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Florence Foster Jenkins

More autobiographical than cinematic, it's the acting that keeps this mundane story alive.


M Night returns and didn't have to rely on big reveal to do it.

Captain America: Civil War

Still like winter soldier better

The Shallows
The Shallows(2016)

Purely fun, and it has a freakin shark!

Central Intelligence

Too funny for its own good


Not the original, but way better than the second


Surprisingly poignant, but underwhelming

Bad Moms
Bad Moms(2016)

Why can they not do real moms justice in the movies?

Star Trek Beyond

Fixed the energy problem of the second installment

Finding Dory
Finding Dory(2016)

Not near what the original was, this is still far better than most animated films this past year

The BFG(2016)

Could have been something great. Too animated.

Pete's Dragon

We need more movies like this

Jason Bourne
Jason Bourne(2016)

Should have stopped at the third

Suicide Squad

Not as bad as critics say it is, not as good as 13 year olds think either.


Watch ex-machina instead


Can Clint Eastwood do no wrong?


Sci-fi just keeps upping its game! Tops Gravity, Interstellar and the Martian as the modern crown holder.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

The Harry Potter world is a little less magic, but no less fun.

Manchester by the Sea

Like the sweet hereafter, this is a film of staggering tragedy and humanity. Saw it at Sundance last year.

La La Land
La La Land(2016)

Best film I've seen in a really long time. This is what a movie should be.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Better than 50% of the star wars films out there. Now if only I could sit through it without falling asleep.

Bone Tomahawk

So not what was expected, that makes for a great western!

The Intern
The Intern(2015)

Sweet and unassuming


This was not at all scary, nor did it need to be. But a little bit of the tingles would have been good for a film based on books that catered the the macabre in all children.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2

The best side the first, this is how you mix action in a way that actually has stakes, rather than for the sake of a death toll.

Sing Street
Sing Street(2016)

A film so full of hope, music, love and perseverance it's hard not to love everyone for being weird and different in their own way. Would have been 5 stars other than a slightly off mood ending.


Good film, smart script, wonderful acting but in no way best of the year


Now this should have beaten spotlight at least. Searing, powerful and more true than anything produced in 2015

The Big Short

While smart and witty, I couldn't help but think the entire time what Scorsese could have done with this.


Way too smart for its own good, it actually has something to say, much to the detriment of kids attention spans

10 Cloverfield Lane

If Hitchcock did sci-fi, this would be his movie


Such a disappointment. I know what the director was going for, it just never worked. Too quiet, slow and even for a life so strong as Joy's.

Eddie The Eagle

On par with cool running shoes. If you like sappy funny Disney type underdog films like I do, you'll like this one.

Hotel Transylvania 2

Stick with the first film, and the last 10 minutes of this one.

The Peanuts Movie

Middling in every way, probably cause I fell asleep in it. Has a great message though.

The Martian
The Martian(2015)

Probably the best film to see in theaters this year. Riveting from start to finish, with great effects and humanity thrown in.


The surprise of the season. Endearing, funny and most of all...a great character study.

The Good Dinosaur

Way better than people give it credit for. Had one of the saddest as well as funniest scenes in a movie this year. Too bad everything else was so middling.

Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens

Better than the first three, this at least brings back the spirit of the originals despite massive gaping plot holes. My son put it best when he said he was sad it wasn't the best movie ever.


The live action shot for shot remake of the Classic Disney cartoon without the songs.


Way better than the critics make it out to be, way worse that it should be.

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Kinda the same movie as the first but less funny, more improbable and if you can believe it, more bombastic.

Million Dollar Arm

A perfect example of how Disneyfying a true story makes the actual people seem more boring than they really are.

Earth to Echo

Would have been so much better without the little robot, and just focused on the friendship of the boys. That's what saves the movie.


If all dystopian, political, class warfare tales were this fun, fast and bizarre...maybe we wouldn't see so many pith ere trying to get it right, cause this sure does.


Watch it for the special effects and Angelina Jolie, other than that, any fairy tale that treats men with such bitter disdain is better suited for a plodding bore.

The Wind Rises

If only all true stories could be this whimsical and imaginative. Quietly beautiful, this may upset viewers looking for a message laden life story.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1

The worst of the 3, how did this mocking jay go from hesitant rebel to such a grumpy sourpuss. Thank heavens for Effie trinket to bring in class warfare and political divide with a bit of humor and class.

Exodus: Gods and Kings

Not as bad as everyone makes it out to be but for one of the greatest religious stories ever told, it was curiously devoid of religion or even stakes for that matter.

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

Full of the same spectacle, emotion and gran sure of LOTR trilogy without any of the magic or craft that blessed that series.


This movie is heady, surreal, fantasy and corny all at the same time. Only time will tell if it deserves to be in the sci-fi pantheon with the likes of 2001, but I'll go out on a limb and say "probably"?

The Other Woman

Funnier than I thought, but the selves into weird disney pratfalls that were not empowering to women at all.

Labor Day
Labor Day(2014)

Not sure why it was so slow and awkward.

Tim's Vermeer

Could have been 30 minutes and just as effective.

Heaven Is for Real

Better than most of the Christian films that have come out in the last few years, and way better than the local mormon movies that pop up here.


Better than anticipated, but no hunger games.

Rio 2
Rio 2(2014)

Even with an annoying, unlivable main character; animated films should not be this tedious to get through.

Guardians of the Galaxy

While not the genre breaking masterpiece people make it out to be, it at least gives the avengers a run for its money as the best Marvel movie.

47 Ronin
47 Ronin(2013)

Cool karate and visuals. Not sure if there was anything else in this film.

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

A sparse rehashing of a funnier first act.

August: Osage County

Too close to home for most people to outright enjoy.

Great Expectations

Didn't finish it, but it looked good


Stark, invigorating, intimate and uplifting...true life does make the best stories.

The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

It's weird that a movie so full of optimism gets panned because it isn't artsy enough.

The Monuments Men

Not as bad as the critics say, but not as good as you think with all the star power crammed in here.


Despite some sweet action, this film takes itself too seriously. We deserve a smarter movie, and Detroit deserves better.

The LEGO Movie

This could have been the best kids movie since who know when if it were not for the frenetic tv commercial pace the entire way through.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Too dark to be perfect, this would have surpassed avengers as the crowning achievement in the marvel universe.


A welcome return for the master of all monsters done with enough respect and fun to compensate for the horrible acting.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

A great addition to a superhero franchise not up to par with its contemporaries.

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Better than first class, this gives the second x-men movie a run for its money!

Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow

Probably the best movie of the summer so far.


One of the best Disney entries into the computer animated side of things.


Better than I expected mainly because of the cast. The Hess's need to learn how to edit.

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

A by the book Techno-thriller that would have been way better with a plot.

Ender's Game
Ender's Game(2013)

Better than I expected but left out some of the more subtle an powerful parts of the book.

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

Bout the same as the first just a lot more confusing.


Best movie if the year so far

Monsters University

Not as good as the original, or as good looking

London Boulevard

Saw it but don't really remember it.

Take Shelter
Take Shelter(2011)

OK, now that was cool. A slow brood that makes you start to doubt your loyalties.

The Big Year
The Big Year(2011)

I really liked this movie. Why is it so overlooked?

The Artist
The Artist(2011)

Awesome, but not quite a classic.

Big Miracle
Big Miracle(2012)

cute in a freezing cold sort of way.

The Grey
The Grey(2012)

loved the setup, hated the ending.

Moonrise Kingdom

It grows on you. The most charming of the quirkies.

Dark Shadows
Dark Shadows(2012)

Forget Johhny Depp, Eva Green could have done so much better.

The Cabin in the Woods

best horror movie I have seen in a while. Smarter than it is scary.


This should have been so much better

Warm Bodies
Warm Bodies(2013)

Pretty dang good as far as the genre goes. Not up there with Shaun of the Dead though.

Side Effects
Side Effects(2013)

Scary and very twisted, less about the medicine than about affairs.

Jack the Giant Slayer

Better than everyone gave it credit for. still stupid though.


It was better when it was called "Moon" and starred Sam Rockwell.


I was supposed to like this more, but the lead actor has little charisma.

G.I. Joe: Retaliation

was this better than the first? It seemed like the exact same movie to me.

Oz the Great and Powerful

coot to watch, brain numbing dumb


Better than I expected, but not oscar worthy

Jurassic Park

Though not a diehard Spielberg fan, nobody does spectacle better. The pacing is impecable.


If only all movies could be this cool, vibrant, dark, complicated, edgy and smart. I wish I didn't like it so much.


Better than I remembered, but then again, I'd never seen it in theaters before, and certainly not in 3D

The Hunger Games

Beautiful and raw at the same time, this film's subtleties are its flaws, as well as its greatest strengths.

Perfect Sense

A movie that makes you look at all the beauty and blessings you may have overlooked in life. It makes you want to cling to the one you hold dear. Rarely have apocalyptic movies been so intimate...or naked.

The Innkeepers

Saw this at SXSW. Its great for the buildup. A lot of time you aren't invested in whats going o0n in a horror movie but this one ratchets up the tension enough to give you the willies and scares at just the right time. I'll admit I had to close my eyes through parts.


May not have the realistic heft of the Fighter, but it sure gets the characters right. One of the best, most hopeful and sad payoffs I've seen in quite some time.

Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol

What a thrilling ride of pure adrenaline!

Waiting for Superman

strikingly disheartening to the point of hope!


truly inspirational and moving. Stark and comforting at the same time.

Flash Gordon
Flash Gordon(1980)

oh, the memories. Upon review...its more cheezy and crazy than I remember.

Midnight in Paris

Beautiful imagery and wonderful dialog. If only the movie wasn't as pretentious as the subjects it makes fun of.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2

Completely satisfying in all the right areas, this film neither skimps on the action or the emotion. The real stars here are the special effects which plant you firmly in a fantastical and beautiful world of complexity...and isn't that the reason we go to movies?

Another Year
Another Year(2010)

bored out of my mind

The Company Men

Good acting, searing message. If only we all had a multibillion dollar friend that would employ all the do-gooders.


Better than I thought it would be. Still pretty bad.

Battle: Los Angeles

Passable...but unsure of its intentions. Bleak and harsh...are we supposed to care about anyone in the film?

Just Go with It

did not think it was going to be as bad as it really was

Another Earth

Sparse and haunting this sci-fi is low on the tech, but high on the emotional and introspection.

Kung Fu Panda 2

The best movie of the summer so far? It's got the heart and story part locked so far.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Mediocre in its best parts and mundane in its worst. Its the most lukewarm of the movies which is far superior the the third fiasco.

X-Men: First Class

Another great addition to the surprisingly good superhero fare this summer.

Super 8
Super 8(2011)

Wow, did not expect the nostalgia and emotion to hit me that hard. This is pure cinephile love!!

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Not as good as the first but better than the second. It depends on how much you like the franchise. I for one, dig it.


Great fun with almost no 'sustenance'. Loved it!

Rabbit Hole
Rabbit Hole(2010)

A microcosm of grief and the inability to really change.

The Way Back
The Way Back(2011)

Could have been so much more than a boring foot journey.

127 Hours
127 Hours(2010)

Depravity and triumph make for very compelling viewing.

The King's Speech

Wow. Truly a great film with ans even better message. Simple yet restrained.

Black Swan
Black Swan(2010)

Amazing visuals and sound design...but c'mon with the sexuality. there is more to stress than sex.

Tron Legacy
Tron Legacy(2010)

Special effects can take a movie only so far.

Fair Game
Fair Game(2010)

With such an interesting premise and true story to follow, the film ended up being quite bland.

The Next Three Days

Overly-long revenge flick where you end up disliking all the characters involved. At least the action and cleverness keep you riveted.

Morning Glory

Fun, fresh and terribly predictable...I'm ready for Rachael McAdams to break out and for Harrison Ford to keep doing things like this.


Not sure why this film was made, but it showcased nothing spectacular for such a spectacular cast.


Proves that no story but awesome visuals can sustain a basic interest in a film.

Life as We Know It

Supprisingly adequate as it sheds some of the more annoying chick-flick stereotypes.

The Tourist
The Tourist(2010)

How can a globe trotting crime film lack so much excitement and chemistry?


Not up to Pixars level yet, this is a worthy try. The songs are the most memorable from a movie in years.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

It's better than the first two and thats not saying much.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1

The darkest, most sparse and slowest of the films is also the best...who knew.


Like hangover, with better acting and a lot more heart. All hail the new screen comedian Kristen Wiig!

13 Assassins
13 Assassins(2011)

Hard to top the over the top violence... especially when it adds to the story. There couldn't be a more perfect ode to Kirusawa.

The Adjustment Bureau

Better than the previews made it sound, I'm just a sucker for romantic sci-fi ala Inception and Source Code

Source Code
Source Code(2011)

One of the better films I have seen this year. The plot makes no sense but who cares when your having this mush fun and are so emotionally invested.

Get Low
Get Low(2010)

A slow burn of a quirky comedy that addresses redemption without the audiences emotional connection


Fairly entertaining if not completely predictable.


A little too sick and twisted for my taste, this is an awkwardly violent film that does poor Ellen Page no justice.

Red Riding Hood

Worst movie I have seen in a very long time


Some genuinely funny moments but doesn't reach the same highs without Edgar Wright.

It's Kind of a Funny Story

Much better than I anticipated, but I still wish that there was a different actor in the lead role.


A by the book feel good movie. I swear all horse racing movies seem the same to me.

You Again
You Again(2010)

Almost unwatchable. I should have listened to my own review 'not interested'

Win Win
Win Win(2011)

A great surprise for me at Sundance, this is a great comedy with an even bigger heart! The rating surprised me but I guess you do have to throw in a few F-Boms to be taken seriously. seriously?


Great for such a slow February weekend, but you are much better off with Jason Borne

Alpha and Omega

Kids liked it...adults would rather do chores.

Nanny McPhee Returns

A breath of fresh air even though you will most likely forget it as soon as its over.

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole

Amazing visuals, a surprise to me that it was so good.

Step Up 3
Step Up 3(2010)



Good actors, bad script...worse directing

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Its sad that they are getting better and still barely warrant over two stars

The Green Hornet

I actually liked it more than most people. I have no clue why?

Exit Through The Gift Shop

Revealing and tragic in a sense that what I do as an artist can honestly be so trivial.


Cute, cute and well...cute.

Ramona and Beezus

For what it was...I wasn't in the room

Eat Pray Love

Who knew eating, praying and loving could be so mindless and boring.

Easy A
Easy A(2010)

Smart and witty...but also crass and demeaning.

Knight & Day
Knight & Day(2010)

Wasn't as bad as the reviews, but there was still no chemistry between the leads.

Despicable Me

Funnier than I expected, but not up to the hype everyone gave it.

The Last Airbender

My family couldn't really get into it.

True Grit
True Grit(2010)

a great western if not a great Cohen brothers film.

Just Wright
Just Wright(2010)

Just what you would expect

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

One of the better movies of the year and a complete surprise!

The Karate Kid

Better than I was hoping


Really funny movie and nice to see in 3D. Too bad it was mediocre

Toy Story 3
Toy Story 3(2010)

the best third film in any trillogy! just got it on bluray....a must see

City Island
City Island(2010)

Better than I expected

Letters To God

turned it off after 5 minutes it was that bad


Somewhat interesting if not a little self indulgent for Neil Jordan.


My wife liked it

Jacob's Ladder

saw it a long time ago....still freaks me out

The Last Song

pretty much exactly what you think it is

The Other Guys

Smart comedy along the lines of Tommy Boy...oh wait. Did I say smart?

The Social Network

Good writing can save the most mundane story. Couple that with great directing and you've got a real winner


Predictable, fun and great entertainment

Me and Orson Welles

the guy who played ordinance was great, too bad the rest of the film was lacking.

The Losers
The Losers(2010)

Putting more action, explosions, guns and girls gives you...well...less of a movie in this case.

The Bounty Hunter

Is it possible that a romantic comedy could have less chemistry than The Killers? This movie makes a strong case!

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Fun, if predictable and a little generic. Was this directed by Michael Bay perchance?


More implausible than prince of Persia and not as much action than the Borne movies, this was still one sweet ride, it=f they hadn't completely ruined the ending.

Dinner for Schmucks

Hilarious if a bit mean and crude. Perhaps a little squirm inducing knowing we laugh so hard at people different than us.


Any romantic comedy needs Chemistry and this didn't have it

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

A perfect popcorn movie that requires no thinking...but what were they thinking with that horrible ending.

Robin Hood
Robin Hood(2010)

Not as romantic as the Kevin Costner version but a whole lot more cool

Shrek Forever After

Better than the last two, I am a sucker for family movies even if they do rip off 'It's a Wonderful Life'

Iron Man 2
Iron Man 2(2010)

Brash and fun, I don't care what the critics say.

The A-Team
The A-Team(2010)

A fun if a little overbearing origin tale of a show I remember very nostalgically from my childhood. This has all the laughs but not quite the kitsch chemistry.


Mind bending, action packed exausting movie that almost had me in tears

The Young Victoria

A solid period piece if but a bit stuffy with hundreds of characters to keep track of who all look the same.

The Ghost Writer

One of the better movies so far that heralds back to the Hitchcock thriller days.

Clash of the Titans

Great special effects, but not an ounce of fun or vision in the entire film.

Date Night
Date Night(2010)

Fun for couples, a little naughty and bland for my tastes.

Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant

Wow, this was actually kind of stupid even though John C. Reilly seemed like he was trying.

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

Amazing visuals and imagination...but there has to be some sort of plot to catch on.


Who knew that a great premise with such a terrific cast could end up so self righteous. Have a little fun guys!

The Blind Side

Great movie if only for Sandra Bullock, Rudy's still better.

The Princess and the Frog

Fun and entertaining but lacking the tight structure and emotional wallop of other disney (pixar) films

An Education
An Education(2009)

A good film, but proof again that Critics just like good scripts and acting and could care less about entertainment value.

Where the Wild Things Are

Not near as bad as everyone says it is, this is an adult movie with layers of psychological meaning rather than whimsical fantasy.

Everybody's Fine

Could use a dash of charm and wit with all the blandness spilled here.

Good Hair
Good Hair(2009)

Informative if not entertaining. Needs better editing.

How to Train Your Dragon

Best movie of the year so far.

Dear John
Dear John(2010)

Not as good as the Notebook, but not as bad as Nicholas Sparks' books.

Remember Me
Remember Me(2010)

Good buildup to a horribly exploitive ending.

Alice in Wonderland

Fantastic visuals to a anemic and rather awkward story.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Annoying... especially Greg.

Astro Boy (AstroBoy)

Mediocre visuals for a mediocre story

Up in the Air

Not as good as critics say, but not as bad as what others say. Makes you think.

The Time Traveler's Wife

Not bad but very is much better, but I couldn't feel the chemistry.


I'm starting to get a visual crush on this Miyazaki fellow. Bravo, another solid.


My wife didn't even like it that much


All visuals, this picture was a wonder to behold but takes animation to seriously.

The September Issue

The subject was interesting, the filmmaking was not.

Love Happens
Love Happens(2009)

by the numbers romance...I just wish there was a little comedy and any chemistry between the leads.

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

Great fun, even if it is a bit scatterbrained.

Flammen & Citronen (Flame & Citron) (The Flame and the Lemon)

A smart, curious spy thriller that is a real treat despite being formulaic. All is forgiven once you digest this is a true story.


Not many films out there as beautiful and revolting, as boring and intriguing as this one.

I Can Do Bad All By Myself

Not as trite as I though it was going to be mainly because Taraji can act...Gladys Knight can not.

My One and Only

You'd think someone's personal life story would be a little more coherent.

Michael Jackson's This Is It

for some reason, I was riveted from beginning to end.

Every Little Step

Would have been much better if I had actually seen 'A Chorus Line' before I saw this doc.


Except for some of the narrative holes, this was one of the best suprises for me so far this year.


A perfect example of what happens when you have a great premise lots of money and absolutely no execution.

The Boys Are Back

Clive Owen can act? Who knew after that screaming moral-less drivel that was 'Closer'

Bright Star
Bright Star(2009)

A movie that is almost as beautiful as the poetry it never really gets a chance to present.

The Invention of Lying

Wow, you would think an actors personal vendetta against God and religion would be..well...a little more funny and a lot less preachy.

District 9
District 9(2009)

thougholy enjoyable despite the dialog. Now we know that the 'F' word and bad movie cliche speech is the only thing south africans and aliens can speak. A+ for the plot though.

Post Grad
Post Grad(2009)

So not worth it. I swear that Alexis Bledel has absolutely no chemistry with anyone.

Extraordinary Measures

basically a made for TV movie that is saved by its likable cast.

The Hurt Locker

Probably the best film I saw last year...riveting.


Like a bad high school student film with too many glow filters, I couldn't even get past the first 10 minutes. Sorry, never finished this sub-par attempt at acting/filmmaking/plot/special effects/ etc...

Wings of Desire

What a beautiful film. If it wasn't so freakin' boring it could have been great. Luckily, it was interesting enough for me to stick with it.

The Lovely Bones

Really, the girl in heaven dosn't actually do anything to help out her family? This film was weird.

Food, Inc.
Food, Inc.(2009)

Promise you'll never look at food the same way again...and that's a good thing.

Leap Year
Leap Year(2010)

A no-brainier romantic comedy that doesn't use Amy Adams to her full potential. Wait for this on DVD folks.


Descent enough, just don't watch the alternate ending

Dark Water
Dark Water(2005)

Not even scary with the worst ending in recent memory

My Sister's Keeper

Once again a movie that proves professional critics don't have a heart. Not the best in the world but better than the box office it earned.

Julie & Julia

Adequate, but indeed Meryl's movie...and poor Amy Adams can't play 'unlikable'

The Cove
The Cove(2009)

The movie made me want to quit my job and save the oceans, and the extras made me never want to give my kids a vaccination, ever.


Better than it had a right to be, not a horror movie and not particularly scary, it nonetheless had me unsure of who to root for.

Barton Fink
Barton Fink(1991)

Definitely a thinking movie, great plot etc...but The main protagonist is so boring, it wanes in a few areas.

Garden State
Garden State(2004)

Not Bad, but not great. Braff makes a decent director but a schlub of an actor. How difficult is it to mope through every scene. Thank goodness for Portman to give this movie some warmth.


Pleasantly surprised even though it is a more expensive Knockoff of 'Battle for Terra'

X-Men Origins - Wolverine

fast, fun and surprisingly mundane. It was an OK start to the summer movie season. Maybe I'm just too much of a nerd with all the liberties they took with the Marvel characters.

Bedtime Stories

Not as cute or as funny as people told me it would be. Thank goodness for Russell Brand.


Good acting, story and restraint all the way around. I was impressed with the movie, but with what specifically I can't remember.

He's Just Not That Into You

Setup was good, and the ending appropriate...but how utterly contrived and stupid was the middle. Props to Jennifer Connelly and the MAC guy for being the only believable characters but Boo on ScarJo. She can only play ScarJo and needs to stop doing movies or stick with Woody Allen.

The Spirit
The Spirit(2008)

So unbelievably bad, it began to be funny. Was this supposed to be slapstick?

Yes Man
Yes Man(2008)

I like Deschanel better in everything I see her in, and Carrey less every time I see him

Bride Wars
Bride Wars(2009)

As my wife put it, it was "pretty intolerable"

The Tale of Despereaux

So boring even my kids didn't make it through


I am just so impressed by how well they did matching Dr. Manhattan's physique from mine! Impressive.


Beautiful and poetic, I couldn't shake the feeling that the book was probably a lot better.

Ghost Town
Ghost Town(2008)

Aside from the two weird and unnecessary F-Bombs, this was funny, insightful and dare I say, a little original for a romantic comedy.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Not as bad as the second, not as good as the third..but one awesome fun filled ride none the less.

The Duchess
The Duchess(2008)

How come repressed 18th century English society with all its depressions keeps getting remade into a melodrama. stick with the quick wit and rounded characters of Jane Austen.

Space Chimps
Space Chimps(2008)

Meh, too weird and mundane for my taste

Eagle Eye
Eagle Eye(2008)

Slick production, entertaining and fun...a rehash of a much more poetic and menacing 2001: A Space Odessy

Encounters at the End of the World

Beautiful images, interesting thoughts but not nearly as insightful or moving as his 'Grizzly Man'

Run Fatboy Run

Not the most consistent movie ever, but had enough big laughs to make it somewhat enjoyable.

Blade Runner
Blade Runner(1982)

What every Sci-Fi aspires to. A gritty dystopian future where lifes lessons are learned by hunting down assassin robots.

Escape from New York

Why can't Hollywood make movies this corny, entertaining, weird and politically overt anymore?

Beauty and the Beast: A Latter-Day Tale

Up there for Wort Movie Ever. I made it only about two minutes in before turning it off. Whats funnier, is my chick flick wife agrees.

Batman Gotham Knight

Awesome animation, bad writing and convoluted stories. Stick with the animated series.

Never Back Down

Wow, how could a movie about mixed martial arts suck so bad?

Hellboy II: The Golden Army (Hellboy 2)

Not as dark as the original, but utterly fantastic

The Dark Knight

Everything it was hyped to be, but not as good as Wall-E. There, I said it.

The Year My Parents Went on Vacation (O Ano em Que Meus Pais Saíram de Férias)

Rent only if you are not tired, do not want to be entertained, prepared for 'arthouse' and a huge sucker for cinema verite. good story though.

Meet The Browns

I like Tyler Perry when he has good actors and a script that wasn't a rehash of his better work.


Um, by far the best film of the year so far. So much to sat with no words and above all, a wrenching love story

The Incredible Hulk

I actually enjoyed this as much as the first (yes, I though Ang Lee's was beautiful) but for completely different resons.

Kung Fu Panda

Could it be that animated films are better than live action this year? KFP makes a strong case!

10,000 B.C.
10,000 B.C.(2008)

Great special effects, but the pacing and dialog was atrocious.

A History of Violence

Sparse, riveting and pretty hard to watch. What would you do for your family?

Sydney White
Sydney White(2007)

You know I'm addicted to movies when I sit through this. Amanda has come a long way from sticking tampons up her nose.

Mad Money
Mad Money(2008)

I read an article entitled, when bad movies happen to good actresses...this is a prime example

National Treasure: Book of Secrets

If it weren't for the special effects and cool sets, this would really be a clunker. It's like they took the first movie and removed the plot, acting, character development and wit.

The Great Debaters

Above average example of American history that gets a little dramatized, and unfortunately, forgotten.


Predictable even though it was stylish. Good thing I caught it on Tivo, otherwise, I would have been disappointed if I payed money to rent it.

Speed Racer
Speed Racer(2008)

So much better than anyone gives it credit for. Entertaining, clean, and dare I say...touching?

I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry

Funny, could could have been good if it wasn't mired down by crude humor and it's own bigotry.

Over Her Dead Body

Paul Rudd was this whole movie, the pacing was off and acting way over the top. How eva ever got popular I will never know

Iron Man
Iron Man(2008)

Um, the best movie of the year so far...mainly cause it was so dang entertaining.

Bella (Beauty)

A hidden gem, touching, moving and conservative. No wonder Hollywood wouldn't distribute it.

P.S. I Love You

It's movies like these that get panned by critics that make you wonder why you listen to the critics in the first place. Predictable, overly sentimental and cliche...I loved every minute of it.

The Golden Compass

Ok visuals and quasi acting can't pull this film out of its confused pacing. And I've even read the book!

27 Dresses
27 Dresses(2008)

Not as bad as I was fearing, the real interesting stuff is the dialog between Marsden and Heigl.

Nancy Drew
Nancy Drew(2007)

I fell asleep in the end. Nuf' said.

8 1/2
8 1/2(1963)

tough to get through, but very memorable


On my top 3 Hitchcock films


My first foray into horror slapstick...I loved it!

War Dance
War Dance(2007)

Wrenching and hopeful at the same time, there was little about this doc that didn't hold me captivated. The testimonies of the children are astounding in their horror and strength.


Almost a masterpiece

Dan in Real Life

Anything with Binoche has to be good, but the lack of timing and direction made this meandering at best. The score was too much.

The Host
The Host(2007)

Not as good as the critics say, but way better than that stupic cover art

Blade: Trinity

The worst of the three, dark and silly don't mix

Pan's Labyrinth

Arresting images and great story hindered by the directors propensity for violence.

Blades of Glory

Some choice one-liners, but the DVD extras were funnier

The Ex
The Ex(2007)

Not near as good as I thought it was going to be. Snide and immature.

The Ultimate Gift

Much better than I thought it would be.

The Bourne Ultimatum

Because it doesn't include the cheesy dialog of Transformers, this may be my vote for the best movie of the summer.

The Promise (Master of Crimson Armor) (Wu ji)

Visually odd, and stunningly weird, crouching tiger this is not.

Wild Hogs
Wild Hogs(2007)

Here's a hint, never watch movies recommended by someone who recommended Wild Hogs. If it wasn't for the leads, this would have won for worst movie EVER!!


It started out smart and sexy and turned into a cliche riddled scare fest that wasn't really, well, scary.

The Astronaut Farmer

Couldn't decide if it was a comedy, a family film or a drama. The pacing was off even though the acting was pretty solid.

Avenue Montaigne

Above average romance that is more about good fortune as love than romance. Paris was glowing.

Blood and Chocolate

On par with the covenant, you should really save time and see Underworld instead

The Punisher
The Punisher(2004)

The scenarios are so lame, yet you are supposed to think they are clever, which leaves you with only one accept this movie as one big violent joke.

The Fountain
The Fountain(2006)

Visualy stunning, this film had a lot of good intentions ruined by the directors ego.

The Bourne Identity

I still like the second one better.


The cheesiest dialoge and best action scenes I have seen in a really long time!

No Reservations

A charming movie that has more weight than first expected, and a guy that acts just plain nice! (which is rare for hollywood)

Sin City
Sin City(2005)

The novelty of the contrast wears off in about 2 minutes. Whereas the comic book was gritty noir, the film is merely exploitation.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Really, really good. My favorite Potter flick so far. I actually cared about the characters this time.

Peaceful Warrior

a little heady which detracted from the we're supposed to talk our way through life?

The Game
The Game(1997)

The twist at the end was just there for the sake of having a twist. David Fincher's other films are better.

The Negotiator

Not as bad as I thought it was going to be, but still pretty generic.


Not really scary except the music, and not entertaining either.

Bridge to Terabithia

Cute, could do without the special effects...the story is more about the relationship

Mad Max
Mad Max(1979)

a lotta sick fun for such a dumpy budget.

Everything is Illuminated

I had a Russian Perspective on this.


Smart, lighthearted and genuinely funny, Pixar and Brad Bird are unstaoppable together

The Last Mimzy

You wanna know somethin' really weird...this movie

Ocean's Thirteen

Better than the second, this still dosn't feature the flames of Soderbergh's Out of Sight


Pretty Dang bad, the editing and directing was just awful.


Stomp the yard...In a pool. I thinks even some of the actors are the same.

Stomp the Yard

Better than I expected, but tries to take itself too seriously.

Sweet Land
Sweet Land(2006)

It's well...sweet. touching almost.


Better than I though it would be, it still was so slow

From Justin To Kelly

I laughed and laughed, but made it through the entire thing; thanks to fast forwarding.

Daddy's Little Girls

Cute, but violence will not solve all your problems as the ending suggests.

Phone Booth
Phone Booth(2003)

Taunt, amazing that all the action takes place in 1 area.

Assault on Precinct 13

Big bang action flick where you really don't care who dies.

Miss Potter
Miss Potter(2007)

Quite charming and naive, the perfect blend for sweet romance.

Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider(2007)

Enough special effects to keep you entertained, If only they could have gotten a better writter.

The Long Kiss Goodnight

fun, in a really psychotic sort of way.

Love Comes Softly

It's amazing what different actors and a better wardrobe can do for a franchise. Leaps above it's progeny.


the only reason I watched this again is because my son loves dinosaurs.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End

Better than the second, I still couldn't decide what was worse, the plotlines or volume.

The Heart of the Game

Not the best doc. ever, but better than most movies out there. Truly entertaining.

Love's Abiding Joy

Wow, I really have to stop seeing these made for TV movies.

Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles

Profound and moving in a way only a father would understand

Man on Fire
Man on Fire(2004)

A seziure inducing action flick that can't get past how despicable the lead charcter is.

Open Water
Open Water(2004)

Not very scary, like a student film with a really big budget to shoot in an exotic locale.

The Painted Veil

Methodical and dry, the films beauty lies in its acting and cinematogrphy.

Dear Frankie
Dear Frankie(2005)

Good flick with a great message. I like Gerry Butler in 300 or Phantom of the Opera better though.

Donnie Brasco

Forgettaboutit..a graet mob flick, but still no Goodfellas.

Letters from Iwo Jima

Great film...perfect if you add Flags of Our Fathers as a compliment

One Night With the King

a silly adaptation of the biblical story that could have been really good with better actors and a director.

Because I Said So

Not very good mainly because Diane Keaton was so dang annoying!!

Catch and Release

Average romantic comedy where you don't really feel the chemistry

Shaun of the Dead

Very, very funny...but in a squirm in your seat, bloody kind of way.

Happily N'ever After

Not even as good as Everybody's Hero, but still had a few choice one-liners.


Lot's and lots of action. Kate Beckinsdale can't act in this one, but the mood makes up for it.

Everyone's Hero

no wonder this animated film was in last place last year. still cute, but no magic.

Déjà Vu
Déjà Vu(2006)

Twisted elements, great action and good characters...too bad it skimped on the love story.

The Queen
The Queen(2006)

Once again, a highly overated film saved by the performances.


The visuals more than make up for a less than stellar script.

National Treasure

pure fun and entertainment! It's cool to see all those places I grew up around.

Children of Men

Haunting, visually original, extremely emotional and not as good as everyone says it is.

The Prince & Me 2

So bad I actually watched the whole thing waiting for it to get better, because I honestly though something could not be that bad for that long.

The Prince & Me

Dosn't really get any good until the love story kicks in.

Gridiron Gang

The Rock's OK, but what makesd this intruiging is knowing it's a true story and seeing the real people at the end.

Freedom Writers

Hillary Swank makes this movie, as well as a very important message.

Meet the Robinsons

Better than most, but not quite Pixar or Happy Feet caliber. There is a great message here that isn't jammed down your throat like most animation!

Catch a Fire
Catch a Fire(2006)

Fails to try and draw sympathy for terrorists, no matter how brutal the regime may be.

Out of Sight
Out of Sight(1998)

Clooney + Lopez = Chemistry. Soderbergh before he got a big head, and I love it!


Not a bad movie if all your looking for is a low key actioneer.

The Nativity Story

A pretty by the numbers movie wich takes some leway in the narrative, probably to somehow fill a 130 minute movie that could have been told in 5.

They Shoot Horses, Don't They?

Overacted by Jane Fonda and more boring than contemporaries Taxi Driver and Network, it still has legs.


A script so lame that not even the amazing effects could save it.

Broken Bridges

If Toby Keith could act, and the hired a new editor, this would be a great chick flick.

The Pursuit of Happyness

Predictable, slow, mundane and completly fantastic. It works because of the acting.

Mozart and the Whale

Interesting, but not very entertaining and Hartnett out-acts Radha?

For Your Consideration

Not as good as Waiting for Guffman, but does ahave a few chuckles, especially the outtakes.

Casino Royale

The Best Bond film because you actually like him rather than merely enjoy his glib attitude.

Flags of Our Fathers

poigniant, reverent and for some reason, more forgetable than Saving Private Ryan.


A grand spectacle full of violence and cheese. I was appauled and awed at the same time.


Michale Mann's best, it's like crime opera...chilling.

The Lost World - Jurassic Park

For some reason, Steven seemed bored with this one. Still quite entertaining.

Man of the Year

Not that much of a comedy...more like social satire. Not near as good as 'Network' or other films that skewer the establishment.

A Good Year
A Good Year(2006)

Should have been so much better. The last 10 minutes are a sweet love story. The music is so distracting and weird.