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Eyes Without a Face
11 years ago via Movies on Facebook

Brilliant, brilliant film. Over-looked, it seems :(

The Wolfman
The Wolfman (2010)
12 years ago via Movies on Facebook

While the troubled production of The Wolfman is evident in its confused tone and pacing, it's an enjoyable romp which is a nice throwback to the good ol' monster movie. The cast is uniformly strong, but only in its established talent: none of the fine actors involved seem to be showcasing their finest work. Del Toro shines in some scenes but falls short in others; Anthony Hopkins (as much as I adore him) does seem to be phoning in parts of his performance (although he delivers some wonderful, blackly-comic lines); Hugo Weaving is magnificent, but is, as ever, still Hugo Weaving; and Emily Blunt stands out the best: she doesn't have much to work with, but she works it: while she is damsel for the majority of the film, she holds her own when her times comes. The direction is flat, but saved by the wonderful recreation of Victorian England (the costumes are divine) and the magnificent special effects (well, the wolf effects at least). Even though there's much CGI at work here, the transformation scenes are skillfully handled. To top it all off, the music is nice enough but ultimately forgettable - which might be a fair assessment of the film itself. However, it might not be brilliant, but I nonetheless thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm very intrigued to see how much extra footage we'll see on the DVD, considering how much has been cut and re-shot to get the film in this current version.

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer
12 years ago via Movies on Facebook

Rather lovely, in a demonic sort of way. At times it feels like there are two films trying to get out, but they sit beside each other comfortably enough the as a whole, Perfume still succeeds. Ben Whishaw is a bit bloody brilliant as Grenouille

The Men Who Stare at Goats
12 years ago via Movies on Facebook

Completely silly, but completely charming. The performances are all fantastic, and the goats are cute too.

Saw VI
Saw VI (2009)
12 years ago via Movies on Facebook

Back on form, as far as the sequels are concerned. Good fun, and some really nasty traps!