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Koroshiya 1: The Animation Episode 0

Anime backstory of how Ichi became the killer he is in the movie after being pushed too far by society.


A cute assassin and her friends use their skills to make the country a better place - by killing the warlords! I wasn't too sure what to expect of this film but have seen better. The swordsplay in the directors' more recent 'Aragami' is much better than this - seek it out instead.

Átame! (Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!)

What's a better way to get the girl than a simple greeting in the form of a headbutt and a punch? Tieing her up after and forcing her to fall in love with you helps too! Bondage never hurt a healthy relationship...if it was healthy to begin with that was!

Tropic Thunder

Maybe I was expecting more after everyone telling me it was so hilarious but it disappointed me. Some great one-liners but Tom Cruise was the one who stole the show with his terrorist negotiations and end credit dance scene - you need to see it to believe it! Funniest thing Cruise has done in ages and funniest thing that I've seen in ages!


A proud virgin discovers she has a particularly nasty way to disarm or should I say 'behead' males! Lots of severed penises (and fingers!) and male viewers squirming in their seats! Well, sex IS a weapon...

Smart People
Smart People(2008)

It's a kinda cliche story with a lazy brother (Haden Chuch) of a brilliant professor (Quaid) helping him overcome the passing of his wife and deal with his family, most of all his daughter (Page) who sees her father as a role model and wants to be just like him. I only rented this because Ellen Page recently became my favourite actress but while nowhere near as good as Juno and Hard Candy, was still entertaining.

No Man's Land: The Rise of Reeker

This time the scenario is a standoff at the same diner between bank robbers and the police with each experiencing hallucinations and witnessing the deceasad. The film also reveals the history and origins of the Reeker, which is interesting. While not as good as the first film (certain parts just lack something), I'm all for a trilogy.

Reekers: L'Odeur de la mort

I wasn't sure what to expect out of this but I was pleasantly surprised. The plot is close to cliche with a group of kids running out of gas and end up at a deserted motel only to be killed one by one. However, some start to see strange things - dead bodies moving of their own accord, hallucinations and the killer isn't quite as you'd expect either. The film ends differently from what you'd expect and wraps everything up in a different fashion. The film is riding the borderline between cliche and originality but does it well.

Quantum of Solace

Watch out 007! It's a dodgy titled Bond film with a pretty rubbish theme song! However, you do have saving grace with some close combat, chases, Bond babe Olga Kurylenko and mad stunts. This time around we have Bond tracking down a secret organisation because they killed the woman he loved (awwwwww) and M gets annoyed at him a lot for this (tut tut), which he doesn't really care about much. Not as good as Casino Royale but still a great film and still better than slick-haired, CGI-using Brosnans' portayal of 007.


B-Movie horror with hired mercenaries protecting a surveyor only to end up in a nazi bunker with a supernatural threat and start to end up as Nazi fodder. It's never somewhere nice is it? Why not survey a beach in Miami and protect him from jellyfish. Nazi jellyfish! Nazi crabs too! Zombie Nazi sharks! Now that would be fun!

Monty Python's Life of Brian

The crew return to cause disarray in biblical times, this time following the life of Brian who finds himself joining a group in order to take down the Romans while dealing with his newfound status as Messiah, a haggler who considers him useless at the art and lots of puns involving Biggus Dickus and crucifixion, oh, and a random alien spaceship! Not as good as Holy Grail but a fine effort. He's not a Messiah, he's a very naughty boy!


Don't you hate it when a gorgeous babe (Jolie) tells you your dad was really an assassin and that you've inherited his gift for curving bullets and are the only one able to avenge your father? No? Must be just me then! Cue lots of impossible sniping, swearing, slow-mo, bullets going around corners and more of the mad shit that you'd expect from the Night Watch director.

Iron Man
Iron Man(2008)

A billionaire weapons inventor and probably the most sarcastic superhero ever is kidnapped during a weapons demonstration and forced to build his latest missile. Pissed off that they have access to his weapons somehow, he builds a big-ass suit and walks out (after blowing shit up). On returning home he starts work on a suit based on his prototype to use to destroy his illegal weapon shipments. For the comic knowledgeable, watch out for the references to War Machine, SHIELD and there's an extra scene after the credits too. This was one of the most enjoyable superhero films I've seen recently.

The Forbidden Kingdom

When the film began with the Monkey King (Jet Li) wire-working his way across mountain tops and fighting soldiers I was dreading the rest of the movie but it's probably the worst part of this movie (unless you count the girl Sparrow who talks about herself in 3rd person all the time). It was great to see Chan back doing the Drunken Fist plus it's worth checking out his fight against the monk (also played by Jet Li). It was about time they were pitted against each other. Now all we need is Van Damme and Seagal to battle...actually scrap that...Chuck Norris and Mr.T - now there's a real battle! Hollywood, where's the script?

Superman Returns

The Man of Steel returns to Earth after years learning to wear his underpants UNDER his costume but is still unable to do it! He then discovers Lois Lane (played by the yummy Kate Bosworth) is married to Cyclops from X-Men and they fight to the death! Well, not really but that would have been fun. Lois is, however, married to the guy who PLAYS Cyclops in X-Men (James Marsden). So cue lots of drama amid top CGI scenes such as the airplane rescue and the minigun assault (my two fave scenes) while Lex Luthor unleashes his evil scheme against the world while smug in the fact that at least HE can dress properly.

The Mist
The Mist(2007)

A mist containing a variety of imaginative creatures trap a large group of townspeople within a grocery store but the deadliest threat comes with the conflicts within where a preacher woman claims it is Gods' wrath due to the sinners that mock him. The ending is a kicker though - don't miss it.

Zombie Strippers

Three things I'm a fan of: Zombie movies, random movies and B-Movies. However, I'm not a Jenna Jameson fan, which is unfortunate, because her stripping is probably the best thing about this. The movie is littered with cliches and there are few memorable moments in the film. Everyone asks me when I express my disappointment at this movie what I was expecting out of a movie called 'Zombie Strippers'. My answer: a B-movie with a plot as ridiculous as Zombie Strippers has one thing - potential. Unfortunately it was untapped.

Transporter 2

Things I Learned From Watching Transporter 2: It's pointful for the villains' woman to walk around in her underwear or less during the entire movie because she's 'crazy'. Villains can be introduced via a kendo sparring match despite never getting to use a sword in the whole film and only getting in a tiny punch-up at the very end of the film. It takes less than a clip of a gun to reduce a helicopter to a CGI explosion. I rated this 4/5 originally but after a rewatch I'm moving it down to 3/5. It's watchable but a very poor sequel compared to the original.

Km 31
Km 31(2006)

After a fatal car accident that leaves a woman in a coma, her twin sister, her boyfriend and her sisters' boyfriend all set out to unravel what really happened and find a backlog of similar accidents on the same stretch of road that all relate to a tragic accident many years ago. This was a pretty good movie and those who like the recent spat of J-Horrors on offer should try this Mexican offering as it falls on similar ground. That saying, after watching so many J-Horrors, this doesn't really offer anything refreshing although the car scene at the beginning is pretty grisly.

Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer

Jack Brooks is unsuccessful by standards, especially when it comes to controlling his temper. When his teacher (Englund) starts developing unusual characteristics and symptoms it all boils down to a showdown at school between the plumber with anger management problems and the demonic teacher and his undead minions. This could become a cult series if sequels are made in the right way and the Army-of-Darkness-esque cover is a nice touch. Worth checking if you're a B-Movie lover.

The Incredible Hulk

An ultimately more successful film, Banner (Norton) returns as the scientist but this time on the run from the government while trying to cure himself of the monster within. However, his former love, has faith that the Hulk is not just rage and that Banner' essence still lingers within. In the end, he must make the ultimate choice though. Superb special effects and casting (I'm not a Liv Tyler fan but I found her likeable in this film). Great cameo at the end too for all the comic fans out there.


Was half-decent

Hellboy II: The Golden Army (Hellboy 2)

The group are back to stop a mythical world laying dominion over Earth. The creature designs are great, as usual with del Toro's movies, but it lacked the punch that the first film delivered. A sideline of drama between Hellboy and Selma Blair discussing their living arrangements and future together sat uncomfortably with me and the camera panned in too close at time during the action scenes with Luke Goss so you couldnt really make out what was going on. The hint at the possibility of Hellboy destroying mankind near the end was interesting though and I hope that the third film has a darker tone than this lighter sequel did.

Fatal Contact

A performer at a circus with great martial arts skills gets involved with an underground fight promoter who wishes to recruit him. Despite his initial refusal, he wishes to support his female friend (not really a girlfriend as such) but is too poor to do so and soon gets in too deep to back out. The martial arts sequences are great and there's a nice little twist near the end too. The character of Captain throws in the humour to balance out the action making this a great action film although sometimes the dialogue seems a bit off at times.

Superman: Doomsday

Superman (voiced by the awesome Adam Baldwin) has to stop a destructive creature known as Doomsday when a secret LexCorps project accidentally unleashes it. However, things don't fare so well for the beloved superhero. Based on the 'Death of Superman' series (yet to read), this is a pretty decent cartoon and Superman fans should def check it out.

The Cottage
The Cottage(2008)

When two argumentative brothers hold the daughter of a crime boss hostage at a house in the middle of nowhere, their plan goes hilariously awry and turns into a total disaster. When the bitchy daughter takes control of the situation, they run into a deranged farmer who's hiding a lot of nasty secrets and starts eliminating the trespassers one by one. It was funnier than I thought it was going to be and there are some pretty gory moments in it. Plus superbabe Jennifer Ellison is in it which is always a bonus in my eyes! Worth trying if you're a fan of comedy horror.

Big Stan
Big Stan(2009)

When a con man (Schneider) is caught out and faces prison, he hires a mysterious martial arts master master (Carradine) to help him defend himself against the people inside, set on not only becoming the main man in prison but also on stopping the weaker inmates from being picked on and making severe changes such as 'no raping' and 'music changes'. However, the warden has plans for the prison and he needs them on their worst behaviour. I was surprised at the martial arts sequences, they were well done and choreographed - it shows Schneider puts in a lot of effort and although he's no Chan or Li - he can still kick ass.

Alone in the Dark

Perhaps Bolls' only decent film, although having never played the games I can't compare them. Carnby (Slater) is a paranormal investigator searching for clues to his past while keeping steps ahead of those trying to stop him. B-movie territory with Slater doing martial arts, Dorff playing his ex-boss and some pretty awesome (in my opinion) CGI creatures to boot.

Bubba Ho-Tep
Bubba Ho-Tep(2003)

What if Elvis Presley never died but instead traded lives with an impersonator ? Stuck in a rest home where no-one believes his true identity, an elderly Elvis (Bruce Campbell) lays, contemplating his regrets in regards to his old lifestyle, family and what the hell the weird growth is on the end of his pecker that requires a nurse lubing it!!! When scarab beetles start attacking residents, zimmer-frame wielding Elvis and his friend, a black J.F.Kennedy (according to him he never died, they 'dyed' him black to conceal him from enemies!) they must team up and stop an even greater threat - a soul-sucking Egyptian mummy roaming the retirement home at night! Only the legend that is Bruce Campbell could get away with a random film like this. It's still great fun to watch and has some great lines in it delivered by the man himself, You gotta be intrigued by the concept - where else you going to find an elderly King of Rock 'n' Roll battle the King of the Dead?

High Risk
High Risk(1995)

Think 'Die Hard' now think - the poor, Chinese rip-off version and voila you have 'Meltdown'. How many comparisons can you make between the two? They even have the 'token' black hacker! Jackie Cheung plays an actor who claims to 'do his own stunts' but is actually a coward and has Jet Li as his bodyguard and stunt double. However, the best fight belongs to Cheung as he goes 'Bruce Lee' for a one-on-one fight - some great moves!

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

Special effects make a movie not! Rick O'Connell returns as Rick O'Connell, who rather than being an adventurous tomb raider, has now settled down with his wife (now played by Maria Bello) in their mansion with a butler and spends his days fishing. From the start, the film isn't that good. Watching the couple in their new married life is boring and Bello can't hold a candle to Weisz - she is neither as talented or as gorgeous. She has an annoying voice too and the whole jump-around-office-with-sword to jumpstart her writing imagination was just daft and cliche. Their son, Alex, has grown up and is now doing what his father used to do and has the first action scene, dodging traps and holding his own against an assassin and who gets some of the best movie scenes. Jet Li is mostly a special effect for the duration of the movie until near the end. It was a disappointing third film and had the potential to be so much more.


A cameraman and TV host accompany a firecrew for a TV programme about a nights' work for them but end up being contained within an apartment complex with the residents, fire crew and police when a crazed woman attacks them and spreads a deadly virus throughout. Works very well as a horror and must be the first zombie film that people actually TELL others that they've been bit! See this Spanish original before the forthcoming Hollywood remake.

Astérix et le coup du menhir (Asterix and the Big Fight)

Obelix lands the whole village in trouble when he causes the village druid to get amnesia and forget the recipe for their one defence against the Romans: the super potion. With a mischievous travelling conman spreading fortunes of dark omens and causing panic in the village, it's up to Asterix to try and bring the Druids' memory back before the Romans make a final attack on the village.

Les Douze travaux d'Astérix (The Twelve Tasks of Asterix)

Asterix and Obelix must tackle 12 tasks set by Ceasar to determine whether they are Gods or not due to their superhuman abilities. If they win all tasks, Ceasar will hand over his Empire but if they fail a single task, the Gauls must hand over the village. My personal favourite Asterix cartoon, has some great humourous touches to it.

Asterix and the Vikings

I've always loved the Asterix cartoons so couldn't resist renting this. Had the usual brawls against the Romans but they find the Vikings to be tougher to bring down. Some great music in it too inc. Eye of the Tiger lol wild boar anyone?

Asterix in Britain

Asterix and Obelix embark on a 'stealth' mission to deliver a barrel of magic potion to Britain to help them against the invading Romans who find out about the plan and try to destroy the potion at all costs.

Astérix et la surprise de César (Asterix and Caesar)

Asterix and Obelix must journey to rescue a new arrival and her boyfriend when they are kidnapped outside the village. However, they must go through the Romans, slave traders and even gladiators to find their villagers and what will happen when Asterix misplaces his magic potion? Average movie in the series.

In Bruges
In Bruges(2008)

Two hitmen are ordered to lay low in Bruges (Belgium) after a hit goes wrong. While Ray (Farrell) hates the place and puts it on equal terms as Hell, Ken (Glesson) loves being a tourist for the fortnight they're there. Lots of swearing and some great lines, great film.

Jackie Chan's Who Am I? (Wo shi shei) (Who Am I?)

Some awesome action scenes but the end fight is amazing (followed by the OOT arrest of the bad guy lol)

Death Note (Desu nôto) (TV SHOW)

Live-Action adaptation of the hit anime in which a psychological battle of wits occurs when a top student who possesses the ability to kill people with the aid of a note book has to avert suspicion off himself when a mysterious agent of the police force known only as 'L' leads an investigation into the mysterious deaths occuring around the world. The CGI is a little 'obvious' when it comes to the God of Death but the acting is great especially he who plays 'L'. The fans of the anime series will find plenty to compare and see plenty left out but will also see new scenes not in the anime. All-in-all, a great thriller and live-action adaptation that has me waiting for the sequel.


When a woman takes her sister (McGowan) back to her hometown for a holiday, they find that the town is deserted. After the appearance of a few dead bodies, the girls decide to leave quick but bump into the sheriff (Affleck) of another town who lost contact with an officer and brough along some deputies to investigate. The further they move into the town, the creepier things get and the worse things get. Although this is a dated movie, it starts off with a creepy atmosphere, not unlike Silent Hill, but lsoes the creepiness in order for some sci-fi to enter the frame but still ends up as a halfway decent horror.

The Game Plan

Joe Kingman (The Rock) is a quarterback with it all - money, women and fans - but the arrival of a 7-yr-old girl, the daughter he never knew, turns his life upside down trying to balance fatherhood and his celebrity lifestyle. This film was pretty good, had some great scenes but the ending was predictable in the way you could tell how everything was going to turn out.

The Spiderwick Chronicles

When a family move into the old Spiderwick Estate, the problematic son comes across a secret room where a strange book unlocks a hidden world to him but also attracts an evil force that need the book in order to destroy the fantasy world. Soon, the brothers and sister are being hunted by goblins and other creatures as they try to find a way to destroy the enchanted book. This was a pretty good fantasy film with some decent special effects in it.

The Abandoned

An adopted woman inherits a house after her real mother dies and so returns to her homeland, Russia, to find out information about who her mother was. During a search of the house, she meets the brother she never knew but a threat remains in the house in the shape of their dopplegangers who have taken the form of their future dead selves. This film was pretty atmospheric and was an interesting idea although I felt it was ruined by parts of the end.

Columbo: Make Me a Perfect Murder (TV SHOW)

Season 7 Episode 3 - A high-flying TV executive kills her boss/secret lover while managing to have an alibi and a witness to her whereabouts. Columbo is soon on the scene doing what he does best - annoying the suspect.

Orora gongju (Princess Aurora)

Starting off with a brutal stabbing in the ladies' toilets of a department store - the police are soon on the scene and are soon on the trail of a seemingly random serial killer. The motive is unknown but soon the officer in charge finds the answer closer than he thinks. This was a really good movie, the actress was gorgeous too and she made the part believable. The only bad things I have to say is that after the police investigate the first murder they have come to the conclusion it wasn't an 'accident' (well, she was stabbed, duh!) and it was revenge and a woman did it without actually explaining how they came to the conclusion. Also, the reason she is committing the murders isn't revealed until near the end but on the back of the DVD case it tells you part of the reason. Sort of a spoiler to the final scenes! All-in-all though, this was a great movie.

Columbo: Try and Catch Me (TV SHOW)

Season 7 Episode 1 - A successful crime writer locks her nephew in a soundproof vault in her room, making it look like a theft that went wrong but Columbo isn't as fooled. Seeking her help in the unravelling of the case, Columbo finds out that the victim left something behind that may be the key to the case.

Columbo: Murder Under Glass (TV SHOW)

Season 7 Episode 2 - Columbo investigates the poisoning of a restaurant chef but the suspect had already left before he was killed. As the battle of wits begins, Columbo must figure out how the victim was poisoned.

The Dark Knight

It was no secret that this was going to make a load of cash due to the combined Batman fans and Heath Ledger fans/tributers but how did it fare as a movie? Well, the truth is, it was excellent. Like the previous installment, it's another success in the franchise and mostly due to The Joker. He really does steal the spotlight from the rest of the cast. Probably the best villian ever. He's just so fun to watch and there are so many funny things he does such as the 'disappearing pencil' trick and his whole hospital bomb scene. Another great film in the franchise and also, a great CGI job for two-face, top notch effects.

The Orphanage

A woman decides to open up the orphanage she grew up in to take care of other kids in her situation along with her husband, a doctor, and their son, who has a penchant for imaginary friends. Soon after settling, things start to happen among them is her sons' disappearance. She soon realises that they might not be alone in the house despite the scepticism from her husband and a police psychologist and finds a horrifying secret in the past. This is true horror, none of the rubbish US attempts, if this doesn't make you jump then there is something wrong with you. Some great visual effects and a solid acting job by the cast.

American Gangster

Frank Lucas (Washington) decides to cut out the middle-man on drugs and be his own boss, soon flooding the streets with his own drug Blue Magic while maintaining an ordinary life with his family and new wife. Meanwhile, an honest cop hated among the corrupt cops, Richie (Crowe) is asked to head a special task force to take down the big names in drugs but he just can't find out where the new drug is coming from. Great performances from both sides.

The Woods
The Woods(2006)

New girl Heather (Agnes Bruckner) isn't haven't the greatest time. Her mother is shoving her into an all-girls school due to trouble she caused, one girl seems bent on making her life miserable and the teachers are all strange. The woods outside the school seem to whisper to her too. When she learns of girls disappearing from the school and the back story behind the place, she realises that the voices she hears and the things she sees may not be so crazy after all. This isn't a scary film, pretty tame, the legend that is Bruce Campbell doesn't have any words when he first appears at the start but comes back later on. The best bit of the film? Bruce looking for a way in the school and entering the shed...we were hoping for a chainsaw to be there but that would have been too much of a tribute. He does get a one-liner earlier on though!


Arnie has to rescue his daughter (a very young Alyssa Milano) from a dictator and so arms himself to the teeth with weapons and one-liners, beats up a lot of people and develops a passion for ripping things like phone booths and pipes off the walls and throwing them! Although, very little brain behind the brawn, did he think the police wouldn't come if he broke into a store using a bulldozer. Watch out for the stunt dummies in the explosive finale! For Arnie fans and action junkies alike.

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

Ricky Bobby (Ferrell) is the #1 NASCAR driver with everything, the money, the house, the wife, the best friend and the kids (named Walker and Texas Ranger!). This all comes crashing down when a challenger in the form of Girard (Sacha Baron Cohen), a top gay French driver who shows him up. So it's up to Ricky Bobby to win back the title and his fans with a little help from his father. Will Ferrell never turns out to be the best thing about his films. In this case, the best line has to be from Girard quipping 'I saw Highlander. It was shit!' as he rams Ricky. Great quote!

Old School
Old School(2003)

A trio of friends (Will Ferrell, Luke Wilson and Vince Vaughn) start a secret off-campus frat-house but attract attention from the dean who wants it closed down. An average comedy with a few funny scenes, notably the cinderblock drop and the 'kidnappings'. However, I didn't need to see a naked Ferrell streaking down the road but this was forgiven for Elisha Cuthbert lying on her stomach in her underwear. Pity she wasn't involved in the topless wrestling...


Wasn't sure what to expect from this but this isn't the average superhero movie that always comes out. Hancock (Will Smith) is an alcoholic superhero who has the destructive capability of his and Martin Lawrences' Bad Boys characters combined. Unfortunately the public are always the victims. When he saves a Public Relations agent from a train, he does something that Hancock doesn't expect: he thanks him and later tells Hancock that he should be appreciated by mankind not shunned. So he helps Hancock to transform in the public eye but will Hancock have the patience? After all he's bulletproof and can fly, no-one can stand in his way! There are some great scenes in this, notably the prison scene (anyone who has seen it will know which i'm talking of), the action scenes are top notch and as usual Smith delivers the one-liners. After the disappointment of 'I Am Legend', it's nice to see Will Smith in top form again.

Anchorman - The Legend Of Ron Burgundy

Ron Burgundy (Will Farrell) is part of an all-male news team who are #1 in the ratings but their teamwork and friendship is tested when a female is introduced to the team. There are some funny scenes throughout and cameos from Jack Black, Ben Stiller and even the legendary Danny Trejo. Brick (Steve Carrell) said the funniest lines throughout but would have probably enjoyed the movie more if I hadn't heard every one-liner quoted for weeks beforehand.

Columbo: The Bye-Bye Sky High I.Q. Murder Case

Season 6 Episode 3 (last episode of season) - Columbo investigates a murder within a group that contains some of the highest IQs in the world. Rigging up the room to sound like the victim is shot and the killer is exiting a door on the other side as they enter while the real murderer is with them, it'll take Columbo all his mental power to catch out the killer. Great riddle in this episode where the killer tests Columbos IQ. Cleverly done episode.

Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny

I'm not overly fond of Jack Black but I'm even less fond of the band Tenacious D, which, in my opinion, write some of the worst songs I've ever heard, especially when most of the lyrics seem to be sound effects than words. My friend said, and I quote, 'I'll put on the first five minutes' but kept the whole film on. A film starring Tenacious D with a soundtrack mostly by Teacious D didn't bode well with me. Worst soundtrack I've ever heard starring two over-rated individuals. If you're a Tenacious D fan then you'll probably enjoy it but steer clear otherwise.


Based on a true story, a journalist (Downey Jr) and a cartoonist (Gyllenhaal)with a love for cryptic puzzles team up to work out the identity of a killer who sends cyrptic puzzles after each murder to the local newspapers. Meanwhile, a homicide cop (Ruffalo) is working on the case too but the suspects are many especially when people claiming to be the Zodiac killer call in. This was a good thriller, I found it amsuing that Ruffalo's character reminded me so much of the TV detective Columbo, from the way he was trying to work out what happened to the taxi driver, to the coat, the department and even the trademark cigar that appeared later on. This really amused me. Great film.

Naruto the Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow (Gekijô-ban Naruto: Daikatsugeki!)

Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura, led by Kakashi are to escort an actress through the Land of Snow to film a scene for her latest movie. The actress, unwilling to journey here due to a secret past, flees from the cast but is soon tracked down. However, on set the cast is attacked by Snow Ninjas, who have special armour that protects them from ninjutsu and a battle ensues. The action is standard for what you see in the series and when Naruto and co face off against the Snow Ninjas again at the end, it's quickly over, which was disappointing as I'd have liked to see some hardcore action scenes like in the Chuunin Exams. There were unexplained elements too like the mention of Kakashi's prior visit to the Land of Snow and clash with the Snow Ninja that was never brought to light. Godd for all Naruto fans though.

Diary of the Dead

George Romero returns in a 'how-it-all-started' movie exploring the origins of the undead. A group of students and their professor are in the woods making a horror movie when they hear the news on the radio that the dead are coming back to life. This starts a video diary of the friends travelling to their homes to find if their families are safe while dealing with the many threats they come across. I was fairly disappointed in this, it had its' fair share of gore but it was just stupid in parts. For example, the scene where the girl is being chased through the woods by the zombie and her friend just follows the two and records it while she nearly dies, not understanding why she's angry at him afterwards. Anyone with half-a-heart would help her, that's what annoyed me about this, similar things happened in Zombie Diaries where the person filmed instead of helping. At least in Cloverfield, the cameraman stopped filming long enough to assist his friends. I was disappointed by the ending as well. What happened to the girl in the camper van that drove off near the end? All in all, this was very average and I still consider Dawsn of the Dead (original) to be my favourite zombie film.

Out of Time
Out of Time(2003)

Denzel Washington is the Chief of Police and is having an affair with a woman who's in an abusive relationship with her boyfriend (Dean Cain). When she finds out she's dying from cancer, she makes him the sole beneficiary and leaves him $1 million but not all goes to plan. When a house fire kills both her and her boyfriend, the Chief finds himself a direct suspect due to a few alarming facts that pop up and he must keep one step ahead of the rest of the force including his ex-wife (Eva Mendes) and wipe out traces of his involvement while tracking down the real killer. Great thriller and another great performance by Denzel.

Be Kind Rewind

After an incident in a power plant, Jerry (Jack Black) becomes magnetised and wipes out the entire video selection of the Be Kind Rewind video store, which the owner (Danny Glover) has left in the hands of his employee (Mos Def). In a bid to keep the customers satisfied, the pair decide to remake the entire catalogue starting with Ghostbusters and remking other classics such as Lion King, Robocop, Rush Hour 2 and others. Their 20-minute remakes are a hit with the community and they become a huge success but the video store is in danger of demolition unless they can raise the funds but this is the least of their problems. This isn't a laugh-out-loud comedy but it does have some great scenes. It's more of a comedy/drama about uniting the community with a single medium - film - and it was enjoyable even though I'm not being a Jack Black fan. Some that are still unsure may want to rent first before buying.

Columbo: Old Fashioned Murder (TV SHOW)

Season 6 Episode 2 - Ruth and Edward Lytton, brother and sister, own a museum but due to lack of funds, Edward plans to sell it. Ruth, however, conducts a robbery and double-murder using the new security guard who has a debt to pay. Columbo is soon on the scene though questioning the inconsistencies throughout but finds there are family secrets he must delve into first before he can catch the real suspect.

Sky High
Sky High(2005)

Not often I watch a Disney movie but with a friends' recommendation and the ever-so-awesome Bruce Campbell playing a part, I had to see it. The son of the citys' greatest pair of superheroes is going to Sky High - the school of superheroes - to learn what his role will be. However, he doesn't have any powers and must struggle against the school bullies and a fire-throwing student whose dad was imprisoned by his own. It's a great movie, Bruce is awesome and has a few scenes in the film, the powers throughout are pretty cool, the humour is dead-on and the special effects are great. A worthy addition to my collection.

Columbo: Last Salute to the Commodore (TV SHOW)

Season 5 Episode 6 - When Commodore Otis Swanson goes missing from his boat, Columbo, assisted by a veteran sergeant and a novice, is sent to investigate. They have a suspect but haven't got the proof but a sudden development turns everything on its' head and soon they need to find another killer. This was a different episode, with a little twist just over half-way through and without the viewer knowing who the killer was until the very end. This was a pretty funny episode too with Columbo clueless about boats and ships and just repeating all the terms such as 'boom' and 'self-steering' to himself. This was also a funny shipyard scene with Columbo trying to shout questions and hear answers over background noise. The ending was random and funny too with Columbo going to meet his wife in a different way than usual. Great episode though as always.

Death Note (Desu nôto)

I heard a lot of good things about this series so had to give it a shot. A dark series, an intelligent student, Light, gets possession of a Death Note, which enables him to kill those whose name he writes in it although there are rules that apply. The police are on the case, trying to figure out who's behind the sudden criminal deathrate and call in L, an enigmatic individual with a high level of intelligence and so begins a battle of wits between the two. While Light tries to work out the identity of L so he can write his name down in the Death Note, L and the police start to work down the suspects. A great series, very original, not full of action or comedy, it's more of a thriller than anything. Can't wait for the next volume and the live-action movie.

Asterix and Cleopatra (Astérix et Cléopâtre)

The mighty Gauls help out Cleopatra when she bets a wager with Julius Ceasar that she can build a temple within a certain period of time. I do enjoy the Asterix cartoons but this one grated on me. The three musical interludes I fast-forwarded through, esp when Cleopatra was singing and a lot of the animations were repeated through and through. Probably the weakest Asterix cartoon I've seen.


This isn't the type of film I'd usually rent out but the trailer had me interested. The other reason was that I have a lot of favourite actors but not a favourite actress. After seeing her in the 'X-Men Trilogy' and the brilliant 'Hard Candy', I decided to give this a go and see if I enjoyed this too. First of all, as comedies go, this is neither a comedy in the hilarious-jokes-everywhere style nor the spoof-style but it's more the lingo between the characters and how they get along that the comedy stems from and it works well. So, to sum it up, it's a great movie, it has comedy and drama and Ellen Page is now officially my favourite actress.

Columbo: Now You See Him (TV SHOW)

Season 5 Episode 5 - A master magician kills the nightclub owner after a blackmail attempt and Columbo is soon investigating. This sees the return of the homicide prodigy from Season 2 episode 'The Greenhouse Jungle' who wasn't as annoying this time round. Ending got a laugh out of me with Columbo producing the evidence needed in multiples! Great episode.


I got this free with DVD World magazine - arriving on his fathers' ranch, after a sex session with his fathers' young girlfriend - James uncovers her dead body soon after she disappears. However, his father gets a new girl and finds her dead the same night so who's to blame? Suspend belief and laugh out loud when you find out who the culprit is - you won't expect it in a million years. Anyone who has seen Russ Meyers' work will know what to expect - just less boobs in this.

I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK (Saibogujiman kwenchana)

Quite a leap from directing a famous trilogy focusing on the theme of revenge to a romantic comedy of sorts but Chan-wook Park pulls it off. Set in an asylum, the film focuses on Young-goon, who believes she's a cyborg and Il-soon, who believes he can steal personality traits and skills off his inmates. When Youn-goon beomes ill due to her lack of eating (cyborgs need electricity as power), Il-soon tries to help her back on her feet. It truly is a wonderful film, the other cast members are just as crazy including a man who will only walk backwards and the film has some great comedic moments. This is definetely a director worth watching out for.

Rapid Fire
Rapid Fire(1992)

This is probably my favourite Brandon Lee film even more so than The Crow, which despite the cult status and popularity, it never completely hooked me but I only ever saw it once and that was when it was released on DVD so a rewatch might change my opinion. Anyhow, Rapid Fire is about an art student, Jake Lo (Lee), who witnesses a murder by drug lord Milano. Things get worse when FBI witness protection fails and he's framed for being a cop killer. On the run from both the law and Milano, a cop, Mace Ryan, (Powers Boothe) with a vendetta against Milanos' rival saves him but in order to clear his name, he has to help Mace and his team take down Milano. It's actually a decent plot for a martial arts action movie and Brandon Lee does some great moves and has some witty dialogue as does Powers Boothe. Brandon doesn't try to copy his father either, no cat calls or philosophy but the Jeet Kune Do does appear and it just looks awesome esp in the battle against henchman Minh (Al Leong) near the end. Great fight where the blows look real notably when Brandon is spin kicked and he stumbles dizzily to the ground after a few seconds. So, unlike modern action films where they just stand and beat eachother. Definetely a martial arts movie to check out.

Columbo: A Deadly State of Mind (TV SHOW)

Season 4 Episode 6 (last episode of season) - A psychiatrist and expert on human behaviour is using a woman to help write his book but her husband finds out they're having an affair and in a struggle, the psychiatrist accidentally kills the husband. Making up a story to satisfy the police, Lt. Columbo has doubts about the womans' statement and sets about using his own methods to trap the killer. Another great episode.

The Hunted
The Hunted(2003)

Tommy Lee Jones is a tracker who is summoned by the FBI to catch a killer who he trained in the past. That's pretty much the plot, the characters don't really develop esp the FBI agent helping Jones' character who seems to be there just for the sake of an extra character as she never gets in on the action. She might as well have been one of the many police running about. I was expecting more out of this movie but it just didn't develop on the potential it had.


Watched this last night again and have to say it's up there with films such as Naked Gun and Hot Shots. When the passengers and crew of an airplane are struck with food poisoning, an ex-war pilot with flying issues must summon up the courage to land the plane. Leslie Nielsen stars as a doctor and gets some great lines to deliver with a deadpan expression - he's a legend. Everyone gets their fair share of one-liners and it's a guarantee that after seeing this with friend you'll be quoting them for weeks to each other like I am.

El Mariachi
El Mariachi(1993)

The first of the trilogy is a low-budget action film with a town-hopping Mariachi just trying to make money with his guitar mistaken for a man double-crossed by a drug lord and seeking revenge. No over-the-top action as seen in Once Upon A Time In Mexico (my least favourite of the trilogy) and I liked the main character, and would have liked to seen him in the sequels instead of Antonio Banderas although he plays the role well.

National Treasure: Book of Secrets

Cage reprises his role as Franklin Gates in order to prove that his great great etc grandfather was not involved in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln but instead died trying to stop traitors who were killed him. Using a newly found page that was previously missing from the assassins' diary, Gates and his friends travel the world solving clues and riddles while keeping another group pursue them every step of the way. I enjoy the National Treasure films simply because they're fun to watch, they have the right mix of action and humour and I enjoyed this so much more than Indiana Jones 4. No A-Bomb propelled fridges in this film!

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull


A very average film and a disappointing film in the franchise. Trilogies have a lot of pressure when reviving the franchise to form a quadrilogy but while franchise such as Lethal Weapon and Die Hard were successful, others like Alien and Batman just failed (evil Arnold Schwarzenegger and nipple batsuits! Need I say more?). Not to say this film didn't have its' good parts, the humour was spot on and my favourite scene was the jungle car chase with the sword duel and fire-ants, which is the most memorable scene for me. SPOILERS AHEAD The villian wasn't really memorable in any way, sword-wiedling Russian with a thirst for knowledge sums her up. This isn only a nitpick but a lot of films (such as Die Hard) have a memorable villian. This aside, the Tarzan vine-swinging from LaBeouf was almost as ridiculous as Indy surving the A-Bomb test at the start - hope the government takes notes! However, like a lot of people, the ending was the most riduculous thing about the movie. This isn't a patch on the original trilogy and should have been thought out better for the length of time it took. Not the worst film of 2008 but perhaps the most disappointing.

Dragon Wars
Dragon Wars(2007)

Just to simplify the plot to its' basics: 500 years ago, in Korea, a maiden was to be offered to the Good Dragon God in order to fulfil her destiny but the Evil Dragon God was tracking her too and both Gods and their armies soon fought. A warrior instructed to protect the maiden had fallen in love wiith her and instead of the sacrifice, they fled the battle, both dragons having to wait 500 years for the next chance. Whoever gets the maiden will get power to change te world. Present day and an LA reporter is sure a local disaster scene is connected to his past and seeks out answers while a girl with a dragon-tattoo on her shoulder starts to worry about her safety when visions plague her. Soon, the pair meet and realise their destinies are intertwined as are their pasts but will he allow her to be sacrificed to the dragon god this time around? The acting is straight out of B-Movie territory and it is pretty bad at times, there are some funny scenes in the movie but the CGI is amazing throughout. Best part of the movie is after Ethan and Sarah are pursued from the cafe and the military take on the dragon army - action is awesome, dragons look incredible throughout too just a shame that the acting is terrible.

Columbo: By Dawn's Early Light (TV SHOW)

Season 4 Episode 3 - a stern Colonel in a military academy decides to take action when the property owner makes plans to change it into a co-ed college due to poor enrolement. Columbo is on the scene and finds that the tragic accident could have been more than that but a careless cadet is fingered as a likely suapect by the Colonel. This was a good episode but not one of my overall favourites.

Flight of the Living Dead: Outbreak on a Plane (Plane Dead)

Tired of zombies roaming Earth and causing chaos and terror down there, they decide to twist 'Snakes on a Plane' into a zombified creation. A colleague containing a genetic virus is shot dead by a guard when turbulence frees her. The virus comes into effect and triggers a zombie-like state and soon all the passengers are in a state of panic. Not the goriest zombie film but it has its' moments, it's not as terrible as it sounds and overall I enjoyed watching it. Samuel Jackson should have been on board just to say 'first snakes, now motherf*cking zombies!' and leap off the plane. That would have been awesome...oh, funniest and most original scene is where the zombie granny attacks the man at the end...never expected the result.


After seeing Dog Soldiers and The Descent, this was one of the films that I just had to see. A sci-fi/horror combination, it's not on the same level as Marshalls' previous films but is enjoyable all the same. A virus kills millions in Scotland so they quarantine the country and leave everyone there to die. Unfortunately years later, the virus resurfaces and a group of soldiers have to re-enter the forgotten land in search of a cure when satellite images pick up survivors in Scotland. While there's no sign of monsters in the movie, there is plenty of blood, decapitations and a Mad Max-esque car chase for a finale. Lead actress Rhona Mitra was hot and also kicked mucho ass and the film had a pretty rocking soundtrack with the very-fitting 'Two Tribes' blasting out in the finale car chase. Great movie.


For a DVD that is quoted to being the 'best martial arts film since Ong-Bak' and the actor quoted as being 'the next Tony Jaa', it kind of raised my expectations. Zamir is a member of a Chile street gang and he is in love, border-line obsession with a Korean girl, who is annoyed he keeps following/stalking her every day. Vowing to always be there for her, he gets involved in a revenge plot by a former master who has come to claim revenge on all those who betrayed him years ago - including the girls' father. So it's basically a love story with a few action scenes but don't expect anything amazing - lot of kicks and a lot of CGI blood but the action scenes didn't stand out at all for me.

Once upon a Time in Mexico

El Mariachi (Banderas) is tracked down by CIA agent Sands (Depp) in order to sabotage an assassination plot against the President by a cartel kingpin. The kingpin in question is someone who El has issues with - personal revenge. Calling up two Mariachi buddies (including Iglesias), they prepare to go to battle but double-crosses are made within sides and with the FBI and CIA closing in, things soon turn sour for all. This was an average end to the trilogy. The action was a little daft at times although the many characters involved made it interesting to watch.

Arahan (Arahan jangpung daejakjeon)

When a skilled martial artist intercepts a thief, she accidentally blasts an well-meaning yet clumsy and naive policeman with her trademark Palm Blast. Her masters manage to heal him but find a powerful chi flow within him that if unlocked could make him a powerful warrior. Starting him on training which he deems unfair as his only interest lies in the Palm Blast technique, the time comes when his training is put to the test as an imprisoned master is accidentally released from his prison and seeks the key that the masters have. Korea keeps impressing me with some quality titles. I wasn't sure of Arahan as I'm not a wire-work fan but thankfully the wire-work was minimal and worked where it should have. The CGI was plentiful but wasn't dodgy or overused. The comedy was frequent and the action scenes were amazing with martial arts and swordplay heading it up. Great movie.


Max is an ex-racer after an accident lands him in hospital but there he meets a woman who he soon falls in love with. Suffering from a heart condition that will kill her, she may not last long enough for the right donor. Taking matters into his own hands, he gets back into racing in order to raise enough money to buy a heart but things never go smoothly and soon the police and local mafia are pursuing him. The film is described as a cross between 'John Q and The Fast & The Furious but it's not so. It's a serious film with very few car races, there's a great parkour chase in it too but I enjoyed watching it and don't see why other reviews are giving it such a low score.

Southland Tales

If you didn't understand Donnie Darko, chances are you won't understand this. Narrated by Pilot Abeline (Justin Timberlake), it tells the story of Boxer Santaros, a movie star who emerges after missing for a period of days. Married to the daughter (Mandy Moore) of a possible senator, he becomes the target of gangs wanting to sway the vote. He's also dating and writing a movie script with Krysta Now (Sarah Michelle Gellar), a porn star with her own TV chat show. Meanwhile Ronald Travener (Sean William Scott), who recently returned from war, is aiding a group of girls in blackmailing the senator whilst searching for his twin brother. So we have politics, religion and sci-fi meshed in and to be honest it's pretty dull. For the first hour I was waiting for something to happen but nothing really does and you only find out what's going on near the end and even the ending doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Also you get to see two cars humping eachother, yes, you read that right, Timberlake singing in a drug-induced dream and a female porn stars theory on what happens if you take the after-morning pill whilst crossing time zones. These were the three funniest and most memorable scenes in the film in my opinion. Don't be expecting The Rock to be busting out any action scenes either, he doesn't swing a single punch in the film. I hoped for better with such a cast but was just a mess.

Flash Point
Flash Point(2007)

I love a good martial arts film but I've only ever seen Yen in a couple of films, most filled with wire-fu, of which I hate. However, Flash Point was on my 'To See' list after witnessing the final fight scene on YouTube. I like Donnie Yens fighting style in this and the way he mixes in all the various locks, it's very refreshing and cool to watch. The action scenes are limited in this but this is still a great film. I hope his future films make use of the MMA as it's awesome to see at work.

Bride of Re-Animator

The only survivors of the hospital massacre in the first film, Dr. West and Dr. Cain have found that not only is it possible to re-animate the dead but the serum can re-animate lone body parts too! Working on a way to re-animate Dr.Cains' dead girlfriend, they find themselves hounded by a police officer on their trail and their decapitated rival Dr.Carl. Throw in a lot of zany experiments, a load of gore and it all comes down to a final battle between the living and the dead. If you enjoyed the first film, you'll enjoy this but for all newcomers there should be enough here to satisfy your horror curiosity.

30 Days of Night

In Alaska, the sun sets for a month, and the Sheriff (Hartnett) is finding strange things happening on the day before the sunset. Soon, the sun goes down and a fight for survival begins as the town is overrun by vampires and they try to hold out for a month until sunrise. The script and acting was spot-on and the vampires looked great. It was bloody, as expected, with decapitations galore throughout and although I haven't seen many vampire films, it was an original take on them. If you enjoyed this, you might want to check out 'Frostbite' for another Alaskan-set vampire film.


A mythological tale about a land that becomes the target of a mighty creature called Grendel. The King offers a reward for anyone who can slay it and soon comes Beowulf, a slayer of beasts who comes to aid the King in his plight. However, things don't go smoothly after his confrontation with Grendel and he finds a bigger threat waiting for him. The film is total CGI, including nudity and blood, which doesn't make this safe for kids. Although facial expressions fall a bit flat at times, namely the Queen, the immense end battle is amazing to watch. I'd have loved to have seen a live-action version of this but some scenes just couldn't have been done without CGI. The action scenes reminded me of the game 'God of War' but for a better CGI movie go get 'Advent Children', which is unequalled in terms of CGI movies.

Nine Queens (Nueve reinas)

When young con-artist Juan who plays in the little leagues is approached by master criminal Marcos to forge a partnership for the day, the pair end up with an expert forgery of the Nine Queens, a sheet of stamps that is worth a lot to collectors, and a unknowing buyer for them. However, despite being innovative, young Juan has a conscience and he isn't sure if he can trust his superior not to con him out of his share of money when everyone seems to be conning someone else. Will they get the money and will it all end smoothly? Well, if I told you that, it would ruin the ending! This time, rather than my usual Asian reviews, this film is Spanish and is definetely worth watching.


After seeing the trailer, this had been on my 'Want To See' list for a while and despite the apparently poor box office sales, this really is a fantastic film. Tristan is in love with a girl, who he thinks is out of his league, and to prove his love for her before she gets engaged to another, he vows to bring back a fallen star to her in exchange for ther hand. However, on his journey, he encounters others after the star, who turns out to be a beautiful girl (Danes). Among them a prince seeks her in order to become King and a trio of witches (led by Pheiffer) seek her in order to restore their youth. Sorcery, sword battles, sky pirates - this film is pure fantasy and was such fun to watch. Best reason to watch it? DeNiro playing a gay sky pirate, hilarious when the prince catches him dancing!

The Condemned

10 prisoners around the world on death row are flown to a remote island in order to fight to the death in a game shown as an live internet webfeed to the world with the sole winner getting money and freedom. To ensure that after 36 hours, only one survivor remains, each prisoner has an explosive anklet that will detonate on removal or when the time runs out unless they win and get it disarmed. It's an action film with wrestler Steve Austin heading the cast and doing a really good job. Vinnie Jones and wrestler Nathan Jones also fight for their freedom. The film reminded me of Japanese cult classic 'Battle Royale' for a lot of reasons, which has a school class being taken to a remote island to fight for survival and bombs strapped to their necks. Apart from these similarities, it's a great film and is really worth watching.


This film has been on my To-See list for ages but recently I caught the last 25-or-so minutes in me local XtraVision and have to say the ending just p*ssed me off. I'm not going to spoil it but I hate films that end like that so that's why I'm going to give it a low rating despite all the cool moments prior to it.

Dawn of the Dead

I saw most of this on TV and have to say it's a very poor remake. Anyone who has seen the original will remember the part where the biker gang crashes the mall thus letting the zombies in. Then the bikers proceed to cream pie the zombies so they can't see, which always makes me laugh. Well, this whole chunk is left out. No bikers and no pies. I was looking forward to that too! The zombies run in this and the blood isn't anything compared to the original (biker guts anyone?) so do a favour and rent the original.

Columbo: Mind Over Mayhem (TV SHOW)

Season 3 Episode 6. Columbo matches wits with the head of a scientific think tank who kills a fellow scientist when he makes a claim that his son plagarised his work from a deceased mentor. There are a lot of solid alibis but Columbo is determined to find the real suspect.

Columbo: Any Old Port in a Storm (TV SHOW)

Season 3 Episode 2. Adrian Carsini is a fanatical wine connoisseur who kills his brother when he threatens to sell the vineyard to fund his own wedding. Storing the body in his wine vault while he travels to New York to attend a conference, he later disposes of the body on his return, in such a way as to make his brother's demise look like an accident. There are clues there though that don't add up to Lt. Columbo but he soon befriends Carsini in the hope to not only learn about wine, something he always lacked the knowledge of, but pin him in some way to the death of his brother.

Columbo: Lovely But Lethal (TV SHOW)

Season 3 Episode 1. First episode of Season 3 shows the cosmetics world as a cut-throat business with a miracle beauty cream being the object of desire. Cosmetics queen, Viveca Scott, learns that the formula for the cream that may save her business is stolen by one of her own employees for sale to her rival. After the murder, Columbo is soon on the scene to unravel the clues and catch the suspect out. Vincent Price and a young Martin Sheen are among the cast in this episode.

Columbo: The Most Dangerous Match

Season 2 Episode 7. A chess grandmaster is to be pitted against a retired Soviet player and he finds himself outclassed. Fixing it to look like an accident, he throws his opponent into a trash compactor but not all goes to plan and he survives and Columbo is called in to match wits with a most remarkable mind before the victim can make another move.

Columbo: Double Shock

Season 2 Episode 8. The final episode of Season 2 has Columbo investigating when a wealthy old man dies of a supposed heart attack. Apart from agitating the mistress of the manor, he finds two suspects in the form of twin brothers. Both stand to inherit a lot of money and both have motives but who actually committed the murder? Great epsiode.


Season 2 Episode 6. A calm, cool and controlled surgeon (Leonard Nimoy) uses dissolvable suture for a heart valve operation. A suspicious nurse becomes the victim and this is where Columbo steps in but can he find the motive and get the surgeon to slip up? Well, of course! Great ending per usual.

Columbo: Requiem for a Falling Star

Season 2 Episode 5. Nora Chandler, a classic movie star is being blackmailed by Jerry Parks, a reporter so she blows up his car as he parks but finds she accidentally kills her secretary whom he was planning to marry. Columbo soon enters, starstruck by the actress, but will he be able to pin the crime on her as Nora discovers the reporter also had a motive for killing his wife-to-be. Great episode per usual with the usual Columbo ending, catching the suspect out in style.

Columbo: Dagger of the Mind

Season 2 Episode 4. A producer of Macbeth discovers that his 'secret' lover and her husband have been deceiving him and using him to stage the play so he threatens to close it down but in a heated argument he accidentally dies. No witnesses in sight, they take the body to his house and stage it like he took a fall. Set in London rather than the typical American backset, Columbo is visiting Scotland Yard to learn about their methods and soon becomes involved in the investigation. However, when the one clue he picks up on ends up wrong, Columbo must find another way to catch the couple out. It was a good episode, great seeing Columbo run about with a camera like he was on holiday and funny to see his queasiness back as he tries to eat dinner while avoiding looking at passed around photos of an autopsy.

Columbo: The Most Crucial Game

Season 2 Episode 3. It seems like a straight forward accident - slipping in his pool and hitting his head and no evidence points otherwise. There are subtle clues that Columbo thinks point otherwise but breaking the seemingly perfect alibi of the killer is another task in itself. Great ending.

Ransom for a Dead Man

Season 1 Pilot 2. Columbo movie where a lawyer murders her husband and then fakes his kidnapping so everyone thinks he's still alive. Unfortunately her stepdaughter believes she was involved as does Columbo but neither have the proof needed. Great seeing Columbo react after a loop-the-loop in a plane. ''I'd apprectiate it if we didn't talk for a while."

Columbo: Prescription Murder

Season 1 Pilot 1. The first Columbo movie where a psychiatrist and an actress/patient/lover work together to cover up his murder of his wife. However they don't reckon on the constant suspicions and questions of Lt. Columbo who is sure there's more to this than meets the eye.

Columbo: Dead Weight

Season 1 Episode 3. When a man is witnessed shooting another man at his home, she notifies the police and Columbo begins to investigate. The man is a famous war hero and after a search of his house, he brings up nothing and afterwards he is very doubtful of the witness who was on a boat outside at a good distance away. However when the war hero starts to woo the 'witness' she starts to change her mind on what she saw and begins to believe she was seeing things. The the body turns up...

Suitable for Framing

Season 1 Episode 4. Another great episode with a brilliant ending where Columbo investigates the death and robbery of a wealthy art collector by his nephew. Working with a woman who provides him with an alibi, he's certain nothing can go wrong but then proceeds to frame the ex-wife for the doings when Columbo gets too close.

Columbo: Lady in Waiting

Season 1 Episode 5. Always having her life controlled by her family, Beth snaps and kills her brother after he threatens to fire a man she has fallen in love with at work. Making it look like an accident to Columbo, she seems to be getting away with it until her boyfriend (Leslie Nielsen) starts to get unsettled by her new changes now she's a 'free' woman.

Columbo: Short Fuse

Season 1 Episode 6. When the CEO of a chemical plant is killed by his nephew Roger using an explosive device in his limo, Columbo is assigned to investigate the incident and prove that it was no accident.

Columbo: Blueprint for Murder

Season 1 Episode 7. An architech, Elliot, kills Bo Williamson over a disagreement of a new project then hides the body and makes it appear he's out of town. Columbo is soon on the case and pointing out the flaws in the disappearance and with the concerns of Goldie, his first wife, he targets the construction site as the place where the body is buried but is Columbo as spot on as he thinks? Last episode of Season 1.

Columbo: The Greenhouse Jungle

Season 2 Episode 2. Faking his own kidnapping, with the aid of his uncle, Goodland uses this in order to get his wife to access the trust fund where most of his money is kept. Planning to use this money to keep his wife from straying, his uncle sees it as a wate and drawing a gun, changes the plan. This is where Columbo steps in, who is suspicious after being confronted with so many clues. After amusingly falling down a hill, he is soon partnered with a homicide prodigy who hopes to learn things from Columbo despite their very different methods. This was a weaker episode, the prodigy was pretty annoying and the uncle wasn't that great a villian although the plot stood up to standards.

Columbo: Étude in Black

Season 2 Episode 1. A famous symphony conductor is having an affair with a young, beautiful pianist who gives him an ultimatum: divorce his wife or she'll spread the affair and ruin him. As usual, the epsiode begins with the murder, you see who does it and how it's done and then it introduces Columbo who works for homocide. Between telling amusing stories about his wife and going off topic and admiring the suspects' car or house, he's often intruding on and harrassing his suspect much to their annoyance. But despite his manner he's always in deep thought, troubled by little details that don't add up, and then on leaving he'll say '...just one more thing', and point out a flaw in the crime. Then at the end comes the fatal mistake that never occured to the suspect, or sometimes the viewer too, and usually brilliantly done. This is the first episode of Season 2 and introduces his dog, who he has yet to name but judging by reactions it won't be Fido or Beethoven...

Columbo: Death Lends a Hand

Season 1 Episode 2. A hot-tempered private detective accidentally kills a woman who he tries to blackmail. Columbo is assigned to the case and is soon placed in a co-operative position with the private detective by the husband. Great ending to this episode.

Columbo: Murder by the Book

Season 1 Episode 1. The premiere of the series, directed by Steven Spielberg himself. Introducing Columbo (Peter Falk) as the detective who everyone underestimates due to his appearance and manner. A duo of crime writers is over when one writer wants to end the series to contiue on his own sparking a murder. Columbo is soon on the case trying to solve a crime created by a writer of them but what will the big giveaway be?

Street Fighter Zero (Street Fighter Alpha)

Sequel to the action-packed Street Fighter anime has Ryu battling his own demons as he finds himself going the same path as Akuma, the killer of his master as the 'dark hadou' starts to take over him. Chun-Li, Ken, Sakura and Rose form the main cast along with cameos from other characters. No M.Bison this time, a scientist is the villian this time around who is hoping to learn the secret of the destructive 'dark hadou' in order to rule the world. Not as much action as its' predecessor but when it comes, it's pretty kick-ass. Lot of philosophy though from Ryu as everyone wonders if he doesn't fight to get stronger and be better then why does he fight?

Day Watch
Day Watch(2007)

A lot different from Night Watch, this sequel has poor Anton having a lot to deal with: his son is on the Dark Side, his trainee has feelings for him and he gets framed for murder. Filled with special effects and strange new character abilties from life sucking and body swapping to pausing time. When the whereabouts of the Chalk of Fate come known, which whatever you write with it comes true, Anton seeks it in the hope he can right his wrongs but others seek the power for themselves and it ends with a pure destructive finale. The cast return with a few new faces and if you can stand subtitles then rent it.


Well, this is a 'Marmite' film as I term it meaning you'll either love it or hate it. I'm not a fan of any of the cast in particular, I just thought the trailer looked cool and the premise sounded fun. A lot of people say that it doesn't live up to its' potential but I thought it was still a great movie. After a young teenager escapes certain death, it leads him into discovering a very useful talent after controlling it and soon the world is his oyster. However, he soon finds there are people after him and not even his unique gift may be good enough to help him. Great popcorn flick with cool special effects.

Ocean's Thirteen

When one of Oceans' gang is double-crossed and put in hospital with severe health problems, revenge is most certainly on the cards. A ruthless casino owner, Willy Banks, is their target but they need help not only from the inside but from an unlikely source: Benedict. Their goal is to ruin him financially and destroy his ego. To do so will mean many obstacles including an advance AI security machine that monitors all players and can tell if their win was predetermined or genuine. The finale in the trilogy has leading ladies Roberts and Jones out of the cast, more focusing on all the guys. It's clever but lacked the laughs of the previous two installments and both sequels lacked the coolness of the first..

3:10 to Yuma
3:10 to Yuma(2007)

Western where a war-wounded farmer fighting to keep a roof over his familys' heads agrees to help the law transport a legendary train robber to a train before his gang get to him first but things never go as planned especially with the criminal playing mind-games along the way. Outstanding performances by Christian Bale and Russell Crowe. Just need to check out the 1957 version now.

The Number One Girl

Top action star, Joey Scalini (Tony Schiena) flies over to help judge a beauty contest held by his less-than-nice friend Dragos Molnar (Vinnie Jones), an event he holds once a year. However, Dragos has a rule stating 'don't touch my number one girl', a hot British girl who he hopes will win. Unfortunately the action star can't help himself and an enraged Dragos closes down the night club and forces Joey into a deathmatch - if he wins, he can walk out with her. That's pretty much the entire film. Some advice: If you think the cover looks cool, don't rent it. If you like a lot of action, don't rent it. You have to wait until the last 20 minutes for the first fight scene! It's low budget acting with an average martial arts fight to end it and some eye candy thrown in for some good measure.

Ocean's Twelve

Benedict, who Ocean and his gang ripped off in the first film, has tracked them down and gave them an ultimatum - his money with interest ($160 million) in two weeks or their lives. So another heist is in order but the police (led by Zeta Jones) are closing in fast and they have competition in the form of a masterthief taught by the greatest thief known. The pressure is really on this time for the crew. Not a patch on Oceans Eleven although the ending was clever but just not AS clever. It did have its' funny moments though not to mention a cameo from Bruce Willis as well. Hopefully the final film in the trilogy will do better.

Castle in the Sky

Although it had a great storyline and imaginative designs and characters, I didn't like this much as other Miyazaki movies. Saying that though, it was still a great show. A young mechanic helps a young girl outrun sky pirates and the army, who are both after a mystical crystal she wears. It is said to reveal the location of Laputa, a legendary floating castle that houses immense treasure, but no-one believes exists. A great family movie that's impossible to flaw.


So was it worth the wait? Did it live up to the hype surrounding the mystery? Did the 'Blair Witch' style work? Well, yes, they did. It all starts with a friend leaving for Japan on a new job when a supposed earthquake interrupts the farewell party. An explosion and flying statue of liberty head later and the city is in chaos. You catch glimpses of the creature, which is fearsome when see whole, and soon the military are in battling the creature. Meanwhile a group of friends backtrack into the disaster area to find one of their friends, who left a call for help on a mobile. The special effects are top notch, from the main creature to the littler creatures it drops and the cameraman supplies the humour throughout. Definetely worth watching and the whole 'shaky cam' wasn't bad at all, only used when running away from something but the camerawork was pretty solid in whole.


A group travel across Mexico to shoot a porn film and come across the legendary ghost town of 'La Sangre De Dios', where rumour has it the wrestler El Mascarado, who went insane during a match, was locked away. Wouldn't you know it, turns out the rumours were true! Steve finds out that El Mascarado is playing by the wrestling rules and to defeat a Mexican wrestler requires the removal of the mask which forces the wrestler into retirement from shame. Unfortunately he turns out to be a tough bastard and to make it worse, he removes his opponents masks in return. In saying mask I mean FACE! Yes, he peels the unfortunate victims faces off and collects them! It's low-budget horror with bad acting, girl-on-girl action, cameras always focusing on the girls asses as they walk/run and a big wrestler picking them off. It's definetely aimed at a male audience and if it sounds a-peel-ing (see what I did there?) then give it a go. Average horror with lots of scantily clad females.

The Order
The Order(2003)

A priest that's a member of a renegade part of the church is sent to investigate the apparent suicide of his mentor in Rome but uncovers a deeper mystery involving a Sin Eater. There's a lot of religious talk, slit wrists, crucifixes and even more talk. To be honest I found it really boring but maybe I missed any 'deep meaning' to it if there was any.

Yogen (Premonition)

A newspaper that foretells death in the future appears to a select few with a psychic gift but remains invisible to everyone else. When a father loses his daughter in a car crash he begins to receive the premonitions and must decide whether to try and change the future or stand by and do nothing, finding out that each decision has different, yet fatal consequences. I can honestly say that I have found a J-Horror that doesn't make you scratch your head during the end credits or sigh in disappointment. Second favourite J-Horror (first belonging to Ringu).

Death Proof
Death Proof(2007)

I'm not a Tarantino fan so I wasn't sure what to expect but this was a really good film. Plot simply involves Stuntman Mike (Kurt Russell) stalking and killing girls during high-speed pursuits and other car-related ways but there are some great scenes. Notably the gruesome yet awesome head-on collision, the final chase between Mike and the girls and one of the many sexy ladies of the movie giving Mike a lapdance (probably appeal more to us guys) are a few of the best scenes in it. There's lots of swearing and talking, a cliche black girl waving her hands about and uttering 'this is off da chain', a Tarantino cameo, fast cars and faster women. Better than Planet Terror? No. Very different in every aspect though but not as action-packed.

Wong gok hak yau (One Night in Mongkok)

When two gangs go to war, the police try to track down the leaders of both gangs to stop the fued from escalating. However, one gang leader becomes the target for assassination and the police have to track the assassin before all hell breaks loose. The assassin, who has never killed before, rescues a prostitute who proceeds to help him track down his lost love throughout the film and asks him to reconsider his profession for the sake of his lover. Personally I think the film was average, unfulfilling and could have been better. It was no way in the same league as Infernal Affairs as the cover quotes but the brutal ending does earn it some points.

Nick of Time
Nick of Time(1995)

Gene Watson (Johnny Depp) is a public accountant who arrives in Los Angeles with his 6-year-old daughter Lynn. Approached by a pair of 'cops', they proceed to kidnap Lynn and confront Gene with a simple choice - kill California governor Eleanor Grant within 90 minutes or Lynn will die. Watson is given everything needed to get close to her while Smith (Christopher Walken) follows Watson in order to prevent him from alerting the authorities but he soon finds out that those two aren't the only ones involved in the assassination attempt and find some to only to trust but to help him get out of this seemingly impossible situation. I enjoyed this thriller and I'm not a huge Depp fan, only other film I own/like of his is Sleepy Hollow but this was a nice change of pace.

Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem (AVP 2)

When a Predator ship crashes on Earth, releasesing facehugger specimens onto a town, a Predator 'cleaner' descends to Earth to remove traces of both races and any witnesses while tracking down the rogue Aliens. The PredAlien makes its' debut, last seen hatching from a Predator in the first film, and its' pretty badass, playing on the Alien side and becoming an even match for the extremely badass Predator armed with new technology and weapons to help in his battle. There's a glimpse of the Predators' planet, a lot of blood and a band of humans trying to escape the town alive. Will all go to plan and who will make it? An overall improvement over the first movie although it's not the greatest movie and is kind of slow at times.

Jopok Manura 2: Dolaon Jeonseol

During a rooftop battle, leader of the Scissor Gang, Eun-jin, falls and develops amnesia. Trying to remember her past, she works as a delivery girl for a restaurant in the meantime, but soon her martial arts skills and mean streak come back as she is caught up in a bank robbery. Figures of her past come into her area, they try to jog her memory hilariously from boob jiggling to a sing-song but what will happen to the restaurant when she returns to normal? Has the same style martial arts fights as the first film but strangely her husband makes a no-show apart from photos near the end. Maybe the third film will explain that. It was funny in parts, had some nice action scenes and Eun-jin looks as gorgeous as usual playing the role to perfection. Looking forward to the next film.

Murder Party
Murder Party(2007)

The film starts with loner Chris, who has the least amount of dialogue in the film, picking up a party invitation off the street. The party is filled with a group of artists who are hoping to get a grant depending on how 'creative' they can make a death and the arrival of Chris puts him as the target. The funniest bits were Sir Lancelot, his cat, just staring at him when he says 'get down' near the start and Chris trapped in the closet by the group and emerging not with a weapon but with a handful of junk which he throws on the ground as a decoy and bolts randomly. This isn't a gorefest nor is it scary although it does have a good bit of gore near the end and little bits scattered throughout. Good attempt though.

Memento Mori
Memento Mori(2005)

I love horrors, I really do but I have to confess Japanese, Chinese and Korean horrors baffle me with the exception of the excellent Ringu. They're freaky, always freaky, something in them either makes you jump or makes your skin crawl but like this, the ending kind of makes you scratch your head and look for message boards to explain the ending. The plot involves a Korean schoolgirl finding and reading a diary shared by two girls at her school who are in a relationship. There are flashbacks that show the day in physical form rather than in writing but it does get odd near the end which is what disappointed me. Also, at the start before the credits, a girl is talking about deaths at the school due to 'truth' where one had her tongue chopped off, another her legs, another had her brain spilled but never actually SHOWED you how and why they died, which would have been interesting. Also, important rules for horrors: do not open a locker that is not yours and do not eat strange sweets hidden in a persons' diary. Only bad things can come of them.

Maniac Cop
Maniac Cop(1988)

When a cop, or someone in a cops' uniform, starts to kill innocent bystanders without motive, the public starts to lose faith in the force. After mysterious nights out and with seemingly no alibi, cop Jack (B-Movie legend Bruce Campbell) is arrested when his wife is found dead. McCrae (who bares a spooky resemblance to Jameson from the Spider-Man movies) believes Jack is innocent and sets out to help him but basically it all comes down to Jack and the maniac cop going head-to-head after a decent body count. The knife-to-mouth shower scene was pretty grosse, the maniac cop is a HUGE guy but no matter how mean they get, Bruce can still disarm them of a shotgun with a flying kick when he needs to! Decent movie for all Bruce fans and horror fans but I'm really surprised this hasn't been remade yet as it could easily be done.

Infection (Kansen)

I am an occasional viewer of J-Horror and there hasn't been a film I've enjoyed as much as Ringu (aka Ring). Infection takes place in a understaffed, overcrowded hospital where a fatal mistake by a nurse kills a patient. When the consequences are discussed, the group decide to cover it up. Shortly after, a man is left dying at the hospital doors, spouting green gunge from all parts. Is it infectious? Is it human? When the patient escapes the room despite all medical evidence showing he shouldn't be able to even walk, the search is on for the missing patient. During this, the nurses and doctors one by one start to exhibit the same symptoms as the patient. This is a creepy film and for once doesn't rely on a long black haired girl to add the chill factor. It's still no Ringu but is worth a watch all the same.


Many years after the creation of Earth, Discworld was born, a disc-shaped planet sat atop four elephants which stand atop a giant flying turtle. Random? Yes, very but it is fantasy! When the Hogfather (think Santa) has a contract put on his life, the assassin Mr.Teatime gets together a group to put an end to his existence. How do you go about wiping out something which is a supposed myth though? However, when he disappears, Death steps into the red suit in order to keep the childrens' belief in him and keep the tradition alive. With his granddaughter Susan trying to find the whereabouts of the Hogfather, it's only a matter of time until the big day comes but will they find him in time? This is a great fantasy film (or 2-part series) with wizards, monsters and other oddities. Have to admit I laughed when the wizards of the Hidden University were attacked by the Sock Eater and made vulnerable to the Veruca Gnome (long story lol). Also, any film with Death playing Santa and asking kids if they were naughty or nice is a bonus :)

Freeze Frame
Freeze Frame(2004)

I'm used to seeing Lee Evans on stage doing stand-up so I was interested in seeing how he does with a serious role. A prime murder suspect whose case fell apart is tormented by this for the rest of his live, convinced to the point of paranoia that the police were using him as a scapegoat. Filming himself 24/7 so he always has an alibi he finds the police at his door accusing him of another murder but finds the one tape needed missing from his archive. On the run from the police, he seeks a way to prove he isn't guilty while his past resurfaces to haunt him again. Paranoia thriller which Evans does really well with. Interesting concept and the poor guy never gets a break from beginning to end and the police just hate him all the way. Great thriller.

Election (Hak se wui)

Hong Kongs answer to The Godfather boasts the cover, which is a fairly big boast. However, I haven't seen the Godfather films and this was directed by the guy responsible for Exiled, which I didn't like. So, how does it fare? Well, this isn't an action movie although there are some pretty violent scenes, notably near the very end of the movie. All the characters randomly get arrested by the police for no reason except for 'before you start trouble' and they all have nicknames like Long Hair and Four Eyes - a growing trend with this genre I notice. Basically it's a vote for the next Triad Chairmen with Big D and Lok head-to-head but the Dragon Baton goes missing when the new chairman is named. So both candidates and their gang go after it - one needs it to prove his power as Chairman and the other needs it to prevent the Chairman from going to power. I don't actually remember any guns in this or any bullets being fired, just a lot of knives, beatings with various objects and stuff like that. Watch if you're a fan of the director or the genre.


This wasn't scary or nasty in a Takashi Miike kinda way but it made for great viewing. An ex-actress is seeking a way to look young again in order to attract her husband who she fears is having an affair. Coming into contact with Aunt Mei (Bai Ling) whose famous dumplings help those who eat them stay young and beautiful thanks to her 'special ingredient' but just what is it? The answer is pretty sick and I won't spoil it but in the end, will it work for the married couple and just how old is the beautiful chef? It's a film about the lengths people go to stay beautiful and there are a few moral questions in the mix but all in all it's a very good film although I found the ending a little adbrupt.


Aragami is one half of 'The Duel Project' (the other film being 2LDK - see review), the result of a challenge between two famous Japanese directors. In making their films, they had a set of rules to abide:

1. Only a minimal cast
2. The entirety of the film must take place in one set.
3. The two lead characters must fight to the death.
4. Must be shot in seven days.

Aragami is from the director of Versus - a film that, for me, had potential but never done it for me as a movie. Two badly wounded samurai end up at a temple but only one wakes up alive. The host invites him to spend the night as a heavy storm is overhead but as the night goes on, as a favour for helping the near-death samurai, he asks him to kill him and reveals a few sinister secrets to motivate the samurai into battle. The samurai forms are fantastic to watch and true to the style, and although the battle takes a while to come to, the script is sharp with the interaction between the characters being spot on and the humour played out really well. Watching the helpless and often baffled samurai laughing at the ridiculous scenario he's in is as amusing as the hosts' response to it. Worth checking out if you like swordplay without all the wire-work.


Second film that makes up the the 'Duel Project' - other film being Aragami (see my review). This film tells the story of two actresses/flatmates who find that they are rivals for the same part. One is anal in everything she does from cleanliness to marking food and has a love for theatre while the other is ruthless in getting what she wants. When the action eventually starts with swords, chainsaws, hot water and even electricity coming into play, it's not as exciting as it could be. There are some savage punches thrown but, for instance, when Nonami's character attacks with the chainsaw and the knife, she moves really slow giving the other character ample time to react. I didn't find the action or dialogue as sharp as Aragami's was although comparing a duel between two women to the duel between the samurai and demon isn't really fair. The movie was worth seeing but entirely average. Winner of the 'Duel Project' goes to Aragami.

Spirited Away

Moving to a new home, Chihiro and her parents stop to check out an entrance tunnel in the woods finding it to be part of a deserted funfair. Chihiro meets a boy who tells her to leave immediately before the lights come on at night but finds herself trapped in a spirit world and her parents turned to pigs by the ruling witch for eating food that didn't belong to them. Seeking a way to return to the human world and change her parents back to normal, she gets a job in the bath house cleaning the various spirits and creatures that come until she can find a way to get home. A lot of imaginative creatures and, as usual, amazing artwork from Miyazaki.

I Am Legend
I Am Legend(2007)

Despite a few negative reviews I heard, this was a really good film. Soldier and scientist Robert Neville (Smith) is the only immune survivor of a plague that originated from the cure for cancer, which is explained through a number of flashbacks. With New York quarantined from the rest of America, Neville, and his dog Sam, stays behind and find a cure to what he created. With the whole city at his disposal, he hunts wildlife and explores the city for supplies. When night time comes, however, the mutated residents all go out to feed forcing Neville to barricade himself inside his house until the sun rises. Neville is a very lonely person, talking to mannequins littered about as if they were real people in order to preserve his sanity although it is questionable if he is sane at times. Although for a scientist that states that they are devoid of human instinct, he doesn't twig on that it was them that set up a clever trap for him nor does he realise that they're after him because he has one of their mates as a test subject. All-in-all though, the CGI is good although noticable at times and there were a few jumpy parts and sad parts throughout the story. Everyone complains about the ending, which I was okay with, it wasn't the best ending but it was alright. It's a tale of one man trying to survive his creations as he struggles to develop the cure. Must check out The Omega Man though, of which this film is a remake of and see which is more enjoyable.

Wild Country
Wild Country(2005)

In this Brit horror, a group of Scottish friends go on a cross country hike and find an abandoned baby in the ruins of a castle. After rescuing the baby, a creature pursues the friends across the countryside picking them off one-by-one forcing them to kill or be killed. The film was shot mostly at night and it was hard to make out what was going on at times, the creature didn't resemble any werewolf that I've ever seen but maybe the director was going for a new image. The friends behaved typically like friends do and their banter was funny at times. The film had gore and good acting but just not enough werewolf action or genuine scary moments for me. Saying that, it wasn't a bad first attempt and I look forward to seeing the actress and director again.

The Devil's Backbone (El Espinazo del diablo)

Set during the Spanish Civil War, Carlos is the newest child in the Santa Lucia School, an orphanage for Republican soldiers. He finds himself the target of hostility from the eldest child Jaime and has run-ins with the less-than-friendly caretaker Jacinto but soon encounters the 'one that sighs', a ghost that wanders the school. However, the ghost holds the key to a deadly secret and soon Carlos finds himself unravelling it and the past before he arrived. This film is from the director of the award-winning Pans Labyrinth and is a genuinely spooky ghost story. The acting is faultless and the special effects are great leading up to the explosive finale where the children stand up for themselves.

Day of the Dead

The dead now own the Earth it seems. A group of military and civilian survivors are holed in a bunker trying to work out their next move before they run out of ammo and supplies. While Sarah searches for a way to reverse the condition, Dr.Logan experiments on them in order to control them. Captain Rhodes, the man in charge, isn't impressed by his test subject Bub who recognises telephones, books and guns without having an appetite for flesh, and orders real progress to be made. However, things turn ugly when they uncover Bubs 'treats' and the soldiers take charge and disarm the civilians of their weapons and plan to fly out of the area and leave them there to die. Unfortunately a wounded soldier deliberately opens the bunker to the zombies and traps them all underground together. There wasn't as much blood and guts in this as I hoped although it had its' moments. Plot-wise this was stronger than the others but the zombie gore only kicked in the last half of the film so it may disappoint gore lovers. Dawn of the Dead is still my favourite zombie film to date but this is still worth watching. The only bit I didn't understand was why the wounded soldier opened the bunker to the zombies - just seemed a selfish move on his behalf.

Cradle of Fear

A low budget gorefest, which is more put-you-off-dinner than jump-off-the-seat. Detective Neilson is on the trail of a murderer with no solid leads and as the murders mount up, he finds them related to a psychopathic child killer called Kemper who he got locked up in an asylum years ago. Four stories unwind throughout the film: the story of Melissa's (Emily Booth) one night stand, the story of two girls breaking into a mans house to steal his money, an amputee desperate for a new leg to make him feel whole again and a internet surfer obsessed with disturbing content on the Net. Each person ends up in a nast way thanks to The Man, a mysterious killer (Dani Filth) who is carrying out the work of Kemper. Blood, guts, nudity and swearing from start to finish. It's got an interesting storyline, bad acting and a decent soundtrack. Not my favourite horror or gorefest but I did enjoy it if not just for Emily Booths' cameo.

The Evil Dead

Awesome start of a B-Movie trilogy starring the Man With The Golden Chin aka Bruce Campbell. Directed by Sam Raimi, who went onto direct the Spider-Man Trilogy, the film was made by a group of friends with local funding and it inspired many film-makers. A low budget gorefest, Evil Dead tells the tale of friends who go to a cabin for the weekend only to awake the spirits living in the woods These spirits possess the teens, using their chosen host to kill the others. Brilliant movie. After reading Bruce's book 'If Chins Could Kill', I got a great behind-the-scenes look on this film and the general making-of and how depite the low budget, certain parts were acheived, which made it more fun to watch. It's a classic piece of horror history and still stands the test of time. Oh, my copy happened to be the special version in the form of the 'Book of the Dead' and I would highly reccomend it. If not for the sponge-like cover or the Necronomicon artwork gracing the pages (the DVD insides are like a book) then the free movie you get! Yes, you get a free copy of 'Running Time' inside the 'book'. Best £7 I have EVER spent!

Man with the Screaming Brain

I was really hoping for a great film as it does star my favourite actor but this was a little disappointing. William Cole (Campbell) is on a business trip to Bulgaria with his wife, whose relationship is on the rocks as she craves more excitement than her husband can deliver. Cole is a loud-mouthed American who expresses his disapproval at Bulgaria at every turn and speaks his mind on everything else before thinking which he soon pays the price for at the hands of a psychotic gypsy woman. His taxi driver Yegor, an ex-KGB agent, also suffers at her hands too. A scientist who has perfected a way to fuse two minds together sees this as a perfect opportunity and fuses their brains inside Coles body. Unfortunately each half controls only one side of the body and each one has seperate tastes and ideas and so begins the clash of Bulgaria and US as they strive to survive. When they find out they have a common enemy, they decide to track her down and get revenge for what she did to them. It sounds promising and it is an interesting concept and does have its' funny moments, arguing with himself over what to drink to the confusion of the waitress taking his order and Ted Raimi's character rapping on the decks. It does get ridiculous though when Coles wife dies at the hands of the gypsy and gets a brain transplant into a superstrong mobile dummy which goes on the rampage but this is B-movie territory and anything goes I guess! A good handful of special features on the DVD including a look at the comic the film was based on and a hidden extra where Bruce plays a prank on his co-writer by getting him arrested by Bulgarian police! An average film though.

Samurai Champloo

Samurai action, bloody battles and hip-hop!!! A mix that really works too so if you're a fan of Ninja Scroll, Rurouni Kenshin/Samurai X or of the samurai genre - check this series out - it's action-packed and funny. Fuu is on a journey searching for a 'samurai who smells like sunflowers' and saves the lives of two men who are in debt to her and go with her on the journey. Jin is a quiet, serious master swordsman while Mugen is a hot-tempered, violent swordsman who incorporates breakdancing with his fighting style to awesome effect. This is a great hybrid of cultures with rapping, graffiti and boomboxes coming hand-in-hand with swordsplay. Definetly an anime worth watching.

District B13 (Banlieue 13)

Awesome French film with top parkour stuntwork and action scenes from leading men David Belle (founder of parkour) and Cyril Raffaelli (Kiss of the Dragon, Die Hard 4.0). When a nuclear bomb is accidentally activated in District 13, a walled-off part of France where the worst of the worst reside, an undercover cop (Raffaelli) must persuade a prisoner (Belle) born within the District to help him. With his sister previously taken by him, now a drugged-up slave of a head criminal there, the prisoner agrees and the two race against the clock to save the city and the girl.


A low-budget Australian comedy horror with an out-of-this-world twist. Unlike other zombie films, a meteor storm is responsible for turning residents of the town into the undead. Add some mysterious beams of light sucking things into the sky and 'burning' rain and you've got a new premise for the standard zombie film. It's low budget but the characters are very cliched with the tough but silent gun-laden hero and the cop who makes it clear he's in charge despite not having a clue. There were some nice scenes in it but it doesn't stand out at all although the triple shotgun is a nice weapon and there are some nice action scenes. Rent before deciding to buy.


Since they were released seperate here, I'll give a review of both, not yet seen Death Proof though.

Planet Terror Review (directed by Robert Rodriguez)

It was a great film, it had blood, gore and action-aplenty wrapped up in a nice over-the-top package. It reminded me of Evil Dead with its' over-the-top way and humour. You have Cherry, played by the gorgeous Rose McGowan, who has a leg ripped off and replaced by the gun you see in the poster. You have El Roy as the main hero, providing the gun-blazing and blade-slicing, with moves that make Alice from Resident Evil look like an amateur. The rest of the cast are just as deadly when they need to be. Just don't take it seriously and you'll enjoy it, it's a fun zombie film with lots of carnage and humour and doesn't pretend to be anything else. The only reason I didn't give it a full 5/5 was because during the El Roy/Cherry love scene, the screen sorta burns, as if the filmreel itself has burned, and you get a 'scene missing - apologies from cinema house' message up, which is amusing because things like this happened in those days. But when it comes back all these things have suddenly happened in the short amount of time. All the cast are now in the same place, which is now on fire! One of the characters has been shot and starts talking about 'how he never knew who El Roy really was?' which we never really find out apart from the fact that he kicks ass! Also, a few of the characters that hated each other a short while back are sitting beside one another without exchanging a bad word! I feel as if the director just wanted to trim the movie a bit and use the 'scene missing' as a clever way of doing it but it just annoyed me. Aside from that, the movie was awesome and insane fun.


I had low expectations for this movie as game-to-movies aren't the most successful genre and on watching the opening credits I had no idea who the director was either. With the lead role being played by Tim Olyphant (Deadwood, Die Hard 4.0), I wasn't sure how this film would turn out as I was unfamiliar with the cast in general. However, the film turned out well, had some solid action scenes, the tint of humour, and is perhaps one of, if not THE, best 'game' film around. Worth checking out.

Ping Pong
Ping Pong(2002)

Described as 'Rocky meets Table Tennis' - it tells the tale of two friends - one who thinks he's the best at game, betting and poking fun at his opponent. While the other has the talent for it but only plays for fun, his compassion for the other player always putting him at a disadvantage. When a tournament comes housing Japans' best player, a powerful Chinese opponent, and a childhood friend to both friends among others, the pair must find their true strength to avoid being beaten. Based on a manga (Japanese comic), it's wacky, fast-paced fun with some memorable characters and good laughs. Do you believe in heroes?

Planet Terror (Grindhouse Presents: Robert Rodriguez's Planet Terror)

It was a great film, it had blood, gore and action-aplenty wrapped up in a nice over-the-top package. It reminded me of Evil Dead with its' over-the-top way and humour. You have Cherry, played by the gorgeous Rose McGowan, who has a leg ripped off and replaced by the gun you see in the poster. You have El Roy as the main hero, providing the gun-blazing and blade-slicing, with moves that make Alice from Resident Evil look like an amateur. The rest of the cast are just as deadly when they need to be. Just don't take it seriously and you'll enjoy it, it's a fun zombie film with lots of carnage and humour and doesn't pretend to be anything else. The only reason I didn't give it a full 5/5 was because during the El Roy/Cherry love scene, the screen sorta burns, as if the filmreel itself has burned, and you get a 'scene missing - apologies from cinema house' message up, which is amusing because things like this happened in those days. But when it comes back all these things have suddenly happened in the short amount of time. All the cast are now in the same place, which is now on fire! One of the characters has been shot and starts talking about 'how he never knew who El Roy really was?' which we never really find out apart from the fact that he kicks ass! Also, a few of the characters that hated each other a short while back are sitting beside one another without exchanging a bad word! I feel as if the director just wanted to trim the movie a bit and use the 'scene missing' as a clever way of doing it but it just annoyed me. Aside from that, the movie was awesome and insane fun.

Batman Begins

After the disappointment of Batman & Robin and Batman Forever with their neon lights and suits with nipples, it was up to Christopher Nolan to revive the franchise and not destroy it further. With Christian Bale, an actor praised by many, taking up the caped crusaders' role this time, it got many people excited. A darker film than the last two, like Batman should be, it focuses on how a disillussioned Bruce Wayne disappears for years after his parents' deaths in order to learn how to fight the injustice within his city and ultimately face his childhood fears, eventually becoming Batman. Bale does excellently as Wayne/Batman and is backed up by an impressive cast. Great story and some awesome action scenes, especially the tumbler chase scene. This is how Batman should be.

Battle Royale

Japanese cult-classic with cult icon Takashi Kitano playing the dark-humoured teacher of the ill-fated class. Delinquents are about to be taught a harsh lesson for their behaviour: kill or be killed. There can only be one survivor and a remote island is their playground. Friends soon turn to foes, lovers hang each other and the killings begin all the while a countdown ticks down. In order to prevent escapees everyone is fitted with an explosive necklace that detonate in certain areas, if took off or if there's more than one survivor. An awesome film and an instant must-see. Could you kill your best friend?

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

I've always been a big Chow Yun-Fat fan, A Better Tomorrow made him my favourite Asian actor and I've followed his films from Hard Boiled and The Killer to God of Gamblers and Tiger on the Beat. However, one thing in movies I've never been a big fan of is wire-fu. Jet Li annoys me so much with his constant defiance of gravity - I like my martial artists to have solid fights without the trickery so I can see what they're really capable of. So I was torn when I heard of this film - Chow Yun-Fat and wire-fu but despite my sense of dread, it played out perfectly. This is miles ahead of the likes of Hero and House of Flying Daggers, sure this has the odd flying scene but nothing compared to the others and the action scenes are top-notch, Chow showing he's not only capable with guns. This is the best wire-fu film ever!

Dog Soldiers
Dog Soldiers(2002)

Neil Marshall (The Descent) rips up the screen with this brilliant Brit horror where British soldiers on a training exercise find themselves the target of a pack of werewolves who have laid waste to most of the other team and find themselves holed up in a cottage awaiting their fate. Football jokes, blood and guts and a hilarious kitchen punch-out - best Brit horror ever!

Shaolin Soccer

Stephen Chow is to comedy what Jackie Chan is to martial arts - a genius. Sing (Chow) wants to show the world the martial arts but fails to find a medium for it until he meets a down-on-his-luck coach who reckons football is the perfect medium! Rallying his old friends, they combine their Shaolin martial arts skills to form the ultimate football team but their greatest challenge lies in the form of a rival coach who crippled their current coach years ago and has a team as bad-ass as them. Hilarious with amazing CGI and great comedy touches! Even if you hate football - this is a must see!


Part of the 'Vengeance Trilogy' alongside Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance and Lady Vengeance. Oh Dae-su, after a drunken night, is imprisoned without explanation in a hotel-like room, where, while there, he learns on TV that he has been framed for the murder of his wife. Released after 15 years he is contacted via phone and told if he can work out who his captor is and what he did to deserve it, then the captor will kill himself. If not, then everyone he has ever loved will be killed. Joined by a schoolfriend and a sushi-bar girl who has taken him in, the three set out to unravel the mystery but who will suffer most in the end? A memorable film with a great one-shot brawl with a clawhammer and one of the best endings to a film. Not for the squeamish but one of the best Korean films out there.

Brotherhood of the Wolf

French fantasy horror based on a true story where a killer beast roamed the French countryside and the king turns the matter to a hunter and his friend (Mark Dacascos) to track and stop the beast before more bodies pile up. While Mark Dacascos is the fiction-in-the-fact, put in for the kick-ass martial arts scenes, a very sexy Monica Belluci is there for the eye-candy although she does play an important role in the film. A great mix of fantasy, horror and adventure rolled into one package. Ass-kickingly great film from the director of Crying Freeman and Silent Hill.

Ringu (Ring)
Ringu (Ring)(1998)

Everyone knows the story by now - watch the tape and you have 7 days to live. Well, that's the legend so a female reporter checks out the legend and soon she and her son are in a race against time to lift the curse with the help of her ex-husband but what will come of the 7th day? No blood and guts here, this is pure atmospheric horror with matching music and a believable cast. Out of all the Asian horrors I've seen, this is the best I've seen so far. Highly recommended.

My Neighbor Totoro

Another Miyazaki masterpiece, and one I wanted to see for years. Two sisters move to the countryside with their father while their mother is in hospital nearby and the girls soon befriend the local forest spirit Totoro and his friends. It's beautifully animated, funny and imaginative and I doubt you'll find many better.

Ong-Bak (Ong Bak: Muay Thai Warrior)

Forget Van Damme and Seagal, move over Li and Chan - this is martial arts at its' finest. This Thai film may have a wafer-thin plot but action-wise it delivers in pain with no CGI, stuntmen or wires just a flurry of knees, elbows and amazing acrobatics done by leading man Tony Jaa. The action scenes are superb and the finale against the Burmese boxer is great. Check out this film if you love martial arts.

Run Lola Run
Run Lola Run(1999)

Franke Potente (Bourne Identity) stars in this stylish Sliding Doors-esque mix of fast music and faster-paced film about a girl (Lola) who has to help her boyfriend out of trouble by coming up with a large amount of money quickly. The film is broke into 3, each one ending depending on the choices she makes and routes she takes. Original and interesting film that's worth a look.

Running Time
Running Time(1997)

I got this free with 'Evil Dead', the film that earned Bruce his cult following so a black and white film filmed in one continuous shot in real time sounded interesting. Carl (Bruce) is fresh out of prison after 5 years of good behaviour but has already a plan hatched for a heist with his school friend, a safecracker and a junkie getaway driver but not all plans run smoothly and it's only a matter of time until he finds out if the job will be a success or he will end up back in prison again. It's an amateur production but it's a good film and worth checking out esp if you're a Bruce fan.

Alien Apocalypse

Part of a Bruce Campbell Double-Pack DVD alongside 'Man With The Screaming Brain', Alien Apocalypse could have been a lot worse. Returning to Earth after a 40-yr cryogenic sleep in sleep, four astronauts find Earth in a very primitive condition where those born during the apocalypse know nothing about Earth. Doctors. TV. Bowling. Everything is new to them. The new rulers are an alien termite-like race who have forced the survivors of mankind into slavery at sawmills worldwide as wood is a to human heads! Captured, the astronauts decide to form a breakout plan in order to locate the may-be-alive-may-be-dead President who is said to be building a rebel army, to which all the slaves hopes are pinned. This is a low-budget sci-fi but has a few decapitations and green-blood spewing corpses for good measure. Enjoyable film and has a great one-liner by Bruce throughout it - was expecting a really bad film but was definetely fun to watch.

Daai si gin (Breaking News)

I didn't realise that this was done by Johnnie To, the director of the disappointing 'Exiled' but I gave it a look anyway. It quickly dawned on me that cops and criminals can't shoot for their life whether they have pistols or machine guns. The opening action scene with about 30 cops exchanging fire with 6 criminals and ending with about 1 fatality was unrealistic to say the least. However, looking past this, it was a good film. The film is set in a large apartment complex filled with many winding corridors - the criminals are trapped inside and the cops - slammed for making Hong Kong an unsafe place to live in due to prior events - are working their way around the building. With a plan to shake the negative image of the police force, they mainpulate the media into showing they're on top of the situation using pin-hole cameras on every officer and craftily editing the bad footage before giving it to the media. However, the leader of the robbers plays his own psychological game using the Internet to fight back and upload the truth but who will come out the true star?

Fong juk (Exiled)

A very disappointing movie, it has very little character background, doesn't explain who they are or how they met. From the start gunfight between the three 'friends' which doesn't go any further to explain what 'score' they have to settle. The main characters are all indecisive about everything (flipping coins to decide what road to take or if they should do a certain job) and there's barely any dialogue between them at points. The blood is also replaced by some strange red powder/sand hybrid. Plus, at times, there was a LOT of smoke when there were gunfights and sometimes you couldn't really see what was going on because of it. It seemed a very unprofessional movie in all. There was nothing notably impressive or memorable about this movie.


An 'interesting' (to put it lightly) cult film with mad scientist West splashing out a few good helpings of blood and corpses in order to cure death itself but will he succeed or die trying? While not a patch on the Evil Dead films, it's easy to see how it got its' cult status.

Princess Mononoke (Mononoke-hime)

Despite being one of the slightlier bloody of Miyazaki's collection, that doesn't stop it wiping the floor with all its' competition. A prince is infected with a curse by a possessed animal God and is to die unless he can find a way to lift it. His only hope is to travel to the far East to get help from the Spirit of the Forest but finds himself in the middle of a battle between the animal inhabitants of the forest, led by San, a girl raised by wolves, and an iron mining town, led by the fearless Lady Eboshi, who is destroying the forest for ore.

Army of Darkness

Set in a different time than the other two, the tormented hero finds miself captured by knights who believe he is the Chosen One that'll bring an end to the Deadite threat but unwittingly unleashes the army of the dead led by his evil twin! Cue hilarious exploding skeletons, brilliant one-liners and the best ending to any trilogy, or possibly any film! Any wonder why this series will go down in history! Hail to the king baby!

Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn

Many think when watching this that Ash returns to the cabin but it is not so. The rushed beginning is just a recap of the first film. The reason only he and his girlfriend appear in it is because the other actors didn't want to do the sequel. The film properly starts with Ash being possessed by the spirit like the first film ends. This film mixes some humour in and creates a slapstick approach to the horror but carries it off. The laughing cabin, the spirit chasing Ash around the cabin and even beating himself up - it's all pulled-off in a ludricously great fashion but the blood comes by the barrel-load when the relative of the cabins' owner comes to visit and then the gore begins. Awesome sequel.


As some have said, it's 'Sin City Meets Gladiator' - it has incredible action scenes with slow-mo and sped-up effects (which benefit the action) and the dialogue just suits the style. It's cool, stylish and I'm finally glad to have seen it.

Resident Evil: Extinction

Resident Evil is not a horror film like the game is - the first film didn't offer much although the zombie effects were top notch. The second film was pure action with hot babes Milla and Sienna as gun-toting femme fatales Alice and Jill. Gunplay, martial arts and carnage. This third film is disappointing with Sienna nowhere to be seen (was working on another film) and the new characters not having much of a personality. New character Claire (played by Ali Larter) didn't do much apart from look upset that Jill was showing her up. The psychic power scenes were awesome and they threw in a few scares but the action itself wasn't anywhere near the level of part 2 and it seemed to rush everything, there wasn't really that much of a plot apart from 'find Alice'. Was hoping for a satisfying film but it just wasn't enough. Also, is it just me or is everyone sick of characters who get bit by a zombie but don't tell anyone and end up screwing them over?

Black Sheep
Black Sheep(2006)

Very average, I think I was expecting it to be funnier than it was and I was let down. There were some nice scenes in it and some very gory scenes not to mention some very WRONG scenes but overall I felt very disappointed - most laughably random ending......EVER!

War (Rogue Assassin)

Jet Li vs Jason Statham sounds like a great premise for an action film, esp one named War, but to be frank, I was disappointed. The martial arts scenes don't kick in for a while and when they do, they just don't last long enough. Didn't predict the ending, have to admit, but I reckon if they played the whole 'playing-sides' more it would have been far better, because it was the most interesting thing in the film. Oh, great to see Devon Aoki in sexy form too :)

The City of Violence (Jjakpae)

Korea scores with another triumph! Martial arts mayhem with a group of friends searching for their friends' killer and getting into scruffs with large street gangs and another nasty people until the final showdown. Best part is the end carnage with the pair storming the enemy stronghold and kicking much-needed ass. Funny in parts but def much entertaining mayhem throughout.

Shoot 'Em Up
Shoot 'Em Up(2007)

Just seen this a second time, and decided to give some more detail. Non-stop action with lots of gun fights, car chases and the action doesn't just stay on the ground, there's even a mid-air gun battle during a parachute jump! It's over the top but awesomely cool with rock music pumping all the while. Giamatti makes such an awesome villain with some truly great lines and Owen does great as the carrot-munching hero who hates almost everything (you'll see what I mean). Best not forget the gorgeous Bellucci either. She looks gorgeous all the way through the movie as she usually does. This film is the definition of fun, just don't go looking for realism and seriousness or you'll be disappointed.

Death Sentence

Good revenge thriller with none of that man-turning-into-bulletproof-hero-with-instant-fireams-knowledge crap. The cast made it believable and the end action scenes were probably the best I've seen in this type of film.

Save the Green Planet

Lee Byeong-gu, a very paranoid individual believes that the world is going to end in a few days at the hands of an alien prince so he and his circus-performing girlfriend kidnap his ex-boss who he believes is in cahoots with it. As the police close in on the individual, will the boss still be alive at the end of the ordeal or is there a hint of truth to Lee Byeong-gu's crazy logic?

This is a Korean directorial debut that combines genres, throwing horrific torture scenes, dark humour and sci-fi with a little bit of drama and romance but it all mixs together perfectly and a film this crazy can only have an equally crazy theme tune - in this case, a punk rock version of 'Over The Rainbow'!

Do not miss this! This is one-of-a-kind! See it before Hollywood try to remake it!

The Zombie Diaries

A low-budget amateur film, even the DVD trailers leading up to it will tell you that. Notably 'The Butcher' which more than resembles a low-budget Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It is a collection of various stories told by different groups of people - a news report group, scavengers and survivors - each group possessing a handheld video camera which records the goings-ons which doesn't always make sense as while 2 of them pack supplies into a trolley before the zombies get to them, the third stands about with a video camera and tapes it! This happens quite a few times when instead of filming, the guy could be helping out. The zombie FX are done pretty well but half of them just stand about and don't move. The camera-taken footage does add to the film as does the amateur acting but it just doesn't make it a good enough film or provide any real scares at all. There's no real plot to it other than documenting the groups' journeys. Go rent the original Dawn of the Dead or some other George Romero and see real zombie horror.

Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro (Rupan sansei: Kariosutoro no shiro)

Following the trail of counterfeit bills - Lupin is led to the Castle of Cagliostro in which he plans to rescue a princess he has past connections to with the help of his gunman and his samurai friends. Rival thief Fujiko and determined police Inspector Zenigata are also standing in his way of the master thief though so how will it all pan out? This is not a typical Miyazaki movie, it's wacky and comedic and is great fun to watch from the car chases in the mini to the swimming-upwards scene - just simply great fun!


When a boy is found in a crashed Viking ship, he is raised by a tribe as one of his own but must choose his own path - to grow up as a Brave or a Viking. Years later a group of Viking longboats arrive at shore - bent on killing and pillaging all the villages - he must fulfill his destiny. It's bloody, although you can spot the CGI blood easily enough, there are some nice touches esp with the Viking armour and the locations and atmosphere are perfect for the film. Good film.

Reign Over Me

A drama with some funny moments, I was unexpectedly surprised at this - the acotrs played their roles excellently. It didn't focus on the 9/11 attack but more of the friendship and struggles of the two main leads - Sandler who refuses to come to terms with the fact his family died and Cheadle torn between spending time with his own family and helping his new friend. One for the girls and guys to enjoy.


A sceptical writer of haunted locations has never found real proof to verify the existence of the afterlife until a mysterious postcard summons him to room '1408' where he must survive an hour of pure evil. Cusack does really well as the sceptic and there are some genuinely creepy parts in the movie. Really enjoyable.

PTU (PTU - Police Tactical Unit)

When the sarge of the PTU (Police Tactical Unit) is attacked by a gang and has his gun stolen, he asks for help from his unit - who use less than friendly methods in locating the gun before it is used by the gang itself. However, when CID take over the investigation of the death of the gangs' leader, it all leads to a final showdown in the streets. A very good film, not filled with action but more plot-driven.

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

Not being a fan of the original anime movie, I wasn't sure what to expect of the series but it was an amazing show with great action scenes and weapon and mech designs and the episodes were well though out and not too complex so that you didn't understand what was going on but not too dumbed down either. The 26 episodes were all split up into various episodes - when the episode titles come up it was either say 'Stand Alone Episodes' which were one-off episodes and 'Complex Episodes' which followed one single story line in which they battled an ultra-hacker known only as The Laughing Man. Great for fans of sci-fi, amazing for fans of Ghost In The Shell so check it out. The 2nd GIG (seond volume) box set is out now and I'll review it when I get around to watching it :)

The Bourne Ultimatum

A disappointment for me, a lot of shaky camera work (even when characters were just sitting talking) and there wasn't as much action as the previous installments. I wasn't expecting a full-on action film but it seemed to lack the punch the others had. Having said that, the car stunts were awesome and Julia Stiles looked stunning, although I do miss seeing the gorgeous Franke Potente. The fight between Bourne and the assassin following Nicky would have been better than it was if not for the fact the camera man couldn't stand still. Also what was with Nicky hinting at being involved with Bourne in the past? Nothing ever come to light on that - were they a couple? Still, it wrapped up most of the loose ends but is far from the best film this year.

Leprechaun 4: In Space

A low-budget, cliche-ridden Aliens-type movie except instead of Aliens you have a Leprechaun without an Irish accent funnily enough! Love the authentic-looking weapons and the non-CGI ship though...yes, that WAS sarcasm!


This is terrible! From the sped-up chase scene on a tricycle to the shoe cleaning - even though it was awful I still watched it! Why? I have no idea!

Dirty Sanchez: The Movie

Jackass is about stunts for fun - Dirty Sanchez is about disregard for your personal safety. Whether it's being shot with paintballs or regaining your pride 'Yakuza style' - these guys do it. This film is filled with male nudity and some scenes are just not for the squeamish - it is funny in parts though but don't watch if you're easily offended. Not much of a plot, just a lot of pain.

Guns & Talks (Killerdeului suda)

The film follows a quartet of male assassins, who are more like a dysfunctional family than an expert team of assassins. They don't just kill though, they kill however the client wants them killed - shot, blown up, gas - nothing they won't tackle. This is a good movie with some funny scenes in it, notably Bin Wons' (Brotherhood of War) speech about what love is. Was great to see one of my favourite Korean actors Ha-kyun Shin again too, first brought to my attention by the amazing Korean movie 'Save The Green Planet' but trading his zany, paranoid character for a hot-tempered assassin. Worth watching. Here's hoping Korea keeps churning out more of these quality movies :)

The Simpsons Movie

I was going to give this 3/5 because basically it was an extended episode with all the usual Simpson gags that you see in every episode but aftre watching it again I realised there are so many funny bits in it that it deserved a higher rating - Homers opening lines are great and there are truly funny moments - pay attention throughout the end credits for more clips. Celeb cameos by Green Day & Tom Hanks as well!

Elfen Lied - Vector Three

VECTOR (VOLUME) ONE REVIEW: Opening up with a naked girl excaping from a maximum security room - she slaughters everyone she comes across merely by looking at them. A bodycount of around 30 in the opening half with heads, arms, legs and even torsos being sliced apart. The whole volume is very bloody and has a fair bit of nudity but is still a great show to watch, if only to find out just who she is and what is going on...will be buying Vector Two when I can :)

The Host
The Host(2007)

I was hoping for a horror but this a pure monster movie - the Korean 'Godzilla' but without men in suits and model cities being destroyed. A desperate family team up to rescue their daughter from the clutches of a fast-moving sea creature. Great special effects and lots of monsterness :)


Probably the best CGI effects this year (so far) but the BEST film this year...not yet.

The Prestige
The Prestige(2006)

Despite the talents of Christian Bale, Hugh Jackman, Michael Caine and the ever-gorgeous Scarlett Johansson, I found this boring and it bordered more into sci-fi rather than magic at the end and once you found out the purpose of the machine, the ending was easy to guess. I much preferred the Illusionist to this.

The Chosen One

I knew this was going to be bad, but I still watched it regardless. I got this free with a magazine a while back so I wasn't expecting much so here goes - scantily clad females, writhing females, naked females, awful fight scenes and lots of tribal Indian ritual stuff in which Carmen sounds like she's having the best sex ever! Please do not rent/buy unless you're a Carmen Electra fan or are just a big perv :)


Feel pity for the 'hero' being sexually harrassed by all those large-breasted ladies! Is he gay or something?


Some guy who no-one likes goes around and rapes a lot of big-boobed girls and no-one really tries to stop him - I have no idea why!


Russ Meyer = Big Boobed Woman and little else (got nothing against it but be nice to have a decent film too)

Russ Meyer's Vixen

There was a lot of boobs...not much else to say!

Scarlet Diva
Scarlet Diva(2000)

I'd like to say I got this because I was interested in the plot but I'd be lying. Since seeing her in Land of the Dead, I just had to perv at this. I think I spent most of the time fast-forwarding, I don't think there was much sex in it from what I remember but it's all kind of a blur - it left THAT much of an impression on me. Go watch LOTD, she's hotter in that and it's a better film.

Dragon Tiger Gate

An enjoyable kung-fu comic book film where three martial artists join forces after a talisman symbolising a criminal gang brings trouble to the famous Dragon Tiger Gate. A little wire-work, a lot of CGI (some obvious) but some great fight scenes if not a little slow at times.

36 quai des orfevres

Finally got to watch this, dubbed as the 'French equivalent of Heat' of which I can make no comparison as I have not yet seen Heat despite the nagging from my friends. Two cops compete for the same promotion by chasing down a group of armoured car robbers before they strike their next target, however, both men cross the line at one point and make choices that lead to the final scene. A great thriller.

Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider(2007)

I heard varied reviews on this but it was a decent film with some great special effects. Never been a big Cage fan but this film was really good.

Once Upon a Time in High School: The Spirit of Jeet Kune Do (Maljukgeori janhoksa)

Don't be misled by the trailer, while Bruce Lee is an influence to most of the guys in the school, the film focuses on a transfer student dealing with bullying, love and making new friends. With everyone around him, including the teachers, being violent towards anyone they choose to, it makes it difficult for the pacifist newcomer. A long film, the hero only decides to make a stand when it seems that nothing is left for him but the fight scenes and brawls throughout the movie do make for great viewing.

Live Free or Die Hard

It's great to see Willis hasn't lost his edge with his age - this is probably one of the best action films I've seen this year, if not longer. There are some amazing moments in it - no action fan will be disappointed and some awesome stunts. Well worth seeing!

Taxi 3
Taxi 3(2003)

Not as great as the first 2 but still has some great laughs and the usual high-speed pursuits that makes the series great.

The Illusionist

Great movie with a young magician leaving his childhood sweetheart only to return 15 years later as a master illusionist and reunite with her only to stir things up with her husband-to-be, the Prince, and the local police force. Great ending to it but yet to see The Prestige and compare them.

Blood and Chocolate

Don't expect anything along the lines of Underworld here, reminded me of Romeo & Juliet with parkour thrown in - more of a romantic story with no real action going on except for the last 10 mins or so. Other than that every character just runs a lot. Vivian was hot but she kept doing this annoying thing while running where she jumped and kicked herself off trees/ledges for no apparent reason although that bares no relevance to the film. Wouldn't rewatch it or reccomend it above others but only probably I was expecting something more.

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Saw this last night and I thought it was way better than the first one with some amazing special effects and I didn't realise Galactus was in it so was looking forward to seeing how the film would portray him as in the comics he is a giant with an oddly-shaped purple helmet that devours planets, which would look ridiculous I think but I liked their take on Galactus, it was creepier. The Silver Surfer had amazing abilities and stole the show with his scenes and there were some great comedy moments by the Fantastic 4 themselves. Guess the only question is: will there be a third film and will it suck like X-Men 3 or succeed like Spider-Man 3? Oh, as usual, watch for the cameo by Stan Lee!

Body Snatchers

A decent film, although not seen the 1956 original or the other 1978 remake to compare. Sinister goings-on and creepy behaviour throughout but it was all ruined when my friend pointed out that the alien pod tentacles were in fact spaghetti. From then on, it just couldn't be taken seriously when you realise spaghetti monsters are taking over...

The Ghost and the Darkness

Great and somewhat blood-filled true story in which an engineer and a hunter team up to stop a pair of seemingly unstoppable lions who are bringing endless chaos and fear to the site of a railroad construction where the locals believe that these lions are more than just beasts.

Kiki's Delivery Service

As usual, another Miyazaki triumph, with a great story that will appeal to the whole family. Has a lot of funny moments and the coolest cat ever!

The Pursuit of Happyness

This was a really good film, so many bad things happen to Gardner but he never gives up hope, great film

28 Weeks Later...

I enjoyed this more than its' predecessor but probably only because Days was hyped up for me. Weeks is shockingly gory with some disturbing scenes and has a great jump factor so go see it if you can.

Spider-Man 3
Spider-Man 3(2007)

There seems to be a lot of negative reviews about this film but it could have been (and ended) worse than it did. Venom would have been nicer to see more of, I'll agree to that but I didn't find the dialogue/acting that bad - and those hoping for a dark vengeful film - this isn't Batman Begins! Spider-Man has mostly a young audience so Raimi has to keep the audience happy evn if it means random dancing. I'd say, next to the Evil Dead, this is one of my favourite trilogies and extra credit to Bruce's cameo as the 'French' waiter lol priceless - the man is a legend!

Running Out of Time

Interesting thriller with a dying criminal having a battle of wits with a cool-headed negotiator and leaves you wondering what the criminal's objective is and how it will all end up.

The Marine
The Marine(2006)

This is an all-action no-brainer that seems to have more explosions than a few of the last action films I've seen put together. A lot of over-the-top action at points and the amount of punishment Triton receieved throughout bordered on the ridiculous - no matter how tough a marine is, a sledgehammer to the stomach is going to keep you down a fair bit. However, Robert Patrick stole the movie with the Terminator reference, that was class.

Dark Water
Dark Water(2005)

A decent remake of the Japanese horror, it has noticeable changes - namely the ending and a few other things but the film as a whole is good although not as creepy as I would have liked it to have been.

Pulse (Kairo)

After seeing the Hollywood remake trailer, I happened to see the original to buy and immediately snapped it up - being an avid fan of Japanese horror but it was just a big disappointment to me. There was nothing scary about it (for me anyway), most of the characters esp the girls just acted (and looked) as if they were depressed, this is BEFORE the strangeness happens. Someone disappears so they assume something strange is happening - people disappear all the time! All the characters talked about were loneliness and death! Actually got me depressed listening to it and when the sense of unease first kicks in after 40mins of watching the characters in their mundane lives, you don't really care, although the sense of them alone in the world does have an essence of creepiness. Although it doesn't help when one character says 'it doesn't matter that we're all alone in the world, we're most definetely alive though' - the dialogue was messy and acting was pretty bad. The remake looks much scarier than this was and hopefully has less plotholes too.


Don't expect a lot of action, this is more drama than anything and the kills aren't done in any kung-fu/Bourne-esque way so don't expect anything stylised. The cast listed here is all wrong, while Helen and Cuba are in it, Eva Mendes isn't and they left Stephen Dorff out, who was probably the best actor there, playing a very mean villian. The plot listed is wrong too: Mirren and Gooding are contracted to kill a woman by her husband (played by Dorff) but find she is pregnant and the pair end up taking her away and giving her a new life - making a family with her. While Gooding's character never really adapts to the woman and her child, Mirren enjoys being a second mother until certain events lead up to the past catching up and a 'reunion' between husband and wife. I found this movie pretty dull to be honest and the cast have been in such better films. Although I have to admit, the girls may want to see this for the staggering amount of times Gooding's bare behind is on display and the full frontal nudity by Dorff. I could say about Gooding's sex scene with his stepmother and the scene where he plays a ladyboy...but that just sounds like bad porn lol


This is where the franchise started to go wrong...

Johnny English

Rowan has always been great as Blackadder and Mr. Bean but his films always lack the script that brings his TV personality so much to life.


Caught this on TV, action wasn't that impressive nor was the acting, go see Gladiator for something impressive.

Final Fantasy - Unlimited (TV SHOW)

Poor animation, go pick up a copy of Advent Children instead of this.

Wicked City (Yôjû toshi)

Action-packed anime where kick-ass gun-toting Taki from the human world and agile Makie from the demon world with her sword-like nails are assigned to protect an official signing a peace treaty. Demons, action and nudity - all done in superb style.

Burn Up W
Burn Up W(1996)

Fanservice aplenty with bouncing boobs and destruction everywhere. It's not the best anime out by a long shot and it's definetely more of a guy anime but it's funny and has some nice action scenes.

Pokémon the First Movie - Mewtwo vs. Mew

I'm guilty of seeing this *shamed* (unfortunately)


Average movie with blood, explosions and sniping but didn't really offer anything that I haven't seen before in other action movies despite having a few cool scenes.

Jumeogi unda (Crying Fist)

I'm officially a fan of Korean cinema, they just make great films. After Oldboy, I was glad to see 'Min-sik Choi' in this film and keenly rented it but unfortunately never got to see the end! For the first time, last night, I got to see it all the way through. The plot follows two people - a hot-headed juvenile delinquent desperate to show his family that he isn't a lost cause and an ex-olympic boxer who has resorted to being a human punchbag for money, but both find a chance to redeem themselves in the eyes of their family. The problem is that as you follow their stories, you really want both of to win but when they finally cross paths in the boxing ring - who will come out the champion?

Night at the Museum

I was sceptical of this film but it turned out to be really good esp the T-Rex scenes. Some great appearances from Ricky Gervais, Steve Coogan and regular co-star Owen Wilson among others.

Harsh Times
Harsh Times(2006)

It was average, didn't really hook me but it had its moments and the acting was great but Bale has done many better films than this.


Everyone has been recommending this to me and there have been a lot of high reviews for it so being a fan of World Cinema I had to see what the fuss was all about. Amelie is a quirky film about a quirky girl trying to help everyone be happy with comedic mishaps and events along her path. It is funny and charming and makes a nice change of pace from other films.

Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

I wasn't sure about renting this as the trailer didn't seem all that appealing. After catching the end 15mins (approx) I felt compelled to see more as it was a damn funny film. Some scenes are hilarious, others cringeworthy and a lot is racist. I can see Jewish and American people especially finding this offensive but this film is a 'hate-it-or-love-it' movie, just depends on how your humour is and how offended you get.

Jopog Manura, (My Wife is a Gangster)

I didn't realise this was another Korean film until the menu but I have nothing but praise for the Koreans at the moment - this had some really funny moments and Eun-jin's switching between smiles and glares just played to the humour. Don't go into this expecting a lot of action, it has martial arts scenes but it is comedy for the most part.

Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo

Great comedy with some fantastic characters in it. BEHEMOTH!!!

I, Robot
I, Robot(2004)

Great sci-fi with a judgemental cop convinced a murder was commited by a robot - something only he believes.

Phone (Pon)
Phone (Pon)(2002)

I enjoy J-Horrors although sometimes the ending usually confuses me but this was an exception, it played out as a mystery as well as a horror - worth watching.

Pan's Labyrinth

A dark fairy tale set and a war drama where a girl who is set three tasks by a fawn in order for her to prove herself as the reincarnation of the princess of the underworld uses this as an escape from her mothers' new husband, a violent general trying to wipe out opposing rebels from the country. Gory and violent in parts but a great film nonetheless.

Hot Fuzz
Hot Fuzz(2007)

I didn't like Shaun of the Dead, it wasn't as funny as I had hoped but the trailer for this had me in high hopes. After seeing it last night, I can honestly tell you it was BRILLIANT! The jokes were fast and well-timed and the humour was laced throughout. To tell you what my favourite part is would be impossible as so many bits made me laugh and to talk about them would be a crime in itself for anyone who hasn't seen it yet. It was surprisingly gory at times too - just a note for the squeamish!

The Day After Tomorrow

Amazing special effects, was gave the impression by a few people that the film was bad but it turned out to be enjoyable.

New Police Story (San ging chaat goo si)

This is no relation to any of his previous 'Police Story' movies but is a vast improvement on his recent Hollywood garbage such as The Medallion. Basically, it follows Inspector Wing after a tragic run-in between his team and a group of young group of terrorists who treat everything like a game. This is more dramatic than his previous films as well and Chan is back on top form for the martial arts sequences and stunt scenes. I have been waiting for this for ages and I'm glad I saw it as it shows that Chan is ALWAYS at his best when he's doing it in his own country and this is a prime example. Hollywood take note - you'll never make a martial arts film as good as something like this.

My Super Ex-Girlfriend

Wasn't sure about Luke Wilson's performance, maybe his character could have been played better by another but it has some great scenes namely the shark-lobbing.


Finally watched this - some great lines in it, not Stiller's finest performance but it's just got some great scenes in it esp the 'you can read minds?' line - utter classic!

Mystery Men
Mystery Men(1999)

With names like The Shoveller and super powers like fork throwing, you know this is going to be random and filled with humour. Ben Stiller is the biggest laugh of the group and, in my opinion, the coolest - who needs Superman?

Right at Your Door

This film is more of a message of how the media cannot be trusted entirely more than anything but I thought it was pretty slow and could have been better.

Elvira, Mistress of the Dark

Amusing, lots of crude humour and scantily-cladness - this is B-Movie awesomeness.

White Noise
White Noise(2005)

An atmospheric thriller getting its' scares off sounds and glimpses of things in the backgorund rather than the gore approach. Michael Keaton does well as the guy obssessed with his deceased wife but I felt he could have displayed a bit more emotion when his wife died instead of just sitting about the house looking bored and depressed.

The Quick and the Dead

This film may be pretty dated but I always enjoy it. Sam Raimi, my fave director, just never goes wrong it seems. Sharon Stone is at her hottest here, the tension in some of the stand-offs namely DiCaprio's (who acts his out well) finale and the look of utter contempt by Stone to Hackman at the end is so real, you think she actually hates his guts lol. Again, great film.

Visitor Q (Bijitâ Q)

Miike has made better.....or should that be worse?

A Bittersweet Life (Dalkomhan insaeng)

Good film but could have been better

Snake in the Eagle's Shadow (Se ying diu sau) (Eagle's Shadow)

Never been big on the 'old school' kung-fu

Drunken Master (Jui kuen)

Never been big on the 'old school' kung-fu

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

Has some good scenes but possibly the weakest link

Kerd ma lui (Born to Fight)

Great stunts, some pretty cool action scenes but is nothing on Tony Jaa. Also some OOT football and random flag waving!

Judge Dredd
Judge Dredd(1995)

Judge Dredd has NEVER shown his face in the comics! Gun rules!


Pretty decent Stallone film


Another heavily-criticised film which I found to be good to watch.

Last Action Hero

Don't know why a lot of people criticise this, there's some great moments in it.


A serious film following a character who, mostly alone, tries to find the truth behind his ex-girlfriends death, playing a dangerous game with those involved as he does. Decent thriller.

DOA: Dead or Alive

First things first, I've never played the games, secondly, I'm never impressed with 'girl fighters' like Buffy, Michelle Yeoh etc and third I don't like 'wire-fu' and didn't like films such as Hero or House of Flying Daggers although I did enjoy Crouching Tiger immensely. So now this film, it has PLENTY of eye-candy for the guys but the wire-work isn't as plentiful as I expected. There are some randomly odd bits (like the Kasumi glider scene, which I found totally random) but some really funny bits (Tina trying to convince her dad she's not a lesbian). I was expecting some total trash but this turned out better than expected, was surprised to see Holly Valance play her part really well too.

Smokin' Aces
Smokin' Aces(2007)

The trailer promises an all-out action film but truthfully all the action is set within the last part of the movie. There are too many characters to give them all screen time, they should have broke it down into two movies like the Kill Bill series, then maybe it would have worked better. Film starts off slow and the action is over just as it starts. Disappointing film.

Runaway Jury
Runaway Jury(2003)

Finally got to see this film after friends kept asking me too and finally saw it on TV. The leads plays their characters role well and the game of cat-and-mouse is suspenseful although I predicted why Weisz and Cusack were playing the game, I didn't predict the whole ending.


Another horror comedy, this had some really amusing scenes and some horrific deaths. The guy who tripped out on mushrooms was the best character by far and the misfired missile was just great.

The Brothers Grimm

A fun film with some nice twists on the fairy tales - the Gingerbread Man scene is by far the creepiest scene in the film.


When first seeing this, I didn't think much of it but after watching it again recently, I saw how great the action is and how wide the roles Bale plays really are.

Evil Aliens
Evil Aliens(2005)

I only bought this because my dream woman Emily Booth starred in it but it turns out it's an utter gorefest with some decent humourous moments and some sexy ladies to boot. Add in a combine harvester bloodbath and alien sex and it makes a very entertaining film - think Evil Dead's B-Movieness mixed with Dog Soldiers humour and you're almost there.

Snakes on a Plane

As expected, an average movie with some truly painful scenes involving a stilletto in an ear and another featuring a man not watching where he pees...

John Q
John Q(2002)

Another flawless performance by Denzel, who plays the desperate father running out of options who will do anything to help his son. One of his best films.

Knight's Tale

Half-decent film - not sure if I would buy it though but it was entertaining

A Knight's Tale

Half-decent film - not sure if I would buy it though but it was entertaining

Déjà Vu
Déjà Vu(2006)

Again, Denzel doesn't fail - I was expecting a cliched movie but this was a great film and will be in my DVD collection soon


Nowhere near as good as The Transporter - this film has its moments but unfortunately doesn't pump the adrenaline as much as the events do for Chev

Catch Me If You Can

Not really a DiCaprio fan but the team-up makes this a great film

Cowboy Bebop: The Movie (Kaubôi Bibappu: Tengoku no Tobira)

Wasn't a big fan of the series despite it having its moments but the movie looked more interesting and it was a really good movie - even if you've never watched the series.


I thought this was would be utter trash but it turned out to be halfway decent although the final battle between father and son was very short.

School of Rock

I've never like his music or him as an actor but I decided to watch this when it came on TV (not sure why as this isn't the type of film that normally appeals to me) but it was better than I thought it would be.

Anna and the King

My favourite actor paired with one of the most popular leading ladies around. Great film.


Classic film - one of Tom Hanks best films easily.


I watched this to see if it was as bad as people made it out to be. They were right. Bad acting, action scenes that you've seen countless times before. The CGI was awful in parts, so was the action in parts too. Why did her hair keep changing colour throughout the film? Confusing!!!


For an Asian movie, it has a pretty big budgets, some amazing special effects and a decent story. Returner is a combination of numerous Hollywood sci-fi films you've seen before but Hollywood borrows Asian inspiration all the time (The Matrix) so this should be forgiven. The gizmo that Milly uses is cool - a reversal of the Bullet Time technique where rather than her slowing down to evade attack, everything else slows down around her. It may not be the greatest sci-fi in the world and there are its unrealistic moments (very few) but its' most definetely fun and cool.

Miami Vice
Miami Vice(2006)

This wasn't as good as I hoped it was, I thought the camerawork during the love scenes and during some of the gun fights to be shoddy, always zooming in too close so you never really knew what was going on. I found the ending abrupt too. I have never seen the TV series but I don't think it really matters but I think the film had more potential than this.

28 Days Later

Maybe it was because I heard such great things about this film that I only rated it 3/5. It was creepy at the start but I was expecting more in the way of blood and gore. I think the first half of the film was great but the second half let it down. An average movie, there are much better horrors around.


An interesting movie, which will need more than one view to fully comprehend.


Despite being 'one of the greatest anime of all time' I don't like it that much.

Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker

James Bond for the younger audience but suprisingly enjoyable

Casino Royale

This is a new side to Bond - a hard-hitting one but still one with the wit of the other characterisations. Everything is present - the girls, the action, the stunts and the cars. However, no gadgets in this and no dodgy CGI thankfully!

Inspector Gadget

Ruining the cartoon!!!

Mrs. Doubtfire

Robin Williams in drag......sounds wonderful...

The Departed
The Departed(2006)

I enjoyed 'Infernal Affairs' and last night I finally got to see this remake and I have to say, in reference to remakes, this is probably one of the best out there.

The Dead Zone

I own Seasons 1 and 2 and this is my favourite TV series of all time. Recently got a lend of Seasons 3 and 4 and this show just keeps getting better. Top acting all the way through.


Excellent - Bruce Willis is on a great career path, not putting a foot wrong


Where it all began - one of the few sci-fi films I'd watch.


Didn't live up to my expectations

The Dukes of Hazzard

This was an alright film

xXx: State of the Union

I didn't like XXX but I actually enjoyed the Ice Cube sequel, standard action film.

Super Mario Bros.

worst game-to-film EVER!!!


love the evil ghosties!

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

watch 'Advent Children' - much better than this crap

The Protector (Tom yum goong) (Warrior King)

Tony Jaa returns to deliver another awesome action film. Hard to say if it's better than Ong Bak but it's definetely one of the better action movies out.

Tom Yum Goong

Wow! There were some outstanding action scenes here, like in Ong Bak, which just simply outshine most Hollywood fight scenes. Takes a while for it to 'kick' off but it's worth it.

Shallow Hal
Shallow Hal(2001)

The only Jack Black I've seen

The Mask
The Mask(1994)

One of Carrey's best

Home Alone 3
Home Alone 3(1997)

What happened to his brothers and sisters?

Big Daddy
Big Daddy(1999)

Not Sandler's best

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Despite not following the books or being overly fond of wizards in general - I have to admit that I've enjoyed the first two films and hope to watch the rest.

I Know What You Did Last Summer

Not my type of horror - never been a slasher fan, I like the monsters too much.


Wesley Snipes at his best! The martial arts, the action and the music make the coolest film around.


Michael Keaton plays the perfect caped crusader.

X2: X-Men United

The best out of the trilogy, showing the charcaters at their best.

Men in Black II

I was never a fan of the original.


I loved the avalanche scene, apart from that, the film was pretty crap.

Sister Act
Sister Act(1992)

Can't remember much about this film, can't have been that great, never really found Whoopi funny anyway.

Romeo + Juliet

I never really liked Leonardo DiCaprio anyway but this film sucked too.


Duhn duhn....duhn duhn...duhn duhn duhn duhn duhn *chomp*

Lara Croft - Tomb Raider

Perhaps one of the best game-to-film movies out.

Hard Candy
Hard Candy(2006)

Normally, a film with a lot of good hype tends to fail for me but this film, like Misery, uses a minimal amount of characters to create some truly gruelling scenes.

The Da Vinci Code

I just watched this with two friends, male and female and we all agreed it was awful. The story and conspiracy was interesting but it just dragged on. Didn't live up to the hype.

The Island
The Island(2005)

Despite not being a fan of Ewan's, this film kept my interest although the always stunning Johannson probably helped too.


It was fairly decent, wasn't as funny as I thought it would be but the gore made up for that along with the feeling you've just been zapped back to B-Movie territory.

X-Men: The Last Stand

It was good just not as good as the last two, it just didn't sit right with me, and so many characters were destroyed. Should have and could have been better. Was it the director or the script writer's fault though?

Super Size Me

Interesting documentary which shows the bad side of fast food. Did you know a Chicken Ceaser Salad has more fat in it than a Big Mac?

Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie

It's okay for the Sonic fans, was nice to see Metal Sonic animated and in action. This would have made a pretty good anime if they had better animation and action.

Vampire Hunter D

The whole hand with a mouth thing and the bit where he walks through all the monsters and they all melt by looking at him, it was rubbish. Animation was pretty cruddy too.


All-out action with top agents known as Spriggan defending against the most powerful enemies there are. Hardcore action.

Rurôni Kenshin: Seisô hen (Samurai X: Reflection)

I couldn't wait to grab this but was a bit disappointed by it. Maybe I just wanted Kenshin to go on forever?

Samurai X - The Motion Picture (Rurôni Kenshin: Ishin shishi e no Requiem)

The two-parter Trust and Betrayal are better than this. The change in animation style is also very noticable.

Ôritsu uchûgun Oneamisu no tsubasa (Royal Space Force - Wings of Honneamise)

Funniest part was when the girl has her spider on a lead and it jumps at the astronaut as he's talking lol

Plastic Little - The Adventures of Captain Tita

Fanservice doesn't make a great anime and never will.

Kidô keisatsu patorebâ (Mobile Police Patlabor)

I've seen this a few times and haven't yet decided whether I like it or hate it lol you have to see to judge for yourself but don't expect heavy mecha action.

Outlaw Star
Outlaw Star(2001)

Sci-fi with style, a rocking opening theme, the coolest pistol to be held by a cooler main characters and Aisha Clan-Clan, the catgirl. The action scenes rock!


Don't rent or buy, just burn any copies you see.


I didn't like this but then again I watched it years ago so maybe I just didn't understand or appreciate it back then.

Love Hina
Love Hina(2004)

The first DVD didn't hook me, I've read the whole manga series but the whole KeitaroxNaru trying to express their feelings just drags on. Naru annoys me anyway.

Ghost in the Shell

Has some nice designs but it wasn't interesting enough for me. I hear the TV series is meant to be awesome though so maybe I'll try that.

Burakku Jakku (Black Jack)

A maverick surgeon is called upon when top athletes start dying, this isn't your typical anime, it's got a story and focuses on it. If you fancy something different from your average anime then this might be it.

Burst Angel (Bakuretsu tenshi)

Mecha designs were amazing as was the use of CG but it all felt a bit samey. I only watched the first DVD though but it wasn't enought to hold my interest.


I wasn't keen on Akira despite its semmingly huge fanbase but going by the amazing trailer for this, I took a risk and wasn't disappointed or left (like with Akira) confused about certain parts. Great story and great artwork. Worthwhile anime.

Mission: Impossible III

An okay end to the trilogy, wasn't as good as I hoped it would be

Jet Li's Fearless (Huo Yuan Jia) (Legend of a Fighter)

It was a good way to end his martial arts film career but what will the Jetster do next?

Silent Hill
Silent Hill(2006)

The third film I've seen of Chistophe Gans and although I've never played the game, I was told it was pretty similar to it unlike the Resident Evil films. Creepy and eerie in parts - be glad Uwe Boll didn't get this.

Du shen (God of Gamblers)

Awesome film with Chow as a gambler with a supernatural knack for the game who loses his memory and is picked up by hustlers. Great film.

A Better Tomorrow

Amazing movie that first introduced me to Chow Yun-Fat and John Woo

Reign of Fire

Awesome dragons, they more more entertaining than the cast!

Pitch Black
Pitch Black(2000)

Vin Diesel makes Riddick what he is, undoubtably the 'Riddick' series is Diesel's best career move.

A Sound of Thunder

Plagued by disasters during filming, this B-movie got a lot of bad reviews when it was released. It's premise is what happens when evolution is changed in the past, bringing new changes to the present. The CGI is obvious in a lot of places but I found the story interesting and the new creatures that formed to be a creative mix. I watched this with dread but found it wasn't as bad as a lot of high-budget films that I've seen. If you don't mind a lot of CGI and a sci-fi with probably a lot of plotholes (didn't take note of any - was suspending belief) then this might be the perfect movie for you.

JSA: Joint Security Area (Gongdong gyeongbi guyeok JSA)

A story that unravels the events behind a kidnapping of a North Korean solider by South Korean soldiers and if there's more to the story than he lets on. A great film to watch with an equally great cast.

Scary Movie 4

After all the othres, I found this a tad predictable in parts, although there were a few parts that made me laugh.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

despite not reading the books nor having high hopes for a film about a wizard school, I actually enjoyed the film and may consider watching the rest *shock*

Men in Black
Men in Black(1997)

I had high hopes for this film but unfortunately it let me down despite the A-List cast

The Mummy
The Mummy(1999)

poor Brendan doesn't get that many good roles when it comes to films, usually partnered with cartoon characters or the like but he really shines in The Mummy series, this is one of his wisest career moves.

The Fast and the Furious

think this was the first film I saw with Vin Diesel in it, and it sucks badly

The Terminator

the film which launched Arnie into the spotlight and starred some of his most memorable quotes, 'I'll Be Back', he certainly got that right. Sci-fi masterpiece.

Meet the Parents

oh no, feel embarassed for Stiller as the nervous anticipation of meeting his girlfriends' parents is multiplied 10x, its a cringetastic film and I challenge anyone not to laugh

Van Helsing
Van Helsing(2004)

It had Hugh Jackman, Kate Beckinsale and a host of evil creatures out to get why wasn't it as good as it could have been?


there are some superhero movies that rock (X-Men, Spider-Man) and there are ones that suck (like this). Elektra's battle against Bullseye was a anti-climax to say the least, at least they had some decent songs on the OST though.

Fight Club
Fight Club(1999)

Edward Norton and Brad Pitt start the ferocious Fight Club that becomes much more than it really is but the ending is where the real kick in the teeth lies!

Forrest Gump
Forrest Gump(1994)

A film that everyone will see before they die, and that spawned a catchphrase remembered by all fans of it.


Awesome film, a board game that spawns nasty surprises every roll, this could easily have been the premise of a horror film.

George of the Jungle

why do I feel so guilty for enjoying this film? watch out for that tree!!!

Billy Madison

One of Sandler's funnier films including a great cameo by Steve Buscemi

Jurassic Park III

Nowhere near as good or as fun as the previous two despite the new dinosaurs added to the mix.

16 Blocks
16 Blocks(2006)

Not the best Willis action movie, but certainly worth renting if you like a decent film.


Enjoyable movie, some funny moments but I thought they were trying to be too 'Full Metal Jacket' with the drill sergeant scenes

V for Vendetta

Surprised me, my expectations were pretty low for this but it turned out as a decent movie.

Kill Bill: Volume 2

Boring! What's the big deal about Quentin anyway? Watch some decent Asian cinema instead of this homage rubbish.

Training Day
Training Day(2001)

Great film, Denzel Washington is always making some awesome films.

Jackass - The Movie

some of this is just disgusting but the razor scene accompanied by the Jaws theme always make me laugh and Party Boy is a hoot!

Battle Royale II

A very poor sequel that is nothing as dark and violent as its predecessor. The teacher for this film is so seriously overacting it's laughable and although it has a few nice touches, the ending is just ridiculous.

Four Brothers

Great film with some awesome moments in it.

Blue Gender
Blue Gender(2005)

After waking up from cryogenic sleep in the hope that medical science will have a cure for his mysterious illness, Yuji instead finds himself being woken by a rescue team of soldiers and his world replaced by a nightmare landscape with a race of giant insects known as the Blue replacing man as the dominant species. This is a great sci-fi series with mecha, guns, plenty of blood and guts and some very shocking deaths - this is one of the few anime series I would reccommend viewing. Think Starship Troopers but with mechanised mobile units fighting the battle and you'll have a rough idea.

Burst Angel Vol 1

Impressive so far with its use of CGI and mecha but why does that redhead do nothing but NEED to be rescued? Pointless character.

The Ringer
The Ringer(2005)

It was watchable but not the funniest film around.


Not as exciting as I hoped

Jurassic Park

Great film to watch


Love the nail gun and the x-ray gun, they rule

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Awesome, a film than manages to be better than its predecessor.


best line is when Jackie orders 'roast cat with beans' to cover up something else he said!

Spider-Man 2
Spider-Man 2(2004)

More action than the first, the train scene was amazing!

The Chronicles of Riddick

I'm not a big fan of Diesel but he's perfect for the part of Riddick, great movie.

Tremors 3 - Back to Perfection

This is where it goes wrong for the film series. Bert with no guns? That's like McDonalds with no burgers!!!

Tremors 2: Aftershocks

Just as good as the first one!


This is too awesome!


Average spin-off

The Last Samurai

One of Cruises' best films

True Lies
True Lies(1994)

Awesome films and Jamie Lee Curtis is so hot when dancing!

Audition (Ôdishon)

The end still creeps me out...

Formula 51
Formula 51(2002)

Samuel L Jackson using golf clubs as weapons and Robert Carlyle saying 'bollocks' a lot...this is the dogs bollocks!

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

I didn't really like part one so I wasn't expecting much of the sequel. Best part of the movie? Any scene with the Kraken, that creature rules!

Lucky Number Slevin

Great film, heard bad reviews and expected to be disappointed but it's entertaining throughout.

Sympathy for Lady Vengeance

The weakest of the trilogy, I thought, however the ending makes the movie.

Twin Dragons (Shuang long hui) (Brother vs. Brother)

Jackie plays dual roles and ends the film with a great vehicle testing centre fight. Great stuff!

The Medallion

Can his films get worse than this? Oh yeah, The Tuxedo, almost forgot that one!

Operation Condor

Great action film with some nifty moves pulled off by the Chanster, if only his Hollwood outings used moves like this.


Wire-fu sucks, the deflecting arrows on the roof scene just looked stupid, yeah, I'm sure two people can deflect about 1000 arrows!


Pretty decent film

Hg Wells War of the Worlds

Titled 'Invasion' in the UK, think of a Uwe Boll movie and you're close


Not even nekkid Halle Berry could save this film

The Bourne Supremacy

Less on the action and more on the mystery but worth the watch

Bad Boys II
Bad Boys II(2003)

not as good as the first film

The Punisher
The Punisher(2004)

Good ending.....had a fairly decent OST too...that's all lol

Street Fighter

Van Damme at his crap-tastic best

Mission: Impossible 2

While the first film was a fairly intelligent thriller, this is a no-brainer all-actioner

Underworld: Evolution

So much better than the poor original film. This is how it should be done!

Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance

A good film but still not as good as Oldboy

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Classic comedy, coconut-shell horse effects and catapulted cows lol

Night Watch
Night Watch(2006)

Interesting start to the trilogy, see where it goes...

Aeon Flux
Aeon Flux(2005)

Charlize was sexy but wasn't enough to save the film!


Decent but not The Rock's best


Good action film

Behind Enemy Lines

the only film I really like Owen Wilson in

Bad Boys
Bad Boys(1995)

don't be alarmed, we're negros!!! LMAO

AVP - Alien Vs. Predator

this SHOULD have been so much better

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

Gets less funny each time you watch it but still good

Assault on Precinct 13

only decent thing is Drea de Matteo *purr*


that Aerosmith song just annoys me now


it stars Jennifer Lopez, enough said!


The best in the series

Above the Law

More from Seagal! Still crap!!


Will the series EVER end?

Lord of War
Lord of War(2005)

not what I expected - awesome Amnesty ad before film though

The Corruptor

Less than average action

Bulletproof Monk

Another Asian superstar ruined by the US

The One
The One(2001)

Has some nice touches

The Tuxedo
The Tuxedo(2002)

Chan with more US rubbish

Rush Hour
Rush Hour(1998)

Chan at his US best

The Rundown
The Rundown(2003)

I hate wrestling but The Rock makes damn good films

Walking Tall
Walking Tall(2004)

The Rock proves he can act once again


Had the potential but didn't use it


Jet Li's best Hollywood film

The Thing
The Thing(1982)

The head running away on spider legs was so funny


Great film - watch this not the remake

The Talented Mr. Ripley

Great how Ripley plays everyone

Mr. Nice Guy (Yat goh hiu yan)

Possibly his best film out of Asia

Rumble in the Bronx

One of Chan's few decent Hollywood films

Resident Evil: Apocalypse

Awesome as an action film, poor as a horror like the game

Resident Evil

Great zombie effects but poor movie

Office Space
Office Space(1999)

Hilarious esp if you work in an office like that!

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Not as good as it could have been

The Matrix Reloaded

Decent sequel but boring in parts

Lethal Weapon

The best of the four

Kung Fu Hustle

Decent action comedy

Enter the Dragon

The master at his best

The Killer
The Killer(1989)

More great action

Infernal Affairs (Mou gaan dou)

Good thriller with some nice twists

Ichi the Killer (Koroshiya 1)

Gory, sadistic, sick but damn funny in parts!

Die Hard: With a Vengeance

Second sequel and still good

Die Hard
Die Hard(1988)

Willis at his best

Hard Target
Hard Target(1993)

Only Van Damme film I like

Lat sau san taam (Hard-Boiled)

So much gunfire!!! Decent plot too!!!

Happy Gilmore

Adam Sandler's best movie

Guyver 2: Dark Hero

Awesome battles esp the end fight

The Grudge
The Grudge(2004)

scared me less and impressed me less than the original

Gorgeous (Boh lee chun)

Chan without the use of props - and he still rocks

Get Shorty
Get Shorty(1995)

Some great moments

Fist of the North Star

Extremely bloody and violent


John Woo's best US movie to date

Enemy at the Gates

Snipers and the sexy Rachel Weisz - yum yum

Donnie Darko
Donnie Darko(2001)

Strange film but watchable

8 Mile
8 Mile(2002)

Rare - a singer who can act

Scary Movie
Scary Movie(2000)

The only decent film in the series

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

This film is NEVER repeated every bloody year


Great dance scenes

Kill Bill: Volume 1

Go-Go Yubari was the only good thing this film had

Sin City
Sin City(2005)

Original and awesome

The Matrix
The Matrix(1999)

Changed film history

War of the Worlds

Amazing special effects

Meet the Fockers

Funny but doesn't beat the original

The Longest Yard

Not as good as 'Mean Machine', the British remake


Part 3 will rock!!

The Replacement Killers

Average film that doesn't show the true potential of its lead stars

Dragons Forever (Fei lung mang jeung) (Cyclone Z)

A lawyer, an arms dealer and a cat-burglar join forces to stop a drug smuggler

Dawn of the Dead

Great zombie film esp the part where the bikers smack the zombies with pies!!!


Hi-octane martial arts buddy movie

The Descent
The Descent(2006)

Scary and gory - watch it with the lights off!

City Hunter (Sing si lip yan)

Full-on comedy with ingenious fight scenes and some perviness! WAHEY!


Disappointing but the robot army battle near the start is awesome

The Bourne Identity

Awesome film with great action scenes

Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood of War

Story of two brothers trying to survive the Korean war - awesome

The Blues Brothers

Legendary! Car chases and cool music galore!

Blast From the Past

Brendan Fraser at his comedy best

Battle Angel (Gunnm)

Decent anime with some great action

A Tale of Two Sisters

Creepy but found it hard to understand at the end

Batman & Robin

A colourful Batman, how nice for the children!!! PLONKERS!!!

Batman Forever

Could they do worse? Oh, wait they can! NOOOOO!!!


Slow in parts but has some nice scenes overall.


Sci-fi western hyrbrid with some great scenes.

A Night at the Roxbury

They dance bad and can't pull any girls...but they still try!!!

The Happiness of the Katakuris

Japanese musical in which death and problems are solved by musical interludes!

Freddy vs. Jason

The two biggest names in horror go one-on-one

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

CG animation based on the game series