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Wiseguy (1987 - 1990)

Wiseguy (1987 - 1990)





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A compelling Stephen J. Cannell drama about undercover FBI agent Vinnie Terranova, who tries to infiltrate organized crime after having served time to establish his credibility with the underworld. The show pioneered the use of multi-episode arcs, and was less a standard cop drama than a string of first-rate miniseries about the seductiveness of evil, thanks to some memorable villains (including Kevin Spacey and Joan Severance as the gleefully sinister Mel Profitt and his sexy sister Susan).

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1990, CBS, 9 episodes

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1989, CBS, 22 episodes

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1988, CBS, 22 episodes

Critics Consensus: One of the first serialized network dramas, Wiseguy powerfully depicts the criminal underworld with bombastic swagger and wit.

1987, CBS, 22 episodes


Ken Wahl
as Vinnie Terranova
Steven Bauer
as Michael Santana
Jonathan Banks
as Frank McPike
Jim Byrnes
as `Lifeguard' Burroughs
Gerald Anthony
as Father Peter Terranova
Ray Sharkey
as Sonny Steelgrave
Joe Dallesandro
as Paul Patrice
Dennis Lipscomb
as Sid Royce
Jessica Steen
as Tracy Steelgrave
Eric Christmas
as Harry `The Hunchback' Schanstra
William Russ
as Roger LoCocco
Joan Severance
as Susan Profitt
Kevin Spacey
as Mel Profitt
David Spielberg
as Herb Ketcher
Elsa Raven
as Carlotta Terranova Aiuppo
Ken Jenkins
as Beckstead
Anthony John Denison
as John Henry Raglin
Jerry Lewis
as Eli Sternberg
Ron Silver
as David Sternberg
Patricia Charbonneau
as Carole Sternberg
Stanley Tucci
as Rick Pinzolo
Harry Goz
as Phil Bernstein
Glenn Frey
as Bobby Travis
Paul Winfield
as Isaac Twine
Patti D'Arbanville
as Amber Twine
Tim Curry
as Winston Newquay
George Petrie
as Don Rudy Aiuppo
Tony Romano
as Poochy Pompio
John Snyder
as Grosset
Steve Ryan
as Mark Volchek
James Stacy
as Rogosheske
Maximilian Schell
as Amado Guzman
Robert Harper
as Dewitt Clipton
Kim Greist
as Katherine Gallagher
Arnie Walters
as Innkeeper
Stephen Joyce
as Walter Strichen
as Dalia
Joe Shea
as Mahoney
Fredric Lehne
as Winston Chambers III
Ada Maris
as Celia
Lisa Waltz
as Lauren
Gianni Russo
as Dave Steelgrave
Robert Miranda
as Jerry Greco
Aharon Ipalé
as George Zaratzo
Xander Berkeley
as Ray Spiotto
David Strathairn
as Matthew Stemkowsky
Ben Halley Jr.
as Henri LaLonde
Deidre Hall
as Claudia Newquay
Anne De Salvo
as Gina Grosset
Billy Wirth
as Eddie Tempest
Robert Davi
as Cerrico
Kevin Quigley
as Blair Briggs
Matthew Faison
as Dr. Tower
Badja Djola
as Etoile De Joi
Mariska Hargitay
as Debbie Amico
Rene Rokk
as Mendosa
Nestor Serrano
as Kiki Vanno
Eddie Bracken
as Father Patrick
James Handy
as Chief Yates
John Philbin
as Stephen
Ray Stricklyn
as Sen. Pickering
Alex Panas
as Martinez-Gacha
Joan Chen
as Maxine
Jim Youngs
as Jimmy `The Legend' Vitale
Robert Harper
as Dewitt Clipton
Marc Macaulay
as Jake Schine
David Schramm
as Dr.Hasburgh
Wayne Tippett
as Flanagan
Georgann Johnson
as Janet Getzloff
Stan Shaw
as Biggs
Carlos Gomez
as Dag Machado
Yvette Heyden
as Gina Augustina
Billy Vera
as Joey Romanowski
Nathan Davis
as Joe Baglia
David Wilson
as Dr. Auricchio
Annette Bening
as Karen Leland
Rance Howard
as Ernest Haynes
Coletta Wise
as Shirley
Raymond Forchion
as Cecil Demont
Dan Lauria
as Phillips
Jason Bernard
as Attorney General
Manolo Villaverde
as Rafael Santana
Robert Mangiardi
as Also Baglia
Ron Taylor
as Monroe Blue
Jeff Irvine
as Kenderson
John Nesci
as Corbridge
Jack Wohl
as Epstein
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TV Network: CBS
Premiere Date: Sep 16, 1987
Genre: Drama
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