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Nicholas Nickleby
2 years ago via Movies on Facebook

I liked the casting for this one, especially Charles Dance who does what he does best - play evil. James D'Arcy does the young, earnest idealist well.

Affinity (2008)
9 years ago via Movies on Facebook

Okay, first off, can the directors lay off the whole shaky-camera-zoom-in-zoom-out thing when it's not needed? Seriously, it gets unnecessarily distracting after a while. This should definitely have been at least a 3 hour miniseries. So much of the important plotlines were too hurried, particularly the relationship between Margaret and Selina. One moment Margaret is supposedly still carrying a torch for her old friend, the next she's sniffing Selina's hair locks. HUH? Also, while we somewhat understood what Selina + Vigers were planning, but I think a little more time spent in elaborating that would have made more sense.
Performances wise, I thought Anna Madeley and Zoe Tapper were really good. Zoe Tapper had the innocent act right, though she did make Selina look a little delusional (which I suppose was the point). Anna Madeley did a good job showing the claustrophobia and repression that Margaret was living with. I liked Amanda Plummer in her brief role.
I did LOVE the music, though. I think the end credits song made the final "underwater" scene far more impactful than the director or the scriptwriter meant it to be. For that, kudos.