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Young Sheldon (2017 - )

Young Sheldon (2017 - )






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Spin-off of "The Big Bang Theory" follows 9-year-old Sheldon Cooper as he grows up in East Texas and attends high school.

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2020, CBS, 18 episodes

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2019, CBS, 21 episodes

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2018, CBS, 22 episodes

Critics Consensus: Young Sheldon's appealing cast and relatable themes bring a fresh -- and overall enjoyable -- perspective to its central character's familiar story.

2017, CBS, 22 episodes


Iain Armitage
as Young Sheldon Cooper
Lance Barber
as George Sr.
Jim Parsons
as Sheldon Cooper
Matt Hobby
as Pastor Jeff
Wallace Shawn
as Dr. John Sturgis
Wyatt McClure
as Billy Sparks
Doc Farrow
as Coach Bergdoff
Valerie Mahaffey
as Mrs. MacElroy
Danielle Pinnock
as Mrs. Ingram
Brian Stepanek
as Mr. Givens
Sarah Baker
as Ms. Hutchins
Rex Linn
as Principal Petersen
Melissa Peterman
as Brenda Sparks
Isabel May
as Veronica
Billy Gardell
as Herschel Sparks
Ed Begley Jr.
as Dr. Linkletter
Richard Kind
as Ira Rosenbloom
Mary Grill
as Officer Robin
Vernee Watson-Johnson
as Nurse Robinson
John Hartman
as Dr. Goetsch
Katherine Von Till
as Local Newscaster
Dave Florek
as Dr. Eberland
Vyvy Nguyen
as Trang Nguyen
Melissa Tang
as Ms. Fenley
Jason Alexander
as Mr. Lundy
Amy Farrington
as Dr. Sandra Thorpe
Sharon Ferguson
as Madam Laveau
Bill Chott
as Franklin
Jason E. Kelley
as Moving Guy
Jason Kravits
as Dr. Hodges
Cleo King
as Mrs. Costello
Michael Cudlitz
as NASA Director
Nick Carson
as Pat Culpepper
Wallace Langham
as Dr. Edward Pilson
Brielle Barbusca
as Cheerleader
Cheyenne Nguyen
as Mai Nguyen
Tim Griffin
as Clint Watson
Chris Ellis
as Marty Steinbecker
Jayne Taini
as Phyllis
Scott Peat
as Gerome
David Theune
as Scientist
Ella Allan
as Bobbi Sparks
Karly Rothenberg
as Mrs. Veazey
Angelina Nguyen
as Kim-Ly Nguyen
Duane Shepard Sr.
as Mr. Bustifer
Billy Sparks
as Wyatt McClure
Julie Hagerty
as Ms. Hutchins
Mia Allan
as Bobbi Sparks
Jonathan Brooks
as Radio DJ, V.O.
Carol Mansell
as Mrs. Krawcynski
Cooper North
as Student
Pam Cook
as Diane
Susan Chuang
as Dr. Lee
David Futernick
as Man In Crowd
Paul Yen
as Le Nguyen
Adam Kulbersh
as Fred Murphy
Piort Michael
as Emergency Alert, V.O.
Dennis Cockrum
as Mr. Stover
Bunnie Rivera
as Prayer Group #1
Kevin D'Arcy
as DMV Employee
Carlease Burke
as Mrs. Ebner
Deb Hiett
as Susan
Marcia Ann Burrs
as Woman at Church
Isaac Faulkner
as Party Guy
Isabella Coben
as Nell Cavanaugh
Joyce Greenleaf
as Prayer Group #3
Zoran Radanovich
as Russian Dad
Dale Raoul
as Melissa
Robert Clotworthy
as Mayor Harrison
Heather Olt
as Waitress
Anthony S. Johnson
as Prayer Group #4
Brian Chenoweth
as Prayer Group #5
Caleigh Kilpatrick
as Abigail Baker
Kirt Kishita
as Japanese Dad
Kirk Bovill
as Actor #1
Monica García
as Coughing Teacher
Kiva Jump
as Daisy
Shane Blades
as Actor #2
Jim Beaver
as Kenneth
Kurt Koehler
as Nurse Pryor
James Sklena
as Detention Student #1
Joy Jacobson
as Actress
Christopher Griffin
as Detention Student #2
Rich Grosso
as Croupier
Marty Ryan
as Umpire
Christopher Farrar
as Speak & Spell Kid
Teddy Vincent
as Woman on Bus
Bob Rumnock
as Older Man
John Rubinstein
as Rabbi Schneiderman
Stone Eisenmann
as Detention Student #3
J. Rene Pena
as Caroline
Hannah Eisenmann
as Detention Student #4
Barry Corbin
as Mr. Gilford
Tiffany Jeneen
as Shopper #1
Ryan Stiles
as dr Bowers
Doug Cox
as Pastor Dave
Jill Lover
as Woman in Crowd
Lily Sanfelippo
as Eleven-Year-Old Amy
Trenton Lucas
as Young Student
Wayne Wilderson
as Dr. Gilbert
Sammie Denton
as DMV Patron
Becki Dennis
as Employee
Knox Gagnon
as Russian Son
Aaron D. Alexander
as Customer #1
Evan Kishiyama
as Japanese Son
Franco Vega
as Agent #1
John Eddins
as Paramedic
Timothy E. Goodwin
as Shifty Fellow
Kate Fuglei
as Woman with Bag
Heather McPhaul
as Prayer Group #2
Bianca Lopez
as Pregnant Woman
Ava Cantrell
as Drama Student #1
DeShawn Cavanaugh
as Wrath Room Actor #1
Alex Jackson Long
as Wrath Room Actor #2
Heidi Pascoe
as Bar Patron #2
Tim Storms
as Bar Patron #1
Kevyn Bashore
as Church Parishioner
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