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Wings (1990 - 1997)

Wings (1990 - 1997)





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Sensible Joe Hackett and his fun-loving brother, Brian, run a one-plane airline in this folksy ensemble sitcom. Their mutual friend (and on-again, off-again love interest for Joe) is Helen, who works the lunch counter while dreaming of being a cellist. Among their quirky coworkers: a dim-bulb maintenance man and Tony Shalhoub's Italian-immigrant cabbie. The series was produced by the same folks responsible for 'Cheers' and had a nice seven-year run.

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1996, NBC, 24 episodes

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1995, NBC, 26 episodes

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1994, NBC, 26 episodes

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1993, NBC, 24 episodes

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1992, NBC, 22 episodes

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1991, NBC, 22 episodes

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1990, NBC, 22 episodes

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1990, NBC, 6 episodes


Tim Daly
as Joe Hackett
Steven Weber
as Brian Hackett
Crystal Bernard
as Helen Chappel
Thomas Haden Church
as Lowell Mather
Tony Shalhoub
as Antonio Scarpacci
Rebecca Schull
as Fay Evelyn Cochran
David Schramm
as Roy Biggins
Farrah Forke
as Alex Lambert
Brian Haley
as Budd Bronski
Amy Yasbeck
as Casey Davenport
Thomas C. Ryan
as Agent Fulham
Kevin Brief
as Passenger
Adrian Arnold
as Young Joe
Samantha Murray
as Dennis Lundy
Torrey Hanson
as Passenger
Robert Colbert
as Deke Braverman
Ace Mask
as Mr. Tupperman
Maury Povich
as Himself
Natasha Pavlovich
as Anya Volkova
Susan Tyrell
as Sconset Sal
Robert Robertson
as Karl Spengler
Jack Ging
as Dan Mattay
Lisa Thornhill
as Mrs. Burton
Christopher Wiehl
as Shawn Palmer
Robert Starr
as Passenger
Peg Shirley
as Celia Stewart
Elizabeth Ince
as Cathy Windsor
Tom McCleister
as Fisherman
Hugh Maguire
as Businessman
Ray Laska
as Bouncer
Steve Nevil
as Frank Guttman
Kelly Miller
as Mrs. Tinsdale
Lesley Woods
as Moderator
Beau Byron
as Little Boy
Olivia Hack
as Cindy Brady
Kimberly Oja
as Lydia Biggins
Chuck Sloan
as Passenger
Teri Ralston
as Sister Ann
Anne Tremko
as Stripper
Jeffrey King
as Bartender
Allison Dunbar
as Bartender
Jo Brewer
as Nurse Carrie
as Young Helen
Susan Watson
as Passenger
Howard Shangraw
as Photographer
Robert Garrova
as Joe (age 8)
Sam Pancake
as Delivery Man
Craig Benton
as Passenger
Spencer Vrooman
as Young Brian
William Hickey
as Carlton Blanchard
Valerie Mahaffey
as Sandy Cooper
Tom Klunis
as Mr. Larson
Eric Christmas
as Liam McDougall
Blaine Gray
as Sgt. Steve
Cheryl Henry
as Passenger
Melora Marshall
as Box-Office Woman
Peter Trencher
as Hari Krishna #1
Jerry Bernard
as Bank Customer #1
Anne Francis
as Tough Talker
Carter Spohn
as Capt. Lameiras
Matt Koruba
as Joe (age 12)
Judy Gold
as Brenda
William Jackson
as Passenger
Kaye Kittrell
as Stewardess
Andy Berman
as Delivery Boy
Jerry Penacoli
as Stan Chester
Jeanette Miller
as Grammy Lynch
James Greene
as Frank Tremain (Man with Hat)
Ann Auther
as Alicia
Dana Anderson
as Candy Striper
Michael Bacall
as Teenager #2
Todd Waring
as Matthew
Robert Alan Browne
as Mr. Beekman
Concetta Tomei
as Roy's Ex-Wife
Hugh B. Holub
as Hari Krishna #2
Kate Benton
as Female Passenger
Jim Hudson
as Bank Customer #2
John Pappas
as Customer
Lucky Vanous
as Himself
Debbie Reynolds
as Mrs. Chappel
Sam Shamshack
as George #2
Justin Lanning
as Brian (age 7)
Linda Porter
as Old Lady
Laurel Lockhart
as Mrs. Beekman
Janice Kent
as Jeanette
Eric Sharp
as Dealer
Karen Hensel
as Mrs. McCloskey
Joe Banks
as Cold Boy #2
Ron James
as Tommy Morocco
Mark Davenport
as Mr. Hyson
Craig Barnett
as Capt. Siden
Sharon Barr
as Policewoman
Edwin Newman
as Himself
Ray Charles
as Ray Charles
Charles Cioffi
as Father Maguire
Bob Moore
as Bandleader
Van Epperson
as Man on Crutches
Mark Blum
as Larry
Ted Sorel
as Doctor
Andy Garrison
as Bodyguard
Bernie Kuby
as Mr. Lattimer
Charles Dougherty
as Hotel Manager
David Bickford
as Mr. Connelly
Amzie Strickland
as Mrs. Herbert
John P. Connolly
as Diner Owner
Nicholas Dunn
as Brian (age 10)
Spencer Smith
as Young Joe
Barbara Babcock
as Mrs. Hackett
Peri Gilpin
as Barbara
Jim Brochu
as Ed Snow
Ana Gabriel
as Barbara
Raye Birk
as Prince
Glenn Casale
as Male Passenger
Don Steele
as Radio Announcer
Tom Hatten
as Mr. Conley
Jane Carr
as Claire
Roger Hewlett
as Bodyguard
Sharon Lee Jones
as Blonde Woman
Harris Shore
as Dr. Bennett
Ed Beechner
as Football Player
Cherie Michan
as Waitress
Beau Starr
as Robber
Carolyn Lawrence
as Mrs. Fluker
Peter Tork
as Peter Tork
Rick Hall
as Reporter
Lorna Scott
as Angry Woman
Peggy Lipton
as Miss Jenkins
Edward Herrmann
as Architect
Paul Bates
as Lester
Cec Verrell
as Mrs. Harrison
Ivonne Coll
as Foreign Woman
Rif Hutton
as TV Anchorman
Paul Sutera
as Peter Brady
Neal Kopit
as Fireman
Carolyn Hennesy
as Flight Attendant
John Dullaghan
as Businessman
Claire Yarlett
as Stephanie
Keith Sellon-Wright
as Sportscaster
Kirstie Alley
as Rebecca Howe
Pete Gonneau
as Passenger
Tom O'Rourke
as Luggage Man
George Plimpton
as Therapist
Bill Wiley
as Gilbert
Raymond O'Connor
as Engineer Willy
Jeanne Bates
as Mrs. Peabody
Chip Zien
as Bippy
K.T. Vogt
as Cart Lady
Nancy Scher
as Voice of Trixie
Clint Black
as Clint Black
Katy Thorson
as Zarrina
Holly Gagnier
as Health Inspector
Dulcy Rogers
as Janice Lynn
Jeff Harlan
as Passenger
Chris Elliott
as Neighbor
Scott Williams
as Boyfriend
Michael J. Pollard
as Ferry Brother
Fred Roggin
as Himself
Rick Lenz
as Jerry
Shannon Tweed
as Brian's Girlfriend
Roger Til
as Busard
Deborah May
as Roy's Date
Marilyn Child
as Female Travel Agent
Michael McNab
as Secret Service Man
Soupy Sales
as Instructor
Lesley Boone
as Cheerleader
Ally Walker
as Passenger
Kim Oja
as Roy'sNiece
Steve Young
as Steve Young
Rocky McMurray
as Security Guard
John Ducey
as Board Member
Adam Gregor
as Foreign Man
Ralph P. Martin
as Angry Man
Gabe Dell Jr.
as Delivery Boy
Robert Ridgely
as Big Strong Man
Tim Stack
as Thompson
Bruce Gray
as Reverend
Robert Joy
as Grayson
Sheila Shaw
as Group Leader
Lillian Adams
as Older Lady
Matthew Fox
as Ty Warner
Peter Brown
as Surgeon
Jack Kehler
as Ferry Brother
Douglas Rowe
as Reverend
Pat Hingle
as Grandfather
Seth Green
as Casey's Boyfriend
Leslie Cook
as Roberta
Oliver North
as Oliver North
Paul Ainsley
as Panel Member
James Green
as Man with Hat
Rose Marie
as Roy's Mother
Kelsey Grammer
as Dr. Frasier Crane
as Little Helen
Walter Addison
as Passenger #1
Eric Saiet
as Mr. Fluker
Bryant Gumbel
as Bryant Gumbel
Teddi Siddall
as Woman Contractor
Jane Childerhose
as Audience Member
Jay Leno
as Jay Leno
Nick Meaney
as Photographer
Jim Tavare
as Jim Tavare
Ellen Albertini Dow
as Video Store Clerk
Suzanne Goddard
as Passenger #2
as Ginger Vitis
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TV Network: NBC
Premiere Date: Apr 19, 1990
Genre: Comedy
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