Blood is a gory, sexy genre romp with a strong supporting cast.

2008, HBO, 12 episodes


Anna Paquin
as Sookie Stackhouse
Stephen Moyer
as Bill Compton
Sam Trammell
as Sam Merlotte
Ryan Kwanten
as Jason Stackhouse
Rutina Wesley
as Tara Thornton
Alexander Skarsgård
as Eric Northman
Chris Bauer
as Andy Bellefleur
Carrie Preston
as Arlene Fowler
Nelsan Ellis
as Lafayette Reynolds
Todd Lowe
as Terry Bellefleur
Deborah Ann Woll
as Jessica Hamby
Joe Manganiello
as Alcide Herveaux
Jim Parrack
as Hoyt Fortenberry
Fiona Shaw
as Marnie
Jessica Tuck
as Nan Flanagan
Kevin Alejandro
as Jesus Velasquez
Marshall Allman
as Tommy Mickens
William Sanderson
as Bud Dearborne
Lynn Collins
as Dawn Green
Lizzy Caplan
as Amy Burley
Michelle Forbes
as Maryann Forrester
Michael McMillian
as Rev. Steve Newlin
Anna Camp
as Sarah Newlin
Mehcad Brooks
as Eggs 'Benedict' Talley
Adina Porter
as Lettie Mae
Denis O'Hare
as Russell Edgington
John Billingsley
as Mike Spencer
Dale Raoul
as Maxine Fortenberry
Bailey Noble
as Adilyn Bellefleur
Patricia Bethune
as Jane Bodehouse
Allan Hyde
as Godric
Evan Rachel Wood
as Sophie-Anne Leclerq
Amelia Rose Blaire
as Willa Burrell
James Frain
as Franklin Mott
Aisha Hinds
as Miss Jeanette
Scott Foley
as Patrick Devins
Noah Matthews
as Wade Cleary
Tara Buck
as Ginger
Gregg L. Daniel
as Rev. Daniels
James Parks
as Mack Rattray
Brit Morgan
as Debbie Pelt
Robert Patrick
as Jackson Herveaux
Arliss Howard
as Gov. Truman Burrell
John Rezig
as Deputy Kevin Ellis
Zeljko Ivanek
as Magiszter
Dale Dickey
as Martha Bozeman
Wes Brown
as Luke McDonald
Carolyn Hennesy
as Rosalyn Harris
J. Smith-Cameron
as Melinda Mickens
Cooper Huckabee
as Joe Lee Mickens
Courtney Ford
as Portia Bellefleur
Dan Buran
as Marcus Bozeman
Alfre Woodard
as Ruby Jean Reynolds
Will Yun Lee
as Mr. Gus
Paola Turbay
as Antonia
Lindsey Haun
as Hadley Hale
Shannon Lucio
as Caroline Compton
Lara Pulver
as Claudine
Ashley Grace
as Brigette
Keone Young
as Hido Takahashi
Dendrie Taylor
as Beverleen
Danielle James
as Randi Sue
Aaron Perilo
as Blackburn
Jeffrey Nicholas Brown
as Corbett Stackhouse
Danielle Sapia
as Maudette Pickens
Brandon Molale
as Off. Featherstone
Del Zamora
as Don Bartolo
Brian Geraghty
as Brian Eller
Alec Gray
as Coby Fowler
Chris Coy
as Barry Horowitz
Laurel Weber
as Lisa Fowler
Natalie Hall
as Amber Mills
Karina Logue
as Denise Rattray
John Fleck
as Dr. Overlark
Jacob Hopkins
as Alexander Drew
Jenni Blong
as Michelle Stackhouse
Marcia de Rousse
as Dr. Ludwig
Michael Bofshever
as Orry Dawson
Raoul Trujillo
as Longshadow
Kevin McHale
as Neil Jones
Anna Khaja
as Iraqi Woman
Zenali Turner
as Young Sookie
Ted Welch
as Joe Bob
Jennifer Hasty
as Woman with Fries
Henri Lubatti
as Nigel Beckford
Alec Gray
as Colby Fowler
John Prosky
as State Senator
Cheyenne Wilbur
as Uncle Bartlett
Dakin Matthews
as Dr. Robideaux
Skyler Vallo
as Chelsea
Helen Slayton-Hughes
as Caroline Bellefleur
Tamlyn Tomita
as Ms. Suzuki
Conor O'Farrell
as Judge Clements
Shishir Kurup
as Sanbir Gutta
Joe Maganiello
as Alcide Herveaux
James McCauley
as Paul McClatchy
Kate Luyben
as Natalie
Hugo Bianqui
as Head Priest
Sharon Tay
as News Show Moderator
Galadriel Stineman
as Joyce Watney
Andy Mackenzie
as Creepy Biker
Linda Purl
as Barbara Pelt
Matt Cook
as Jessie
Ismael 'East' Carlo
as Don Santiago
Steve Rankin
as Gordon Pelt
Missy Doty
as Vonetta
Helen Sadler
as Claudija
Caitlin Carmichael
as Little Girl
Todd Giebenhain
as Junior/Clerk
Ken Luckey
as Zander
Jessy Hodges
as Mustard
Brian Treitler
as Camera Operator
Rachel Sterling
as Sorority Girl
Charlotta Mohlin
as Authority Guard Captain
William Schallert
as Mayor Norris
Poncho Hodges
as Off. Trap
Josh Kelly
as Frat Boy
Kofi Natei
as Ruscio
Jessica Stroup
as Sorority Girl
Gary Kraus
as Married Man in Booth
David Ruprecht
as Televangelist
Hans Howes
as Elderly DGD Member
Gary Cole
as Earl Stackhouse
David Bickford
as Rev. Skinner
Jonathan Kowalsky
as Todd Jeffries
Kelli Maroney
as Televangelist
Caleb Steinmeyer
as Tolliver Humphries
Randy Oglesby
as Rev. Theodore Newlin
Thea Andrews
as Thea Andrews
Mike Akrawi
as Iraqi Man
Cody Christian
as Screaming Boy
Bill Maher
as Himself
Malcolm Goodwin
as Joe Thornton
Cheryl White
as Mrs. Hamby
George Gerdes
as Sid Matt Lancaster
Rebecca Wisocky
as Queen Mab
Lorin McCraley
as Grabbit Quik Clerk
Martin Spanjers
as Young Sam
Bess Armstrong
as Nancy Mills
Ben Lemon
as Mr. Hamby
Kathleen York
as Madeline Kapneck
John Henry Canavan
as Good Old Boy Vampire
Brett Rice
as Paul Mills
Phil Reeves
as Gen. Cavanaugh
David Wright
as Authority Gate Guard
Barbara Whinnery
as Child Psychologist
Lorna Scott
as Sav-A-Bunch Shopper
Erica Gimpel
as Faerie Elder
Michael Rothhaar
as William Compton Sr.
Robert Catrini
as Vampire Lawyer
Chris Cox
as Barry
Valarie Pettiford
as Mary Wright
John F. Schaffer
as Sav-A-Bunch Manager
Dawn Stern
as Cat Ingerslev
Lily Knight
as Mrs. Betty Harris
Michele Forbes
as Maryann Forrester
Jeanne Baron
as Hostess
Sean Bridgers
as Big Bobby
Greg Cipes
as Bufort
Sarah Scott
as Frances
Katherine Helmond
as Caroline Bellefleur
Larry Udy
as Man at Bar
Christopher Shand
as Boy S.O.T.S.
Betsy Rue
as Shawnelle
Ailsa Marshall
as Desk Clerk
Lillian Hurst
as Great Aunt Cecilia
Alice Ensor
as Customer #1
Rick Cramer
as Robert Rollins
Gina Morelli
as Very Old Woman
Grainger Hines
as Col. John Flood
Leslie Stevens
as Saleswoman
Christina Scherer
as Occupy Girl
David Lewis
as Teenage Customer
Dawn Olivieri
as Janice Herveaux
Duane Shepard Sr.
as Customer #2
Derek Ray
as Brent
Rod Britt
as Bank Manager
Chanon Finley
as Siren #1
Drew Rausch
as Julian Fortenberry
Paul Rae
as Dark Figure
Jodie Smith
as Siren #2
Price Carson
as Mean Looking Frenzier
Mel Fair
as TBBN Anchor
Ryan Novak
as Dancer #2
John Burke
as Jerry McCafferty
Rebecca Tilney
as Dr. Sekuler
Ken Rudolph
as KKJH Anchor
Sarah McCann
as Slave Girl
Chloe Holmes
as Siren #3
Brian Poth
as Vampire Matt
Valorie Hubbard
as Random Frenzier
Virginia Louise Smith
as Hospital Administrator
Tiffany Taylor
as Nan's Girl
Silvia Curiel
as Witch #3
Maz Jobrani
as Moroccan Proprietor
Rico McClinton
as LAVTF Task Force Leader
Labon K. Hester
as Young Jason
Hallock Beals
as Jerk at Bar
Sean Hemeon
as Russell's Security Guard
Ezra Masters
as Authority Guard #1
David Dean Bottrell
as Prof. Kannell
George Morris
as Russell's Security Guard
Melanie Camp
as Dorothy
Russ Hunt
as Sookie's Date #1
Gil Zuniga
as Businessman Vamp
Arthur Napiontek
as Fraternity Boy
Anne Mannal
as Female Reporter
Matthew Johnson
as Team Captain #1
Abbie Cobb
as Lindsey
Robert Parks-Valletta
as Sookie's Date #2
Grant Ollivier
as Baby Mikey
Hubert Hodgin
as Connor Farley
Andrew Thacher
as Officer Innes
Jason E. Kelley
as AHQ Guard #1
Jeremy Cohenour
as Fangtasia Protestor #1
Sam Adler
as Team Captain #2
Randy Hall
as Man in Bar
Wyatt Ollivier
as Baby Mikey
Linc Hand
as Officer Stutz
Ricki Noel Lander
as Servant Faerie
Jake Martin
as Fangtasia Protestor #2
Deborah Puette
as Sarah Compton-Harris
Todd Quillen
as Hartzell
Michelle Luchese
as Young Woman
Gabriel Solis
as Young Jesus
Bryant Romo
as AHQ Guard #2
Sam Schuder
as 11-year-old Faerie Girl #2
Anastasia Roark
as Christine Van Heusen
Travis Dixon
as Naked Prisoner
Lawrence Adimora
as Jemarcus Kessler
Melody Butiu
as Dr. Isani
Derek Mears
as Burly H-Vamp
Guy Perry
as Faerie Goblin
Kendall Lake
as Fangtasia Dancer
Stacie Rippy
as Cindy Marshall
Chloe East
as 11-year-old Faerie Girl #3
Isabella Rice
as Sarah Compton
Sam Horrigan
as Fangbanger
Dan Sachoff
as Conservative
Dave Marlin
as Iraqi Teen
Christie Ann Burson
as Ryder, Woman
Christian Malmin
as News Correspondent
Blake Michael
as Teenage Alcide
Avion Baker
as Young Tara
Heather Hopkins
as Teenage Debbie
Tahmus Rounds
as Drunk Man
Lisbeth Scott
as Singing Faerie
Erin Alexis
as Washcloth Helen
Carlos Antonio
as Street Preacher
Amber Dawn Landrum
as Caroline Compton
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Series Details

TV Network: HBO
Premiere Date: Sep 7, 2008
Genre: Horror
Executive Producers: Alan Ball, Gregg Fienberg, Brian Buckner, Angela Robinson, Mark Hudis, Alexander Woo, Raelle Tucker
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