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A creepy messed up horror about a mysterious undertaker killing people and using their bodies to do his bidding. A cult classic fresh out of the 70s this film may seem a little dated in parts but the originality of the storyline is something many horror films haven't come close to doing.

Office Christmas Party

A film which the trailer definitely over sells this more than is should've done. Office christmas party is like project x meets the night before with fewer slick jokes. The plot is about an internet company trying to save itself by throwing a christmas party in order to impress a potential client. The film is carnage and has more than a handful of humorous moments to keep the dialogue and scenes flowing. This wasn't the greatest christmaa/party film about, but it most definitely wasn't the worst. A few tweaks here and there to the script could've helped, as the cast were all there.

The Fate of the Furious

Another instalment to the ever growing f&f franchise, i know what you are thinking, when will it ever end. Truth be told f&f 8 is an out and out popcorn flick and not to be taken seriously, once you take into account the lack of realism and corniness about it all, then it does its job, as an entertaining action flick. The story was probably the weakest out of of them all and there were many plot holes in the script. However this is saved by the constant adrenaline fuelled action scenes. A good film not to be taken seriously, but this brings the question, will they be able to keep pulling this off?

The Boss Baby

The boss baby is a surreal yet entertaining family film. Involving a baby who has just joined a family but acts like an adult, an adult with a very secret mission. Alec baldwin steals the show as the baby, and many adult jokes are thrown in for good matter. The boss baby is a unique and humorous film.

Cars 3
Cars 3(2017)

Of all the pixar films to spawn another sequel i wouldnt of out my money on it being another cars film. However cars 3 is a pretty good film, involving lightning macqueen getting old and slower and trying to keep up with the new cars. A mature storyline which hits at more adult themes, also a nice tribute to paul newman whom voiced doc hudson in the first film before he died.

Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie (Captain Underpants)

After growing up reading the books as a kid, the inner child in me was thrilled there was a film adaption of captain underpants. A great film they stays loyal to the books and even has the same style animation, captain underpants includes great voice casting, funny jokes and a film thats great for adults and children who all grew up with the books.

The House
The House(2017)

As an avid fan of will ferrell i couldnt wait to see this. About a couple (ferrell and poehler) who need to get cash so they can pay for their daughter to go to her dream college. They and a friend open up a casino in his house. Not ferrell's best film and their aren't as many laughs as his previous films, however there were just enough jokes to keep this film flowing.


Unbreakable is the realist superhero film out there, less comic book like and more gritty to the point. Bruce willis is unbreakable, a every day man that never gets sick or injured. Samuel l jackson is a brittle bone sufferer obsessed with comic books. The two characters paths cross and bruce willis begins to discover whom he really is. An excellent film that really has the viewer right where it wants them.

Resident Evil: Vendetta

The third cgi resident evil film, and probably the best one if i'm being honest. Chris redfield and leon team up to take down a bio terrorist hell bent on taking out millions of people. A non stop action packed 90minute film which really feels like a badass cut scene. Brilliant for fans of the series and fits in perfectly with the video games.


The second beatles film and even more crazier, Help! Involves ringo wearing a sacrificial ring. Completely over the top and involves the trademark beatles humour from a hard days night, Help! Is an entertaining and calamity filled comedy.

Magic Mike XXL

Better than the first film, magic mike xxl features the original cast minus matthew mcconaughey. With more of a plot and solid storyline this was a better structured film. The guys get back together for one final blow out before calling it a day. Funnier than the original and better paced magic mike xxl is a decent sequel.


A group of astronauts on the international space station acquire samples from mars and effectively discover life on mars from the samples. However toying with the unknown causes for calamity and things get out of control fast. A tense, uncomfortable, messed up sci fi horror and it is great.

Swiss Army Man

A unique film to say the very least, swiss army man is basically a joke told down the pub that has gotten out of control. Daniel radcliffe plays a corpse whose body can be used to complete survival tasks. A pretty good film with plenty of heart and farts, just dont ask me to explain the ending.

The Conjuring 2

We see the ghost hunting couple return and this time up against a tougher case. Based on the actual real life Enfield haunting, the conjuring 2 is both chilling and compelling. With a storyline containing truthful elements made this film even scarier. With plenty of suspenseful moments and out and out eery scenes, the conjuring 2 is both a worthy sequel and excellent story.


Daniel Radcliffe plays an FBI agent going undercover to infiltrate a neo nazi gang with suspicion of plotting a terrorist act. Daniel Radcliffe really gives it his all and is really convincing as a neo nazi even though he is undercover. A good film with great performances and many twists and turns as the film goes on.


Another film adaption of the famous novel by Stephen King. It follows the children's story in its full two and a bit hour run, part two will focus on the part when they are adults. This was an amazing adaption of IT and dare i say one of the best horror films in the past ten years. IT sees pennywise plaque a town by trying to capture and consume kids. A creepy, chilling and highly clever rendition of IT, if you love horror films then see this movie, if not then see this movie.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

The guardians are back for a second outing, and we are thrown right into the thick of it from the beginning. The film was excellently paced and flowed really well, the character chemistry and humour was still bang on point. Michael rooker's character yondu plays a more pivotal role in this film and for me he steals the show. Another excellent film to add to the ever growing MCU, Marvel can't do any wrong.

Batman and Harley Quinn

Batman and harley quinn is a light hearted addition to the dc animated universe series. Full of campy humour and many outrageous moments, this made a change to the previously darker dc animated films. Batman and nightwing recruit harley quinn to help them stop poison ivy changing the world with her plans. An entertaining film that should not be taken seriously in the slightest.

Children of the Corn

Another film adaption from a story from the great Steven King. Children of the corn is a more simple tale compared to his other works, kids killing adults to please a demon whom grants them a good harvest. A great cult horror film that deserves more notoriety than it has.


A boy meets girl film with a twist, the girl is a promiscuous, drunken mess and the boy is a successful sports doctor. Amy schhumer and bill hader prove they have great chemistry and comedy as an on screen couple. A rom com with plenty of difference and freshness to make this different than the rest.


An early noughties teen film, jason biggs gives his all in this slow and predictable comedy. Not overly a bad film but the plot did tend to drag and half the scenes seemed unnecessary. An instantly forgettable film that will be left in the noughties.

The Angry Birds Movie

A film based on a video game never normally does well. However the angry birds movie supplies laughs, entertainment and can be seen as a prequel to the game, explaining the events between the birds and pigs. An all round great family film.

All-Star Superman

Quite a decent animated superman film, plenty of action and nice looking animation. This film had too many subplots and got all a bit too much at times and was a bit confusing in parts. However the finale made up for it, not the best dc animated film in the series but it was still a decent addition as superman as the lead role.


The latest addition to the vacation film series, this time we see rusty whom has grown up started a family and plans to revisit wally world. Filled with many cameos including chevy chase, vacation had some humorous moments. However i felt this film failed to capture the quality of the previous vacation films (christmas vacation especially). Not a bad film and done its job and kept me entertained for 90 minutes, however i didnt think this film was needed.


The first film in the monsterverse godzilla is a gritty modern day adaption of the legendary monster. With great cgi and special effects and a decent storyline, Godzilla is a step up from the previous adaption in 1998. Even though Godzilla doesn't actually have much screen time the build up was perfect and opened up this franchise to more monster films. A great film with a fitting cast.

Ted 2
Ted 2(2015)

Ted 2 is a seemingly fitting sequel even if there was no demand for it. Many hilarious moments and quite a deep storyline, ted 2 certainly delivers in the entertainment. Packed with cameos and an all star cast and the same humour that made the first one so funny, and also much more random. This film was definitely a time passer.

It Follows
It Follows(2015)

A unique idea for a horror, a woman has a sexual fling and is then passed on a curse which has a evil entity follow her and try to kill her unless she passes it on to someone else. A pretty spooky film and an interested metaphor for sexually transmitted diseases. It follows is a not bad horror.

Crocodile Dundee

Crocodile dundee is a simplistic yet classic comedy, paul hogan steals the show as the lovable and reclusive crocodile dundee. Full of hilarious moments, this is definitely a 80s comedy that will always remain a classic.

The Secret Life of Pets

An excellent example of a family comedy, secret life of pets is both heartwarming and hilarious. The story focuses on a group of pets in an apartment building whom try to locate a dog whose gone missing. Great voice acting, colourful vibrant backgrounds, and constant jokes makes the secret life of pets a great film to see.

DCU: Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox

This film sees the flash go back and change events in the past, which then has a devastating effect of the present day. With alternative events occurring the flash has to make things right to try and set the timeline straight again. This animated film in the dc franchise was gritty, violent and a damn good story for more maturer audiences.

Vixen: The Movie

A great insight to the arrowverse character Vixen and her background. A series of webisodes compiled into a feature length animated film. Another chapter to the arrowverse featuring many familiar faces and voice talents to go with.

Beauty and the Beast

A great live action remake, beauty and the beast captures all the magic that was in the animated version and stay 100% loyal to it. With an all star cast and some really impressive cgi, this film went all out to impress. With the classic songs and dance scenes still included this was like reliving my childhood all over again. Another great live action remake from disney of one of their many animated classics.

The Lords of Salem

A different horror from rob zombie's previous works, lords of salem is all about witches. This film builds more on the plot and suspense as apposed to the more out and out graphic nature of his previous films. In no ways the best horror film out there but it has a unique and dark film and captured the whole historic background of salem very well.

All Hallows' Eve

Two children come back from trick r treating and discover a mysterious video tape in one of their bags. They watch it with the baby sitter and each scenario has a mysterious clown appearing in them killing the main character. A out and out chilling horror film which will be perfect for halloween night viewings.

The Babadook
The Babadook(2014)

An interesting horror film with classic elements with a unique spin. A widowed mother and her son come across a mysterious book called the bubadook. Once read as a bed time story for the boy creepy goings on happen and a mysterious cloaked figure keeps appearing. Damn right creepy with an interesting twist.

Cabin Fever
Cabin Fever(2002)

Inspired by the traditional horror location (a remote cabin in the woods) cabin fever features a group of teenagers surrounded by an unknown infection. Not knowing what to do or how to combat the infection they all turn on eachother. A great violent horror, with blood, blood and more blood.

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

Two idiotic party animals are ordered to get dates for their sister's wedding as they wreck every family event. The two dates they get seem to be as wreckless as they are. A pretty entertaining comedy that has very crude humour and near the mark jokes. Mike and dave need wedding dates is a great comedy to pass the time.

Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

A mockumentary about a popstar just gone solo, featuring the boys from the lonely island. This was a pretty funny film and had many hilarious moments and packed to the brim with celebrity cameos. The run time let the film down a little however it was a entertaining comedy none the less.

10 Cloverfield Lane

Another addition to the cloverfield franchise, 10 cloverfield lane is a tense, suspenseful psychological thriller. The majority of the film is set in a bunker with Michelle the main character having no idea what has happened. She is sealed in with two other men, and questions whats going on on the outside as well as the inside. A highly tense film that has you completely baffled throughout, especially the ending. This film desperately needs a sequel.

Child's Play
Child's Play(1988)

A horror about a serial killer's soul being trapped inside a children's doll? Whats not to love. A completely psychotic and deranged horror film that was way ahead of its time. A suspenseful and slightly tongue in cheek slasher film that is ideal for anyones horror collection.

Sinister 2
Sinister 2(2015)

After watching the first one and being very impressed, i couldnt wait to watch sinister 2. With the deputy from the first film returning we see him continuing investigating the mysterious murders and the links between them. A new family is roped up with the sadistic demon. Very suspenseful and tense sinister 2 still captures some of the elements that made the first one so scary.


A great chilling horror film, sinister sees ethan hawke a true crime novelist move into a murder house with his family in order to investigate the murders that took place for his new novel. This film was spine tingling in all sense of the word, and had a unique storyline and twist. A great modern day horror.

Blade Runner (The Final Cut)

Ridley scott captures the feel of a gritty, depressing and bleak futuristic world. Blade runner sees harrison ford on the trail to hunt down three robots who have came to earth to try and prolong their life. Because these said robots are illegal on earth because of their previously proven unstable nature they have blade runners take them down. This film was a delightful sci fi film that was plain weird, dark and somewhat beautiful. A great sci fi classic fresh out of the eighties.


A highly creative idea for a horror film, 31 tells the story of a group of care free Individuals travelling cross country who are then suddenly abducted. They find themselves being forced to survive in a game where they are being hunted by crazy clowns. Another great cult horror by rob zombie, 31 is a brutal, violent and out and out crazy film with a good story to it.

Every Which Way But Loose

A comedy film with clint eastwood taking the lead role? A very out of character film for him to play. Every which way but loose sees clint eastwood a trucker by day and a bare knuckle fighter travel cross country to find this girl he has fallen for. Some very hilarious scenes, mainly from the biker gang and also clyde the orangutan. A classic comedy caper that is a damn sight entertaining.

The Strangers

The strangers is a simple film about a couple in a secluded house being invaded by masked nutters. There is very little narrative and hardly any character development. Not much is revealed either what the masked people's motive is either. None the less this film really built itself up on suspense and was rather tense throughout. Not the best horror to see but its a film that passes time.

House of 1000 Corpses

Directorial debut from shock rocker Rob Zombie, house of 1000 corpses is a promising, cult horror film. About a group of cross country bag packers documenting roadside attractions whom get kidnapped by a family of psychopathic killers. An out and out crazy, violent gore fest, which Zombie's experimental filming style really captured the insanity. A great and different horror.

Pink Floyd: Live at Pompeii (Echoes: Pink Floyd)

A quirky and eccentric idea for a live concert, performing in a colosseum in Pompeii with no audience. This was filmed during the Saucerful of secrets era and shows the band progression on more experimental rock. Half concert half documentary we see a mixture of live music and behind the scenes interview. Live at Pompeii is a must see for any pink floyd fan and music fan.

Pain & Gain
Pain & Gain(2013)

Pain and gain tells the story of three weight lifters willing to do anything to become rich and a somebody. This eventually causes them to rob a millionaire for everything hes got. This film gradually unwinds and opens up with more insanity with increasingly hilarious outcomes. You would not believe this was a michael bay film as it was pretty well shot and the script seemed to flow well. Dwayne johnson, mark whalberg and anthony mackie all steal the show in this comedy crime caper.

The Devil's Rejects

The sequel to house of 1000 corpses, Devils Rejects follows the serial killers on the run from the cops. With twice as much violence and general deranged nature this stays loyal to the style and themes shown in the first film. This was an improvement even though 1000 corpses was a great bloody film, it felt like rob zombie was still finding himself as a director. This film is a great follow up and was a much needed sequel.

Gremlins 2: The New Batch

A worthy sequel, gremlins 2 captures everything that made the first one so great. Gremlins 2 focuses more on the slapstick side of humour as opposed to the darker themes shown in its predecessor. Gremlins 2 involves an office block in new york getting over run with gremlins, which causes chaos to ensue. This is great addition and contains many jokes, calamity and pure barminess that'l keep you rolling with laughter.

Shivers (They Came from Within) (The Parasite Murders)

A highly dated and low budget horror that involves parasites controlling people and making them promiscuous to spread the parasite. This is you're typical fresh out of the 70s b movie horror, which is basically all about sex zombies. As hilarious as it sounds this was a very unique take on the whole infected/zombie genre and was so crazy it was somewhat gripping. This film however was let down by poor acting and lack of narrative. However it is still an iconic horror that has helped structure the genre to date.


An excellent animated disney film, that is both visually stunning and highly entertaining. Moana tells the story of a young girl whom has to save her island from dying, in order to do this she must seek a demi god to help restore the dying land. Dwanye johnson steals the show as the shape shifting demi god and is comedy gold. With very catchy songs and excellent cgi, moana is a disney film that deserves all the recognition it gets.

Hurricane Bianca

A pretty funny film about a gay teacher whom gets fired for being gay, then comes back as a tranny pretending to be a woman teacher to get revenge on the school. A low budget comedy with many funny moments and highlighting important issues.


The final chapter of the hood series, we see the story has moved on 10 years and so has Noel clarke. Settled down with a wife and kids his street days are over or so he thinks. I found this the best out of the three as i feel there was more motive behind the story. A nice final addition that brings the series to a close and ties loose ends nicely. Many funny moments and dramatic moments, brotherhood is a worthy final chapter to the saga.

Red State
Red State(2011)

From director Kevin Smith, more known for his comedies and playing the loveable stoner "silent bob" this was way out of style for him. Red state follows a hate preacher and his parish (loosely based on the west boro baptist church) hunting down "sinners" such as adulterers and gays. This film was a great first horror for kevin smith as it has suspense, action, plenty of gore and was a thrilling rush. A great, crazy film with a simple plot. Promising stuff.

Central Intelligence

Kevin hart and dwayne johnson link up well in this buddy action comedy. Central intelligence sees johnson working for the cia whilst being hunted down for suspected terrorism whilst hart gets caught up in it all. A hilarious film with an out of character and slightly kooky role for dwayne johnson. This film is both hilarious and entertaining.

Point Break
Point Break(1991)

A classic film about keanu reeves hunting down a group of bank robbers. Excellent film with insane stunts and patrick swayze plays a convincing villain. Point break is a classic 90s action film that cant be missed.

Green Lantern: First Flight

This film follows the origins of Hal Jordan as the green lantern and how it all began. A great story and some stunning animation, green lantern first flight is a great first addition and introduction from the green lantern to the dc animated universe.

Kong: Skull Island

Chapter 2 of the monsterverse brings us to skull island. Just over ten years since the last kong outing, we see the end of the vietnam war with geologists and troops heading to explore skull island. With outstanding special effects and constant action fuelled scenes kong skull island is a fast paced entertaining monster flick. Changing the whole kong storyline kept this fresh and different from previous adaptions. A great monster flick, bring on the second godzilla.

Army of One
Army of One(2016)

A film about a crackpot getting a message from god to travel to pakistan to capture bin laden. Sounds like a hilarious idea for a film however they couldnt progress with the jokes well enough. Nicolas cage gives it his all and you forget its nicolas cage half way through. However with a poor script and lack of hilarious moments, this film really fell like a lead balloon.


The last ever film hugh jackman will play wolverine and what an excellent film to bail out with. After 17 years this feels like an end of an era and left me wishing Jackman could play wolverine forever, sadly film stars arent like comic books and keep going on forever. This addition to the xmen franchise is set in the not too distant future and mutants have been wiped out which leaves logan and prof x struggling to survive. This was by far the darkest, grittiest and brutal x men film to date and with a 15 certificate it doesnt hold back with the violence and profanity. People have been citing this as the best superhero film ever, i would be lying if i didn't agree. This film will stick in your mind for days after watching it.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

The final chapter and after 16 years its about time, the sixth film in the series to round it all off. The film picks up straight after the previous and we see alice being tipped off that there is a cure back at the hive ( from the first one). This film has more budget than the previous ones and had more stunts and action and crazy fights scenes. Some might say the series went on for too long, maybe so, but it ended the franchise perfectly.

Resident Evil: Retribution

The fifth film in the series and we once again see alice battling against umbrella cooperation and the zombies themselves. With very little human population left alice desperately seeks to end it all. A crazy addition with non stop action, forget about the games and just enjoy this film as a all out action zombie slaying epic.

The Bad Education Movie

After finishing the series i was excited to watch the film. Alfie Wickers and his class return for a school trip to cornwall and typical insanity and hilarity ensues. What i liked about this film is that is felt like an extended episode and stayed loyal to the series. The same humour and all the same characters and more, the bad education movie is a perfect finisher for the series.

Eddie The Eagle

A biopic film about the well known ski jumper, eddie the eagle. This is the ultimate feel good underdog film with many hilarious moments. This film really makes you feel sorry for eddie the eagle as he is never taken seriously and always knocked back. Performances are very well done from the likes of taron egerton and hugh jackman. This film will leave you smiling and feeling good.

The Lego Batman Movie

After starring in the lego movie, he now has his own spin off movie. Returning is Will Arnett as the caped crusader, this film has everything the lego movie had and more. Jam packed with plenty of jokes (some which only adults will get) and some impressive stop motion, this is an excellent family film. Appeals to comic fans and film fans, an highly captivating and hilarious film that leaves you wanting more.


A highly entertaining action/comedy film about a team of retired cia agents being hunted down for a previous mission they took part in. With an ensemble cast and a healthy mix of action and hilarity, red will keep you amused from start to finish.

T2 Trainspotting

Trainspotting 2 returns with the whole cast looking a little older but in no ways wiser. Mark renton returns to scotland with sick boy and begbie out for revenge. This was a worthy sequel and still retained the mixture of grittiness and comedy. Another great film by danny boyle, one of the better sequels around, great stuff.

The Witch
The Witch(2016)

An irritatingly boring excuse of a horror film, the with has the plot of what would make an exceptional horror but the narrative and slow build up lets it down. The witch is painfully slow and by the time the film get going its too late and the film ends abruptly. The cast gives it their all but lack of explanation and reveal on the witch and her origin really drags this film down. There are zero scares in this film with maybe one or two scenes that was somewhat chilling, like i said a brilliantly sounding premise and plot that is let down by slow pacing and dull scenes for two thirds of the film. I'd avoid this is you wanted a decent horror with a decent story.

Legally Blonde 2 - Red, White & Blonde

Whilst sequels are never as good as their counterparts legally blonde 2 tries to keep up with the first film. It provides laughs, a new setting and new characters legally blonde 2 has enough to keep
It entertaining. Whilst the story was rather silly, it worked and adapted the whole feel of the whacky and charismatic first film.

Legally Blonde

A blonde college girl applies for law school to try and impress her ex and to try and win him back. Legally blonde adapts typical chick flick traits but has a completely fresh storyline. Charming and very humorous, this film delivers with the entertainment and is an ultimate feel good film.

The Jungle Book

An absolutely brilliant adaption of the jungle book, starring a perfectly blended form of live action and cgi. The effects were visually stunning and the scenery looks very believable. Starring an all star cast providing their voice talents with ben kingsley and bill murray stealing the show. Seeing the villainous tiger voiced by idris elba was also a treat. An excellent take on a classic story that stays true to the classic animated version but also inherits a more darker gritty tone.

The Beatles: Eight Days a Week - The Touring Years

A great documentary film that documents the bands touring years and the stress that comes along with it. This film documents the beatles best and worst moments in their history. We see the beatles start out at the cavern club and their booming rise to fame and all the screaming fans. An excellent documentary for beatles fans, shedding another chapter to the beatles story we never got to see prior.


A horror film about a man who appears and kills you when you say his name in the mirror 5 times. Sounds like you're typical plot line for a slasher, however as the film progresses more of the story unravels and reveals what is a in depth, rather sophisticated horror. Completely unpredictable and unique in its own way, Candy man is a film that'll always make the must see horror film polls. A cracking thrill for all horror fans alike.

Jeepers Creepers 2

Jeepers creepers 2 is set a few days after the first outing and this time its set on a school bus. Whilst a high school football team's bus breaks down, we see the creeper once again on the prowl for humans to eat. A fresh sequel that involves a wider cast and many more tense situations. Loved the first one? You'll surely love this one then, many horror sequels dont work out, fortunately for jeepers creepers this sequel is worth sitting down one evening with the lights off to.

David Brent: Life on the Road

Just when you thought you'd cringed enough at the office Life on the road ups the ante for cringe factor. Bringing the popular character back for his own story about getting his old band back together (first mentioned way back in the office). Life on the road continues the office mockumentary style and of course its trademark humour. A hilarious film and a great revival of the loveable fool david brent. The final 20 minutes did seem a little rushed but other than that a very funny film.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Another great star wars film to the ever expanding series. Rogue one is set in between revenge of the sith and a new hope and involves the rebels desperately seeking the plans for the death star. This is an epic chapter on all sense of the word as there is excellent character development and excellent and visually stunning battle scenes. This film really puts into perspective the efforts the rebels took. A great film and an excellent expansion of the star wars story.

Finding Dory
Finding Dory(2016)

A brilliant and worthy sequel, finding dory explores Dory's back story and her origin. We pick up a year after the events of finding nemo and dory is remembering segments of her family and seeks to find them. Introducing a massive range of new sea life and characters with excellent voice casting (idris elba as a sea lion being one of them). An emotional and hilarious adventure that finding nemo needed.

American Psycho

Christian bale stars as the deranged serial killer working on wall street. By day he's an arrogant stock broker and by night he's a blood thirsty killer. As the film goes on we see christian bale rapidly becoming more and more out of his mind. A crazy, violent film with a twist that leaves you cross eyed.

Drop Dead Fred

A great zany and to be frank completely off the wall comedy. Drop dead fred is a family comedy that pushes the boundaries of the term family. Starring rik mayall as the imaginary friend. Drop dead fred is a chaotic, hyper active, hilarious comedy with mayall giving it his all and making this film a entertaining 90 minutes.

Justice League vs. Teen Titans

Nice to see the teen titans introduced into dc animated universe. After robin cant play as a team in the justice league he is placed into the teen titans and expected to adapt. The story really revolves around raven and he shady backstory involving demons. A great addition to the ever growing animated universe and opened up a completely new chapter of stories.

Donkey Punch
Donkey Punch(2008)

Decided to watch this as the premise seemed hilarious, but i was soon dragged into the events. Three girls meet a group of guys whilst out partying in mallorca and end up back on their yacht. An unexpected murder takes place and tensions rise over the situation. A highly tense thriller/horror which has the audience right where it wants them. A low budget film which has done really well on what little production money they had. A tense, thrilling film.

Batman: The Killing Joke

The iconic graphic novel has finally been adapted into an animated film. Given a 15 certificate this was the first dc animated film to be given this rating. A very dark and messed up story we get to see the joker's origin story and really see just how insane he is. The plot is fairly simple and involves batman pursuing an escaped joker. A fairly good dc animation but not the best of the series.

Justice League: Throne Of Atlantis

Your typical story about the atlanteans being scared of the service dwellers. Which the main antagonist frames an attack so it looks like the humans are attacking atlantis, which provokes war. The justice league are summoned to stop all the commotion. The film explores and introduces aquaman whom has no idea who is mother is. A great addition to the dc animated universe, some great animation.


Bringing the classic character we all grew up with the the big screen. Paddington is a great family film and was surprisingly good. The film starts off revealing paddington's back story and we discover why he ended up in London. Talented voice casting for paddington and a great cast for the Brown family. Paddington is a nostalgic and throughly enjoyable film.

The Night Before

A christmas film that involves drugs and a wild night out. The premise is about (levitt's) characters parents getting killed on christmas eve and his two pals (rogan and mackie) take him out to make him feel better. This soon becomes a christmas tradition every christmas eve. Full of jokes which some fall flat but theres just enough to keep you entertained. Not the best seth rogan film but still a pretty funny unconventional christmas film that stands by the spirit of the festive season.

Dirty Grandpa

I was genuinely surprised when i watched this as i saw the scaving reviews. However this film i found personally to be quite funny and entertaining. De niro plays his part well as a foul mouthed recently widowed old man. Zac efron plays his uptight grandson whom gets roped into taking him on a road trip. Gross out humour and plenty of jokes, dirty grandpa didn't deserve the reviews it got as this was a pretty funny film.

X-Men: Apocalypse

Another instalment to the xmen film series and is a continuation of the prequel chapters. Xmen apocalypse sees the oldest mutant "apocalypse" rise from his buried tomb. He has only but one plan to cleanse the world and make earth start over as a stronger mutant filled planet. We see all the xmen in their younger selves battle it out to once again save the world. We are also introduced to famous xmen characters which havent starred in the prequels yet, these include cyclops, storm, angel, psylocke, nightcrawler, and jean grey. With many characters in the film i found each character had plenty of screen time and the development was well paced. It was a bonus seeing wolverine as his weapon x days. Overall a good film which follows days of future past which was never an easy task.

House at the End of the Street

A great thriller film that will completely throw you off throughout. Jennifer lawrence and her mum have just moved into a neighbourhood next door to a boy whose parents got murdered by his sister. All is not what is seems however and the mystery thickens. Jennifer lawrence plaid her part well and was a different direction for her to play. This film is damn right tense and will have you on the edge of your seat throughout.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

A spin off from the harry potter series and is set some 80 odd years before the lightening scarred boy's story. Fantastic beasts sees newt travelling and gathering rare and majestic magical creatures in order to save them and educate the wizarding world about them. However as we have learnt in the j k rowling universe its never plain sailing and we see chaos and new villains follow. A worthy chapter to the harry potter franchise and allows the audience to see different additions and parts to it all. Wonderfully shot and really entertaining, fantastic beasts leaves you wanting more and feeling happy inside.

Army of Darkness

The third and final film in the series and the most outrageous. We see ash in medieval times right where the second film left off. The progression from horror to comedy through out the series really shows here as army of darkness is a crazy laugh a minute film. We see ash fight the deaditte army with knights in order for him to transport back to the time he came from. This was a different direction from the previous films having been set in the cabin for the first two. A completely different setting, environment and story made this fresh and left you wanting to see more of ash. Absolutely hilarious and completely off its rocker, army of darkness is a worthy third instalment.

The Amityville Horror

A film about a possessed house with demonic traits, a family were killed in it. The film revolves around a new family moving into the house with creepy stuff going in. Causing tension between the family members and causing an increasing amount of distress and violence the family start to realise they arent alone. A fairly tamer horror film, which relies on psychological horror to scare its viewers. Based on a true story, this really makes the film more creepy.

A Street Cat Named Bob

A phenomenal film that really clutches on your heartstrings. A street cat named bob is based on the true story from James Bowen. This film sees James, a homeless drug addict who busks for a living, stumbles across a stray ginger cat. As the film progresses we see them both relying on eachother. This is the ultimate feel good film that'll leave you smiling at the end with maybe one or two tears of joy. Luke treadaway performs a stellar, convincing role and of course bob the cat as himself. A great british film that needs to be enjoyed by all.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

In no ways the best superhero film around and the critical reception will tell you that. The run time was just over 3 hours long (ultimate edition) and the first hour or so did tend to drag and the plot was all over the place and hard to follow. However 90 minutes in and the narrative and plot seemed to all make sense and merged together making for a half decent, entertaining half of the film. The fight scenes and action was pretty good and helped the film flow more. The film felt more of a set up to the dc shared universe than a sequel to man of steel. Like i said theres many problems with this film, but the ultimate cut added more vital scenes even though it made the film a long one. Pretty good film.

The Evil Dead

An iconic film that has set the bar for many horrors over the years. A classic friends holiday in a remote cabin in the woods storyline with a evil book of the dead that resurrects evil spirits. A film that has gone down as one of the classic 80s horrors, with crazy special effects and makeup that is so low budget it pretty much turned the rest of the franchise into horror comedies. Great film and a great franchise.

Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn

An outrageous, over the top sequel to the evil dead. Twice the gore, twice the demons and twice the budget by the looks of it. This instalment was when the franchise was switching to more comedy horror and there are many funny moments and scenes that will become running jokes in the franchise. As good as the first with a bit more money thrown at it.

Sausage Party

A crude, tasteless animated film about food for adults whats not to love. Starring seth rogan and all his usual posse sausage party tells the story of food wanting to be chosen by humans and be blessed. They do not know they are there for consumption until a returned item lets them all know. If you like seth rogan's usual humour and style of films then this film is definitely for you. Constant sight gags, vulgarity and food puns, sausage party is the first of its kind and will probably be for a while. Hilarious comedy.

Oasis: Supersonic

A documentary film that doesn't hold back and shows the reckless times oasis went through. The Gallagher brothers both give a warts and all look at the rise to fame of oasis and the peak. This film is both brutal, charming and hilarious, everything that made oasis a great band. A brilliant rockumentary.

Hellboy II: The Golden Army (Hellboy 2)

The second hellboy film and a damn good one at that, hellboy 2 sees our favourite characters return to battle odd and unusual threats to earth. Ron perlman once again dons the red suit and delivers exceptionally as hellboy. Twice the gags, twice the action and dare i say better than the first? An entertaining film throughout. Fingers crossed they eventually make a third.

Doctor Strange

Another outstanding marvel film which opens a new door to the cinematic universe. Doctor strange, having been a solid character in the comics never was truly graced with on screen performance until now. Benedict Cumberbatch was most definitely the man for the job and captured his character perfectly. A great story and exceptional special effects, the visuals in doctor strange are both stunning and mind bending. An excellent structural film that propels the MCU even further.

Friday the 13th Part 2

Pretty much a remake of the first film because of the similarities, part two continues where the first one left off. After Jason's mum's killing spree was put to an end we see Jason now take on the merciless killings of teenage campers. The storyline was unoriginal and was a repeat of the first however it was nice to see a new killer with different murders. Not a bad sequel.

Planet Hulk
Planet Hulk(2010)

After reading the graphic novel and being blown away by the excellent storyline i had to check this animated version out. Planet hulk captured the graphic novel down to a t and was epic and damn right entertaining. With plenty of violence and non stop fighting planet hulk was a great animated marvel film.

Scream 2
Scream 2(1997)

The second in the series with the ghost face killer returning for another killing spree. Like the first instalment we have ourselves questioning who the killer could be from the get go. Another great storyline without feeling too samey, scream 2 is another entertaining teen slasher to satisfy fans who were left wanting more after the first film.

Trick 'r Treat

An excellent idea for a horror that really captures the halloween atmosphere. Trick r treat sees multiple storyline and plot lines all intertwined. This was a really unique and experimental horror film and really pushes the originality of the genre. A sophisticated film that'll keep you glued with its many twists and turns.

Friday the 13th

Another iconic slasher film, friday the 13th is a typical horror film involving teenagers in a remote place and que the blood. This film seemed way ahead of its time with the extreme violence and unique twist. Friday the 13th is one of the stand out slashers films and is definitely up there as the best.


After hearing this film as a all time horror classic i was intrigued in checking this out. I was somewhat disappointed as this film relies on suspense so much to the point that is drags and becomes a little dull. There is little to none explanation why michael myers is on a killing spree. Halloween has potential but to me just seemed like a load of hot air, also this is severely dated.

The Crow
The Crow(1994)

The crow is a vengeance film straight out of a comic book. We see a young couple savagely murdered in their own home by a gang of thugs. The man (roth) is resurrected in order to finished some business the thugs caused to him and his fiancé. This film is definitely a cult film and has a great down to basics comic book plot with the late great brandon roth stealing the show.


The trouble with the slasher film genre is that its rather unconvincing and theres no motive behind the killing. However scream was a sophisticated teen slasher film which will keep you guessing throughout who the killer is. There is a lot thicker, stronger plot than many other films. With an all star cast scream surely will go down as one of the best films in the slasher category.

Wrong Turn
Wrong Turn(2003)

A horror film with a really basic plot that aims for the shock factor and tension. Wrong turn is a good down basic entertaining film, about three inbred hillbilly psychos killing anyone they come across. Because of the simple plot this film get straight to the point. Great for a halloween night in.

Batman Vs. Robin

Another great dc animated movie, batman vs robin sees batman's son (robin) rebel against batman as he feels restricted and imprisoned in his own house. A mysterious man keeps persuading robin to join the court of owls, a seedy organisation that rules over gotham. Batman has to take down these villains and save his son before its too late. This film was a great mature story with plenty of fight scenes and violence. A well pieced together animation and flowed terrifically, the dc animated universe pumps out yet another fine film.

Batman: Assault on Arkham

For an animated straight to dvd film assault on arkham was fantastic. Aimed at a more mature audience this included violence, strong language and nudity. An excellent storyline regarding the suicide squad breaking into arkham to assassinate the riddler with batman hot on their trail. Great voice casting and a non stop action packed rush throughout, dc have proved that straight to dvd doesnt mean straight to the bargain bin.

Jonah Hex
Jonah Hex(2010)

Jonah hex is a great comic character and this film was the very first adaption of him. The narrative and dialogue is pretty bad and could've been tweeked majorly. This is in no way a brilliant comic book adaption film however it had its moments that kept me watching it. Josh brolin's performance is the best thing about this film and he really tries hard of the rest of the cast dont. The storyline is basic and about jonah hex avenging his wife and sons murder. This film wasn't bad although so much more could've been done with it.

The Runaways
The Runaways(2010)

What starts as a seemingly normal rock n roll biopic about the all female rock band the runaways, the final act really lets the whole film down. We see the band members form and get a record deal and tour. Eventually the rock n roll lifestyle takes a toll and eventually splits the band up. Some fairly good performances and acting that is subsequently let down by the choppy story and lack of character development. The film tends to jump to certain parts of the bands history far too quick without much explanation. A film with promise that is unfortunately let down by the second half.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

A classic horror and a slasher film that set the bar for the whole genre. Nightmare on elm street sees Freddy Krugar the films antagonist killing teenagers in their dreams. A unique villain and storyline to match, this will definitely go down as one of the top horror films ever made.

The Purge: Election Year

The third and possibly final chapter in the purge series, this time we see the senator with her anti purge views get caught up on the outside on purge night. Another blood thirsty violent film with tense, suspenseful scenes, this addition was a great one. I feel like the purge series have covered all aspects now such as a family trapped in a house, individuals trapped on the outside and the inclusion of the government. Another great entertaining and fast paced film to round off a great horror/thriller trilogy.

Jeepers Creepers

A throughly good horror film with a somewhat sense of originality. This film carried classic horror elements such as the typical isolated town, suspense and a crazy killer. Highly creepy in parts and damn right disturbing, jeepers creepers made for a great hour and a half worth of horror.

Captain America: Civil War

A absolute platinum piece added to the ever growing marvel cinematic universe. Civil war sees the avengers divided over a new policy regarding their power. This felt more like an avengers film than a captain america film as many characters have equal amount of screen time. Marvel studios are forever expanding and enhancing the cinematic universe and this film was no exception. We see spiderman and black panther as the new additions whom add a little spice to the story and bring something different. Stunning fight scenes and witty dialogue made the action scenes an absolute pleasure to watch. Civil War is a peach of a film and a worthy addition to the film saga. This film didn't feel like 2 and a half hours long and could've easily been 3 hours to expand more characters.

The Boxtrolls

A great inventive and wacky family stop motion film, The Boxtrolls is a really well thought up story. A bunch of trolls dressed in boxes whom come out at night to steal rubbish are misunderstood and feared by the humans. This film was hilarious and completely kooky, and really was just out there as a production. From the same studio that brought us Paranorman and Coraline you can really tell the style of animation was similar. A stellar voice cast with the likes of Ben Kingsley and Simon Pegg and Nick Frost just to name a few really made this film that bit more of a delight. Also hearing Richard Ayoade's voice as a character was just hilarious in its self. One of the best family films you will see in a long time.


Will Ferrell voicing a big blue alien who causes havoc, sold. Megamind is a family cgi film spoofing the superhero genre with a twist, the main character is the villain. A funny film with Ferrell once again providing hilarity. With many references to superheroes and films, megamind is full of pop culture references to keep the adults amused as well as the kids. A great film from dreamworks.


A great disney animated film with a well written story exploring modern day themes today. Excellent voice acting which really brings the characters to life. Zootopolis or zootopia is another brilliant animated disney film to go with the other 53 films. A fun and witty film that has many jokes only adults will get, this film really has something for everyone of all ages.

Daddy's Home
Daddy's Home(2015)

Another film starring Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg, daddy's home sees will ferrell as the step dad compete with mark wahlberg the real dad for the childrens affection. While this in no shape or form Ferrell's best film, it still contained that will ferrell stamp of comedy that delivered the laughs when needed. Wahlberg and ferrell once again pull off the comedy duo very well and provide much hilarity and humorous moments. A comedy that definitely had its moments, hardcore will ferrell fans would appreciate this more.

Stephen King's It

A creepy horror film from the dark mind of the great Stephen king. It tells the story of a creepy clown (pennywise) murdering children and eating them. A very twisted and chilling film with a phenomenal performance from Tim Curry as pennywise. This was originally a mini series that is compiled into a film. Definitely a horror classic and will never be forgotten about. Spine tingling horror goodness.

Tower of Terror

A fun family film based on the disneyland ride of the same name. Similar to the film haunted mansion, tower of terror sees an uncle and niece investigate a abandoned hotel which the guests mysteriously disappeared. A harmless feel good film for the whole family to enjoy, tower of terror is a 90s disney classic.

Suicide Squad

After this film was announced and the trailers were released the dc fanbase erupted and people could not wait to see this film. After the poor reception from the two previous dc films, people were banking on suicide squad. Unfortunately critics alike have panned this film and really did go to the cleaners with it. However I went in with a fresh mind and always ignore reviews and decide for myself. I was pleasantly surprised, this was a decent comic book adaption with fast paced action scenes. I felt will smith was a very convincing "deadshot" and Margot robbie captured harley quinn's twisted humour and general insanity. Jared Leto as the joker was a different spin on one of the most villainous enemies in the superhero genre. I felt this film has had harsh reviews and should just be enjoyed as a stripped back, simple comic book action film with no nonsense. A good film that deserves a little more credit.

Pitch Perfect 2

The girls are back and this time they are competing in the world a cappella championships. The whole cast returns with the addition of some new members. Pitch perfect 2 proved that this was not a one horse film. The humour and songs were bang on form once again. Seeing snoop dogg singing christmas carols was one of the highlights. As the film ended you wanted more and much to my pleasure a third film has been announced.

Pitch Perfect

A unique, feel good, toe tapping chick flick that pleasantly surprised me. Pitch perfect is all about a cappella groups battling it out to win the competitions. Filled with a cappella versions of well known songs and well arranged choreography. Rebel wilson steals the show as "fat amy" delivering most of the films jokes. A solid entertaining film that i found surprisingly better than what i saw in the trailers, a film to put you in a good mood.

The Internship

Vince vaughn and owen wilson may be past their wedding crashers hey day but the internship is a mature and feel good film. It may not be their greatest comedy as lets face it wedding crashers was simply unbeatable. However this film was a good time passer and was somewhat enjoyable regardless of the 90 minute google advert. Not a brilliant film but in no ways a bad film.

Hobo With a Shotgun

A typical grindhouse exploitation film, hobo with a shotgun does exactly what it says on the tin and delivers. Originally a fake trailer to go with the tarantino/rodriguez grindhouse feature. This film has typical over the top gore, minimal storyline and no limit. A great film to pass a spare 90 minutes, damn right entertaining and typically cult based.


Igor is a homage to classic horrors with classic 1950s horror elements, all placed into a kids film perfect. With a great voice cast and a style reminiscent to Tim Burton, made me instantly take a shine to this film. A great film for children and for adults who grew up with films such as the addams family and nightmare before christmas. Igor is a film only a select few would appreciate and i'm glad i'm one of them.

American Beauty

American beauty is a film about an everyday man lester (Spacey) going for a drastic midlife crisis as his normal life has become too regular and mundane. As the film goes on we see Lester change drastically from an up tight office worker to a laid back care free stoner. This effects all the people around him and it was an amazing piece of cinema to see the changes progress throughout the film. This is by far Kevin Spacey's finest hour and he delivers with an absolute stellar performance. American Beauty is a fantastic film and will forever be a timeless classic.

Jackie Brown
Jackie Brown(1997)

Another film from the legendary Quentin Tarantino, Jackie Brown is a crime thriller with twists and turns from the off. This is somewhat more tame with the violence compared to other Tarantino films, and focuses more on the suave plot. With the likes of Samuel Jackson and Robert De Niro and Michael Keaton, you knew you were guaranteed excellent performances. A great film and a nice turn of style for Tarantino.

This Is 40
This Is 40(2012)

A disappointing unnecessary spin off to Knocked up. This is 40 seems rushed and a cash in project, with a poor script and kind a of depressing storyline made this film instantly forgettable. At over 2 hours long this film seemed more of a choir and dragged extremely. Jason Segel sadly had a very small and pointless role, about as pointless as the plot itself. Don't bother unless you really have nothing else to do but cry.

A Million Ways to Die in the West

A million ways to die in the west is a typical seth macfarlane branded comedy. Full of many funny moments and great cameos. This was not the greatest film however it was not as bad as critics stated and was quite entertaining. A great cast who all delivered to supply the laughs. Not seth's finest hour but its most certainly not his worst.

Fast Five
Fast Five(2011)

Another action packed riot, Fast 5 focuses on the action more than street racing bit still it comes out tops. The cast return this time in the picturesque city of Rio, the extended version tended to drag a bit with the heist planning and unneeded dialogue. However this soon comes out trumps with an epic finale, fans of the other would not be disappointed.

The Hateful Eight

Another great tarrantino film, the hateful eight felt like reservoir dogs in a western setting. The whole film remains in a shack with eight people whom dont trust eachother. There are many twist and turns on the way and the tension thickens as the film progresses. A great crime western and certainly didnt feel as long as it was.

Fantastic Four

When i saw they were rebooting fantastic four i was cynical as this wasn't under marvel studios licensing. Also the previous two fantastic four films got a bad write up but i actually really enjoyed them, so there was a lot of pressure riding on this film for me. Let me start off by saying this film hardly follows the original plot line for the superheroes. The characters costumes looked cheap and lazy, no iconic matching jumpsuits with the four logo on, the thing was just naked and dr doom looked like a melted candle. The film takes way too long to get going and the climatic battle with dr doom lasts literally only 5 minutes so we couldn't get a feel of doom's evilness. There was no humour added like the banter between the human torch and the thing. This film literally brought nothing to the superhero genre and should be buried and instantly forgotten, a load of tripe.


First things first this will never beat the original but it certainly give it a run for its money. Hairspray features the talents of christopher walken and john travolta. Making this remake feel fresh and damn right hilarious, a retelling of the ultimate feel good film. Hairspray can be watched again and again.

Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising

Bad neighbours was a film that didn't really need a sequel as everything was covered and wrapped up in the first one. However with a bigger cast and a soriety moving next door instead of a frat house made for different jokes and a new storyline. Pretty funny and has many jokes to keep the film flowing, seth rogan steals the show once again. Nowhere near a patch on the first but still damn right funny and entertaining.


A great family stop motion film about a boy who can see and talk to the dead but no one believes him. A family film with dark elements and hilarious moments. A brilliant idea for a film that is a refreshing change for family films as many dont seem as inventive. Great voice casting and great stop motion, paranorman is a damn good film.


Coraline is a refreshing and unique family film, and i use the term family film loosely. A damn right creepy film that pushes the barriers of its pg certificate. Set in a house where through a door another reality is accessible where creepy things and dark secrets lurk. Outstanding stop motion animation with stunning visuals and a storyline so out there it'll be hard not to turn this off half way through, great stuff.

The Good Dinosaur

Another film from Pixar and yet another great one, pixar rarely miss when it comes to making great imaginative family films. The good dinosaur tells the journey of a dinosaur separated from his family and trying to make his way back, whilst befriending a caveboy on the way. I found this film was really touching and pulled on the old heartstrings, it makes you want to laugh and cry. A great film from the ever brilliant Pixar studios.

Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse

Years ago the genre of zom com did not even get the privilege of appearing on the silver screen, and folks would laugh at the idea of it. However Shaun of the dead set the bar and zombie comedies have appeared left right and centre. Scouts guide is downright silly and a no brainer, which makes it a great film. Full of gross out gags and a solid young, unknown cast made this film all the more fresher. Think superbad with scouts and zombies, this film is full of hilarity and zombie fans should enjoy this the most. A great film that definitely doesn't take itself serious at all.

Kurt Cobain: Montage Of Heck

A documentary telling the rise to stardom of kurt cobain and how his troubled upbringing and severe illness effected him offstage. I love Nirvana and Kurt Cobain is one of my all time heroes, i was a tad disappointed that this film was more of an art project. There were scenes that didn't cover anything and were just psychedelic interludes to pass the time. I wish they interviewed more people as they only really interviewed about 6 people only one being a musician. However this documentary film was saved by archive footage of Cobain performing with early stages nirvana right up until the famous Reading headlining performance. There was also plenty of offstage family footage with him and his daughter and the poisonous Courtney Love (this film sums up what a bad influence she was on the troubled rock star). A pretty good documentary but could've been a stellar rockumentary if all the arty fartyness was scrapped and more musicians shed their words.

War (Rogue Assassin)

A great crime action film starring jason statham and jet li. The story is about statham tracking down his partners killer and avenging the murder. A great story and is not you're typical revenge cop film, there are twists and turns that have you questioning the killers motives and how will they catch him. A great film with a huge twist.

Casa de mi padre

Not the funniest will ferrell film and was lacking in jokes, however this was a bold move and wasn't that bad of a film. A parody of old spanish films, casa di mi padre is deliberately filmed poorly, with bad continuity and noticeable props and backdrops. This all adds to the comedy and has suttle laughs as apposed with laugh out loud moments we are so used to seeing Ferrell in.


A low budget zombie comedy that is quite a bit of fun, dead heads sports everything that an unknown film needs. It has plenty of jokes and great actors of which have never been seen in anything before. A funny zom rom com that will definitely keep you amused.

Home on the Range

A disney film that'll never get recognition or be noticed as one of the classics. Home on the range is when disney released lesser successful animated films. This film is more for children as it has more slapstick humour and a more simpler plot. However it was quite enjoyable and what you saw is what you got which was nice for once. Great voice casting and hearing randy quaid yodel was a highlight. Not the nest disney film but it wasn't bad neither.

Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa .5 (Unrated)

Basically a documentary on how they made bad grampa with some little scenes that never made the final cut. Its funny with some classic jackass humour involved, however most of the scenes were understandable on why they were scrapped. If you love jackass then you'll love this.

Hotel Transylvania 2

Just as many gags and just as good of a storyline to the first, hotel translyvania 2 is a family film treat. The was a brilliant sequel and is just as good as he first, with its solid story and constant jokes made this a delight. With the voice cast returning with new characters proved the franchise is still fresh. A great film for all the family.

Mad Max: Fury Road

An outstanding addition to the franchise, mad max fury road delivers and couldn't of come at a better time. When i first heard that Mel Gibson wasn't cast as max i was cynical, however come to think about it he is a pensioner now and a physically demanding film like this wouldn't of helped him. Tom hardy plays the main guy now and once again he performs the utmost stellar performance. This film captured everything that made the others great and felt like mad max was never away. With the dystopian environment and high speed chases mad max fury road is an essential chapter and one of the best action films i have seen in ages, dare i say one of the best action films.

The Brothers Grimsby

Sascha baron cohen's latest comedy caper as a football, lager swilling thug searching for his long lost brother who is actually a spy. A hilarious outing that holds no bounds and is full to the brim with bad taste and gross out gags. A crazy comedy that has non stop laugh out loud moments, one of the beat comedies of 2016 so far.

Chicken Little

The first film when disney went from 2d animation to computer animated features. Chicken little features an ensemble cast of actors. This won't go down in history of disney cinema and it was in no means the best disney film around. However it was quirky and damn right kooky and made a great change for disney to step out of their typical princess stories. Based loosely on the classic kids folklore tale about a chicken that thinks the sky is falling. This film will be looked upon in years to come as the film that turn future disney features into computer animated films.

Resident Evil: Afterlife

Another instalment to the resident evil film series, this film introduces classic video game characters such as chris redfield and the executioner as seen in resident evil 5. This film hardly follows the games but look past that and you have a pretty decent zombie series on your hands. Constant new bio weapons courtesy of umbrella corporation sees constant new monsters and zombies. Entertaining stuff.


Finally a film about the most unorthodox, unhinged and non traditional comic book superhero. Deadpool is an adult marvel character with mature themes way beyond any other character. Ryan reynolds portrayed deadpool exceptionally and really brought the character right out of the comic book. No one else could play the part better, and it was redemption for the wolverine origins version of deadpool. Full of crazy action, violence, nudity, profanities and crazy funny dialogue this film is one not to miss. Deadpool is the ultimate cult character and is bound to get an even bigger following after this film. A refreshing original addition to marvels ever growing film catalogue, one of the films of 2016 so far.

Dumb and Dumber To

Dumb and dumber to wasn't the greatest sequel and wasn't necessary especially after all these years. I have a soft spot for this film purely because its jim carrey and jeff daniels playing the dim witted duo once again. Many jokes fell flat and didn't have the snappiness like the first one. This felt like a direct to dvd film as opposed to a theatrical release. I enjoyed this film to an extent but am very glad i never paid to see this. A half decent attempt of a sequel, however i'll stick to the first film indefinitely.

Blood Diamond

A spectacular piece of cinema, blood diamond documents the civil war in sierra leone in the late nineties, with diamonds being scavenged and helping funding the warfare. Leonardo di caprio delivers a stellar performance as a diamond trader making a hefty living off of the war. An excellent story of a serious on going matter and does not hold back on brutality. A realistic epic piece of cinema that will be yet another spectacular film di caprio stars in.

You Only Live Twice

Another great bond film starring the legendary sean connery. You only live twice sees bond in japan investigating after a US and a Soviet satellite get intercepted. Some many iconic moments in this film such as the theme tune and blofeld the films antagonist. An explosive finale, with a high body count, you only live twice is another classic bond.


A classic james bond film, with a very convincing villain. Spectre is at it again which leaves bond to try and stop them. An outstanding scuba finale steals the show.

Magical Mystery Tour

I'm going to say it, the influence of narcotics was definitely alive when the beatles made this film. A tour bus that takes locals on a funky, psychedelic trip (excuse the pun) many random scenes and minimum story made this film definitely crazy. Starring many performances from the beatles and odd sketches, magical mystery tour felt like monty python on acid, not that thats a bad thing. If you get past the improvised script and poor story, this film is actually a quirky, out there, entertaining film, that only the brits could come up with.

The Woman in Black

First off let me just say this has got to be the most scariest film with a 12 certificate i have seen. Daniel Radcliffe stars as arthur whoms job has sent him up north to arrange paperwork for a house who the owner recently died. An excellent horror film that is damn right creepy and chilling. This film had all the right elements in it to make a very good spooky film.

Yellow Submarine

A crazy psychedelic cartoon straight out of the 60s with a great beatles soundtrack. The film stars the fab four on voyage to pepperland in a yellow submarine to rescue the locals from the evil blue meanies. This was a stunning piece of colourful animation that has stood the test of time, a great trippy film. The beatles did not provide the voices, however they did have a certain cameo at one point.


I myself am not a huge fan of remakes and find them most of the time unnecessary. However Poltergeist was a half decent modernisation of the original. A fairly creepy setting and a disturbing clown doll made this film a hair raiser. Quite a good film, die hard horror fans would appreciate this.


A superb piece of cinema, starring a young womanising Michael Caine. Alfie is about a man who cant settle down and hops from one woman to another, married or not. The story shows what consequences come with such a lifestyle. A hilarious, marvellously filmed classic that'll never dry with age.

A Hard Day's Night

A great piece of beatles history showing a average day for the beatles. Being chased by fans and having to make it for a live performance causes the band to end up in many comedic situations. A hard days night is without doubt a classic that'll give beatles mad fans exactly what they need.

The Craft
The Craft(1996)

The one thing the 90s had was many dark, gothic films and the craft is no exception. This was a story of four teenage girls forming a coven and the consequences of such power. A great film felt like a chick flick without the romance and slush.

The Social Network

Not a bad film, jessie steals the show as mark zuckerberg. I did find this was a bit of a dull topic to make a film on but there were a few gags in there to moisten the storyline up a bit. Really did end up thinking mark zuckerberg is a bit of a dick after watching this film. Passed the time but i doubt i'll watch it again.

Inside Out
Inside Out(2015)

A spectacular film from the minds at pixar if you excuse the pun. A film about the emotions in our mind. Inside out is a spectacular, unique and highly imaginative film. Possibly one of the greatest family cgi films you'll see in years. Pixar once again deliver with an epic film.

Kingsman: The Secret Service

A great modern day spin on a spy film, very unique in its own way. Colin firth's performance is beyond his standard rom com roles, he plays a badass for once. A damn good spy film that would appeal to generations new and old.

Fun & Fancy Free

A classic disney animation telling two tales, one of a bear in a travelling circus and the other is mickey and the beanstalk. Set up differently to other disney films, fun and fancy free is a narrative story telling of two separate stories. A great film that shows just how far disney has come.

17 Again
17 Again(2009)

The whole bodyswap film has been done over and over again with a different story but same scenarios. However 17 again was quite a funny enjoyable family comedy, zac efron proves he is more than just high school musical by delivering with a very funny performance. A entertaining little comedy that'll pass the time.

Big Hero 6
Big Hero 6(2014)

Disney have delivered and made their own superhero film inspired from a marvel comic. Made a pleasant change for disney to create a film without any princesses or love stories. A damn good film and a brilliant change for disney.

The Land That Time Forgot

A good entertaining vintage film, a group of people whom have sieged a uboat end up in a unknown, uncharted land. A very similar film to king kong minus the big ape, full of dinosaurs and unknown species. This film may have aged but it was a good watch non the less.

Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens

A absolute outstanding chapter to the series introducing us to many new characters and classic characters. Unlike the prequels the force awakens feels like a proper star wars film and has a great story introducing us to the start of a new saga. A non stop rush, will have you on the edge of your seat throughout.


Ant man is a great adaption of a lesser known superhero. Another great chapter to the ever expanding marvel cinematic universe, ant man is a funny, fast paced comic book adaption. Paul rudd as always plays his role to perfection and is the perfect man for the job. Its great to see more obscure superheroes getting their own silver screen debuts. An excellent addition to the world of marvel.

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

An excellent, absolute classic instalment to the vacation series. Christmas vacation is a chaotic, accident prone christmas caper. Chevy chase once again delivers the laughs as the hapless clark griswold. A brilliant yuletide comedy cracker.

It's a Wonderful Life

An absolute classic of a film that'll make you feel all warm inside, this is the ultimate feel good film. This film focuses on a loveable man who's life hasn't gone his way and is forever putting other people first. A great story and a spectacular ending that'll leave you feeling all fuzzy inside.

Jay & Silent Bob's Super Groovy Cartoon Movie

Another instalment to the view askiewniverse, this cartoon take on jay and silent bob is crazy, vulgar and full of pot jokes. Die hard fans would appreciate this the most.

The Frighteners

A fun and different idea for a film, as soon as a
I saw peter jackson and michael j fox on the same film i knew this film would be a goodun. Full of ghosts and hilarious moments made this a great typical 90s dark horror comedy. Fun to watch and damn right entertaining.

The Loved Ones

A great intense gory horror which the two villains are so convincing as crazy people. This film was so messed up but unique compared to other serial killer horrors. Violent, intense and damn right brutal the loved ones is a cult horror for sure.

The Interview

After being rewarded with previous comedy gold i was pleased to see rogen and franco buddying up again. This film sparked a lot of controversy which helped publicise the film. Damn right bad taste but hilarious, you cant beat seth rogen and james franco together. Kim jong un also delivers many of the gags and is portrayed brilliantly. A crazy and very silly comedy that brings the laughs.


A great james bond film that sees james bond trying to take down goldfinger a villain obsessed with gold. With a budget equivalent to dr no and from russia with love combined made this film have more gadgets and explosions. A great classic of a bond film that has survived the test of time.

From Russia With Love

The second james bond film and another classic, from russia with love sees sean connery return as bond. A thoroughly entertaining film, with once again gadgets, new villains and a great storyline. Many one liners and connery's suave persona added to making this film such a classic.

Dr. No
Dr. No(1962)

The one that started it all, dr no has it all from car chases to loads of fights even to james bond silver tongued charm. This film has aged well and has stood the time as an all time classic.

Let's Be Cops

Lets be cops is a silly comedy about two 30 something men going nowhere in life. They go to a fancy dress party dressed up as cops and its gets out if hand. Was expecting this film to be more funny than it actually was, however it did make me chuckle multiple times. I did find this film at nearly 2 hours in length was a little too long. On the hole quite an entertaining comedy to pass the time.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Ok lets get this out there first, most slasher films have little to none plot and is all about the killing. The Texas chainsaw massacre has absolutely no plot and is literally about a chainsaw wielding maniac killing a group of friends. Doesn't sound terrible i know, but i found this film was actually quite boring and hugely annoying due to a screaming woman for practically 90 minutes. This film may be called a classic but it has aged horribly and only gets the attention it does because it was considered the original slasher film. There was little explanation as to why leather face does this and why he has a freaky mask, and why his dad and brother and borderline comatose grandad do this.a complete let down of a horror.

Furious 7
Furious 7(2015)

A great instalment to the franchise, which proves they still have fresh ideas for stunts, characters and storylines. Jason statham plays the villain for once and is damn good at it too, the most ruthless villain f&f have had yet. Some stunning visuals and excellent car chases as always, f&f 7 is a non stop adrenaline rush. Packed to the brim with action and of course outrageous over the top moments. It was great to see virtually the whole cast back including the guy from tokyo drift with a brief cameo. The film was a brilliant tribute to the late great paul walker, which will leave you with a lump in your throat.

Bunny and the Bull

A damn right surreal and odd film that is a completely different league of quirky. Bunny and the bull is a funny, artsy comedy that tells the story of an agoraphobic living life by routines. The film is structured through flash back and tells the story of the two guys on a european holiday and why he turned into an agoraphobic. Some very funny moments and nice to see cameos from noel fielding and julian barratt. A great film that is way out there.


An outstanding new adaption of the notorious Kray twins. Tom Hardy aka mr hollywood plays both twins and is exceptionally convincing, and even makes you forget its the same person. Some amazing special effects which really shows just how far films have come. This film has it all from drama, violence, and many comedic moments (mainly from ronnie kray) this film is outstanding and will truly be one of the 2015 highlights of film.


Blomkamp does it again with another unique and different sci fi film. Chappie tells the story of a robot "chappie" whom was created with actual artificial intelligence. As the film goes on chappie learns more and becomes more intelligent. This film is exactly what sci fi needs as its so different, great cgi, superbly shot made this film a delight to watch. Another brilliant film for the man that is Neil Blomkamp, like District 9? Then you'll love this.

Cradle 2 the Grave

An entertaining action film which gets more outrageous as the film progresses. Jet Li and DMX play their on screen partnership well, many explosions, fight scenes and many funny moments. This was a great action film to just sit back and relax to.


A fun film that captures the 60s life perfectly, this film is all about the music and dancing. But also has a deep message that everyone should be equal and integrated. Many fun and amusing characters in this energy filled film. A brilliant feel good movie to put a smile on everyones face.

Magic Mike
Magic Mike(2012)

A film about male strippers isn't my forte anyways but i kept an open mind about the storyline. This film literally has no storyline and it did drag a lot, there was unnecessary character development as they weren't strong enough characters to give a damn about. One for the ladies obviously.

Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb

The third and final chapter to the series, once again this addition included all the characters returning and another quest to save everyone. This time they end up in the British museum to save the magic tablet. An entertaining family film that sits well with the other two films. Brings a tear to the eye seeing the late great Robin Williams in his last film role.

Get Hard
Get Hard(2015)

Will ferrell and kevin hart in a film together? This had hilarity written all over it, and it did just that. This film did exactly what is says on the tin, Will Ferrell is an unstoppable comedian and Kevin Hart add fuel to the comedy furnace. This film is absolutely hilarious and was classic Ferrell. It did feel a lot like the film Big Stan, however this was still a laugh out loud comedy.

The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water

Spongebob has been going for years so in order for them to make another film it had to be original and fresh. This film is just that, combining different forms of animation to keep the viewer interested. There were some scenes which i thought was completely random and a bit "out there" for spongebob. However this had classic spongebob humour and fabs who grew up with the show wouldn't be robbed of their time, funny stuff.

Avengers: Age of Ultron

An excellent sequel and another fine instalment to the mcu series. Age of ultron introduces a classic avengers villain Ultron who is a very convincing badddie whose presence is chilling. Great action sequences with some stunning cgi this film is once again entertaining on the next level. Great to see all the old characters return as well as some new, the vision being my most anticipated. If you love the marvel cinematic universe which lets face it you obviously do, then you'll love this.

Zombie (Zombi 2)

A great zombie cult film, zombie flesh eaters take a whole different take on a zombie plague. Going to a remote island to investigate a missing person the characters soon realise theres a voodoo curse infecting people. A slow starting film that soon explodes into a zombie splatter fest, this film really captured the zombie genre excellently. Many classic elements here to make a great zombie film.

Terminator Genisys

I personally really enjoyed this film. Full action and fights Genisys really puts the terminator back out there. A storyline that more or less start at the start.
If you are a fan of the franchise then you'll like this.

Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead (Død snø 2)

A great sequel to the overly gory predecessor, dead snow 2 is more outrageous, more funny and of course more gory. A great film that picks up straight from the first, dead snow 2 continues with Hertzog's nazi zombie fleet in a more destructive and crazy manor. Great blood splattering action.

Resident Evil: Extinction

Another great instalment to the series, with a desolate earth, umbrella are plotting what to do next. A tense action packed film, a great zombie rush that'll solve all your gory zombie needs.

Monty Python's And Now for Something Completely Different

A film compiled of the best sketches, unlike the other films there was no narrative and this was just a best of compilation film. Hilarious without a doubt, classic monty python that survives the test of time as comedy genius.

Resident Evil: Apocalypse

This film picks up where the first finished, the whole city is now infected and umbrella corporations is even more malicious. With more mayhem and more zombies it was hard to keep up (in a good way). As a hardcore fan of the game series it was a great treat to see nemesis as the main villain. Might not have gotten any great reception but this film was a great gory instalment.

Resident Evil

Resident evil when any fan of the game series thinks creepy secluded mansion full of zombies. However the setting for this film was in an underground lab. Don't let this put you off as this was still a damn good zombie film on its own. Missing many elements from the games but who am i to judge i love zombies and this had all the other elements for a good entertaining zombie film.

Batman & Robin

This film was a bit of a cop out considering how great the other three previous instalments were. Now with George Clooney filling in as the caped crusader this film felt like a stand alone film let alone sequel. With terrible one liners and tongue in cheek humour that makes you cringe it gets you questioning where this film is heading. Negativity aside this film wasn't as bad as i was expecting as it was quite entertaining in a pretty standard way. So this film was never going to win any awards and its not essential you see it but it was a good time passer.

Batman Forever

A great third instalment to the 90s batman film series, great new characters and a tonne of action. With no Michael Keaton returning as the dark knight Val Kilmer had some big shoes to fill but does an excellent job. Jim Carrey and Tommy Lee Jones team up as the films antagonists The Riddler and Two Face, which their chemistry is so crazy its brilliant. A great Batman film with a great cast line up.

Batman Returns

A great sequel and another great 90s classic from Tim Burton. This film introduces The Penguin (portrayed by danny devito) whom makes a great
Impact on the story and is played exceptionally well by Devito. Definitely a Tim Burton film with lack of colour and a dark, gritty tone throughout. A classic batman film that really feels like a good old fashioned comic book film.

Law Abiding Citizen

A cracking thriller thriller film with Foxx and Butler whom on screen chemistry makes this film flow well. A plot that starts with a simple act of vengeance to a full scale statement of terrorism. A great film to watch.

Life of Pi
Life of Pi(2012)

A great film with a great moving story. Life of Pi is highly original and captivating. Telling the story of Pi who is shipwrecked, All he has is a lifeboat and a Tiger and the struggles that come with it. A stunning looking film in hd, Life of Pi is a brilliant piece of cinema.


A brilliant 80s classic, gremlins is a life lesson to look after your pets. A hilarious silly film that has stood the test if time, gremlins is a thrilling ride.


An interesting film, gravity tells the story of a nasa team trying to get home after a grave disaster in space. With outstanding shots, this film was visually stunning and the cgi was amazing. This film wasn't bad and showed some stellar (pun intended) acting acting from Sandra Bullock. A little slow at times, which was quite annoying and an abrupt ending added to my frustration. However this was a unique film of its kind. Not bad stuff.


Whilst watching this film i couldn't help notice similarities to Limitless with Bradley Cooper. The film starts off with a stable start and is somewhat entertaining. However the film takes a huge nose dives and gets more and more ridiculous and less realistic. Disappointing stuff as this film started out with much hope, no spoilers but the ending is the biggest anti climax. Poor poor stuff.

Toy Story That Time Forgot

Another great addition to the toy story franchise, like toy story of terror this short film is 22 minutes in length. An amusing story that adds a handful of new characters, funny and entertaining this is a great shirt film for the series.


A superb and unique superhero film where the most unlikeliest guy is the hero. A stellar performance by Ron Perlman made this film what it was. Great story and a damn sight entertaining Hellboy is a great film for comic book fans alike.

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Another superb addition to the x-men film saga, days of future past acts as both a sequel to x3 the last stand and first class. A great inventive storyline to combine both cast members from both films. Days of future past was an ideal film to keep the series fresh and original. If you loved the previous films (which i most certainly have) then you will love this film hands down.

The Expendables 3

After hearing the mixed reviews for the expendables 3 i was cynical. However after loving the previous instalments i found this easy to get on with. Ok so there was a younger crew stealing the screentime at times. But not after long the original characters return for a ridiculously explosive finale which goes on for ages which was brilliant might i add. If you just want simple action and good old fashion entertainment then this is the film for you. Ignore the reviews and just enjoy this crazy over the top action with once again an ensemble cast.

Arthur Christmas

An original and entertaining christmas film,
Aardman studios never fail. A cool spin and modernisation on santa clause. This film is fun for the whole family and features an ensemble cast supplying the voice talents.

The Raid 2
The Raid 2(2014)

A great action packed, ultra violent sequel. The raid 2 proved a worthy addition, with just as much fight scenes and adrenaline fuelled action. At 2 and a half hours long this film did hold up, great stuff.

Joy Ride
Joy Ride(2001)

A suspenseful thriller film involving a psychotic killer trucker. An entertaining film that'll have you on the edge of your seat. Contained many elements to piece this together and make a great thriller film.

The Harry Hill Movie

Being a harry hill fan not only am i disappointed but betrayed. This was 90 minutes too long and the jokes fall flat. Im all for surrealistic, off the wall humour but this was just poor. A Shame as its from the comix legend harry hill, dont bother if you can.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

A highly explosive action packed addition to the marvel cinematic universe. The winter soldier is a great sequel to the first avenger. Seeing old characters back and some new ones too made this film that bit better. A great film marvel fans wont be sorry.

We're The Millers

A very entertaining and funny comedy, off the wall and unorthodox made this film what it is. Pleasantly surprised, and the cast members suited the roles excellently. Jennifer anniston doing the strip tease was one of many highlights. Worth checking out, a decent comedy.

World War Z
World War Z(2013)

A throughly enjoyable zombie film, felt a lot like I Am Legend. World war z follows a sudden unknown zombie breakout and Brad Pitt finding the cure. Non stop zombie action and non stop entertainment, only complaint is that it wasn't violent enough and you never see blood or severe dismemberment. Non the less i was pleasantly surprised with this film, great stuff .

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

A great sequel, the amazing spiderman 2 dives deeper into the building of the characters. Peter Parker and Gwen Stacey are explored more, and more of Peter's parents story is also told. Jamie Fox plays Electro brilliantly with some spectacular cgi to help. Many villains are in this chapter making this sequel a lot darker. The length was slightly long but none the less didn't dampen the greatness of this film .

Sin City
Sin City(2005)

A very good noir style film with a comic book edge. Sin city is based on the graphic novel
of the same name. A telling of multiple stories in the same city, sin city is a violent, gritty and dark film. There literally is no film quite like this, a damn good film .

Frank Miller's Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

The long awaited sequel, Sin city 2 brings back some of the characters and some new ones too. It stays loyal to the first one in the ways of gritty multiple stories filmed in the noir tone. Violent and crazy, sin city
2 is a decent sequel and will not disappoint fans of the first film .

Night of the Living Dead

A classic zombie film which shows the inspiration for future zombie films. The first Romero "dead" film in the series, and it captures the bleak, dark atmosphere of a zombie apocalypse. Worth watching for the evolution of zombies in film.

For a Few Dollars More (Per Qualche Dollaro in Più)

A brilliantly executed western, for a few dollars more sees the return of Clint Eastwood a.k.a. the man with no name. A brilliant sequel and as good if not better than the first. This film captures the western feel perfectly and is one of the best westerns in my personal opinion.

Toy Story of Terror!

Glad to see all the characters back in a 22 minute tv special. A funny and inventive idea for a short addition to the toy story saga. Throughly enjoyable, another great addition to the series.

A Fistful of Dollars (Per un Pugno di Dollari)

A great classic cowboy film, Clint Eastwood plays the hard as nails man with no name. A gun for hire cashing in on a gang war, definitely a film that has inspired many other films. A great golden film.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the galaxy is an intergalactic unconventional super hero film. A group of misfits band together to save the universe. With an excellent story and brilliant special effects made this film as enthralling as possible. Another chapter to the marvel cinematic universe, and what a chapter it is, amazing stuff.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2

No where near a patch on the first film, nor was it as funny and clever. However it was an amusing sequel and was watchable. Not a brilliant film but not terrible, was nice to see another story from the series.

Wallace and Gromit in 'A Matter of Loaf and Death'

You cannot deny wallace and gromit are not good old fashioned british humour. A matter of loaf and death once again sees the duo in a new baking business. However things start to go wrong when local bakers are going missing. A great instalment to the series, hilarious and entertaining, which proves this dynamic plasticine duo still have what it takes.

The Purge: Anarchy

After being thoroughly impressed with the first film i really wanted to check this one out. This time we follow a group of people stuck outside when the purge begins. A great different take and concept storyline wise. Makes you feel like you are part of this action this time (cliche i know) a damn good entertaining thriller. Its rare to say that sequels are as good as the predecessor but in this case there is an exception. Great thrilling stuff, a non stop white knuckle ride.

The Inbetweeners Movie 2

Another great chapter in the four boys lives, inbetweeners 2 shows the boys now at uni. They go visit jay in australia who is on a gap year, and let me assure you the comedy ensues. Once again full of gross out, sex mad humour that made us all fans of the inbetweeners. Doesn't disappoint on the laughs and it a worthy sequel. Leaves you wanting more, dare i say an inbetweeners 3 needs to happen? Or maybe a one off special.

The Crazies
The Crazies(2010)

Very good horror film, a remake from the old Romero film, The Crazies is a tense ride till the end. A great idea for a story and very entertaining. The crazies is a worthy remake and will reel in blood thirsty horror fans.

Day of the Dead

a zombie film like no other, Romero focuses more on the devastating effects a zombie apocalypse has on man. With a small group of people desperately trying to get by, mentality gets the better of some and chaos unfolds. Another classic Romero zombie film, with outrageous hordes of flesh eaters and over the top ultra gore to make this a zombie treasure.


Not you're typical Statham film, however the man himself does pull off a brilliant performance (showing he's not just a great action star). A man who is messed up and seeks revenge for a murdered friend, sounds like an adrenaline filled ride? Wrong. Don't go into this thinking its an over the top action for this is more of a thriller/drama. A little slow in some scenes but none the less is still a very good Statham film. A nice different role for Statham and it thankfully works.


A crazy men in blackesque type film, ripd is a silly supernatural comedy film. Reynolds and Bridges make a great comedy duo and provide many laughs. Entertaining and unique ripd is a riot.

Land of the Dead

A very good storyline for a zombie film, not you're typical zombie vs human type script. George a Romero delivers with another over the top, overly graphic blood fest of a zombie film. Great for any zombie fan seeking a new fix.

12 Years a Slave

A very good film that takes a plunge into the perilous times of the slave trade. A deep, emotional drama that shows a free man kidnapped and forced to be a slave for 12 years. This film captures the evil goings on and really gives you an insight of those times. Amazing performances and a definite emotional fest.

Soul Plane
Soul Plane(2004)

It doesn't need anyone to tell you this film is going to be ridiculous and extremely stupid. But that works in the films favour and delivers the hilarity, a film thats pretty bad but yet is pretty funny. Some films just work that way, definitely a comedy that'll do the job.

Thor: The Dark World

A great sequel which is well and truly as good as the first film. This film was straight to the point and once again had intergalactic foes attacking earth, this time sunny old London. A brilliant action packed addition to the marvel cinematic universe which will just leave you wanted more. Take a bow Marvel studios.

Dawn of the Dead

A great classic zombie film, this is a bastion for the zombie genre as you can see the influence this has had on films, programmes etc. A great take on a zombie apocalypse and will be hard to beat.


A good remake with a modern day take on it, with Chloë Grace Moretz playing Carrie, this performance proves shes come along way since playing Hit Girl. Personally i'm not a big fan of remakes but this was a worthy remake.

Night of the Living Dead

A classic take on a zombie film, a remake from the original Romero film, night of the living dead has a classic zombie feel to it. Acting may not be top notch but the sheer zombie factor wins the audience back over.

The Heat
The Heat(2013)

Quite a funny buddy cop film which has two woman as the main characters for once. Pretty entertaining and has many funny moments, not quite on the same scale as the other guys but none the less made a rather entertaining comedy.

22 Jump Street

a brilliant sequel, twice the jokes, twice the stupidity and twice the action. A worthy installment totally hilarious, you won't be disappointed.

The Wolf of Wall Street

Another spectacular film from martin scorsese, think goodfellas meets wall street. The wolf of wall street is a 3 hour epic in which tells the story of a hustler going from the bottom to the top in the most unorthodox of ways. Leonardo di caprio produces a stellar performance, possibly his best of hos career. A brilliant film not to be missed.


Another Seth Rogan classic, many funny moments and a great take on the party style comedy with a different perspective. A must see for all Rogan fans, the man delivers yet again.


A great modern disney animated film, a typical disney storyline with a jaw dropping moment in. A great little film for the family to watch, olaf the snowman steals the shows as the main source of comic relief. In my opinion too many songs but this didn't ruin the fun of the film.

Brother Bear
Brother Bear(2003)

A nice disney film and throughly heartwarming. The Lion King meets Pocahontas, Brother Bear tells the tale of a man transformed into a bear by the spirits to find himself. A great disney animated film and one of the last 2d features. A nice family film.

The Conjuring

A very good and chilling horror film, the conjuring is a cross between the exorcist and insidious. A spooky supernatural storyline with fantastic traditional horror elements. Based on a true story which makes it that bit scarier, hide behind the chair because you're in for a harrowing ride.

The Hangover Part III

An unneeded and unnecessary sequel, the hangover 3 is a blatant money maker from a once exciting film. A few chuckles here and there however the characters feel worn and weak. More of a thriller than a comedy, fortunately this was the last one.........we hope.

The LEGO Movie

A great film for both kids and adults, based on the popular toy. The lego movie is an original and inventive film with an ensemble cast. Very funny and a damn good entertaining film, a must see for the whole family.

The Hole
The Hole(2001)

An interesting idea for a thriller film, The Hole is a good tense British film, don't let the title put you off. A great twist and a very early role from Knightley, this film gets more messed up as it progresses which makes it great and more tense.

The Wolverine

Loved this film, was a brilliant, worthy and much needed addition to the x-men series. The wolverine is set after the events of The Last Stand and we see what Logan has been up to. Plenty of action, a great story and a damned good comic book film. The extended edition pushes the 12 certificate boundaries as there is swearing and a fair bit of violence. See this film you will not be sorry, it also as aid credits scene which lines up the next film.


After seeing the trailer i was overwhelmed by which i was being sold a gritty black comedy. Delighted when i saw the trailer, then i saw the film which was terrible. A Meandering plot that spirals out of proportion, Filth is nothing but a acid trip gone wrong. Disappointed with this film as it was not a gritty comedy but more of a dark drama.

13 Going on 30

The whole body swap format has been well and truly overdone, 13 going on 30 is no exception. However this was a watchable time passer, predictable and cliched but none the less slightly entertaining. Nice to see an early performance from Mark Ruffalo though.


A damn fine rockumentary about the life of living legend Lemmy. A insightful background about his personal life and life on and off the stage. Featuring many renowned rockstars voicing stories and experiences with Lemmy. A highly interesting documentary for fans of the godlike genius Lemmy and the ultimate band Motörhead. EXCELLENT STUFF!!!!!

Fast & Furious 6

The sixth instalment and dare i say the best? Fast 6 once again has a high octane and overwhelming storyline. More action lead than the originals however a brief street race was nicely slotted in. In this film we see the crew travel to good old Blighty to take down a mercenary called Shaw (who might i add is the most convincing villain in the series to date). Great to see the whole cast together once again in this harrowing, adrenaline fuelled ride. A post credits scene starring a famous cameo opens up for the next chapter too.


A feature length film based on the short film from the 80s, Frankenweenie is thankfully Tim Burton doing what he does best. A great and fun story playing homage to classic b movie horrors in the 50s. This film has redeemed my opinion of burton as the man has produced many turkeys lately. Great stuff from the gothic director.

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

One of the most anticipated sequels in years, and anchorman 2 does not disappoint. Just as crazy and just as stupid the second instalment is probably more off the rails as its predecessor. Not as quotable and not as good as the first, these are the only down sides. Loved the humour in the first one then you'll love this one.


A rather entertaining film, Jumper is a simple, straight to the point film with no lolly gagging. What you see is what you get with this film, and that is a simplistic yet attention grabbing thriller.


An interesting documentary about chatting to people online and who really is on the other side if a computer screen. A shocking and interesting reality check on what people online are capable of. Catfish has since spawned a hit series of the same name. Highly recommend watching this.

Kick-Ass 2
Kick-Ass 2(2013)

Kick ass 2 picks up straight from where the first left off, same characters and same situations. Kick ass 2 once again loosely follows the graphic novel series and is much more comedic and less dark to the novel. However it once again sees Hit girl and Kick ass once again using the good old ultra violence on the baddies which proves for entertainment.

Monsters University

A great prequel and Pixar went the right way about it as a sequel might not have worked. Full of fresh and original ideas Monsters University sees the beloved monsters in their uni days. Fun, enjoyable and bloody hilarious Monsters University was a worthy addition to
the franchise.

Identity Thief

An entertaining and watchable film, both characters play their roles well and theres plenty of belly laughs and some laugh out loud moments. Slightly predictable but quite enjoyable, Identity Thief is one of those pass the time kind of films.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2

The final Harry Potter film and by far an outstanding finisher. Deathly Hallows part 2 picks right up where the last one ended and we are thrown straight back into the action. A brilliant film, only bad thing i can say is this film ends the series.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1

A great film and once again another great addition to the saga. Deathly Hallows part 1 expands the war between Voldemort and Harry, this film preserves with the dark tones and epic battles. A great film that has you on the edge of your seat.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

The sixth film and still just as compelling, the half blood prince journeys toward a much darker tone and storyline. Brilliant story, acting, effects, just what you expect in Potter films.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

The fifth film in the series and yet again another brilliant one at that. The Order of the Phoenix expands the story beyond epic proportions as "you know who" gets stronger and summons his army to fight against the good guys. Great storyline and great characters old and new, this addition will have you craving for the next film.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

A great fourth instalment, The Goblet of Fire once again has stunning effects, the same brilliant cast and a damn good story. Another great film to continue the story.

The Family
The Family(2013)

A typical robert de niro film, pretty good plot about a gangster under protection and on the run from his past. Many funny moments and a great shoot out scene, not bad stuff very entertaining.

The World's End

A hilarious comedy and a great finale to the cornetto trilogy. Well written and great performances, The Worlds End stay true and loyal to the others. An over the top film which fans of the previous 2 films will really appreciate, great comedy.


A disappointing comedy film which had so much potential for a lads film. Don't be fooled by the title this film has no funny sexual humour but more of "getting over the ex" a dull film which needed more to it.

Big Fat Gypsy Gangster

A highly stupid and silly film which definitely has its moments. With an all star cast and many recognisable faces big fat gypsy gangster is a half decent straight to home release b movie. An out and out comedy that'll keep you amused for 90 minutes.

The Shining
The Shining(1980)

A damn right creepy and eerie film, The Shining will send shivers down your spine despite being an old film. One of Kubrick's finest, a classic horror film that'll having you picking your brains out on what the scenarios and ending are all about. A very ambiguous film that'll have you thinking for days, great stuff.

The Dukes of Hazzard

A non stop over the top action comedy, Dukes of Hazzard is a remake from the old tv series. This film does the show justice and is hilarious, stupid, and thrilling just like the show. Great fun!


A classic slasher film,
Psycho is masterpiece and Hitchcock's style captured the creepy atmosphere perfectly. Great story, brilliant twist and is indeed a timeless classic.

Jackass 2.5
Jackass 2.5(2007)

All the extra stuff that couldn't make it on jackass 2. Most of the stunts were failed attempts but none the less its jackass therefore it is hilarious. A great little extra for jackass fans.

Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa

A brilliant original comedy, acted situations mixed with real people always causes great comedy. Knoxville is back as Irvin Zisman, his famous old man character from Jackass, Bad Grampa is hilarious and a step forward for Jackass. A film that would have you laughing throughout however thats obvious enough as the trailer was a huge selling point alone. Great stuff from the Jackass crew.

Bullet to the Head

Not a bad film from Stallone, very basic plot with a fair bit of violence. This film
Won't win any awards but it was fun and entertaining. However after seeing the trailer and reading the title i was completely oversold with the action. I felt for a Stallone film called Bullet To The Head it would be non stop mayhem, unfortunately this was not true. Pretty good entertainment but i think viewers should stick to the expendables.

30 Days of Night

A great vampire film with full on brutality this film gives justice to the modern day vampire and helps bring back justice after the dreaded twilight films. Great idea for a film with an overall sense of seclusion, great present day horror film.

Fast & Furious

Another fast paced sequel to the series which once again involves high speed chases, action, racing and slick cars. Fast and Furious returns all the original cast whom were absent from Tokyo Drift, with a new story but the same elements made this film a worthy addition which would surely keep the audience happy.

Taken 2
Taken 2(2012)

Not a bad sequel however nothing could beat the first film. Some decent action scenes, however the story felt a little rushed and really seemed like a quick cashing in film due to the success of the previous. A fairly good film but will never touch the first on ways of originality and freshness.

The Three Stooges

A comedy that was truly painful to watch, highly irritating and was like pulling teeth. 90 minutes too long if you ask me.

Dawn of the Dead

A remake and not a bad one at that, Dawn of the dead pieces together the main elements of a typical zombie film. Thoroughly entertaining and a half decent zombie film if not a little predictable. Dawn of the dead will be appreciated by zombie fans all over.

Here Comes the Boom

A highly predictable family film, yet it was quite enjoyable. Kevin James plays a teacher desperately raising money for a failing school. A what you see is what you get film, watchable.

This Is the End

A great idea for a comedy, This is the end stars many familiar faces. After all hell breaks loose at James Franco's party a group of actors try and survive. Original and inventive this film delivers with the laughs, fans of Pineapple Express would appreciate this more than anyone.

Grown Ups 2
Grown Ups 2(2013)

After a pretty average first film a follow up seemed unnecessary. However this film was highly funny and amusing, and by far funnier than the first film. Not much in lines of a storyline and this was more of a no brainer but was pretty good. The only downside is that Rob Schneider didn't return and with no mention in the plot of his whereabouts made him seem non existent.

Despicable Me 2

A great and worthy excuse for a sequel, much needed and just as funny as its predecessor. Despicable me 2 is highly enjoyable and will definitely be loved by fans of the first film.

Rise of the Guardians

A great cgi film with a unique and highly imaginative storyline. Rise Of The Guardians gives the family film genre justice as this is thoroughly enjoyable and original. Made a refreshing change to watch a cgi film which wasn't yet another sequel.

Ice Age: Continental Drift

Not a bad instalment to the series, but nothing we haven't seen before. Another sequel felt like they are just cashing in now. Was pretty good to pass the time but i think the ice age franchise should stop now.


Don't be fooled Parker is more of a thriller than an action film. For a Statham film Parker didn't involve much action as his previous works. However this film is a slick, straight to the point thriller film. With a straight forward storyline this film does what its meant to do. Statham fans will not be disappointed.

The Five-Year Engagement

Not a bad rom com, a slightly different and more off the rails approach to a rom com which made this more fresh. Jason Segel on the top of his game in this film which made this film more funny and entertaining.

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

Another worthy instalment to the fast and furious franchise, tokyo drift once again has the kitted out cars and high speed chases. A different environment and a different cast made this sequel feel more fresh.

Hotel Transylvania

A very good and inventive cgi film, Funny and rather entertaining. With a good use of voice talent also made this film that more enjoyable. Great fun for the whole family.

The Campaign
The Campaign(2012)

A funny and fresh comedy, will ferrell and zach (dude from the hangover) make a great comedy double act in making politics funny. A hilarious film in which you can't go wrong, this film did its job and that is to deliver some laughs.

The Slammin' Salmon

As much as i like broken lizard films i felt this one was sadly quite weak. Sure there were parts that were amusing but overall it was a weak comedy and severely lacked enough laughs to class this as an average comedy.

The Guilt Trip

First things first this film was sold as an out and out comedy however was more of a heart warming drama. Other than that this film wasn't as bad as critics were saying as Seth Rogen and Barbra Sreisand worked well together and made a believable mother and son. Seth Rogen proves he can play a relatively serious role (although his out and out comedy roles are what hes best for), a nice warming film to pass the time.

2 Fast 2 Furious

A great sequel, 2 fast 2 furious once again features kitted out cars, street races and lots of action. A worthy second film with a high paced storyline, dare i say better than the first film?

The Wedding Video

A hilarious brit comedy which captured the unique British humour marvellously. Rufus Hound played his part exceptionally and provided so much fuel for the laughs. A very good wedding comedy film, thoroughly fun and entertaining.

Black Swan
Black Swan(2010)

A terrible, overrated film, black swan is a boring and messed up film. Portman plays a bland role that makes Kirsten Stewart look cheerful. A complete hash of a film i wouldn't even force my enemies to watch it.

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted

Not a bad instalment to the franchise, Madagascar 3 is a perfect film for children alike. Another chaotic, over the top storyline to keep the viewers entertained, a great film to pass the time.

Man of Steel
Man of Steel(2013)

A brilliant reboot of the well known super hero, Man Of Steel is darker and grittier than any of the previous films. Zack Snyder once again directs another epic film, for those who aren't keen on superman this "badass" approach will surely sway you. An excellent comic book film with the most convincing superman yet.

The Purge
The Purge(2013)

An inventive, original storyline, the purge is a tense film. All crime legal for 12 hours, makes this film have a high selling point, the purge is worth seeing.

The Fast and the Furious

A high paced adrenaline fuelled film, an entertaining and slick feature. The fast and the furious will not disappoint action and car fans alike. This film is an ultimate man film and delivered with the entertainment.


A fun musical with songs everyone would know, a toe tapping funny entertaining film. Iconic and is and will always be one of the best musicals ever.

The Graduate
The Graduate(1967)

An absolute timeless classic, the graduate is definitely is one of the greatest romantic/drama films. With Dustin Hoffman on the top of his game playing the confused graduate. A classic film with many iconic scenes.

Dr Seuss' The Lorax

A typical dr. Seuss film full of obscurity and comedy. The Lorax is a great family friendly film with a powerful storyline for a kids film. A heartwarming tale with great voice talents and catchy songs. Another great story from the mind of the great dr.seuss.

That's My Boy

A Adam Sandler comedy that was terrible yet hilarious. Ok so it was you're typical Sandler trashy comedy but it was quite amusing and humour so low brow it was hard not to laugh at. A film not to be taken seriously, definitely won't win any awards apart from razzies, but none the less a entertaining film to pass the time.

Natural Born Killers

An overrated and long winded film, Natural Born killers is an obscure film which is filmed in such a surreal and weird way. The style has the viewer questioning what on earth is the directors take on all this. Watched it as Quentin Tarrantino wrote it but what a dire film, easily one of the worst films i've seen. Immensely disappointing, steer clear.

Easy A
Easy A(2010)

An entertaining high school "chick flick" comedy, Emma Stone has a strong performance in this film and plays an individual, independent character very well. Easy A is fresh comedy and has an original story that is not a typical cliched high school film.

The Cabin in the Woods

Possibly one of the most strangest and weirdest horror films in existent. With a storyline and plot that spirals into the deepest depths of insanity made this film fresh and original. A film not to be taken seriously but worth watching for the outrageousness.

True Romance
True Romance(1993)

Don't let the title put you off, true romance is a brilliant film. Two lovers on the run with a bag of coke stolen from a violent gang is the basic plot. With an all star cast and some big names unknown at the time it was great to see all theses big names in one film. Written by the legendary Quentin Tarrantino made me want to see this film, great stuff.


A great film about two guys hosting warehouse raves. A good storyline and an all round decent british flick, full of nostalgia and a great soundtrack. The Weekender is a great drama.

21 And Over
21 And Over(2013)

a terrible script and poor cast, 21 and over is a disappointment from start to finish. An oversold party film in which the jokes fall flat and the storyline is pretty weak. Its a shame as this film has potential to be a great comedy but however just lacked in everything really.

Iron Man 3
Iron Man 3(2013)

The third instalment and a worthy one at that, Iron Man 3 once again sees robert downey jr play tony stark in yet another brilliant performance. Iron Man 3 has it all from drama, loads if action, humour and a decent storyline. A brilliant sequel.

Scary Movie 5

The worst and most painful in the series and possibly most painful film ever. Scary movie 5 has predictable, cringe worthy comedy that doesn't even deserve a slight chuckle. The big names such as Charlie Sheen, Snoop Dogg, Mike Tyson are barely in it even though the advertising suggests other. If there was a way to get my money back i'd damn well do it.

Rock of Ages
Rock of Ages(2012)

An entertaining and different musical, Rock Of Ages has it all from a well known cast to an amazing soundtrack. A great rock n roll musical even if it is a little corny at times.

What to Expect When You're Expecting

A dull dull film which follows multiple couples about to embark on parenthood, if this film doesn't put people off having kids then i dont know what will. The only slightly interesting thing in this film is how all the couples cross each others paths in different ways. Not worth watching, even if it is to pass time, pointless and boring film.

Pretty Woman
Pretty Woman(1990)

A bland romance film with no chemistry or comedy to it. Richard Gere performs the most blandest role ever and falls in love with a prossie which is a bit messed up. A boring film which drags.

The Proposal
The Proposal(2009)

Not a bad little rom com, The Proposal stars Bullock and Reynolds, which they both show a lot of on screen chemistry. Like all rom coms this was predictable but that doesn't mean its not humorous. An entertaining rom com that isn't a disaster.

Up in Smoke
Up in Smoke(1978)

A vintage stoner film with a chaotic plot and spiralling storyline. Up in smoke sees Cheech and Chong search for weed and land up in many predicaments. A very silly film but none the less very funny.


A creepy and purely unique horror film, Creep makes you think twice about the underground. The title does exactly what it says on the tin, creep by name creep by nature. A great Brit horror flick, throughly a good film.

Chernobyl Diaries

An inventive idea for a horror film, set in the creepy derelict city of chernobyl makes an excellent and interesting setting for a horror. Somewhat predictable but all in all quite enjoyable and tense. Chernobyl Diaries is a entertaining and creepy film.

End of Watch
End of Watch(2012)

A very good cop film that captures the realistic feel brilliantly. End of watch sees two cops everyday patrol on the streets of la. Dramatic, thrilling and tense this film truly is a brilliant cop film.

Ill Manors
Ill Manors(2012)

Possibly the most disgusting, grim and depressing film i have ever seen. Ill Manors is a film showing everything that is wrong with Britain and no hope for the human race. A strong gritty film which captures the rough, run down lifestyle of the streets. A promising directorial debut from Ben Drew.

Just Friends
Just Friends(2005)

A rom com that was actually hilarious and had many laugh out loud moments, yes it can happen and Just Friends is a perfect example. Ryan Reynolds plays his comedy role well and made this film flow. A pretty good rom com one of the better ones i've seen.

Oz the Great and Powerful

A clever, surreal prequel to the famous story Wizard of Oz. This film pieced together many things that would explain what happened in the wizard of oz. The special effects captures the strange but beautiful world of Oz perfectly. A very similar style and idea like Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland except one difference, this film didn't suck.

V for Vendetta

A great film based on the graphic novel by Alan Moore. V for vendetta is a compelling anarchistic film taking down a corrupt Britain. Comic fans alike would appreciate this film more than others.

Rain Man
Rain Man(1988)

An exceptional piece of cinema, Rain man is a heart warming drama film staring the likes of Hoffman and Cruise. Hoffman plays the role of an autistic man brilliantly and Cruise as an obnoxious yuppie. A phenomenal film which sees the two unlikely characters bond over the course of the film. A great film, 80s classic.

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone

A rather entertaining film with the likes of Buscemi, Carrell and Carrey. A film about magicians which involves some comedic moments but not huge belly laughing moments. Nonetheless this film was quite good and Carrey's performance stole the show.

The Butterfly Effect

A very good and interesting film with a crazy plot. Aston kutcher is for once playing a role that isn't a bland romantic comedy role for once. A great idea for a film which reels you in from the start.

The Infidel
The Infidel(2010)

A funny film about a man who has a conflicting history of cultures in his family. Pokes harmless fun at the bitterness between religions, Omid Djalil plays his part well and supplies a great deal of comedy and wit. All in all a strange feel good film that is both hilarious and entertaining.

Midnight Cowboy

Midnight Cowboy was a slightly overrated film and seemed to drag a bit. Quite good in parts but tended to drag and many scenes were unnecessary. However this film wasn't bad and Hoffman and Voight's performances were pretty good.


A terrible family comedy that even the kids will get bored of. The film wasn't even about the animals as it focused on Kevin James "getting the girl". The animals are just irritating rather than adorable, Lack of comedy, chemistry and a general lack of anything to piece this film together making it a good watch. Avoid this trashy family comedy.

Blade: Trinity

A great end to the series, Blade Trinity is the third instalment and yet again has vampire slaying and crazy violence. Wesley Snipes dons the sword once again to deliver another great blade film.


A great, unusual sci fi film, with an excellent storyline which is purely unique. A clever film that'll leave you hooked from start to finish. Looper is a sophisticated sci fi classic, one of the films of 2012 you have to see.

Blade II
Blade II(2002)

A great sequel and yet again has Wesley Snipes slaughtering vampires and kicking ass. Blade 2 is a fast paced action packed gore fest with better effects and in my opinion a better storyline.

Wreck-it Ralph

Wreck it ralph is a brilliant animated film which families and gamers will enjoy alike. This film truly is an amazing cgi film as it has a unique and well scripted storyline and also the concept of it all. Packed with comedy and plenty of video game references made this film simply a great family film.

Friends With Benefits

A predictable rom com with a crude twist, Friends with benefits shows chemistry between Timberlake and Kunis. Good casting especially Woody Harrelson supplying most of the laughs. This film is not much different from other rom coms but none the less quite entertaining.


Slackers is a poor example of a college comedy. Pathetic storyline and lack of comedy made this quite a dull film indeed. Nice seeing an early role from Jason Segel but that wasn't enough to keep the film flowing and be interesting.


A great comic book film, Blade is action packed and violent. A epic vampire slaying film that gives the whole vamp genre justice.
Being released in 1999 the cgi is a tad dated but doesn't really get in the way of tainting this superhero epic.

Mean Girls
Mean Girls(2004)

As this chick flick goes Mean Girls wasn't too bad as it was actually quite funny and had more going for it than your usual girly film. Mean Girls is a bitchy, tolerable comedy with a half decent performance from Lindsay Lohan before she got all druggy and lessy.

The Last Stand

The last stand is a great example of a classic action film as it had all the essential elements. A typical action storyline and of course Arnie returning as a lead character made this one of the top action films of 2013 so far.

The Pirates! Band of Misfits

A damn right funny family film, The Pirates has a mad cap story and outstanding animation from Aardman. Classically British and delightfully amusing made The Pirates an outstanding family comedy.


Another great animated film from pixar, Brave is a classic example of a great family film, with an original story and impressive cgi made this a delight to watch. Brave used the voice talents to full potential and had many comedy moments to keep the whole family entertained.

Django Unchained

A fantastic piece from golden director Quentin Tarrantino. Django Unchained is a typical Tarrantino film involving action, violence, comedy and a damn good written script. This film is a great take on a western in a different way, great performances, great action and a damn good film of 2013.

John Tucker Must Die

A fun chick flick about vengeance on a cheating boyfriend. John Tucker Must Die is a harmless comedy and has its moments. A little silly and a no brainer plot but was an easy film to chill out and watch.


An outstanding gritty comic book film, Dredd has it all to make a brilliant ultra violent film. A classic storyline, good verses bad within one tower block, slightly reminiscent of The Raid. Dredd is a mix of Robocop meets The Raid.

The Grey
The Grey(2012)

A brilliant moving film with another brilliant performance from Liam Neeson. The grey captures the true sense of survival and really embraces the whole seclusion. A truly dramatic and tense film, The Grey is one to watch.

Dark Shadows
Dark Shadows(2012)

Another Tim burton flop, Dark Shadows once again casts Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter just to prove Burton's lack of experimentation. With a dull storyline and a terrible cast, Dark Shadows was yet another film that proves Tim burton needs to stop as his run as an interesting and inventive director has come to an end.

Gangster Squad

An excellent straight to the point gangster flick, this film will have you glued throughout. This film feels like The Untouchables meets Inglorious Bastards, with stellar performances throughout Sean Penn really makes a convincing intimidating mob leader.

The House Bunny

Not a bad film, a no brainer chick flick with many familiar faces. The house bunny has many stupid and funny moments to entertain the audience. The real selling point to this film is that Hugh Hefner was in it and thats worth watching this film alone for that.

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

A typical no brainer chick flick with a predictable plot and Sarah Jessica Parker ad the main character, what could be worse. A bland film which will only appeal to woman hence the title being a dead giveaway.

10 Things I Hate About You

For a rom com this film was quite funny and entertaining, although highly predictable this was a good film. A great performance from Heath Ledger made this film that more enjoyable.


Quite a funny take on chav culture and kind of like a satirical Kidulthood. Anuvahood is a goofy, stupid film that pokes fun at chavs and does it in a good manner.


A rom com with very little point to it, and was somewhat pointless and meant no sense at all, the main cast are a bunch of stuck up pomposs girls. A early film role from Paul Rudd redeemed this film slightly but didn't make it seem less pointless.

The Ugly Truth

Not a bad rom com, easy to watch and unwind to. Typical predictable rom com but what more would you expect from one, not bad and quite enjoyable.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

An absolute gem of a film, definitely one of the highlights of 2012. The Hobbit is a brilliant prequel to LOTR and fans will appreciate the references and recurring characters. Freeman plays a stellar performance as Bilbo in which hes come a long way from The Office. Haven't had this much fun at the cinemas in ages, brilliant film roll on part 2.

Seven Psychopaths

Not a bad black comedy with a very original idea. However with an all star cast this film really felt like one of 2012's forgettable comedies, good to pass the time but nothing to really write home about.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

Surprisingly as twilight films go this was tolerable, but still not brilliant. Pretty cool fight scene and a half decent end to the catastrophic saga. Breaking Dawn part 2, ok but still not great but im glad ive seen it.


A very moving and funny comedy/drama, 50/50 will make you want to laugh one second and cry the next. Gordon-Levitt plays the role of a cancer patient very well and is very convincing whilst Rogan supplies the wit and a source of comic relief. This is one good film and shows the rollacoaster journey of a cancer patient.

Super High Me

An interesting documentary about the effects of smoking weed for 30 days non stop would do. A idea that spawned from supersize me, which is just as interesting.

Jack and Jill

A critically panned film for a reason, this truly is Sandler's lowest point of his career. A comedy which has barely has a couple of mildly amusing points. A downright irritating comedy which has no point to watch whatsoever.


Jason Statham stars in yet another kick ass thriller film. A film that doesn't mess about and dives straight into the plot. If you like to see Statham do what he does best then you'll love this film. The only downfall is that there was a really abrupt ending, but other than that this film was pretty awesome.

Get the Gringo

Mel Gibson delivers in a interesting film, action, comedy and suspense this film had it all to be an entertaining 90 minutes. A great performance from Mel Gibson made this film that bit more enjoyable.


Skyfall really captures the bond feel, guns, gadgets, action and tuxedos. Daniel Craig delivers his best bond yet starring in what has a brilliant james bond storyline. Definitely one of 2012 blockbusters and a film you must see to believe the greatness of it all.

Cockneys vs Zombies

A no nonsense everything it says on the tin type of film. Cockneys vs Zombies is a hilarious gore fest and definitely delivers as a great b movie comedy. Zombies, cockneys, action, comedy thats all you need, sorted.

Resident Evil: Damnation

After seeing degeneration and being highly impressed i had to check this out. Damnation once again sticks firm and loyal to the video game series, a decent storyline and plenty of action made this throughly entertaining and yet another reason to love resident evil.

Horrible Bosses

A hilarious idea for a comedy, full of originality and a great cast, horrible bosses is a straight to the point rip roaring black comedy. Great performances from the cast whom all play their roles excellently to make this one of the great comedies of 2011.

The Raid: Redemption

An excellent non stop action film with visually stunning fight scenes and stunts. A great kick ass film with a simple plot and non stop gore a great man film, one definitely to watch.

The Watch
The Watch(2012)

After hearing about the terrible write up this film was getting i was somewhat cynical, however I gave it a chance and found this film fairly entertaining. Wasn't a brilliant comedy but definitely had its moments, with an all star comedy cast made this film less of a disaster as all four actors bounced off each other and added the film to flow. Don't expect an outstanding comedy when watching this but don't expect a terrible one either.

American Reunion

When i heard this film was given the go ahead i could not wait, and it didn't disappoint, American Reunion felt much needed for the series. Still had the classic American Pie humour and had literally every character from the original series making an appearance. Yet another highly funny and entertaining american pie film, fans will not be let down.


Submarine definitely had its moments and had some great performances, but this film was trying too hard to be an indie film obviously targeting an obscure audience. Submarine has a storyline which seems pointless, a huge disappointment.


Quite an interesting idea for a film, set entirely in a warehouse with only four cast members in its whole 9o minute run. A good film to watch to pass the time really had that Reservoir Dogs and Sexy beast feel to it all.

The Pool Boys

A film in which doesn't really seem needed at all, with a storyline very similar to the 80s flick Risky Business, The Pool Boys feels like a cheap knock off. It barely delivered with the laughs with the exception to a few moments right by the end. Not worth watching even to pass the time really as this was a waste of a comedy.

Killer Elite
Killer Elite(2011)

Killer Elite is quite a good film with a storyline with many twists and turns, definitely one to pay attention to, A intense thriller film with the likes of familiar badass actors Statham and Owen, slightly disappointed that De Niro's screen time wasn't much and that there wasn't as much action as I anticipated. Nonetheless Killer Elite is a classic straight to the point thriller film which captures the genre perfectly.

Men in Black III

A great addition to the series Men in Black 3 is well pieced together and has a very well thought up storyline. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones return to another on form performance as agents J and K, MIB3 stayed loyal to the series and involved many comical moments like the previous 2. A great film to watch which really didn't disappoint for the third chapter.

The Expendables 2

The crew of action legends return for that is once again an over the top, testosterone fueled film. Expendables 2 introduces many new characters Arnie and Chuck Norris easily steal the show, dare i say this is better than the first film? another homage to hollywood action legends old and new. This sequel has an explosive introduction which makes it a excellent film for that reason alone. If you want a crazy action film that gets straight to the point then Expendables 2 is definitely the film for you.

21 Jump Street

A very funny film based on the tv series, a buddy cop film with a twist. This film has enough action and laugh out loud moments to make this comedy a worthy film of 2012, Hill and Tatum definitely have chemistry and support each other exceptionally to keep the comedy of the film flowing. A comedy of 2012 you have to see.

The Dictator
The Dictator(2012)

A totally hilarious, gross out, and general bad taste comedy that touches the tip of the blade from start to finish. The Dictator is a typical Sacha Baron Cohen film which somewhat captures the same humour as Borat, A highly funny film with plenty of silly moments to keep the constant flow of comedy coming, The Dictator is like Borat meets Zohan, a damn right funny comedy if your up for the close to the mark humour.

American Pie Presents: Band Camp

A very poor spin off to the classic American Pie series, a damn right poor story and appalling jokes that fall flat constantly. There really is no point watching this was of 90 minutes stick to the classics and don't poison yourself to this.

Mr. Popper's Penguins

A typical family film with a mild storyline and a moral that slaps you in the face for being so obvious, nothing to write home about but the film is redeemed by Jim Carrey who yet again plays his role well. However this film is let down by a sloppy storyline and a rather bland plot considering there being mischievous penguins and the comedy great Jim Carrey.


A very funny film in which the humour from Family Guy truly is captured all thanks to the man Seth Macfarlane himself. His live action directorial debut definitely is a excellent start, a non stop hilarious film, comedy of 2012? definitely a contender.

Wild Bill
Wild Bill(2011)

A powerful gritty British east end mob film, Starring Essex Boys Charlie Creed-Miles and Son of Rambos Will Poulter who both give phenomenal performances. Wild Bill is an outstanding film with an ex prisoner turning to the straight and narrow for his boys but his past keeps chasing him. Dexter Fletcher's directorial debut is a damn good first film and which Fletcher needs to take a bow for this excellent piece of work.

Anvil! The Story of Anvil

Anvil is a funny yet touching documentary about the virtually unknown "known" metal band originating from the 80s. This powerful documentary film dwells upon the struggle of the band members coping with poorly paid jobs and lack of musical support. Anvil are the real life "Spinal Tap" and this documentary film will have you laughing one minute and wanting to cry the next. An absolute brilliant feature and is well worth the watch even if your not a metal fan.

Real Steel
Real Steel(2011)

A Great rags to riches film, Real Steel is an excellent film to watch for all audiences and will have you gleaming with enjoyment from start to finish. The CGI is highly impressive in which makes for cool fight scenes, a thoroughly enjoyable film with a deep heart warming storyline. Real Steel is one to watch for Hugh Jackman's exceptional performance and for the damn good entertainment value.

The Change-Up

Another body change comedy, a category of comedy that has been done over and over again, so what makes The Change Up worth seeing? to be honest it did have its moments and was quite a funny film. This wasn't a brilliant comedy but it wasn't a terrible one, The Change Up is an easy no brainer comedy to watch and although predictable this was fun to watch.

The Dark Knight Rises

An amazing finish to the Batman trilogy, an epic storyline that gets more chaotic and crazy as the film progresses. Brilliant performances from once again a brilliant all star cast, Bane might not be the Joker but he was a threatening fearful villain which made this film fresh and different to its predecessors. Brilliant superhero film which is not short on action, suspense and tension, great follow up to the dark knight which wasn't easy in anyones books.

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

So Ghost Rider isn't going to win over many critics or rake in any awards, but this was a typical cult comic book superhero film. Elements of action and stunning CGI make many scenes a delight to watch, however i did feel the script was rushed and could've added more. Also there just wasn't enough Ghost Rider in this sequel, making the first film definitely better. But the film is redeemed by the action scenes which truly are great to watch.

Wayne's World 2

Just as funny as the first with just as much silly moments to keep the viewer entertained, although the storyline isn't as strong it still marks for a humorous sequel and definitely a worthy comedy to watch.


A thoroughly good animated Disney film, which is up beat and fast paced, Bolt definitely is a great animated tale that is fun for the whole family.

The Gruffalo's Child

A great sequel to the short film, once again this involves impressive animation and voice acting, a great short film for the whole family to enjoy.

Project X
Project X(2012)

Project X is a brilliant idea for a film and will appeal to any balls out comedy fans, a very filthy film where there is always something going on, A handheld camera film with a difference, this film is never short of comedic moments and is fueled constantly by it. A non stop comedy riot (excuse the pun) which will have you in stitches from start to finish.

The Amazing Spider-Man

Although it wasn't long ago since Spiderman 3 this reboot may be a bit soon but nonetheless is a brilliant comic book hero film. Garfield and Stone both play their roles to a t and really have added a whole new feel to Spiderman, refreshing and still original The Amazing Spiderman is a great film which stays loyal to the comic book feel, dare i say this is better than the original?

Cowboys & Aliens

Ok so this film was never going to win any academy awards, but Cowboys & Aliens is a tongue in cheek action/adventure film with a bizarre story line. This film does exactly what it says on the tin and needs to be taken with a huge pinch of salt, an over the top film which is entertaining regardless.

Attack the Block

Surprisingly Attack The Block is a very good, entertaining sci-fi/comedy film, a hugely inventive idea for a film with tons of originality. A film that has non stop suspense, comedy and action throughout.

Knight & Day
Knight & Day(2010)

With a huge lack of chemistry and interesting characters Knight and Day really is a dull action comedy, Diaz and Cruise sadly don't work well together and with a spiraling plot really makes this film less bearable as it progresses. Knight and Day definitely isn't a film that will be remembered.

A Night at the Roxbury

A very early film from Will Ferrell revolving around two idiotic brothers trying to enter the top nightclub. A highly dumb and lowbrow film which doesn't mean this film isn't hilarious, A Night At The Roxbury is definitely the dumber of disco and is no doubt a cult comedy.

30 Minutes or Less

a highly entertaining comedy film from the maker of zombieland, 30 minutes or less is fairly short yet funny film. This film is straight to the point and does'nt drag in any parts whatsoever, a great film to pass the time.

The Muppets
The Muppets(2011)

A very funny return to everyones much loved puppets, with introduction to new characters too. Inventive storyline and a great cast packed with cameos, hilarious and will be enjoyed by muppets fans old and new, great stuff.


An interesting prequel to the Alien franchise, Prometheus really captured the sci-fi and eerie feel that was every so familiar in the trilogy. This film reveals plenty and will have fans clutching their jaws, Ridley Scott has done it again and fortunately kept the Alien franchise alive and still fresh.

Death Proof
Death Proof(2007)

Not as good as Planet Terror due to long winded scenes and dialogue, however forgetting a very slow start to the film the audience is some what rewarded with an epic car chase. A film that shouldve gotten to the plot a lot quicker and shouldve had more adrenaline fueled scenes to flow better. It may not win any awards for inventiveness but Death Proof was somewhat of an entertaining film.

Trading Places

A fairly funny comedy starring Dan Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy, this film started a little slow and struggled at the start to get flowing but fortunately delivered in the end. Definitely had its moments and was an entertaining film to watch, wasn't brilliant but none the less this is a film people will always remember.

Marvel's The Avengers

Easily the greatest superhero film of all time, and i mean that without a doubt. Thor, Iron Man, Hulk and Captain America all in one film is amazing enough, but with their excellent performances all put together adds to the chemistry and really makes this film seem natural and much needed. An epic storyline with an all star cast makes this film a definite highlight of 2012, Marvel you've done yourselves proud this film was well worth the wait.

Bad Teacher
Bad Teacher(2011)

a highly disappointing comedy which couldve had so much more to deliver, the film is exactly as its titled, all about Diaz as a bad teacher. Not enough jokes or chemistry to make this film memorable at all, the only redemption is Jason Segels part in the film but still he does'nt have the screen time he deserves

Cedar Rapids
Cedar Rapids(2011)

A bizarre idea for a comedy film which unfortunately didn't deliver as many laughs as expected, a slight disappointment with Ed Helms performance. However John C Reilly delivered the only sense of comedy but unfortunately wasn't enough for the 90 minute run time.

Boys Don't Cry

a gripping drama film with a very unique storyline, highly dark and brutal,Boys Don't Cry has an outstanding performance from Hilary Swank and surely is one of her best performances.

The 'Burbs
The 'Burbs(1989)

A amusing black comedy which will keep the audience entertained throughout, another great Tom Hanks 80s flick. The Burbs jokes about the suburban lifestyle, definitely an 80s timeless classic with plenty of comedy.


A great early take on Batman, Tim Burton really captured the darkness and depths of Gotham and really made Batman have a general dark presence. Jack Nicholson plays a great role as the Joker and really suited the character well. A decent take on the superhero which hasn't aged much.

No Strings Attached

A predictable, generic rom com with poor jokes and a un inventive storyline, waste of time as the viewer will know what happens from the start.

Hall Pass
Hall Pass(2011)

Found this film a lot less funny than the trailers sold it out to be, however it still had its moments as a no brainer comedy. Plenty of smutty jokes and amusing moments to keep this film flowing, not a brilliant comedy but it certainly isn't a terrible one either.

Your Highness

A failure of a comedy, Your Highness has the cast but not the gags to pass this as a funny film, a huge disappointment which will leave the viewer slack jawed and vacant. A waste of a potentially funny film.

The Lion King 1 1/2

The Lion King seen through Timon and Pumba's eyes, a clever concept in which reveals many comedic situations you didn't see happen in The Lion King. Many references to the film, and many interesting scenarios, this film wasn't brilliant but did serves a few laughs here and there. Best stick to the classic of course though.

Punisher: War Zone

The Punisher: War Zone is a fast paced non stop blood fest, this film wasn't short on entertainment and action fans alike would very much appreciate this. An excellent adaption of the comic book character in which doesn't disappoint.


A very inventive and original idea for a film, Troll Hunter is a handheld camera film with unique ideas that have never been done before. A somewhat eerie film which really captures the atmosphere and really has you in a tense spot throughout. A great film that is worth checking out.


A spin off to Daredevil, Elektra continues the story of the assassin, definitely wasn't the best superhero film around and really lacked that comic book feel to it. However there was some decent fight scenes and elements of action to keep this film flowing a bit. Not a complete disaster as this film was watchable and appealed to me as a die hard superhero fan.


Not a bad comedy that certainly has its moments, my only disappointment would be that this comedy lack belly laughs and definitely dragged a bit. The time length was unnecessary and really couldve done with more gags, however on the whole this film wasn't too bad and made for good entertainment.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

The third installment to the franchise and once again another great one, full of impressive action scenes, tongue in cheek humour and more characters. Dark of the moon serves as a great sequel to the others and will not let fans down, a non stop action packed film.

Love and Other Drugs

Another predictable rom com which personally felt very pointless, at almost 2 hours in length this film dragged and really needed to be cut down to hurry up and get to the obvious ending. This rom com really didn't have any chemistry in the script and was down right boring.


Machete is an over the top, outrageous riot. This film had it all to achieve the ultimate man film status, over the top action and gore made this an entertaining film not to be taken seriously. I'd highly recommend a film like this to fellow men across the world, you will not be disappointed.


A fantastic film adaption of the outstanding graphic novel, Watchmen stays loyal to the book and captured the characters perfectly. An obscure different take on superheroes, with a unique storyline and a masterful piece of cinema. I would highly advise people to read the book first as this film would be much more easier to understand.

X-Men: First Class

A great prequel to the x-men series, really gives and in depth insight on all the characters pasts and how the x-men were formed. X-men FIrst Class serves as a vital and excellent film to the series, exceptional performances from the likes of Mcavoy and a relevant and exciting storyline with a cameo from Wolverine, this film has it all. Yet another excellent film from Marvel Studios

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Can't say i was overly blown away with this film and was amazed there are so many people raving about it, the story never seems to get going and irritatingly was rather slow in general. This film would of been so much better if it wasn't a musical and focused on Sweeny Todd's psychotic ways more. Another Tim Burton flop.


A hand held camera film about three men with super powers, a surreal out of the ordinary film that'll literally keep you in suspense from start to finish. A great intense film that is definitely worth checking out.

The Green Hornet

A superhero film starring Seth Rogen? whats not to love, The Green Hornet is a fast paced and very funny superhero film. Definitely had that Kick Ass feel to it as this involved another hilarious Seth Rogen performance, Jay Chou also played an excellent supporting role. Love Comic books, superheros and comedy? well then The Green Hornet is definitely the film for you.

Green Lantern

A great superhero film starring Ryan Reynolds as the Green Lantern, a visually stunning film with a thor-ish type storyline. Great entertainment and a interesting take on a very different superhero. A film many comic book fans would appreciate, this film was a fun watch.

Dante's Inferno

After playing the video game and liking it so much i thought i'd check this out, Dante's Inferno tells the story in animated form and will really appeal to fans of the game. A mixture of extreme violence and an epic storyline made this film a damn sight exciting and just like the game.

The Sitter
The Sitter(2011)

a typical slacker who get caught up in baby sitting someones kids why wouldn't this film be funny, Jonah Hill once again performs excellently and delivers the laughs. A chaotic film which will keep you entertained from the start to the finish, definitely had that Superbad feel to it, one to watch it you like Jonah's previous work.


a great superhero film, with an out of the ordinary plot, a brilliant introduction to a comic book hero not many are aware of. Great action and characters to get used to for when the Avengers arrives, see this film if you are like myself a total superhero geek.

Fight Club
Fight Club(1999)

Fight Club is a clever and highly sophisticated film, the good thing about this film is that it keeps you wondering and questioning right up until the climax. An ultra violent film with a twist that'll literally blow your brains out your nostrills. Excellent performances from Pitt and Norton as usual, see this film you will not be dissappointed.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

An overly camp musical which was far too weird and peculiar, thought this film was a mess and all over the place with a story line so bizarre making it hard to enjoy. A good soundtrack with songs thatll get that old toe tapping but other than that this film was just poor.

Half Baked
Half Baked(1998)

A very uninventive stoner comedy which wasn't funny in the slightest, was a waste of 90 mins and i clearly advice everyone to stear clear of this catastrophic excuse for a film

Black Dynamite

Black Dynamite is a over the top 70s spoof film which really captivates the whole comedy behind the style, with stupid humour blatantly poking fun at the genre really made this film an entertaining hilarious comedy.

Cars 2
Cars 2(2011)

a great sequel from the pixar team Cars 2 focuses more on Mater more than Mcqueen, an interesting story line with new characters to keep the family amused. Funny and family friendly for everyone to enjoy, dont listen to the bad reviews this film was a great entertaining film for pixar fans to enjoy.

Cool Hand Luke

Cool Hand Luke is without doubt a timeless classic with many iconic moments that have undoubtedly been a huge part in film. Paul Newman plays a stellar performance and no doubt made this one of his well known roles in his career. A great film about chain gang prisoners which really gives an insight to what really went on. Cool Hand Luke has it all, comedy, drama etc, this film is no short from brilliant.

Fantasia 2000

A great film with stunning animation in many forms and styles, exactly the same concept from the first one, classical music over Disney animation. Once again this combined works exceptionally well and made for great visual quality. As good as the first one dare I say it.

The Gruffalo
The Gruffalo(2009)

an entertaining adaption of the classic childrens book, starring an array of well known names made this film much more enjoyable. A well told tale with funny moments to keep the whole family entertained.

Puss in Boots

a great hilarious spin off to Shrek, Puss in boots has a strong storyline and inventive characters, this truly is a film in which the whole family can enjoy. A stunning film which will leave people amused and in tears of laughter.

Jackass 3.5
Jackass 3.5(2011)

Unused footage from jackass 3 compiled into a feature length film, a funny film with typical jackass stunts and gags, fans of the franchise will appreciate this more than others.

A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas

another funny and chaotic film to the harold and kumar series, a very harold and kumar christmas is a great third installment. Stays loyal to the previous 2 with the same humour and characters with also som recurring jokes. On the whole also this was a great out of the ordinary christmas film for which comedy fans and stoners would love.


a dull complex film which is very much trying to follow in 300's footsteps. A confusing film with lack of interesting characters made this one of the worst films ive ever seen.

How High
How High(2001)

A very unfunny stoner comedy in which struggles to find the laughs, seemed to really drag in parts and didn't really deliver comedy wise. A disappointing film that i wouldn't even advice to watch to pass time.

Tower Heist
Tower Heist(2011)

this film wasn't overly entertaining nor was it overly funny, however it did make for good entertainment and eddie murphy actually put on a good performance for once. an all star cast made this film flow a bit more.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1

Defiantly the best one yet, Breaking Dawn has a stronger storyline and a better meaning, however this still didn't appeal to me as i wasn't keen on its predecessors.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

slightly better than the dreadful second film, however Eclipse still was slow, dull and a damn right drag. Stick to the classics like the lost boys.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon

a poor very slow sequel to the first film, once again this starred the most bland cast going and felt really depressing to watch.


Twilight is a dark, bleak film which is primarily aimed at adolescent girls, a miserable cast and lack of chemistry makes this film so bland and emo.

The Adventures of Tintin

an excellent fast paced adventure film in which will most certainly appeal to children and adults. An all star cast and some of the most impressive cgi around made this film certainly a treasure itself. People who aren't familiar with the franchise will still enjoy this film very much so.

Due Date
Due Date(2010)

Due Date felt like a modern version of Planes, Trains and automobiles as most of the comedy and ideas were clearly inspired from the John Hughes classic. The chemistry between Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakis helps the comedy flow and add a certain spark to the film. A very entertaining film which will easily be watched again and again.

Johnny English Reborn

Johnny English Reborn is a worthy sequel and a damn sight as funny as the first film. If you enjoyed the bumbling persona of Johnny English before then you will surely love him in this, a great British comedy that perceives the humour of the spy word brilliantly.

44 Inch Chest

A British film similar to the likes of reservoir dogs just clearly no where near as good. Some inventive dialogue and comical, colourful characters made this film flow smoothly. However this film was slightly disappointing as not much was achieved nor did anything really happen. A bleak ending and a shoddy story line made this film a slight disappointment.

Scared Shrekless

a nice little short shrek film to celebrate halloween, was funny, entertaining and a perfect homage to halloween Shrek style. Fans of the series would appreciate the references to previous shrek films.

Despicable Me

a fairly funny film which the whole family can enjoy, Despicable Me focuses on the villain as the main character which helps the story for originality. Great voice acting skills from the likes of Carell, Segel and brand, this film will pass the spare 90 minutes anytime.


a great cop thriller with the likes of the legend himself jason statham, suspenseful and a damn sight entertaining, Blitz has it all to qualify as a entertaining, compelling thriller film which will have the audience glued to their television screens.

Superman Returns

A very good adaption in which Brandon Routh dons the cape after Reeve which isnt an easy job but he pulled it off. A great darker film to the saga and felt more loyal to the comic books. At 2 and a half hours long, this seemed a bit unnecessary, however nonetheless it was a great superhero epic.


a very complex storyline which is in need of another watch, an inventive different idea for a film that will have the viewer dribbling from the cranium throughout. A film in which the viewers attention must be focused on the film from start to finish otherwise your screwed.

Superman IV: The Quest for Peace

After hearing the negative feedback about this film i was dreading watching this, however i found this film to be a lot better than the third and with the return of Lex Luther (Hackman) made this film a worthy edition to the saga.

Battle: Los Angeles

A film about an alien invasion on earth, dont think it been done before? this film was clichà (C)d idea and was really nothing i havent seen before, felt like the poor mans independence day. For a alien war film i couldnt help but drift off as this was very dull and boring. An absolute dissappointment of a film, avoid at all costs.

Superman III
Superman III(1983)

Definitely not a patch on the first two as this sequel felt less dark and more family friendly with comedy and one liners. However it wasnt that bad as it still had the great Christopher Reeve once again playing a very convincing superman. The change in directors made this feel different but on the whole it was worthy to be in the saga.

Superman II
Superman II(1981)

a great second film from the superman saga, another superb performance from christopher reeve. Superman 2 has it all to make this film truly an entertaining superhero film, great stuff.

Four Lions
Four Lions(2010)

A highly controversial subject to base a film on especially in this day and age, however as the saying goes bad publicity is good publicity in this case this is certainly true as this film was on my to see list. A highly funny and original idea for a film, bumbling terrorists certainly was the subject of great comedy, good stuff.

The Spiderwick Chronicles

A great fantasy film aimed for the whole family to enjoy, a bizzarre out of the ordinary storyline which helps with originality. Starring many quirky and comical characters which made the film even more of a pleasure to watch. Fans of the narnia films will enjoy this the most.


a great adaption of the popular comic series, Superman includes a great performance from the legendary Christopher Reeve. A traditional superhero flick with tongue in cheek humuor, a great introduction to Superman's back story and without doubt a truely well made film.

X-Men Origins - Wolverine

A vital film to the x-men saga as this reveals so much of wolverines past and fills a huge hole in the previous films story. Another badass performance from Jackman playing the hard as nails Wolverine. So this might not have been the best X-men film going, but was indeed worthy and felt like it needed to be done.

Live Free or Die Hard

Another excellent die hard film added to the series, Die hard 4 has an original storyline and remains fresh and inventive. Once again Willis dons the hat, playing the badass John McClane and proves hes not too old to kick ass as he performs another stellar perfomance. This film was a breath of fresh air as it prooved the Die Hard franchise still has it.

The Inbetweeners

A hilarious film from the superb comedy, the inbetweeners movie stays loyal to the gross out nature and vulgarity. Fans alike will enjoy this film and will not be dissappointed. The inbetweeners movie delivers as a whole and definitely supplied the comedy and socially awkward situations.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

another great transformers film definitely as good as the first and twice as dramatic. Epic fight scenes and the recurring characters makes this film a worthy sequel. At 2 hours and 30 minutes this film really kept up the pace and was a delight to watch.

X2: X-Men United

another great x-men film definitely as good as the first, new characters and a new story keeps this sequel fresh and highly entertaining. Once again brilliant performances from the cast whom stay loyal to the comics.

Con Air
Con Air(1997)

a traditional action film which stays loyal to the genre, corny and over the top but a damn sight entertaining. Cage, Cusack and Malkovich play their role very convincingly and make this film more of an enjoyable addreneline fulled action epic.

Shrek Forever After

easily the worst out of them all, shrek 4 is poorly scripted and just isnt really funny. This film did have its moments but felt rushed and there was a lack of creativity in the plot and characters in general. A huge dissappointment, best off sticking to the first 2.

Mean Machine
Mean Machine(2002)

a great british comedy with a crew full of familiar faces, remake from the american classic in a british setting. Funny, impressive and damn right entertaining.

High Fidelity

This was not a bad film, however there were points where the film did get a little slow. However this film was fresh and did have its comedic moments, Cusack's performance of breaking the fourth wall works and keeps the film flowing. The concept heavily based on music made this film more alluring.

Wedding Daze
Wedding Daze(2006)

a bizarre and out of the ordinary rom com which certainly has its moments. However this film did drag a bit and was predictable, was watch able but wouldn't go out of my way to see it again.

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

a great, hilarious and sophisticated black comedy, which stars yet another excellent performance from the great Robert Downey Jr. A non stop, outrageous story in which the plot get crazier as the film progresses. Highly enjoyable and sophisticated.

Captain America: The First Avenger

at last theres a film on captain america, didnt overly know too much about this character so was glad the film explained so much. An action packed addreneline fuelled superhero film, truely one of the most oustanding superhero films. Great effects and performances, great stuff

Die Hard 2
Die Hard 2(1990)

still has just as much ass kicking as the first one, die hard 2 was just as good and stayed loyal to the first one. Another great performance from Willis as the badass cop John McClane, just as many fights, explosions and shoot outs as the first film. A classic action film which will age well in years to come.

Gnomeo and Juliet

a great funny re working of the well known story, gnomeo and juliet is a family friendly version in which will appeal to a wide audience. With an all star cast and silly tongue in cheek humuor made this film such a delight to watch.


after never being a fan of the whole franchise i never dreamt of watching this. However i was very wrong as this film was amazing, great storyline and amazing effects made this film instantly likeable. Overall this film will appeal to transformers fans and action fans alike. An instant classic which i would be glad to watch again.

Family Guy Presents: It's a Trap

the third and final family guy star wars feature and although it wasnt the best one it was still really funny, highly recommended if you enjoyed the others or if you like myself are a hardcore family guy fan.

Family Guy Presents: Something Something Something Dark Side

The second star wars spoof from family guy and it was still hilarious, still has the same random, crazy humour and recurring gags which loyal family guy fans will no all about, great stuff.

Monsters Vs. Aliens: Mutant Pumpkins From Outer Space

after seeing monsters vs aliens, i had to check this out. Still was just as funny and entertaining, for half an hour in length this short film done well to cram a comedic storyline with yet again hilarious performances from the all star voice talents.

The Princess and the Frog

after a shakey start i was dreading this film, however it was an inventive and original idea for a traditional fairly tale type family film. A entertaining film for the whole family, even if it was a typical cheesy disney film it still wasnt that bad.

The Mexican
The Mexican(2001)

quite an inventive story and great performances from Pitt and Roberts, although at 2 hours long did feel like this wasnt intended. A funny intense film which was very much entertaining.


a film with guns blazing and many cinematic action scenes whats not to love? this film may not have been the best action film but certainly wasnt the worst, was a traditional cop film, good vs bad. Entertaining stuff which shouldnt dissappoint action fans.

How to Train Your Dragon

a spectacular cgi family film, an epic storyline and really stood out amongst the many other childrens cgi films. A highly enjoyable film and had me hooked from start to finish,, truely a great film in which a wide audience would certainly enjoy.


as an easily amused guy i found this film to be quite funny and entertaining. although it was pretty much a less epic version of step brothers it still was pretty funny.

Dinner for Schmucks

A fairly funny comedy which has steve carell stealing the show, did feel that at almost two hours that this was a bit too lengthy. Was expecting more laughs and comedy but at the end of the day this film wasnt a complete failure.

Super Troopers

from the same team that made beer fest, super troopers is a fairly funny comedy about a group of hapless cops. Fairly funny and had its moments however this wasnt the best comedy around. None the less this film made me laugh and at the end of the day thats all that matters.

Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider(2007)

ok so ghost rider isnt the most popular or well known super hero so therefore this film wasnt going to get high praise, but i found this a very good superhero film with a unique and inventive storyline. As a marvel/superhero fan i found this film delivered and did not dissappoint.

The Dark Knight

an amazing super hero film which truely brings batman and dc comics back into the limelight. A superb storyline and some outstanding performances especially from the likes of the late heath ledger. A truely excellent piece of cinema for comic and film fans alike.


a highly dissappointing film which was totally not worth the wait, this film had much potential but the characters lacked chemistry and the jokes fell flat in which star wars boffs wouldnt laugh at. Was a very sloppy film in which to me failed as a comedy.

Grown Ups
Grown Ups(2010)

thought this film was going to be a catastrophy but with an all star comedy lineup made it hard not to laugh. Ok this wasnt the greatest comedy around but still delivered with entertainment.

Office Space
Office Space(1999)

after hearing so much about this cult comedy i felt it would be rude not to indulge in this. I was entertained from start to finish as this off beat comedy had many moments to keep me amused from start to finish.

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

the third in the series, obviously wasnt going to beat the first two but i felt this still stayed loyal to its predecessors. Still had an epic car chase not to dissappoint, however my only complaint would be this film felt a little toned down compared to the other two.

Risky Business

after hearing constant hype about this film and the famous dance scene, i was very interested in checking this out. I felt the plot and events were inventive but lacked the comedy and overall chemistry. Was a little dissappointed in this film, it felt like ferris buelers poor brother.

The Mechanic
The Mechanic(2011)

a great suspenseful thriller, another great statham film which has typical elements of action, suspense and great fight sequences. Jason Statham does it again and did not dissappoint in the ways of performance and stunts.

Iron Man 2
Iron Man 2(2010)

as sequels go i found this very impressive and entertaining, stayed very loyal to the first film and still had the outstanding fight scenes, and tongue in cheek humour from robert downey jr. who once again shows a stellar performance.

Death at a Funeral

found this film quite poor but yet at the same time i found it quite comical, a collection of crazy antics helped ensue the laughter. However this wasnt the best comedy i have seen before, but found it watchable and not a complete disaster.

Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior

the sequel to the cult classic, mad max 2 has it all action, explosions and epic car chases. A great second film in the series with a better storyline, and dare i say it that this was actually better than the first film. Die hard film fans would appreciate this more than others. A brilliant cult classic that has aged like a fine wine.

The Hangover Part II

after hearing bad reviews to this sequel i was very concerned when watching this. However it wasnt that bad and was still pretty funny and stayed loyal to the predecessors humour. Obviously not as good as the first, but still delivered with the laughs and gross out scenes.

The 41-Year-Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall And Felt Superbad About It

as a parody this film started surprisingly amusing however a good twenty minutes into the film, like many parody films this good very bland and painfully unfunny. In my personal opinion you cannot make a comedy based on another series of comedies it just causes poor jokes that constantly fall flat.

National Lampoon's Van Wilder

wasnt a bad comedy but at the same time it wasnt brilliant, had many gross out gags which were amusing but just didnt have that finishing touch all good frat films have.

Cop Out
Cop Out(2010)

not your typical kevin smith film as this was a bland poorly written buddy cop film. both morgan and willis's characters lack chemistry, the storyline was bland and dull, the only highlight was seann william scott's performance, you want to watch a decent cop com watch the other guys instead.

Banlieue 13 - Ultimatum (District 13: Ultimatum)

Found this sequal fairly decent although it could never top its predecessor, still included great fight scenes and parkour however lacked that certain spark in which the first film had.

Old Dogs
Old Dogs(2009)

found this to be a typical disney family friendly film, dragged in many parts and was suffering from diabeties from this as it was so sweet. If it wasnt for robin williams this film would of been a complete disaster. Quite a poor film for the likes of travolta and williams to star in.

Mad Max
Mad Max(1979)

a classic cult film starring the then unknown mel gibson, a brutal film with suspense action and violence. an interesting take on a run down future with some great car chases.


finally a horror film that actually scares me and kept me in suspense, a brilliant atmoshpheric horror with an inventive storyline definetely one to watch with the lights dimmed.

The Kids Are Alright

a great rockumentary in which music fans alike will enjoy, this film shows compilations and clips of vintage who performances and interviews and shows the audience what the real "who" are like, very funny and very fulfilling. Who fans whould especially enjoy this obviously.

Revenge of the Nerds IV: Nerds in Love

easily the poorest one in the series, however it was quite funny and being a huge fan of the series i found this film hard to hate as it had the recurring characters from the previous installments to make this film so much better.

Date Night
Date Night(2010)

a rom com with action and humour that actually wont go well with crackers, steve carrell once again performs well in the off the wall out of the ordinary rom com.


an excellent thriller with an unusual storyline, a great build up of suspense and great performances from cooper and de niro, a truely epic film which has it all.

Whip It
Whip It(2009)

as drew barrymore's debut feature i thought this was a fairly postive start, a unique idea for a film however did get quite slow in some parts nonetheless was a heartwarming tale.

Scream 4
Scream 4(2011)

for a film that is about a serial killer, i couldnt help but drift off and feel rather nored. This film had no point and was poorly scripted and felt a little dated if anything. At almost two hours long as well this didnt do the film any favours, sadly in my opinion the slasher horror genre has come to an end.

Revenge of the Nerds III: The Next Generation

ok so this was the third in the series and by far wasnt the best it had a weak storyline and very few laughs only really watched this as I was a fan of the first two.

I Love You Beth Cooper

quite a funny film was expecting a really slushly rom com but this film actually had its moments I was highly surprised when watching this.

500 Days of Summer

im not a fan of rom com however i did admire the different path of this one as its not a typical boy meets girl rom com and was quite depressing. good performances with a good effort from first time director Marc Webb.

Miss March
Miss March(2009)

thought this film was really funny, many people slated this film but i found it a hilarious sex comedy, hugh hefner wass in it for christ sake!!!

Hot Tub Time Machine

ok this film did start off slow, but it did get really funny it wasnt the best comedy ever but still delivered the lolz, good cast and great cameos from chevy chase and crispin glover.

Sucker Punch
Sucker Punch(2011)

i could go into detail about this film but i cant be bothered it was so poor because it had a bit of action and hot woman but bored the pants off me. it was like i was abusing illegal substances, the story was so off the wall and didnt mean a thing DO NOT SEE THIS FILM IT IS A PLAGUE!!!!


a highly entertaining original film that is filled to the brim with action, comedy and gore a great superhero film not like any other, two words to describe this film CRAZY AWESOME!!!

I Love You Phillip Morris

once you get past all the disturbing scenes this films story has so much more to it other than two gay men. it is a witty clever con artist film with an amazing twist, not the best film around but we'll let it off because its jim carrey


after seeing shaun of the dead and hot fuzz i was very excited to seeing this unfortuntely it was an americanised dissappointment, jokes fell flat and characters felt weak this is easily the biggest dissappointment of 2011

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

a very entertaining and deeply different film that will have a cult following from video game fans alike. a very funny and action packed film with an out of the ordinary storyline.

Orange County

quite an entertaining film with a simple storyline to it, this film wouldnt of been as half funny if it wasnt for jack black.

The Other Guys

this film was so awesome, it was by far the funniest film ive seen in ages and had yet another brilliant comedic ferrell performance. fans alike will love this film as its got it all action comedy and pure brilliance.

Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel

quite dissappointed with this as it was not as good as the first film and barely contained jason lee in the storyline. quite a weak story and poor jokes wouldnt really recommend this one.

Alice in Wonderland

really terrible this film was, couldnt see the point of why this film was made. Tim Burton is obviously out of ideas and needed johnny depp in another film to sell it. this was so bad stick with the classic disney one instead at least then you know what your getting.

Little Fockers

very synical about seeing this after hearing the reviews, however i was pleasantly surprised. Ok granted this wasn't the best one in the trilogy but it still delivered with the comedic situations and once again involved stellar performances from Stiller and De Niro.

Tron Legacy
Tron Legacy(2010)

a great respectable sequel to tron, really shows the changes in effects over the 20 year span. a great soundtrack stunning effects and an overall great piece of cinematic quality.

St Trinian's II: The Legend of Fritton's Gold

found this film quite entertaining and funny however it wasnt as good as the first one sadly, non the less a good brit comedy.

Porky's Revenge

a worthy end to the porkys series as good as the previous films still as much jokes and nudity. fans of frat comedies will love this a great 80s comedy classic.


a very good christmas film, very funny and has that feel good factor. great performances from all of the cast especially the pupils, would highly recommend this film for anyone.

Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise

found this film not too bad but wasnt a patch on the first film and felt like the film was missing the touch the first one was still it wasnt awful and was quite funny which matters.

Revenge of the Nerds

a funny film typical 80s frat film watch this if you loved porkys and animal house

Disney's A Christmas Carol

another great film adaption of the timeless Dickens classic, a little more surreal and darker (in some parts) than other versions. none the less this was a stunning and impresive film with great cgi and performances from the likes of jim carrey.

Jackass 3
Jackass 3(2010)

the third and probably the most discusting installment, jackass 3d was enough to make me laugh and gag at the same time. the 3d works as flying dildos and various bodily functions flying into the audience. if you loved jackass 1 + 2 then you will love this one.


im going to be the minority of reviewers when it comes to this film as i thought it was way over rated and was expecting so much more due to the hype. other than the fight scenes this film was really slow and just didnt deliever for me.

Jet Li's Fearless (Huo Yuan Jia) (Legend of a Fighter)

an entertaining chinese film with excellent fight scenes and non stop fighting, a great film for action fans alike.

I'm Gonna Git You Sucka

wasnt expecting much of this film, the title was enough to prove that, it was a slow low witted comedy but did have its moments. naked gun fans would appreciate this more than others however wasnt a comedy to be remembered as it wasnt overly impressive.

Pretty in Pink

another dull rom com where boy meets girl, boy and girl have a rough patch, boy and girl reconcile and are back together. wasnt impressed which was surprising as it was directed by john hughes. only really worth seeing jon cryer play duckie (two and a half men fan you see).

The Firm
The Firm(2009)

was looking forward to seeing this as ive seen many previous hooligan films, unfortunately this film didnt do it for me and really lacked that get up and go feel, was an utter dissapointment. interested in this? see Cass or I.D. instead

Dead Man's Shoes

a entertaining vililante revenge film which has violence, tension and great performances. directed by shane meadows who yet again pulls off another great feature.

The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course

meh this film didnt really blow me away at all, included a weak story and pooe acting. the only reason i partly liked this film was for the late steve irwin with his documentary segments which proves why he was a great loss to the world. quite a poor film only worth it for irwin.


watched this for ben stiller and jack black really so wasn't really expecting much. wasn't much of a story and wasn't overly funny this film is just like the story crap.

Shutter Island

another great film from scorsese, a film that has you questioning from start to finish. a brilliant thriller film that is tense non stop throughout. an amazing twist and a great performance from DiCaprio makes this film hard to miss.


this film was very surreal and different, had a very original storyline with the likes ive never seen before. ok so it was clearly dated but there is a level of retroness that works and really gives this film the whole 80s feel.

The Departed
The Departed(2006)

an excellent crime film directed by the god of gritty flicks Mr Martin Scorsese, tense and gripping throughout with a stand out cast. After seeing Goodfellas thought Scorsese could keep it up fortunatly he has. A must see film for film fans alike.

Starship Troopers

a very corny action sci fi film, typical aliens vs humans storyline, this film may be corny but it was hard to hate as it had action, explosions and hot women kicking ass. die hard sci fi fans will love this film as it stays loyal to the genre.

The Blues Brothers

a classic comedy, really funny with over the top scenes such as the car chase, really entertaining stuff. if you havent seen this film hurry up on do so!!

Kung Fu Hustle

a crazy over the top film with outrageous fight scenes, very funny in many parts and damn right entertaining. a great piece of world cinema that defines the genre but still stays loyal at the same time.

The Final Destination

the fourth installment to the series and by far the worst, containing very poor cgi and a weak storyline involving nothing we havent seen before. a sign showing that they should put an end to this series.

My Neighbor Totoro

not a bad film, light hearted and more appealing to the kids, was an entertaining film with lovable characters, did prefer spirited away though.

Dance Flick
Dance Flick(2009)

thought this film was more tolerable than the other spoofs films created in the past. however wasn't funny enough to keep me entertained throughout, this film did have its moments and did make me laugh i.e. the beatboxing vagina however i have seen a lot better films.

Meet the Robinsons

a crazy, surreal and damn right over the top animated feature but thats what makes this film so entertaining. a great stort where all is explained in the end.


thought this film was entertaining to an extent but was quite poor on the hole. felt it was a poor version of the running man and just didn't do it for me.

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

a pretty decent sequal and great to see the same voice talents back again, thought this film wasn't as good as the first but still was quite entertaining. think thought that they should leave this series with this film.


a slow unfunny comedy in which lacks in storyline and gags, was quite frankly a very boring film about a typical boy meets girl storyline could have been so much better, avoid this film.

The Calcium Kid

thought this film was quite poor as the whole mockumentary layout didn't work did make me laugh once or twice but not enough to keep me amused throughout. the storyline was pointless and wasnt overly impressed.

The Expendables

an adrenaline filled film with great action scenes, explosions and stunts everything you want in an action film this expendables has it. definitely a film not to be taken seriously but to be appreciated. action fans alike will love this film.

Lakeview Terrace

thought this film was very entertaining and tense a usual great performance from samuel l. jackson whos role is very convincing. a great thriller very original.

Clash of the Titans

was really surprised with this film as it was remaking a classic film, however it involved stunning effects and great performances. was action packed and kept me entertained through out, wasn't as good as the original for obvious reasons but still was a worthy remake.

Mike Bassett: England Manager

found this film bloody funny as an avid football fan myself i found this film very entertaining and amusing. it felt like the football version of spinal tap, ricky tomlinson does it again as a great comedy performer.

Dirty Dancing

a chick flick which is actually pretty decent, an 80s classic with many iconic moments in cinema.

Jason and the Argonauts

a classic adventure film with impressive effects for its time, must watch this again as i cant overly remember much.

District B13 (Banlieue 13)

an outstanding action film with excellent stunts and free running, was over the top and corny but thats what i loved about it. the only down side was the dub was corny but lets not let that ruin the film as district 13 was too awesome.

Year One
Year One(2009)

i had heard the poor reviews before seeing this film and was extremely cynical. as much as the silly gags and low whitted humour amused me this film was pretty poor and could of been so much more with many cameos and harold ramis as director. not the best film in the world but still has a few laughs for a slight spot of redemption.

The Deer Hunter

an absolute classic film, a powerful piece of cinema which shows the changing emotions of the characters. starring stand out performances from De Niro and Walken makes this film hard not to like. it may have been three hours long but doesn't get in the way of making this film such a gem.

Merry Madagascar

was short but sweet, enjoyed this as much as the first one same voice talents and same comedic situations a great yuletide short.

East Is East
East Is East(1999)

a great comedy drama film about cultures and lifestyles colliding, found this film hilarious and a breath of fresh air as it is a comedy everyone can enjoy (except kids). great performances and a great storyline. two thumbs up.

The Damned United

a biopic film about brian clough wasnt going to be short of entertaining, showing his managing era played by an outstanding performance from michael sheen, footballing fans alike with love this film. funny and brilliant a fine british film right here.

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (Ice Age 3)

not a bad film still funny performances from the ice age characters. however i do think this is a sign to end the series as i feel the series should end before its overkilled. an oustanding performance from simon pegg's character buck made this film all the better and a enjoyable family film through and through.


not a bad film but i was expecting so much more of this. yeah it was funny in parts but it did lack that certain touch, highlights were probably rodney dangerfields performance and the off the wall gags. not a bad film but could of always been better.

The Exorcist
The Exorcist(1973)

not many horror film nowadays can have such a powerful and disturbing plot that stays with the viewer after the film has ended. a very interesting film which really kept me glued. a classic horror film which is definitely one of the best.

Taxi Driver
Taxi Driver(1976)

thought this film was an awesome 70s classic, sure it does take a while to get going but it needs us to grow to like the character and feel for him. and the climax does deliver. this film shows robert de niro get pushed to the edge until enough is enough. great performances and a great storyline.


was expecting so much more of this turned out to be a pile of trash. an unexplained story of Bronson's life which lacked from start to finish. focused too much on the arty side of things a bitter dissapointment do not see this film.

Observe and Report

an extremely quirky dark comedy which changes pace throughout the whole film, an acquired audience will appreciate this more than others. like an adult paul blart, with as much laughs if not more. A great comedy for black comedy lovers.

Toy Story 3
Toy Story 3(2010)

an amazing film brilliant, emotional and damn right funny. this film has it all and stays loyal to the other 2 films. fans of all kind wont be disappointed. the best film of 2010 easily!!


an amazing adventure film in which the whole family can enjoy, a surreal storyline which is unique and amazing. another brilliant film from the people of pixar.


quite a funny buddy cop film with many gags from the likes of sandler and the action from wayans a decent film back when sandlers films were good.

40 Days and 40 Nights

cynical when i started watching this expecting another crappy rom com but turned out to be quite a funny film in which i was pleasantly surprised.

Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian

an amusing sequal which is just as good as the first was a well thought story and amazing effects good film for all the family.

F.A.R.T.: The Movie

one of the worst films i have ever seen some will call it a b movie but i will call it a c movie for crap. THIS FILM IS A DISEASE!!!

Land of the Lost

was surprised at this after reading the reviews for this film, a great adventure film with plenty of gags to keep people entertained. many people will say this film is crap buy hey what can i say im easily amused.

Get Him to the Greek

a great comedy and spin off to forgetting sarah marshall non stop laughs from start to finish with great comedic performances from brand and hill. p diddy was also excellent in the film.

Scooby-Doo! The Mystery Begins

not a patch on the original films, weak acting and cheesy jokes alright for kids but not fans of the proper scooby doo we all know.

Return to Never Land

first one was much better.

Monsters vs. Aliens

a great funny film which kids and adults will both enjoy packed with an all star cast makes this film hard to ignor great stuff.

Road Trip: Beer Pong

a cheap spin off sequal to the proper thing a weak storyline and pointless idea for a film was funny in parts but not enough to make this film worthy.

Undercover Brother

a very mediocre comedy film with a weak storyline was quite amusing but i have seen better.

Shogun Assassin

cant say i was overly impressed with this film having compiled two films into it felt sloppy and the storyline lost me after a while. however the film is redeemed slightly with entertaining fight scenes and plenty of bloody deaths.


a great sci fi film with the most amazing effects i have ever seen in cinema, a powerful storyline with plenty of action to keep the audience amused. unique idea for a film with is overall a brilliant film.

The Silence of the Lambs

a suspenseful and highly disturbing film, very strong storyline and has highly convincing roles from foster and hopkins. a great detective/horror film to keep you glued to the screen from start to finish.

Sex Drive
Sex Drive(2008)

a very funny film it is road trip and american pie rolled into one. typical teen sex comedy but was hilarious from start to finish.

American Pie Presents: Book of Love

not a bad film overall and did supply few laughs but when watching this i felt like there was nothing new i havent seen in the series. however a cliqued and overdone comedy wasnt that bad on the hole and was a watchable comedy

Hot Shots! Part Deux

a great follow up to the first film very entertaining and highly amusing. this film is underrated and is just as funny as the first if not better quality comedy here.

The Prestige
The Prestige(2006)

a very good and clever idea for a film, full of twists and great performances from bale and jackmen.


overall a very cheap looking film with minimum story to it seemed like a rushed copy of the terminator. however did involve a certain comedy factor with the over the top fight scenes and action. only watch this if you have time on your hands or your mate bought it for a laugh.

Notting Hill
Notting Hill(1999)

a good rom com which is rather comical and entertaining. if it wasnt for rhys ifans this film wouldnt be worthwhile. a typical rom com that really applies to the chicks however i dont regret watching it.

Hot Rod
Hot Rod(2007)

a highly stupid film with a far from strong storyline none the less though it was a very entertaining and funny film whicch is sure to be a cult film. random humour and familiar faces made this comedy hard to hate.

Pirate Radio (The Boat That Rocked)

a great film with a great cast very funny and has a superb soundtrack may have been 2 hours long but was a great film and had a excellent storyline. a great british comedy to watch highly recommend if you have the time.

Brewster's Millions

a good idea for a comedy film starring two legendary comedians who are richard pryor and john candy an outrageous storyline from start to finish was not dissapointed with this

I Love You, Man

a great comedy starring familiar faces of such paul rudd and jason segel was expecting a cheesy rom com but was suprised and amused from start to finish a good comedy to pass the time

Bachelor Party

a great 80s comedy typical college humour with laughs coming left right and centre definetely one for the lads

Hot Shots!
Hot Shots!(1991)

a rather funny comedy from the makers of the naked gun, silly gags and a funny story made this comedy easy to make me laugh. starring both charlie sheen and jon cryer from two and a half men made me interested enough and wasnt dissapointed.


a brilliant war film showing the effects war has on people, found this war film like no other as it shows the americans losing for a change. very affective piece of cinema and would highly recommend this for war fans alike.


found this film absolutely brilliant contained suspense and action and great performances from fox and cruise. a gripping and tense film that has you glued to the tv from start to finhish.

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

a very bland romantic comedy felt like ive seen it before 100 times in other films nothing special just a predictable slush fest. however the whole indie based scene and soundtrack were the only things that kept this film half afloat

The Great Outdoors

wasnt the best comedy film ive seen however was quite amusing with typical comedic performances from john candy and dan aykroyd.

Lesbian Vampire Killers

i was highly suprised at this film after hearing poor reviews. however this film is deffo a film that should not be taken seriously with great comedic roles from james cordon and matthew horne. this was just like gavin and stacey with tits.

A Clockwork Orange

a very different and quirky film with a great storyline. dark and very very surreal and a great watch

Red Heat
Red Heat(1988)

a half decent crime film with a solid performance by arnie no pun intended. no your typical arnie film but works as it has a good storyline and plot.


an epic action film from start to finhish showing liam neeson kick arse for 90 minutes, a brilliant story with excellent fight scenes non stop energy from this spectacular action film.

Get Smart
Get Smart(2008)

a comedic spy film about a unlucky spy with the like of steve carell quite an amusing film with a half decent story. really reminded me of johnny english.


dont get me wrong this film was amusing and fairly funny but it wasnt the best comedy i have seen and the story seemed a bit stupid. on the other hand though this did make me laugh on many occasions and a film about a sex addict did make good comedy.


a great film about mark "chopper" read and what he got up to in prison etc. interesting and quite comical in parts a great story about a famous australian criminal ah the irony. good stuff here.

Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones

really crap boring dont see this slash your wrists

The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard

a great comedy with a very silly but funny storyline great cameos especially will ferrel. a typical anchorman like film with the similar humour.

Jennifer's Body

not too bad of a film a typical "teen horror" with plenty of killings. megan fox as a killer means this film is appealing in some what. an entertaining horror with a great ending

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

wasnt too sure when i heard about this but was highly surprised when i saw it. very strange and surrell but works in its own way, very funny and is a great film aimed at all types of audiences.


an instant classic with what is sure to have a cult following great performances especially from woody harrelson. the american equivelant of shaun of the dead good stuff here

District 9
District 9(2009)

an absolutely brilliant film like no other a very unique story and brilliant effects and a highly entertaining story.


an absolute classic war film very well done amazing film from start to finish.

Justice: A Cross the Universe

a very interesting film showing footage of justice on their north american tour, funny and highly appealing on what happens on and off the stage.

Death Race
Death Race(2008)

another great action packed film from jason statham which really grabs the audience by the short and curlies. an in your face action film.

Paul Blart: Mall Cop

after hearing negative reviews about this film i was cynical but when i saw it i was pleasantly surprised. a typical comedy for the family full of silly jokes but was hard not to put a smile on my face.

The Dream Team

a very funny 80s comedy with a great concept for an odd ball film great cast with great comedic performances. would recommend this for a good laugh.

The Incredible Hulk

a great superhero film deffo better than the first another superb role from ed norton great action and a breif visit from iron man to hint at another film

How to Lose Friends & Alienate People

quite a good and funny film was surprised seeing as the critics slated this

Love, Honour and Obey

a very enjoyble comedic gangster film which kept me amused from start to end. with many reconisable faces and many jokes thrown in made this film such a gem

Dude, Where's My Car?

a very terrible film with a spiralling storyline which just gets worse and worse however this was the main aspect of the film which in some what works. a terrible but slightly good film


hadnt a clue what to make of this film except that is was appauling, a film about football hooligans but was a bore from start to end. was really expecting more from this film sadly i was drastically wrong.


not a bad film a comedic idea for a story

Sherlock Holmes

not a bad film but was a little dissapointed with it as it dragged in many parts i think guy richie should stick to his gritty gangsters

What Happens in Vegas

quite a good film with a storyline which differs from other rom coms found this film was ok however was a little predictable

Role Models
Role Models(2008)

a great comedy with the familiar likes of sean william scott and paul rudd, a one of a kind comedy with an epic ending

You Don't Mess With the Zohan

a decent comedy from adam sandler with a truely crazy storyline gives this film its many laughs definately better than sandler's other newer stuff

P.S. I Love You

this film was sooo bad it was like pulling teeth a terrible excuse for a film and possibly one of the worst storylines ever dont see this film

National Lampoon's European Vacation

not quite as good as the first film but still was an appealing film to fans of the series.

National Lampoon's Vacation

a very funny and highly entertaining film from the archives of the 80s. revolves around a far from ordinary family and doesnt dissapoint the viewer on the comedic side of things. two thumbs up here

Big Stan
Big Stan(2009)

a half decent comedy with a very bizarre storyline, this film pokes constant fun at man rape and prison situations. on the hole a highly entertaining comedy with the silly but humorous likes of rob schneider.


a very long winded film with an unecessary time length, it does contain stunning affects and action packed scenes but as a film in general it lacked suspense. would of been so much better if it was cut down


a brilliant compelling film which has one of the most intense twists ever a great story line with a twist that smacks you square in the face one of the darkest films i have ever seen

Harry Brown
Harry Brown(2010)

a brilliant gritty british film which will have you on the edge of your seat from start to finhish an OAP that goes around killing chavs what else is there to say brilliant film

Tropic Thunder

a very funny film really entertaining full of action great film even if it did start a little slow

Porky's II: The Next Day

as good as the first really good plot and overall a very entertaining comedy


a very funny film from the 80s archive typical animal house esque film didnt dissapoint :)

Dead Snow (Død snø)

a great film about zombies pays homage to traditional zombie films full of gore gore and more gore just what a horror needs

Pineapple Express

a brilliant comedy keep them coming


a great action fuelled film from start to finish definetly a film that has to be enjoyed

Dan in Real Life

really thought this film was enjoyable and unique


a highly dissapointed film, this had potential which makes it even more of a let down. this film takes itself far too seriously


almost as bad as the first film, poor acting and a weak storyline im sorry but if i wanted to watch scummy chavs in action i would walk down my local high street this is a highly pointless sequal to a highly pointless film series

Inglourious Basterds

wasnt too bad i enjoyed this film however it could of had so much more potential as in including more action and not focusing on the plot as much

The Cable Guy

a very funny film with a dark story a highly bizarre film like no other comedy

Jaws 2
Jaws 2(1978)

was really surprised with this film thought it was a worthy sequal and was original beats the other sequals

The Love Guru

a highly stupid film with a very silly story line however it works with mike myers performances quite a funny film

Zack and Miri Make a Porno

another great comedy from kevin smith a very crazy but funny story line and a great comedic performance from seth rogen


such a funny and shocking film, you thought borat was outrageous wait and see this

The Hangover
The Hangover(2009)

a great film extremely funny worth seeing this for a good laugh :)

American History X

a great film a very gritty in your face film showing the true horrors of racism, involves great messages and well portrayed characters good stuff.

Sexy Beast
Sexy Beast(2000)

a great british gangster film with some amazing roles by ray winestone and ben kingsley a truly recommended film for gangster fans

South Park: Imaginationland: The Movie

a quality and really funny film just three back to back episodes fromm the past series but stil worth a watch

Goodbye Charlie Bright

not a bad film quite interesting and gripping found this film to express the lower end of the community and the struggle to make life right

Terminator Salvation

another great film to the series full of action, suspense and brilliant special effects glad to see a cameo from arnie


a great film about the gorillaz very interesting and plenty of unseen footage of the band and great news revealed

The Business
The Business(2005)

a great british gangster film set across the pond in spain really appealing and funny in parts a great film about the rise and fall of the criminal underworld

Human Traffic

a great film about the acid house phase in the nineties compelling well directed with great acting and humorous on many occasions. this is a great film to sit back relax and enjoy

Son of Rambow

thought this film was pretty good good future stars and a quirky but imaginable idea for a film


a fun action packed film that makes you somehow feeling and agreeing for the criminals a relevant film to the violent modern day culture. good stuff this is


a film about chavs the biggest plague ever. so i thought this film was hard to like because it is just like the shit hole i live in dont watch this its a disease to the film society!

Collateral Damage

an entertaining film where arnie gets vengence for the killings of his family i will admit this wasnt the best arnie film but still did not dissapoint

Transporter 3

another great enjoyable transporter film though it takes a while to get going we are rewarded with a action packed storyline. i felt this transporter film focused more on the car chases than the fight scenes but however it was still a no nonsense film

Green Street Hooligans 2: Stand Your Ground

meh this was good for violence but it lacked what green street had really felt americanised with the pathetic prisons and terrible cockney accents watch this is you have nothing else to do


fairly amusing watchable and quite funny typical frat type comedy

Rise of the Footsoldier

an excellent gritty british gangster film great plot and a great reference to the range rover killings really good stuff extremely violent

Essex Boys
Essex Boys(2000)

a quality film really dark and intense it really felt like an essex version of goodfellas good stuff

Superhero Movie

surprisingly not a bad film was really expecting a terrible film but was pleasently surprised

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

a amusing film very different and tongue in cheek watchable material right here

Layer Cake
Layer Cake(2005)

a great british crime film with great performances and a great story line with plenty of twists


another great film from guy richie very entertaining with a great plot and will be very appealing to people who liked snatch and lock stock

Transporter 2

a great sequal just as much crazy fight scenes and action scenes as good as the first really enjoyable

The Transporter

a great action film with guns blazing a film not to be taken seriously but just to be enjoyed and is a great movie to sit back and watch

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

a great rom com without the cliches of them featuring many familiar faces as seen in superbad finds this film hard not to find amusing

The Bank Job
The Bank Job(2008)

a truly enjoyable film great british film with an excellent story line i really recommend this as it never gets dull

The Bachelor
The Bachelor(1999)

meh typical rom com with slushy humour thrown in was not really overblown by this but was watchable

Crank 2: High Voltage

such a funny film really enjoyed this non stop action from start to finhish

Young Frankenstein

quite a funny film another fine mel brooks flick


thought this film was rather humorous and sureal i like the whole 50s layout and the way the film came about things

Planet Terror (Grindhouse Presents: Robert Rodriguez's Planet Terror)

a film based on the work by the old grindhouse films a great in your face action packed and over the top horror action film a good laugh

I Am Legend
I Am Legend(2007)

i thought this film wasnt too bad but wasnt overly blown away by it


not a bad film appeals more to the chicks

Resident Evil: Degeneration

a great film following the actual video games and the story i found this much more enjoyable than the real life films. this will appeal more to the die hard resident evil fans as it follows the video game story line and involves various references to the series. i recommend

Gran Torino
Gran Torino(2009)

a brilliant film really liked this


a really good film not like all hooligan films really had a great story to it

Kindergarten Cop

a silly film but its arnie so i love it

Step Brothers

brilliant film great comedy filled with funny gags and well written

Deck the Halls

a terrible yule tide film a cliched xmas film with poor comedy thrown in avoid this trash

The Heartbreak Kid

surprisingly a very funny rude and general gross film good rom com with a twist


a great film very interesting


quite a good film very interesting although i felt it did go on a bit too long

St. Trinian's

surprisingly not a bad film its a laugh

Batman Begins

a great film finally a batman series that doesnt such ass

Four Christmases

a decent christmas film pretty good

Beverly Hills Cop

quite a funny film better than what i expected

Wild Hogs
Wild Hogs(2007)

a pretty good film quite funy as well

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

a pretty good film some what farfetched and stereotypical but still a good laugh

I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry

a very funny film these are the films adam sandler should stick to

Shoot 'Em Up
Shoot 'Em Up(2007)

one of the manliest films i have ever seen a brilliant film non stop action absolutely great derinate watch all men

The Last Detail

a very funny film kept me glued to the telly through out


a pretty good film once again pixar films have stood and delivered another stunning flick

Reno 911!: Miami

a very funny film really good film to sit back and laugh at


didnt really think this film was too good i felt it was overrated and weak

War of the Buttons

meh wasnt a bad film seemed a bit pathetic the storyline though

Mamma Mia!
Mamma Mia!(2008)

meh seeing as im a man this didnt appeal to me i only watched it to hear piece brosnan sing haha


a very good film with great suspense moments worth watching

National Treasure: Book of Secrets

a worthy sequal still as great as the first

Sixteen Candles

a very good 80s film and no i dont feel gay watching this

Reign Over Me

not a bad film haveto get use to adam sandler not playing his typical goof ball role

The Ex
The Ex(2007)

surprisingly a funny film taken a leaf out of meet the fockers book but still a pretty good film

Almost Famous

a pretty good film showing you what the rock n roll lifestyle is about


at first this didnt sound appealing to me but i watched it and it was surprisingly hilarious and filmed very well to make a mockumentary dont judge this film watch it

Alvin and the Chipmunks

a very funy kids film made me interested because jason lee is in it

War of the Worlds

surprisingly a good film thought this would be terrible but it wasnt bad

Chasing Amy
Chasing Amy(1997)

a pretty good film not your usual kevin smith film because this is quite serious but still had funy moments

Donnie Brasco

a great film really good ganster film reccommeded


an excellent film great story and superb graphics

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

a very funny film typical kevi smith film

FernGully 2: The Magical Rescue

absolutely appauling nothing like the first film


a very good film nuff said

The Wild
The Wild(2006)

wasnt bad felt it was a madagascar rip off though

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

a great sequal a kids film with arse kicking in it

Be Kind Rewind

a pretty good film a funny idea for a comedy

Run Fatboy Run

a great comedy seemed original i really enjoyed this


a typical ferrell film made me laugh a lot

Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story

quite a funny film not your usual comedy but did make me laugh on many occassions

The Enforcer
The Enforcer(1976)

a great film as good as the other dirty harrys

The Sixth Sense

a great film with an excellent twist

Bowling for Columbine

a very interestine documentary shows how america loves their guns so much

Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay

such a funny film i would say this was as funny as the first film if not funnier

The Football Factory

a very good film being produced by rockstar games is another reason to watch it

American Pie Presents: Beta House

surprisingly funny for a sixth film i was expecting the jokes to be killed off by now however this was still as funny as the naked mile

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

a great film full of action very enjoyable alright its not gonna be better than the originals but still is a great come back film

Stranger Than Fiction

a very good film a quirky and unique film

Iron Man
Iron Man(2008)

a very good film stay the end there is an amazing part at the end. also i was pleased to see another stan lee cameo


i liked this film it was surprisingly funny

Pink Floyd - The Wall

a good film if u r a pink floyd fan a very surreal and quirky film

Clerks II
Clerks II(2006)

a very funny film probably better than the first


a very funny indie film definate see


not bad wasnt really a film id watch again


a funny film with the legend john candy

Drillbit Taylor

i found this film very funny if u luv superbad u will luv this


a very funny film a great cult comedy

Knocked Up
Knocked Up(2007)

a very funny film with a lot of the cast from superbad

The Bucket List

a very good film makes you feel sad but is very funny in many parts worth seeing


a brilliant film great performances from johnny depp and ray liotta

End of Days
End of Days(1999)

a good film i thought this was like a much better version of constantine

Brokeback Mountain

not very good a bit too gay for my liking


a great film another brilliant pixar classic

Family Guy - Blue Harvest

hilarious loved every minute of this


quite a good film its good in a way where you feel like your part of the characters worth a watch

Casino Royale

very good for action only dissapointment was it was extremely hard to follow and hadnt a clue what was going on

Black Hawk Down

brilliant, this film was excellent non stop action worth a watch if you love war films or are just blood thirsty


a very funny film worth watching

Raw Deal
Raw Deal(1986)

not his best film but still a good film with some scenes of action worthy to be in my arnie collection though

The Running Man

a very good film with classic arnied one liners

Predator 2
Predator 2(1990)

i found this a great sequal great film it wasnt easy but danny played a great replacement from arnie

Shrek the Halls

very good funny and shrek tastic typical shrek humour

Lat sau san taam (Hard-Boiled)

a brilliant hong kong action worth seeing for the gripping shoot out and very high body count

Die Hard: With a Vengeance

a great film worth seeing as good as the others

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

this was a great film as good as the first film a worthy sequal

Daft Punk & Leiji Matsumoto's Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem

a brilliant unique film manga and daft punk an excellent combination

Jingle All the Way

a very good christmas film very funny as well

Smokin' Aces
Smokin' Aces(2007)

boring dull and hard to follow this film is a void in my opinion

The Ant Bully

not a bad film actually kids will love this made me laugh which is a good film in my books


quite a good war film lost half a star due to no battle scenes or action

Road Trip
Road Trip(2000)

a very funny film a classic no brainer

The Holiday
The Holiday(2006)

quite a good rom com

Magnum Force
Magnum Force(1973)

a worthy sequal to dirty harry

Full Metal Jacket

a very good vietnam film (classic)

The Santa Claus Brothers

a great christmas film really gets you in the xmas mood


a great film, very disturbing in some parts aswell

Jacob's Ladder

a very strange film hard to follow does need more than one watch

The Pebble and the Penguin

not a bad film a great animated adventure

I. D.
I. D.(1999)

a brilliant thug film with a great unique story

The Bourne Identity

quite a good film great how the story unwindes as the film goes along

Last Action Hero

this film was actually better than i expected

A History of Violence

a very good ultra violen film

Hannibal Brooks

a very good but different style of war film

The Devil Wears Prada

not bad, appeals more for the chicks

This Is Spinal Tap

a very funny rock n roll film

Freddie as F.R.O.7

not a bad film seemed better when i was a kid

The Italian Job

a crap american remake of a classic british film

Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties

not bad better than the first one

Goal II: Living the Dream

a excellent sequal to the first 1

True Lies
True Lies(1994)

a very good arnie film great one liners


a fairly funny film

Freddy Got Fingered

a dumb but very funny film

Mr. Woodcock
Mr. Woodcock(2007)

quite a funny film billy bob thornton plays his part well

Jaws 3
Jaws 3(1983)

rubbish shoud of just left it with the first film

Cheaper by the Dozen 2

not bad better than the first


great film underated


a great sci fi film if you like this yo will love terminator

Little Man
Little Man(2006)

very funny laugh out loud

The Pianist
The Pianist(2002)

i saw a bit of this and it wernt bad

Romeo + Juliet

boring crap, hate shakespeare

8 Mile
8 Mile(2002)

a crappy chav film

The Matrix
The Matrix(1999)

a great scci fi thriller